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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 97-604


Retention of Engineering Firm

[27 Pa.B. 1983]

Huntingdon County
Project Reference No. 08430AG2065

   The Department of Transportation will retain an engineering firm to provide supplementary construction inspection staff of approximately ten inspectors, under the Department's Inspector-in-Charge, for construction inspection and documentation services on the following projects:

   1.  S. R. 6522, Section 001, Huntingdon County. Local Name: Relocation of TR 522, Mount Union Bypass. This project involves a 1.5 mile, two-lane relocation of TR 522 around Mount Union involving a single-span structure, a multispan structure over the Juniata River, an 1,800-foot retaining wall, and a signalized intersection.

   The Department will establish an order of ranking of a minimum of three firms for the purpose of negotiating an Engineering Agreement based on the Department's evaluation of the acceptable letters of interest received in response to this solicitation. The ranking will be established directly from the letters of interest. Technical proposals will not be requested prior to the establishment of the ranking.

   The following factors, listed in order of importance, will be considered by the Department during the evaluation of the firms submitting letters of interest:

   a.  Review of inspectors' resumes with emphasis on construction inspection capabilities and specialized experience in the Maintenance and Protection of Traffic, soils, structures, concrete, asphalt paving (SUPER-PAVE), drainage, engineered retaining walls, environmental regulations and computerized documentation.

   b.  Past performance of management skills relative to both Consultant Agreement and Construction Inspection Services.

   c.  Understanding of Department's requirements, policies and specifications including some metric specifications.

   d.  Location of consultant.

   e.  Availability and number of inspectors in each class, their certification and abilities to perform testing of materials.

   f.  Experience with monitoring CPM.

   g.  Workload.

   The qualifications and experience required of the firm's inspectors will be established by the Department, and the qualifications of the firm's proposed employes will be reviewed and approved by the Department.

   It is anticipated that the supplementary construction inspection staff for this assignment will consist of the following number of inspectors who meet the requirements for the following inspection classifications:

No. of
Transportation Construction Manager 2 (TCM-2) (NICET Highway Construction Level 4 or equivalent)1 (1)
Transportation Construction Insp. Super. (TCIS) (NICET Highway Construction Level 3 or equivalent)2 (2)
Transportation Construction Inspector--Materials (TCI--Materials) (NICET Highway Materials Level 2 or equivalent)1 (1)
Transportation Construction Inspector (TCI) (NICET Highway Construction Level 2 or equivalent)5 (3)
Technical Assistant (TA) (NICET Highway Construction Level 1 or equivalent)1 (0)

   The numbers in parenthesis above indicate the number of inspectors in each Classification that must meet at least one of the following requirements:

   1.  Be certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) in the field of Transportation Engineering Technology, subfield of Highway Construction, or subfield of Highway Materials, at the level required for the Inspection Classification.

   2.  Be registered as a Professional Engineer by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the required highway experience specified for the Inspection Classification.

   3.  Be certified as an Engineer-in-Training by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the required highway experience specified for the Inspection Classification.

   4.  Hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering or a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering Technology with the required highway experience specified for the Inspection Classification.

   5.  Hold an Associate degree in Civil Engineering Technology with the required highway experience specified for the Inspection Classification.

   The maximum reimbursement per hour of inspection for each Department Payroll Classification for calendar year of 1997:

Maximum Straight Time
Reimbursement Per Hour
Payroll Classificationof Inspection

   The maximum reimbursement per hour of inspection includes all costs for providing construction inspection services at the project site during the normal work week.

   Maximum reimbursement per hour of inspection for subsequent calendar years, if applicable, will be established at the scope of work meeting.

   The firm selected may be required to attend a preconstruction conference with the Department and the construction contractor for this project. Under the supervision and direction of the Department, the selected firm will be required to keep records and document the construction work; prepare current and final estimates for payment to the construction contractor; assist the Department in obtaining compliance with the labor standards, safety and accident prevention, and equal opportunity provisions of the contract item, provide certified CDS operators, provide certified inspectors on SUPER-PAVE bituminous paving, and perform other duties as may be required.

   The firm selected will be required to supply the following equipment at no direct cost to the Department:

            2   Nuclear Densometer Gauges/License
1   Vehicle for the Transportation of Nuclear
1   Base Radio Station
5   Two-way Radios
1   Camera

   Letters of interest for this project must include a letter, signed by the individuals proposed for all TCM-2, TCM-1 and TCIS positions, giving their approval to use their names in the letter of interest for this specific project.

   The goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation in this agreement shall be 15% of the total contract price. Additional information concerning DBE participation in this agreement is contained in the General Requirements and Information section after the advertised projects.

   The maximum number of resumes to be included in the letter of interest shall be as follows:

ClassificationNo. of Resumes

   The consultant will only be allowed to include one additional resume for each group of five inspectors in a particular classification.

   No resumes are required for the TA Classification.

   The second copy of the letter of interest and required forms, (see general requirements and information section) shall be sent to Earl L. Neiderhiser, P.E., District Engineer, District 9-0, 1620 North Juniata Street, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648.

   Technical questions concerning the requirements for this project should be directed to William H. Replogle, P.E., District 9-0, at (814) 940-5123 or Richard L. Fox, P.E., District 9-0, at (814) 940-5118.

   Questions concerning the submittal of the letter of interest can be directed to the Consultant Agreement Division at (717) 783-9309.

General Requirements and Information

   Firms interested in providing the above work and services are invited to submit two copies of a letter of interest and required information for each Project Reference Number for which the applicant wishes to be considered.

   The first copy of the letter of interest and required information must be submitted to Charles W. Allwein, P.E., Chief, Consultant Agreement Division, 7th Floor, Forum Place, 555 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101-1900.

   The letter of interest and required information must be received within 13 calendar days of this notice. The deadline for receipt of a letter of interest at the above address is 4:30 p.m. prevailing time of the thirteenth day.

   The second copy of the letter of interest and required information must be submitted to the appropriate District Engineer/Administrator or the Bureau Director as indicated in the individual advertisement. This copy must be postmarked or delivered on or before the deadline indicated above.

   If an individual, firm or corporation not authorized to engage in the practice of engineering desires to submit a letter of interest, said individual, firm or corporation may do so as part of a Joint Venture with an individual, firm or corporation which is permitted under the State law to engage in the practice of engineering.

   If a Joint Venture responds to a project advertisement, the Department of Transportation will not accept separate letters of interest from the Joint Venture constituents. A firm will not be permitted to submit on more than one Joint Venture for the same Project Reference Number. Also a firm that responds to a project as a prime may not be included as a designated subcontractor to another firm that responds as a prime to the project. Multiple responses under any of the foregoing situations will cause the rejection of all responses of the firm or firms involved. The above does not preclude a firm from being set forth as a designated subcontractor to more than one prime responding to the project advertisement.

   If a goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation is established for an advertised project, firms expressing interest in the project must agree to ensure that Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms as defined in the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 and currently certified by the Department of Transportation, shall have the maximum opportunity to participate in any subcontracting or furnishing supplies or services approved under Form 442, Section 1.10(a). The act requires that firms owned and controlled by women (WBEs) be included, as a presumptive group, within the definition of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). The goal for DBE participation shall be as stated in the individual project advertisement. Responding firms shall make good faith efforts to meet the DBE goal using DBEs (as they were defined prior to the act), WBEs or combinations thereof.

   Proposing DBE firms must be certified at the time of submission of the letter of interest. If the selected firm fails to meet the established DBE participation goal, it shall be required to demonstrate its good faith efforts to attain the goal.

   Responses are encouraged by small firms, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms, and other firms who have not previously performed work for the Department of Transportation.

   Each letter of interest must include the following information, and the information must be packaged and presented in the following order:

   1.  Transmittal Letter (maximum of two typed pages, one side)

   The subject heading of the transmittal letter must include the project reference number for which the applicant wishes to be considered, the firm's legal name, fictitious name (if applicable) and the firm's Federal identification number. If the project advertisement indicated the Department will retain an engineering firm for the project, the applicant must indicate in the body of their transmittal letter the names and Professional Engineer License Number of individuals who are directing heads or employes of the firm who have responsible charge of the firm's engineering activities, and whose names and seals shall be stamped on all plans, specifications, plats and reports issued by the firm.

   2.  Project Organization Chart (one page, one side)

   This chart should show key staff from the prime and each subconsultant and their area of responsibility.

   3.  Standard Form 255, ''Architect-Engineer and Related Services Questionnaire for Specific Project'' (one Form 255 for the project team)

   The Standard Form 255 must be signed, dated and filled out in its entirety, including Item No. 6 listing the proposed subconsultants and the type of work or service they will perform on the project. Under Item 4 of this form, Column A should include the number of subconsultant personnel and Column B should include the number of prime consultant personnel to be assigned to work on this project reference number.

   If a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal is specified for the project, the DBE must be currently certified by the Department of Transportation, and the name of the DBE and the work to be performed must be indicated in Item No. 6. If a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) firm is substituted for the DBE, the WBE firm must also be presently certified by the Department of Transportation and indicated in Item 6.

   4.  Standard Form 254, ''Architect-Engineer for Related Services Questionnaire''

   A Standard Form 254, not more than 1 year old as of the date of this advertisement, must accompany each letter of interest for the firm, each party to a Joint Venture, and for each subconsultant the firm or Joint Venture is proposing to use for the performance of professional services regardless of whether the subconsultant is an individual, a college professor or a company, unless an acceptable Standard Form 254 for the prime and each subconsultant/subcontractor is on file in both the Bureau of Design and the Engineering District Office or Central Office Bureau identified in the individual project advertisement.

   If the Standard Form 254 is not submitted with the letter of interest, the transmittal letter shall indicate the dates that the Standard Forms 254 were submitted to the Bureau of Design and appropriate Engineering District/Central Office Bureau.

   These forms shall be assembled with the prime's first, followed by the subconsultant's in the same order as they appear in Item 6 of Form 255.

   5.  Workload Projection Graph (not required for Construction Inspection Services)

   A Workload Projection Graph for the prime and each subconsultant should indicate the firm's current and anticipated workload compared to the anticipated capacity available for the next 2-year time frame. The Workload Projection Graph should be submitted for the offices where the work would be performed and should only include the personnel classifications required for providing the advertised services and work.

   6.  Authorization Letters (if required)

   If the advertisement requires a letter signed by individuals giving their approval to use their names in the letter of interest, the letters from proposed prime employes should be first, followed by subconsultant employes, in the same order as shown in Item 6 of Form 255.

   7.  Registration To Do Business

   Firms with out-of-State headquarters or corporations not incorporated in Pennsylvania must include, with each letter of interest, a copy of their registration to do business in the Commonwealth as provided by the Department of State. Firms who are not registered to do business in Pennsylvania at the time of this advertisement must document that they have applied for registration to the Department of State, Corporation Bureau. The telephone number for the Corporation Bureau is (717) 787-1057 or (717) 787-2004.

   8.  Overhead Rates (one page)

   This page must show the latest audited overhead rate developed in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) for the prime consultant and each subconsultant. If a FAR rate is not available, the latest rate available from a Certified Public Account must be indicated. New firms should indicate how long the firm has been in existence and when an audited overhead rate would be available.

   9.  Additional Information

   Additional information, not to exceed ten one sided pages or five double sided pages may be included at the discretion of the submitting firm.

   The assignment of the agreement/contract for the above advertisements will be made to one of the firms who submitted an acceptable letter of interest in response to the project advertisement. The assignment will be made based on the Department's evaluation of the firm's qualification and capabilities. The Department reserves the right to reject all letters submitted, to cancel the solicitations requested under this notice and/or to readvertise solicitation for the work and services.


[Pa.B. Doc. No. 97-604. Filed for public inspection April 18, 1997, 9:00 a.m.]

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