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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 97-1038


Availability of Technical Guidance

[27 Pa.B. 3101]

Governor's Office List

   Once a year on the first Saturday in August, the Governor's Office publishes a list of the nonregulatory guidance documents of all State agencies in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. The next publication of this list will be in the August 2, 1997, Pennsylvania Bulletin.

DEP's Technical Guidance Document Inventory

   DEP publishes a list of its technical guidance documents in its Technical Guidance Document Inventory twice a year. DEP will place the June 1997 edition of the Inventory on DEP's World Wide Web site soon. DEP's Web address is To go to the location of the Inventory once on the DEP home page, persons should choose the Public Participation Center/Technical Guidance Document/Inventory.

   Bound paper copies of the June 1997 Inventory will become available in July for those who do not have access to the Web site. DEP automatically mails a paper copy of the June 1997 Inventory to persons who received a bound paper copy of the December 1996 Inventory. Persons who wish to add their address to the mailing list should call Nina Huizinga at (717) 783-8727.

DEP's Technical Guidance Documents on the World Wide Web

   DEP's Web address is To go to the location of DEP's Technical Guidance Documents once on the DEP home page, persons should choose the Public Participation Center. The Center contains several links to DEP's Technical Guidance Documents. Persons should look under the heading ''Proposals Open to Comment'' for the link to ''Draft Technical Guidance.'' Persons should look under the heading ''Proposals Recently Finalized'' for the link to ''Technical Guidance.'' Persons should look under the heading ''Technical Guidance'' for one link to the ''Basic Inventory'' and a second link to ''Final Guidance.'' The final documents menu will list DEP's bureaus. Persons should click on the name of the bureau to get to the list of the documents from that bureau that are currently on the Web. Then, to get to see a document, persons should click on the ID number of the document. DEP will be adding its revised documents to the Web throughout 1997.

Help Protect the Environment:  Use the Web and Save Trees

   DEP encourages members of the public who read these announcements in the Pennsylvania Bulletin and DEP's UPDATE and who have access to the World Wide Web to avoid the needless duplication of paper copies of DEP's technical guidance documents. Persons can download those DEP documents which are posted on DEP's Web site onto their computers and read them electronically. This method saves both paper and money.

Ordering Paper Copies of DEP Technical Guidance

   Although DEP promotes the use of electronic copies of its technical guidance rather than paper copies, there are still reasons for DEP to continue to provide members of the public with paper copies:  1) It may be more convenient to use some documents in a paper form, 2) Not everyone has access to the World Wide Web and 3) Not all DEP documents are on DEP's Web site yet.

   Persons can order an unbound paper copy of the latest Inventory or an unbound paper copy of any of the final documents listed on the Inventory by calling DEP at (717) 783-8727.

   In addition, bound copies of some of DEP's documents are available as DEP publications. Persons should check with the appropriate bureau for more information about the availability of a particular document as a publication.

Changes to Technical Guidance Documents

   Between publication of its Inventory, DEP announces changes to its technical guidance documents in its weekly newsletter, the UPDATE and the Pennsylvania Bulletin. Here is the current list of recently finalized documents, draft documents and notices of intended changes to technical guidance.

   Persons who have any questions or comments about a particular document should call the contact person whose name and phone number is listed with each document. Persons who have questions or comments about the Inventory, the documents on the World Wide Web, the availability of paper copies from the printer or the technical guidance document process in general should call Nina Huizinga at (717) 783-8727.

Final Technical Guidance--Revisions to Existing Guidance

   [Note:  Due to the reorganization of the Water Management Deputate, these documents will be receiving new ID numbers and new locations. This notice gives both the old and new ID numbers and the current location.]

   DEP ID:  361-3200-007 (old), 391-3200-007 (new) Title:  Stream Enrichment Risk Analysis Description: This guidance provides the established procedures to conduct stream nutrient impact surveys. Effective Date:  June 10, 1997 Page Length:  25 pages Location:  Volume 31, Tab 16 (until reassigned location) Contact:  Rick Shertzer at (717) 783-3638.

   DEP ID:  361-3200-013 (old), 391-3200-013 (new) Title:  Evaluations of Phosphorus Discharges to Lakes, Ponds and Impoundments Description:  This guidance provides the established procedures to conduct trophic status studies on impounded water bodies with a detention time of 14 days or greater. Effective Date:  June 10, 1997 Page Length:  33 pages Location:  Volume 31, Tab 21 (until reassigned location) Contact:  Rick Shertzer at (717) 783-3638.

Final Technical Guidance--Minor Revisions

   The Bureau of Water Supply Management has made minor revisions (reformatting and updating changes only) to the following document. Contact:  Joe Hoffman at (717) 787-5017.

DEP IDTitlePagesLocation
383-3301-305Laboratory Reporting Instructions for Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs) in Public Drinking Water Systems18Volume 19, Tab 2C

   The Bureau of Watershed Conservation has made minor revisions (reformatting and updating changes only) to the following documents. The Bureau intends to revise these documents substantively during the coming year; the ''Intent to Revise'' notice was published in the March 1, 1997 Pennsylvania Bulletin. Contact:  Bill Gast at (717) 772-4048.

DEP IDTitlePagesLocation
392-2130-001General Policy and Procedures for the Review of Water Allocation Permit Applications7Volume 15, Tab 1
392-2130-002Subsidiary Water Allocation Permit Requirements2Volume 15, Tab 2
392-2130-003Attorney General Opinion No. 3618Volume 15, Tab 3
392-2130-004Rescission of Water Rights2Volume 15, Tab 4
392-2130-005Regulation of Interbasin Transfers2Volume 15, Tab 5
392-2130-006Metering of Withdrawals under Orders of Confirmation2Volume 15, Tab 6
392-2130-007Constant Gallons Per Capita Per Day (GPCD)2Volume 15, Tab 7
392-2130-008Permit Life2Volume 15, Tab 8

Draft Technical Guidance

   DEP ID:  563-2000-602 BMR PGM:  II:6:2 Title: Beneficial Use of Sewage Sludge at Active Mine Sites Background:  DEP encourages the use of sewage sludge of acceptable quality as a soil supplement for mine reclamation under the mining program. This policy has been in effect since June 1984. On May 27, 1997, amendments to the sewage sludge management regulations (25 Pa. Code Chapter 271, Subchapter J) became effective. This revised guidance conforms with these amended regulations. Deadline for Submittal of Comments:  July 31, 1997 Contact:  Alfred Dalberto at (717) 783-1507.


[Pa.B. Doc. No. 97-1038. Filed for public inspection June 27, 1997, 9:00 a.m.]

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