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Catalog of Nonregulatory Documents

[28 Pa.B. 3632]

   Under Governor Ridge's Executive Order 1996-1, agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor must catalog and publish all nonregulatory documents such as policy statements, guidance manuals, decisions, rules and other written materials that provide compliance related information. The following compilation is the third list of the Administration's nonregulatory documents. This list is updated and published annually on the first Saturday in August.

   This catalog is being provided to insure that the public has complete access to the information necessary to understand and comply with state regulations. Facilitating access to information is a critical component of the Ridge Administration's initiative to enhance the partnership between the regulated community and the state.



Editor's Note: The Index of Issuances, Manual M210.3, issued by the Governor's Office of Administration, Directives Management System, includes Executive Orders, Management Directives and Manuals. New or revised documents to the Index are published monthly in the PA Bulletin and the entire index is revised yearly in the PA Code.




Office of Chief Counsel

Contact: Jacqueline Welby, Assistant Counsel (717) 783-2529

*  Reynolds vs. Department of Aging, (570A.2d 1373 (Pa. Commw. 1990)).

*  Pennsylvania Department of Aging v Lindbergh, 469 A.2d 1012 (Pa.1983).

*  Suburban/Bustleton v Department of Aging, 579 A.2d 426 (Pa. Commw. 1990).

*  McGuire v Department of Aging, 592 A.2d 830 (Pa. Commw. 1991).

*  Dickey v Department of Aging, 615 A.2d 990 (Pa. Commw. 1992).

*  In the Interest of M.B., 686 A.2d 87 (Pa. Commw. 1996).

*  Calabro v Department of Aging, 689 A.2d 34 (Pa Commw. 1997).

*  Calabro v Department of Aging, 698 A.2d 596 (Pa. 1997).


*  Pharmaceutical Program (PACE)

Contact: Gretchen Beard, Chief of Compliance Division (717)-787-7313

PACE Provider Bulletins: 1998

*  2/13/98: PACENET Deductible: Reminder to Providers that the PACENET $500 deductible is accumulated based on each individual's enrollment year, not the calendar year.

*  2/13/98: PACE Required Documentation for ''Brand Medically Necessary'' (DAW Code 1) Prescriptions: Reminder to Providers who are being reimbursed for a Brand Name product having an A-rated generic because the Program has granted a cardholder medical exception or because the Program has elected not to require substitution must, by PACE regulation, have at the time of dispensing, a prescription on which the Prescriber has handwritten ''Brand Medically Necessary'' or ''Brand Necessary.''

*  2/13/98: Clozapine (Clozaril): Notified Providers that Clozaril is subject to the PACE Program's mandatory substitution requirement. Generic clozapine is available from Zenith Goldline Pharmaceuticals.

*  2/13/98: Use of NDC Codes and Calculation of Reimbursement: Reminder to PACE Providers that all claims submitted to the Program for reimbursement must accurately report the labeler code and product code of the drug dispensed. Reimbursement paid by the PACE Program will be based upon the package size as reported by the Provider.

*  2/20/98: Other Prescription Coverage: Notified Providers that EOB Message ''041 - Billable to Other Payor'' will soon be rejected with an Error Code 041.

*  2/27/98: Bromfenac Sodium Capsules (DURACT): Reminder to Providers that DURACT is only intended for the short term (10 days or less) management of acute pain and is not indicated for long term use. Notified Providers effective March 2, 1998 PACE will reject all claims for DURACT at the point of sale. A one-time medical exception will be considered, upon request from the Provider, for a maximum 10-day supply at a maximum dose that does not exceed 150 mg per day. Written correspondence from the cardholder's physician will be necessary for reimbursement beyond ten days.

*  2/27/98: Mibefradil Dihydrochloride (POSICOR): Notified Providers of advisory issued by Roche Laboratories Inc. of reported cases of interaction of POSICOR with certain HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors. PACE claims for POSICOR identified as being coadministered with either lovastatin or simvastatin will reject with the NCPDP Error ''88, DUR Reject''; PACE Error Code ''706,'' accompanied with the Conflict Code ''DD,'' the free text message of ''DRUG-DRUG,'' and the NDC of the drug in conflict.

*  4/10/98: PACE Cardholders Enrolled in Medicare HMO's: Reminder to Providers that PACE Cardholders enrolled in Medicare certified HMO's are entitled to the same prescription medications under the Medicare certified HMO as those covered under Medicare Part ''B.'' This entitlement is not affected by a cardholder's decision not to subscribe to supplemental HMO offered prescription coverage.

*  4/17/98: Drug Utilization Review Program: Notified Providers effective April 22, 1998, several new maximum daily dose criteria, duration criteria and duplicate therapy criteria will be added to the PACE ProDUR Program. The criteria is as follows: Mibefradil HCl (POSICOR) 100 mg maximum dose/duplicate therapy edit; Carvedilol (Coreg) 100 mg maximum dose/duplicate therapy edit; Losartan (Cozaar) 100 mg maximum dose/duplicate therapy edit with the ACE Inhibitors; Quetiapine (Seroquel) 400 mg maximum dose; Hydrocodone and Ibuprofen (Vicoprofen) 37.5 mg maximum dose/duration edit: 10 days out of every 30.

*  4/25/98: Mandatory Substitution Diltiazem Extended Release Capsules: Notified Providers effective April 29, 1998, the PACE Program will begin mandating substitution of Dilacor XR and Cardizem SR. This is a result of information received from the FDA granting therapeutic equivalence to capsules manufactured by Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Watson Labs, Andrx and Teva Pharmaceuticals.

*  5/8/98: Early Refill Edit: Notified Providers effective May 19, 1998, the additional classes will be added to the early refill edit: Intranasal Steroids; Topical Corticosteroids - Single Entity; Anti-diabetic Agents - Insulins; Bronchodilators; Conjugated Estrogens; Estrogens - Transdermal Patches; and Opiates. Reimbursement will not be made until 75% of the medication has been used.

*  5/22/98: Drug Utilization Review Program: Notified Providers effective May 26, 1998 several new criteria will be added to the PACE ProDUR Program and applied to all claims submitted on or after this date for the medication Viagra. The criteria added are: maximum daily dose of 50 mg. Claims submitted for greater than 50 mg daily will require a diagnosis and approval through the PACE medical exception process. Duration of therapy will be thirty tablets per month. PACE will only reimburse claims submitted for male cardholders. Claims submitted for female cardholders will be reversed.

*  6/1/98: Drug Utilization Review Program: Notified Providers that Pfizer, Inc. has recently reiterated that patients taking nitrates in any form, including nitroglycerin and long-acting nitrates commonly used for chest pain, should not take Viagra. PACE will reject prescriptions for Viagra and Nitroglycerin at the point-of-sale in order to comply with this guideline for appropriate use.

*  6/12/98: RECALL: Notified Providers that a Voluntary Class I recall has been initiated by Meridian Medical Technologies, manufacturer of both Epipen and Epipen Jr. Auto-Injectors. All PACE cardholders for whom reimbursement was made during this period have been instructed to return their product to their pharmacy for a lot number review.

*  6/12/98: RECALL: POSICOR - Notified Providers that Roche Laboratories Inc. is withdrawing POSICOR from the market effective June 8, 1998. The PACE Program will deny reimbursement for claims submitted with dates of service of June 9, 1998 or thereafter.

PACE Provider Bulletins: 1997

*  02/07/97: Brand Medically Necessary Update: Notified Providers that effective immediately PACE is no longer mandating generic reimbursement on the following brand medications: Lasix, Depakene, Tegretol, Mysoline, Quinaglute Duratabs (Quinidine Gluconate), Pronestyl SR, Mexitil, and All Sustained-Release Theophylline Preparations.

*  02/14/97: Mandatory Substitution Nitoglycerin Transdermal Patch: Notified Providers that effective February 21, 1997, the PACE Program will being mandating substitution on both Nitro-Dur and Transderm-Nitro.

*  03/01/97: PACENET: Reminder to Providers to encourage their older customers to make application for the new PACENET Program. Bulletin include income requirements, information regarding the crediting of out-of-pocket expenses; use of 1997 PACE applications to apply for both PACE and PACENET and a reminder to discard the old 1996 enrollment applications.

*  03/28/97: Drug Utilization Review Program: Notified Providers that effective April 14, 1997, PACE will be adding new criteria to our Prospective Drug Utilization Review Program for HMG Co-A Reductase Inhibitors.

*  05/09/97: PACENET Claim Submission: Provides explanation to Providers regarding the $500 deductible and submission of out-of-pocket prescription expenses for PACENET cardholders.

*  06/20/97: Claim Timeliness: Reminder to Providers that PACE claims are to be submitted on the date of dispensing.

*  07/11/97: Fragmin: Notified Providers that on July 18, 1997, PACE would reimburse claims submitted for Fragmin only when being prescribed for the prevention of deep venous thrombosis, which may lead to a pulmonary embolism following abdominal surgery or hip replacement. Further, since Fragmin is indicated for short-term treatment (five to ten days), PACE would apply a duration of therapy edit of not greater than 14 days to all incoming claims.

*  8/7/97: Generic Update: Ranitidine: Notified Providers that Ranitidine currently being manufactured by Novopharm and Geneva is now available as a therapeutically equivalent generic for Zantac and effective Friday, August 15, 1997, PACE would be mandating substitution on Ranitidine.

*  8/7/97: 1997 Pharmacy Licensure: Reminder to Pharmacies that current pharmacy licenses expire August 31, 1997 and that PACE Regulations mandate that, ''Only pharmacies and dispensing physicians that are currently licensed by the Commonwealth are eligible to participate as providers in the PACE Program.''

*  8/15/97: PACENET Claims: Reminder to Providers that they must submit all PACENET Cardholder prescription claims on POCAS to permit the accurate recording of the amount accumulating toward the $500 deductible.

*  8/15/97: Other Prescription Coverage: Reminder to Providers that, by statute, the PACE Program is the payor of last resort and will accept responsibility only for those costs not covered by the cardholder's other prescription drug benefit program.

*  8/15/97: Notified Providers effective August 18, 1997, several new maximum dose criteria will be added to the PACE ProDUR Program. These new additions are: 1) Maximum daily dose and duplicate therapy (with ACE inhibitors) edit for angiotensin II antagonist inhibitor: Valsartan (Diovan) 320 mg; 2) Maximum initial dose and maximum daily dose for antipsychotic agent Olanzapine (Zyprexa) 2.5 mg (initial) 10 mg (maximum); 3) Maximum daily dose and duplicate therapy for the HMG Co-A Reductase Inhibitor: Atorvastatin (Lipitor) 80 mg (maximum); 4) Maximum daily dose and duplicate therapy for the beta blocker: Cavedilol (Coreg) 100 mg (maximum); 5) Maximum initial dose and maximum daily dose for the antidepressant: Mirtazapine (Remeron) 15 mg (initial) 45 (maximum); 6) Maximum dose and duplicate therapy for the calcium channel blocker Nisoldipine (Sular) 60 mg (maximum); and 7) Maximum initial dose and maximum daily dose for the antipsychotic: Clozapine (Clozaril) 25 mg (initial) 100 mg (maximum).

*  8/29/97: Updated listing of Non-Participating Manufacturers.

*  9/12/97: Reinstatement of Common Package Size: Notified Providers effective September 15, 1997, PACE will reinstitute the Common Package Size pricing which was discontinued in November, 1996.

*  9/19/97: Audit Issues: Reminder to Providers their responsibilities regarding voiding claims' payments for prescriptions that are not picked up by cardholders as well as maintaining an accurate, current signature log to identify the individuals who are receiving the PACE prescriptions dispensed by the Provider.

*  9/19/97: DAW/Product Selection Code: Reminder to Providers of the five codes used by POCAS.

*  10/3/97: Injectable Chemotherapy Antineoplastics: Reminder to Providers that Injectable chemotherapeutic antineoplasic claims are only reimbursed based on the 20% not covered by Medicare.

*  10/3/97: Claim Submission Timeliness: Reminder to Providers that they are required by contract to submit claims prior to dispensing.

*  10/17/97: Other Prescription Coverage: Notification to Providers effective November 3, 1997, PACE is implementing edit criteria to ensure compliance with the Program's requirement of billing other prescription plans prior to billing PACE. Providers entering a TPL indicator identifying ''no other coverage'' for a cardholder identified as having other prescription coverage will have the claim denied with the NCPDP Error Code 41 ''Submit Bill to Other Payor.''

*  11/14/97: Drug Utilization Review Program: Notified Providers effective November 24, 1997, the following new maximum daily dose criteria will be added to the PACE ProDUR Program: Maximum daily dose edit for the centrally acting analgesic Tramadol (Ultram) 300 mg maximum for individuals 75 years of age or older and 400 mg for individuals younger than 75 years.

*  11/14/97: Drug Utilization Review Program: Notified Providers effective November 24, 1997, the following new maximum daily dose criteria will be added to the PACE ProDUR Program: Edits for the miscellaneous sedative/hypnotics are as follows: Amobarbital (Amytal) 200 mg; Butabarbital (Butisol) 100 mg; Chloral Hydrate 1 gm; Pentobarbital (Nembutal) 100 mg; Ethchlorvynol (Placidyl) 500 mg; Secobarbital (Seconal) 100 mg; Amobarbital/Secobarbital (Tuinal) 50/50 mg.

*  11/21/97: Reminder to PACE Providers to review their Remittance Advice and to pay particular attention to those claims with Message Codes 041 and 918, which address those claims for cardholders with other prescription coverage.

*  11/21/97: Oral Anti-Nausea Medication: Notified Providers effective December 1, 1997, PACE will being reimbursing only 20% of the Average Wholesale Price of oral formulations of Kytril and Zofran. Remaining cost of the drug will have to be submitted to the regional Medicare carrier, United Health Care in Wilkes-Barre for reimbursement.

*  12/26/97: Reminder to PACE Providers that claims submitted for brand name pharmaceuticals having an A-rated generic therapeutic equivalent will be denied unless a medical exception is granted or PACE does not mandate substitution for the product. PACE does not require substitution on these products with A-rated generics Warfarin Sodium (Coumadin); Carbamazepine (Tegretol); Phenytoin (Dilantin); or Furosemide (Lasix).

PACE Provider Bulletins: 1996

*  1/08/96: Prilosec and Prevacid: Notified Providers these drugs would be edited for maximum duration for all claims dispensed on or after January 8, 1996.

*  1/26/96: Non-Participating Manufacturer List.

*  5/24/96: Biaxin Filmtabs (NDC: 00074248660): Notified providers of an error on the formulary file from 1/22/96 to 3/21/96.

*  5/24/96: Solopak Pharmaceuticals: Notified providers that Labeler Codes 39769 and 59747 would be participating in the PACE Program.

*  7/12/96: PACE Cardholders with PEBTF Prescription Coverage: Notified Providers that PACE Cardholders with drug coverage through the Commonwealth's Retired Employees Health Plan had been notified they were being canceled from the PACE Program.

*  8/2/96: Other Insurance Coverage: Reminder to Providers to exercise reasonable diligence in ascertaining the existence of other prescription benefits before billing the PACE Program.

*  10/18/96: Injectable Chemotherapeutics: Reimbursement restrictions (20% of Average Wholesale Price) applied to injectable chemotherapy medications when administered through a home infusion pump or in a physician's office.

*  10/18/96: Vaccine Reimbursement: Notified Providers of a change in the reimbursement of vaccines to be implemented on November 11, 1996 for claims with a date-of-service on or after that date. The change is as follows: Vaccines used to provide immunization against pneumococcal pneumonia and influenza will no longer be reimbursed by the PACE Program. Vaccines used to provide immunization against hepatitis B will be reimbursed at 20% of the Average Wholesale Price.

*  10/18/96: Bronchodilator Drugs: Notified Providers that effective November 11, 1996, PACE will begin reimbursing only 20% of Average Wholesale Price for the following products: Acetylcysteine 10%; Acetylcysteine 20%; Albuterol Sulfate 0.083%; Albuterol Sulfate 0.5%; Cromolyn Sodium; Isoetharine HCI 0.1%; Isoetharine HCI 0.125%; Isoetharine HCI 0.167%; Isoetharine HCI 0.2%; Isoetharine HCI 0.25%; Isoetharine HCI 1.0%; Isoproternol HCI 0.5%; Isoproternol HCI 1.0%; Metaproternol Sulfate 0.4%; Metaproterenol Sulfate 0.6%; and Metaproterenol Sulfate 5.0%.

*  11/21/96: PACE Legislative Changes: Notified Providers of increased income limits ($14,000 maximum for singles and $17,200 maximum for married); and Mandatory Substitution of A-Rated Multiple-source products.

*  11/21/96: PACENET Requirements: Notified Providers of income limits for PACENET cardholders (Between $14,000 and $16,000 if single; Between $17,200 and $19,200 if married); Annual Deductible ($500 per person) which PACE Providers are expected to enter PACENET Enrollee's out-of-pocket prescription expenses in POCAS; Mandatory Copayments ($8 per prescription for non-innovator, multiple-source (generic) products; and $15 per prescription for single-source and innovator multiple-source products); Mandatory Substitution of A-Rated Multiple-source products after deductible is met; and the claims reimbursement formula for PACENET claims would be AWP - 10% + $3.50 dispensing fee.

*  11/22/96: Third Party Liability: Notified Providers that a PACE cardholder's I.D. card could currently contain two indicators that may affect coverage. The first indicator is a ''Y'' appearing in the lower right quadrant of the I.D. card meaning the cardholder has informed PACE that they have other third party insurance that is to be billed before PACE. The second indicator is an ''L'' appearing in the lower right quadrant of the I.D. card. This ''L'' means the cardholder has been restricted into receiving their PACE benefits at one specific provider.

*  11/22/96: Lovenox: Notified Providers that effective December 9, 1996, PACE will reimburse claims submitted for Lovenox only when being prescribed for the prevention of deep venous thrombosis, which may lead to a pulmonary embolism following hip or knee replacement surgery or general surgery which includes abdominal, gynecologic, urologic or thoracic. Further, since Lovenox is indicated for short-term treatment (seven to ten days), the Program will apply a duration edit of not greater than 14 days to all incoming claims.

*  11/22/96: Oral Vancomycin: Notified Providers that PACE would be applying a duration of therapy edit of not greater than 14 days for all incoming claims for oral Vancomycin.

*  11/22/96: Bronchodilator Drug Update: Reminder for Providers that reimbursement for the bronchodilator solutions used in either IPPB machines or nebulizers is limited to 20% of the Average Wholesale Price by PACE and suggested that Providers who do not currently have a Medicare provider number contact the National Supplier Clearinghouse in North Carolina to request an application.

*  11/22/96: Non-Participating Manufacturers effective November 27, 1996.

*  12/01/96: Processing PACENET Claims: Provides information to assist pharmacies in the processing of claims for cardholders enrolled in PACENET.

*  12/13/96: Imitrex Tablets: Notified Providers that effective December 30, 1996, all claims for Imitrex will not be reimbursed for a quantity greater than nine or a days' supply less than or equal to 25.

*  12/13/96: Nimotop: Notified Providers that effective December 30, 1996, claims for Nimotop will be denied at the point-of-sale. After determining the diagnosis, providers can contact the POCAS operators and obtain a Medical Exception. Although this medication is approved only for use in subarachnoid hemorrhage, there are several other off-label uses for which reimbursement will be made.

*  12/13/96: Revision: Non-Participating Manufacturer List.

*  12/20/96: Mandatory Generic Substitution: Advises providers to direct cardholder questions about the new mandatory substitution policy to the Cardholder Services toll-free number (1-800-225-7223).

PACE Provider Bulletins: 1995

*  1/6/95: Drug Utilization Review Program: Addition of new criteria for antidepressants, antipsychotics and benzodiazepines.

*  2/17/95: Antidepressants, Antipsychotics and Benezodiazepines: Reminder to Pharmacy to carefully review both the reject codes and accompanying messages.

*  2/24/95: Toradol: Reimbursement restrictions.

*  2/24/95: Minitran: 30-day supply limit.

*  3/95: PACE Drug Utilization Review Criteria.

*  3/3/95: Medicare Update: Extended coverage for prescription drugs used in immunosuppressive therapy to three years following hospital discharge for an organ transplant.

*  3/3/95: Maximum Initial Dose for selected antipsychotic, antidepressant or benezodiazepine agents.

*  3/27/95: Non-Sedating Antihistamines and Oral Antifungals Coadministration is Contraindicated. PACE will reject claims for Seldane, Seldane-D, Hismanal, Claritin, Claritin-D, Diflucan, Nizoral and Sporanox.

*  3/95: Third Party Billing Reminder: PACE is payer of last resort, pharmacy must bill other third parties first.

*  5/5/95: Brand Patent Expirations/Generic Substitutions.

*  7/95: CellCept Billing Instructions.

*  7/1/95: Claims Submissions: 90-day limit to file claims for reimbursement.

*  8/1/95: Injectable Chemotherapeutics: Effective 9/1/95 PACE Reimbursement for list of injectable chemotherapeutics limited to 20% of AWP.

*  8/18/95: Non-Participating Manufacturer List.

*  8/18/95: Drug Utilization Review Program: New maximum dose criteria added to the PACE ProDur Program effective 8/28/95 - Nefazodone (Serzone) 600 mg/day; Fluvoxamine (Luvox) 50 mg/day (initial) and 300 mg/day (maximum); Lansoprazole (Prevacid) 30 mg/day.

*  9/1/95: Common Package Size Reimbursement Listing.

*  9/1/95: Epoetin Alfa (EPO) Injections: Effective 9/11/95 PACE reimbursing only 20% of AWP for Epogen and Procrit.

*  9/6/95: Early Refill Edit: Additional classes added to the Early Refill Edit.

*  9/22/95: Drug Utilization Review Program: Effective 9/25/95 duplicate therapy edit applied to the following class of drugs: Proton Pump Inhibitors - Prilosec and Prevacid.

*  10/95: PACE POCAS Telecommunications Number: New direct number available to pharmacy providers for Primary Claim Submission: 950-5545.

PACE Provider Bulletins: 1994

*  2/8/94: Reimbursement Criteria for Temazepam (effective 3/1/94).

*  5/23/94: Glyburide: Mandatory Substitution of Micronase and Diabeta.

*  5/94: Prograf Billing Instructions

*  5/94: Ophthalmics: Days Supply Provisions

*  5/94: Betaseron Billing Instructions

*  7/1/94 Ophthalmics: Noted billing discrepancies regarding pharmacies reporting of the days supply.

*  7/23/94: Narrow Therapeutic Index Exemption Listing (Revised)

*  8/94: Incorrect Physician License Numbers: Notice to Pharmacy Providers of Procedures to Disallow Claims Submitted with Wrong Prescriber I.D.

*  8/19/94: Physician/Medical Assistants: PACE Reimbursement of Prescriptions written by Physician Assistants.

*  9/23/94: Serevent: PACE will no longer reimburse for more than 13 gm of Serevent per prescription.

*  9/26/94: Febatol - No PACE Reimbursement after 12/26/94.

*  9/30/94: Manufacturers' Rebate Update

*  10/3/94: DAW/Product Selection Code (Revised)

*  10/21/94: Oral Contraceptives: Effective 10/30/94 PACE no longer reimburses except through the Medical Exception process.

*  10/21/94: New Maximum Dose Criteria Added to the PACE ProDUR Program: Maximum daily dose and duplicate therapy criteria for NSAIDs (Trilisate; Disalcid; and Cataflam) and maximum daily dose criteria for miscellaneous anti-ulcer preparations (Propulsid and Reglan).

*  11/18/94: Oral Chemotherapeutics: Effective 12/15/94 PACE reimburses only 20% of AWP for Cyclophosphamide 25 mg/oral; Cytoxan 50 mg/oral; Etoposide/Vepesid 50 mg/oral; and Melphalan/Alkeran 2 mg/oral.

*  12/2/94: 30-Day Supply Requirement: Humulin and Solganal.

PACE Provider Bulletins: 1993

*  1/1/93: PACE Legislative Changes Effective 1/1/93
- Dispense as Written (DAW) Codes
- Mandatory Generic Substitution when an ''A'' rated generic therapeutically equivalent drug is available.
- Pricing Information
- Consultation Fee Discontinued

*  2/28/93: Deadline for PACE Provider Reenrollment and Conversion to 3.2 NCPDP Telecommunications Standard for PACE Claims Submission.

*  3/1/93: Standard Error Codes

*  3/1/93: Early Refill Edit

*  3/1/93: Halcion Error Code Revisions

*  3/1/93: Processing Requirements: Conversion to NCPDP Version 3.2

*  3/19/93: POCAS System Maintenance on 4/10/93 and 4/11/93.

*  5/14/93: Delay in Provider Reimbursement

*  5/21/93: Change in the ProDUR screening criteria for H2 Receptor Antagonists effective 6/1/93.

*  6/28/93: Implementation of PACE ProDUR Changes:
- Maximum daily dose for NSAIDs
- Maximum daily dose for Omeprazole, Sucralfate and Misoprostrol.
- Maximum daily dosage allowed for Famotidine (Pepcid) changed from 80 mg/day to 40 mg/day.

*  6/28/93: Claims Processing Procedures When POCAS Is Not Available.

*  7/1/93: Non-Participating Manufacturers List

*  7/23/93: 30-Day Supply Requirements

*  7/23/93: Narrow Therapeutic Index Exemption Listing (Revised)

*  9/28/93: Manufacturers Rebate Update (Non-Participating Manufacturer List, effective 10/5/93 was attached.)

PACE Provider Bulletins: 1992

*  4/92: Provider Training Seminars (5/11/92 through 7/2/92)

*  5/29/92: Manufacturers' Rebate News: Center Laboratories

*  6/19/92: Manufacturers' Rebate News: Roxane Laboratories, Inc.
- Astra Pharmaceutical Products
- Ocumed
- IPR Pharmaceutical
- Immunex Corporation

*  8/16/92: PACE Rescue Plan:Implementation of ProDUR; NCPDP Version 3.2 and related Program Changes

*  9/92: Dixon-Shane recoupments/pharmacy credits.

*  11/9/92: PACE Pharmacy Provider Manual

*  12/23/92: Narrow Therapeutic Index Exemption Listing

*  12/92: Generic Substitution on Oral Prescriptions (Included Poster and Informational Flyers).

PACE Provider Bulletins: 1991

*  6/21/91: Co-Pay Change ($4 to $6 effective 7/1/91)

*  8/14/91: General Program Issues:
- Claims Payment
- Cardholder Eligibility Changes (Income Eligibility Changed to $13,000 for Single and $16,200 for Married Couples)
- Nursing Home Providers
- Cosmetic Drugs (Effective 10/1/91 claims for Rogaine and Retin-A no longer paid)
- Paper Claims (Only claims for Compound Drugs or claims whose Quantity is in Excess of 9999 accepted as paper claims)
- Persantine and Dipyridamole (These two drugs must have an indication on the prescription that it is being used as an adjunct to Coumadin anticoagulants for the prevention of postoperative thromboembolic complications of cardiac valve replacement in order to be allowed payment by (PACE).
- Audit Issues (Telephone Prescriptions and Brand Medically Necessary Requirements).

*  8/21/91: Final Instructions Concerning the PACE On-line Claims Adjudication System (POCAS).

*  9/27/91: Billing Instructions
- Cosmetic Drugs
- Exception Claim Processing
- POCAS, post payment review
- Nursing Home Claims

Division of Program & Regulatory Coordination

Contact: Robert Hussar, Division Chief (717) 783-8975

Current Aging Program Directives

*  Provided below is a comprehensive list of current Aging Program Directives and LAMP/OPTIONS Bulletins. Directives which do not appear on the list are no longer in effect. Current directives are as follows:

Program Area 01 - ''AAA Administration''

*  88-01-07 Personnel Action Plan for Private Non-Profit Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)

*  90-01-05 Contract Management and Direct Service Provision by AAAs

*  91-01-01 Certification and Disclosure Regarding Lobbying

*  91-01-05 Area Agency on Aging Involvement in Corporate Eldercare Activities

*  92-01-01 Single Audit Act Audit Requirements

*  92-01-06 Minimum Standards for Governing Boards of Private Non-Profit Area Agencies on Aging

*  93-01-04 Providing AAA Funded Services to Domiciliary Care and Personal Care Home Residents

*  94-01-02 Indirect Cost Policy for Department of Aging Contracts

*  94-01-04 Department of Aging Heat Emergency Plan

*  95-01-05 Emergency Cooling Project

*  95-01-08 FY 1996-99 Three Year Plan Requirements

*  95-01-09 Assessments of Persons With ''An Other Related Condition'' Who Are Exceptional Admissions

*  97-01-02 Accounting Manual For AAA Programs

*  97-01-03 Interim Revision of the OPTIONS Assessment Reporting Forms OPT01 and OPT 01X

*  98-01-01 OPTIONS Procedures Manual

*  98-01-02 Area Agency on Aging Program Income Polices

*  98-01-03 1997-98 Aging Block Grant Amendment: Final Funding Allocations

*  98-01-04 AAA Program Requirements, Planning Allocations and Aging Services Block Grant Format for FY 1998-99

Program Area 02 - ''Home Delivered Meals''

See Program Area 03.

Program Area 03 - ''Congregate Meals''

*  90-03-01 Policies and Standards for the Department of Aging Funded Nutrition Service Programs

Program Area 04 - ''Socialization/Recreation/Education/Health Promotion''

*  96-04-01 Senior Community Center and Satellite Center Policies and Standards

*  98-04-01 Primetime Health Program

Program Area 05 - ''Employment Services''

*  95-05-02 Title V Senior Community Service Employment Program: Final Rule

*  96-05-02 Title V S.C.S.E.P.: Eligibility and Assessment Forms

Program Area 06 - ''Volunteer Services''

*  85-06-01 Volunteer Services

Program Area 07 - ''Passenger Transportation Services''

*  85-07-01 Policies for Transportation Services

Program Area 11 - ''Information and Referral''

*  85-11-01 Policies and Procedures for the Provision of I & R Services by AAAs

Program Area 23 - ''Care Management''

*  See APD #98-01-01.

Program Area 24 - ''Protective Services Intake/Investigation''

*  89-24-01 Protective Services for Older Adults Regulations

*  89-24-02 Required Standard Forms for Protective Services

*  92-24-01 Change in Report of Need Form (Supplements APD #89-12-02)

*  93-24-01 Protective Services Investigations

*  93-24-02 Protective Services Investigations (supplements APD #93-18-01)

*  97-24-01 Protective Services Report of Need and Investigation Summary and Assessment Form

Program Area 13 - ''Personal Care''

*  See APD #98-01-01.

Program Area 12 - ''Home Health''

*  See APD #98-01-01.

Program Area 19 - ''Home Support''

*  See APD #98-01-01.

Program Area 20 - ''Adult Day Care''

*  See 6 Pa. Code Chapter 11, Sections 11.1 to 11.292.

Program Area 25 - ''Domiciliary Care''

*  85-25-02 Statewide Expansion of Domiciliary Care Program

*  90-25-01 Domiciliary Care Services for Adults--FinalRule making

*  93-25-01 Keys Amendment Implementation as It Relates to the Domiciliary Care Program

*  97-25-01 Domiciliary Care Consumer Payment To Providers

Program Area 09 - ''Legal Assistance''

*  85-09-01 AAA Program of Legal Services to the Elderly

Program Area 10 - ''Ombudsman''

*  98-10-01 Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Program Area 14 - ''Personal Assistance Service''

*  See APD #98-01-01.

Program Area 18 - ''Medical Equipment, Supplies and Adaptive Devices''

*  See APD #98-01-01.

Program Area 29 - ''Other''

*  85-29-01 Changes in PSA Boundaries

*  85-29-02 Generic Policies and Procedures for the Request and Consideration of Waivers of PDA Policies

*  85-29-04 PDA Fair Hearings and Appeals Regulations

*  85-29-06 Interdepartmental Cooperative Agreement between the PDA and DPW, Office of Mental Health

*  86-29-01 PACE Regulations

*  91-29-05 Department of Aging Energy Emergency Plan

*  92-29-03 Final Regulations - Family Caregiver Support Program (replaces Sections I-V of APD 92-22-02)

*  92-29-07 Advance Notice to Health Care Facilities Prior to Termination of Utility Service

*  94-29-04 Emergency Operations Plan for the Department of Aging (rescinds APD #92-22- 04)

*  96-29-01 Statement of PDA Intent Re: Allocation To New Area Agencies

*  97-29-01 Retention of AAA Records

*  97-29-02 Emergency Operations Plan for the Department of Aging.

*  98-29-01 List of Current Aging Program Directives (APDs) and Options Level II bulletins


*  84-01 Pre-Admission Assessment Bulletin

*  84-03 Funding Ceilings for Services for Level II Clients Diverted from Nursing Homes through LAMP

*  85-01 Level of Care Changes Procedures

*  85-02 LAMP and State Mental Hospital System (supplements LAMP Bulletin #85-05)

*  85-05 LAMP Residency Issues

*  89-01 LAMP Alternative Community Care Services Standards

*  89-03 Pre-Admission Assessment Site Requirements for Level of Care Decisions or Recommendations Regarding Heavy Care/Intermediate Services (replaces LAMP Decision Narrative and Instructions; LAMP Determination Report and Instructions; and Page 3, LAMP Assessment Instruction Manual)

*  89-08 Pre-Admission Assessment and Management Program: 1989-90 Reporting Requirements and Instructions for Provision of Services to Alternative Community Care Clients (revises LAMP Bulletin #84-04)

*  89-10 Interim Operations Manual, Volumes I & II

*  90-02 Pre-Admission Assessment (PAA) Site Requirements for Requesting Payment for PAA Assessment Activities for the July 1, 1990 through June 30, 1991 PAA Contract Period (rescinds LAMP Bulletin #89-05)

*  90-03 LAMP Site Requirements for Requesting Payment for Alternative Community Care Services (rescinds LAMP Bulletin #89-07)

*  90-04 Revised PA Pre-Admission Assessment Form (PPAF) and the Assessment Manual (rescinds PA Long Term Care Assessment and Management Program Assessment Instruction [Rev. 11/88] and PA Long Term Care Assessment and Management Program Assessment Manual [Rev. 1988 & 1989])

*  90-05 Protocol Requirements for Serving Medicaid Nursing Home Applicants and Medical Assistance Recipients with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or Symptomatic Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV)

*  90-07 Transmit DPW/OMA Memo (8/30/90)

*  90-08 Policy Change in Referral Procedures for Individuals with Mental Retardation/Other Related Condition Diagnosis

*  91-01 Supplement 1 to OPTIONS-Level II Site Requirements for Requesting Payment for OPTIONS-Level II Assessment Activities for the July 1, 1990 through June 30, 1991 OPTIONS-Level II Contract Period

*  91-02 OPTIONS-Level II Program Requirements, Planning Allocations and Budget Format for the Twelve (12) Month Period July 1, 1991 through June 30, 1992 (supplements OPTIONS-Level II Bulletin #90-06)

*  91-04 Definitions of OPTIONS-Level II Assessment Categories

*  92-02 OPTIONS-Level II Program Requirements, Planning Allocations and Budget Format for the Twelve (12) Month Period July 1, 1992 through June 30, 1993 (supplements OPTIONS-Level II Bulletin #90-06 and #91-02)

*  92-05 Pseudo MA Case Number

*  93-02 OPTIONS-Level II Program Requirements, Planning Allocations and Contract Format for the Thirty-Six (36) Month Period July 1, 1993 through June 30, 1996 (rescinds OPTIONS-Level II Bulletin #90-06)

*  Supplement #1, OPTIONS-Level II Program Requirements, Planning Allocations and Contract Format for the Thirty-Six (36) Month Period July 1, 1993 through June 30, 1996

*  94-02 Instructions for the Completion of Forms for OPTIONS Level II Assessment Activity: OPT01 Client Reports, OPT01X Correction to Client History Forms, Administrative Review Reports, Transmittal Form for Tape Invoicing, Definitions for Assessment Categories (replaces OPTIONS-Level II Bulletin #92-03)

*  94-05 Procedure for Applying for the Personal Care/Domiciliary care Supplement (Supplements OPTIONS-Level II Bulletin #93-01)

*  94-06 OPTIONS-Level II Program Requirements, Planning Allocations and Budget Format for the Twelve (12) Month Period July 1, 1994 through June 30, 1995.

*  95-01 Medical Assistance (MA) Estate Recovery Program (supplements OPTIONS-Level II Bulletin #93-01)

*  95-02 OPTIONS-Level II Program Requirements, Planning Allocations and Budget format for the Twelve (12) Month Period July 1, 1995 through June 30, 1996



Bureau of Plant Industry

*  Fertilizer, Soil Conditioner and Plant Growth Substance Enforcement Action Penalty Matrix

Contact: John Breitsman (717-787-4843)

*  Pesticide Enforcement Action Penalty Matrix

Contact: Joseph Uram (717-787-4843)

*  Plant Pest Act Enforcement Action Penalty Matrix

Contact: Dale Stehr (717-787-4843)


Bureau of Food Distribution

*  Farmers Market Nutrition Program - Farmer/Vendor Procedure Manual

*  Woman, Infants and Children (''WIC'') Clinic Procedure Manual

*  Assistance Bulletin #97-2: Rate of Distribution Schedule For the Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (''TEFAP'')

*  Self Declaration of Need: Income Poverty Guidelines for TEFAP

Contact Edward Wadlinger (717-787-2940)

Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services

*  rBST Labeling Information

*  Application to Install or Remodel a Milking System

*  Supplement to a Farm Refrigerated Bulk Milk Storage Tank and/or a Precooler Installation Application

Contact: James C. Dell (717-787-4316)

*  Recall Procedures

*  Model Food service Self-Inspection Checklist

*  Ice Manufacturing Plants Consumer Confidence Program Guidelines

*  Listeria Handbook for Retail Food Establishments

*  Procedures for Vacuum Packaging Foods in Reduced Oxygen Packages

*  Retail Food Establishment Consumer Confidence Program Self-Inspection Checklist

Contact: Charles E. Radle (717-787-4315)

Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission

*  Licensing Procedures and Standards for Applicants

Contact: Richard E. Sharbaugh (717-787-5196)

Bureau of Plant Industry

*  Instructions for Licensing under the Pennsylvania Commercial Feed Law

*  Instructions for Licensing under the Pennsylvania Fertilizer, Soil Conditioner and Plant Growth Substance Law

*  Directions for Renewing Specialty Fertilizer Registration in Pennsylvania

*  Instructions for Licensing under the Pennsylvania Agricultural Liming Materials Act

Contact: John Breitsman (717-787-4843)

*  Directions for Registering Pesticides in Pennsylvania

*  Experimental Pesticide Use Permits

*  Grower Record keeping Guidelines for Pesticide Applications made under an Emergency Exemption

*  Directions for Soil Conditioner and Plant Growth Substance Registration in Pennsylvania

Contact: John Lake (717-787-4843)

Bureau of Ride and Measurement Standards

*  Amusement Ride Operators' and Attendants' Manual

Contact: Charles Bruckner (717-787-6772)


Bureau of Farmland Protection

*  Checklist for Review of an Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Recommendation

*  Checklist for Evaluation of a County Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Program

Contact: Raymond Pickering (717-783-3167)

Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services

*  Summary of Enforcement Requirements for Violations of Bacterial Count, Somatic Cell Count

*  Antibiotic Residue Tests for Individual Milk Producer Samples

*  Clarification of Enforcement Policy for a Producer Utilizing Two Bulk Milk Tanks

Contact: James C. Dell (717-787-4316)

*  Tolerances for Egg Quality, below which a Warning Letter shall be issued to a Store

*  Tolerances for Egg Quality, below which Seizure of Eggs will be made at a Store

*  Tolerances for Egg Quality, below which Prosecution will be initiated against a Store

*  Tolerances for Egg Quality, below which Seizure of Eggs will be made at a Plant

Contact: Kim F. Miller (717-787-3294)

*  Guidelines for Inspection of Food Concessions at Fairs

*  Inspection Guidelines for Farmers Markets and Stands

Contact: Charles E. Radle (717-787-4315)

Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission

*  Procedures with respect to Unlicensed Owners

Contact: Richard E. Sharbaugh (717-787-5196)

Bureau of Plant Industry

*  Turfgrass Seed Certification Interagency and Inter-state Certification

Contact: Joe Garvey (717-787-5609)


Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services

*  Industry Responsibilities with respect to Broken Seals

Contact: James C. Dell (717-787-4316)

*  Temperature Requirements for Safe Handling of Hot and Cold Foods

*  Guidelines for Self-Service Bulk Food Displays

*  Guidelines for Maple Syrup Operations

Contact: Charles E. Radle (717-787-4315)

Bureau of Plant Industry

*  Pennsylvania Pesticide Hypersensitivity Registry Fact Sheet

Contact: John C.R. Tacelosky (717-787-4843)


   Nonregulatory public documents of the Department of Banking are divided into three indexed categories listed below: Letters from Secretaries of Banking to Regulated Entities; Guidance Available Regarding Compliance with Depository Institution Statutes and Regulations; and, Guidance Available Regarding Compliance with Licensee Statutes and Regulations. The contact person for all Department of Banking documents is Reginald Evans (717-787-1471).

Secretary's Letters:

1-23-98 Year 2000 readiness and credit underwriting criteria for credit unions regarding Pennsylvania Credit Union League workshop.
1-15-98 Year 2000 readiness and credit underwriting criteria for state-chartered banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, and trust companies.
8-27-97 Bank Holidays for 1998.
6-09-97 Letter regarding Electronic Submission of Call Reports.
4-24-97 Letter discusses the effect that Year 2000 will have on Computer Systems.
1-31-97 Letter regarding federal regulatory agencies having adopted a revised Uniform Financial Institutions Rating System which has been known as CAMEL.
12-3-96 Letter addresses the authority of Pennsylvania state-chartered banks, bank and trust companies, and savings banks to act as agents in the sale of all types of insurance products. (Act 40 of 1997 was enacted after issuance of this letter regarding banks acting as agents in the sale of insurance.)
11-25-96 Letter discusses the adjustment to the overhead assessment methodology for non- depository trust companies.


Department of Banking/Legal Department

10 Pa. Code §§ 13.61--13.68 -Exception to Definition of ''Branch''.

Contact: Reginald S. Evans - (717) 787-1471

10 Pa. Code § 21.61--Insurance and Annuities (Act 40 of 1997 was enacted after issuance of this Statement of Policy)

Contact: Laurie S. Kennedy - (717) 787-1471

10 Pa. Code § 41.3a - Calculation of Consumer Discount Company Act default charges - Statement of Policy

Contact: Laurie S. Kennedy - (717) 787-1471

10 Pa. Code Chapter 81 - Check Cashiers Statement of Policy.

Contact: Reginald S. Evans (717) 787-1471



Bonds Office
Private Activity Bonds
Kim Kaufman (717-783-6112)

Bureau of Housing and Infrastructure
Enterprise Development Area Initiative
Riley Stoy (717-783-3910)

Loans Office
Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund
Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority

Gerald Kapp (717-787-6245)

Minority Lending Office
Pennsylvania Minority Business Development Authority
Isabelle Smith (717-783-1127)


Entrepreneurial Assistance Office
Pennsylvania Small Business Operations and Resources Guide
Linda Goldstein (717-783-8950)

Travel and Tourism Office
Tourist Promotion Agency Matching Fund Program Manual
Keith Gingrich (717-787-5453)



Bonds Office
Conventional Bond Financing (Taxable) Guidelines
Exempt Facility & Small Issue Bonds Guidelines
Industrial Development Authority Financing Guidelines
Pennsylvania Capital Access Program Guidelines
Tax-Exempt Bond Financing Guidelines

Kim Kaufman (717-783-6112)

Community Empowerment Bureau
Community Development and Finance Corporation Grant and Loan Program Guidelines
Community Services Block Grant Program Guidelines
Emergency Community Services Homeless Grant Program Guidelines
Employment and Community Conservation Program Guidelines
Neighborhood Assistance Program Guidelines
Neighborhood Assistance Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Program Guidelines
Weatherization Program Guidelines

Dennis Darling (717-787-1984)

Grants Office
Industrial Development Assistance Fund Program Guidelines
Industrial Sites Reuse Program Guidelines
Infrastructure Development Program Guidelines
Job Creation Tax Credit Fund Guidelines
Opportunity Fund Guidelines

Scott Dunkelberger (717-787-7120)

Housing and Infrastructure Bureau
Community Development Block Grant Guidelines
Downtown Pennsylvania Program Guidelines
Emergency Shelter Grant Program Guidelines
Home Investment Partnerships Program Guidelines
Housing and Community Development Program Guidelines
Section 108 (of the Housing and Community Development Act) Loan Guarantee Program Guidelines

Riley Stoy (717-783-3910)

International Trade Office
Trade Event Grant Program Guidelines
Regional Export Matching Grant Program Guidelines

Susan Sloane (717-787-7190)

Loans Office
Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund Program Guidelines
Gerald Kapp (717-787-6245)

Local Government Services Center
Circuit Rider Program Guidelines
Council of Governments/Intermunicipal Projects Program Guidelines
Land and Water Conservation Fund Program Guidelines
Municipalities Financial Recovery Act Program Guidelines
Public Safety Emergency Telephone Program Guidelines
Regional Police Assistance Program Guidelines

Fred Reddig (717-783-4657)

Strategic Planning and Program Operations
Enterprise Zone Program Guidelines
Small Communities Planning Assistance Program Guidelines
State Planning Assistance Grant Program Guidelines

Dallas Dollase (717-787-7400)

Workforce Development and Technology Office
Ben Franklin Technology Center Program for Technological Innovation Guidelines
Customized Job Training Program Guidelines
Job Link Program Guidelines
Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center Program Guidelines

Terri Kaufman (717-787-4148)



Bureau of Forestry

*  State Forest Natural Areas

Contact: Dan Devlin (717-787-3444)

*  Transfer or Exchange of State Forest Land Campsites

Contact: Warren Ely (717-787-2014)

Bureau of State Parks

*  State Park User Fees

Contact: Gary Smith (717-783-3307)

*  Transfer or Exchange of State Park Land

Contact: Ed Deaton (717-787-6674)

*  State Park Natural Areas

Contact: James Barr (717-787-6674)


Bureau of Forestry

*  Cooperative Gypsy Moth Suppression Program Procedure for Cooperator Participation Manual

*  Cooperative Gypsy Moth Suppression Program Operating Procedure and Deadlines Manual

Contact: Larry Rhoads (717-948-3941)

*  Forest Fire Warden Manual

Contact: Fred Wilcox (717-787-2925)

*  Forest Camp Lease Manual

*  Right-of-Way Manual

Contact: H. E. Kelly (717-787-2015)

*  Snowmobile Instructor's Manual

*  ATV Instructor's Manual

Contact: W. Paul Szabara (717-783-7941)

*  Forest Products Permit

Contact: Michael Kusko, Jr. (717-787-4009)

*  Camping Permit

Contact: William Slippey (717-787-2014)

*  District Forester

Permit Contact: Michael Kusko, Jr. (717-787-4009)

*  Road Use Agreement

Contact: H. E. Kelly (717-787-2015)

*  Special Activities Agreement

Contact: William Slippey (717-787-2014)

*  License for Right of Way

Contact: H. E. Kelly (717-787-2015)

*  Prospecting Permit

Contact: Roger Dorsey (717-787-2015)

*  Seismic Survey Permit

Contact: John Walker (717-787-2015)

*  Hard Mineral Permit

Contact: Roger Dorsey (717-787-2015)

Bureau of Recreation and Conservation

*  Pennsylvania Rivers Conservation Program, Policy, Procedures and Implementation Manual, January 1996

*  Pennsylvania Scenic Rivers Program Guidelines

*  Pennsylvania Scenic Rivers Program Management Guidelines

*  Procedures Manual for Pennsylvania Recreation Trails Program

Contact: Marian Hrubovcak (717-787-2316)

*  Keystone Acquisition and Development Manual and Forms

Contact: Darrel Siesholtz (717-783-2656)

*  Keystone Planning, Implementation and Technical Assistance Manual and Forms

Contact: Greg Gove (717-787-7276)

*  Keystone Land Trust Grant Manual and Forms

Contact: Darrel Siesholtz (717-783-2656)

*  Swimming Pool Management Manual

Contact: Greg Gove (717-787-7672)

*  Heritage Parks Program Manual and Forms

Contact: Tim Keptner (717-772-3839)

Bureau of State Parks

*  Boat Docks

*  Rights-of-Way and Antenna Sites

*  Marina Manuals

Contact: Gary Smith (717-783-3307)



*  Inmate Handbook - Policy Nos. DC-ADM-003 - 822

*  Policy Management System - Policy No. 1.1.1

*  Institution Security Policy - Policy No. 6.3.1

*  Drug Interdiction Policy - Policy No. 6.3.12

*  Transportation for Inmates and Off-Site Medical Escort and Temporary Medical/Mental Health Transfer - Policy No. 6.4.1

*  Procedures for Recovery of Costs Arising from Inmate Misconduct - Policy No. (to be announced)

*  Video-conferencing with Courts Policy - Policy No. (to be announced)

Contact: J.D. Shutt (717) 975-4860



Bureau of Community and Student Services

*  Secretary of Education's Plan to Require and Assist Each School District to Establish and Maintain a Program of Appropriate Counseling and Support Services to Students Experiencing Problems Related to the Use of Drugs, Alcohol and Dangerous Controlled Substances

Contact: Biagio Musto (717-772-2429)

Bureau of Teacher Preparation and Certification

*  Pennsylvania Department of Education Standards, Policies and Procedures for State Approval of Certification Programs and for the Certification of Professional Educators for the Public Schools of Pennsylvania

Contact: Ron Simanovich (717-787-3470)

*  Certification and Staffing Policies and Guidelines Regarding Education Certification and Staffing Requirements for Public Schools

Contact: Anne Shuster (717-783-6730)

*  Policy on Evaluation Procedure for Certificate of Preliminary Education Evaluation of Credentials

Contact: Susan Stewart (717-772-4508)

*  Memorandum to Pennsylvania teacher preparing colleges and universities announcing six new Praxis series assessments for beginning teachers effective November 1, 1997 and the qualifying scores for these assessments.

*  Memorandum to teacher preparing colleges and universities providing instruction and policies for the use of new application forms for professional educator certification.

Contact: Ron Simanovich (717-787-3470)

Deputy Secretary's Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education

*  In-School Youth Programs at Community Colleges

*  Continuing Education Guidelines for Community Colleges

*  Tuition Compliance Calculation at Community Colleges

Contact: Bob Staver (717-787-4313)

Bureau of Postsecondary Services

*  Private Licensed School Memoranda - Student Complaint Questionnaire

*  Private Licensed School Memoranda - Board Policy on the Use of the Term Tuition ''Savings''

*  Private Licensed School Memoranda - Final Rulemaking - Chapter 73 Regulations

*  Private Licensed School Memoranda - Scholarships

*  Private Licensed School Memoranda - Revised Board Policy on the Use of the Term Tuition ''Savings''

*  Private Licensed School Memoranda - Revised Scholarships Policy

*  Private Licensed School Memoranda - Certificates of Preliminary Education and Correspondence High School Programs

Contact: James G. Hobbs (717-783-8228)

*  Education for Corporations Interested in Receiving Authority to Offer Academic Programs in Pennsylvania Leading to Collegiate Level Degrees

Contact: Paula Fleck (717-772-3623)

Scranton State School for the Deaf

*  Various internal and external policy statements relating to the operation of Scranton State School for the Deaf, such as: Student Immunization, Child Abuse, AIDS, Human Growth and Development, Admission Policy, the Recognition of Scranton State School for the Deaf as a Magnet School and Student Drug and Alcohol Policy, etc.

Contact: Dorothy S. Bambach (717-963-4040)

Bureau of Vocational-Technical Education

*  The Occupational Competency Assessment Program

Contact: K.C. Simchock (717-783-6592)

Equal Educational Opportunity Office

*  Goals for Equal Opportunity at Pennsylvania's Publicly-Supported Institutions of Higher Education

Contact: Carrie M. Patterson (717-783-9531)

Bureau of Curriculum and Academic Services

*  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Education, HIV/AIDS Policy, September 20, 1994

*  Pennsylvania State Board of Education AIDS Policy - Admissions/Readmissions of Students or Staff Persons with AIDS, March 1987

Contact: John L. Emminger (717-772-2167)

*  Driver and Traffic Safety Education Program Guide

Contact: H. David Secrist (717-783-4382)

*  Procedures for Establishing a Private Driver Training School

Contact: Robert Roush (717-783-6595)

Bureau of Special Education

*   State Plan under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - Part B

Contact: Sam Bashore (717-783-6876)

*  Memorandum to local education agencies (PennLink): Guidance Regarding Extended School Year Services (January 3, 1997)

Contact: John Tommasini (717-783-6134)

*  Memorandum to local education agencies (PennLink): Transition to School Age from Early Intervention--Questions & Answers (February 12, 1997)

Contact: Dr. Richard Price (717-772-2647)

*  Memorandum to local education agencies (PennLink): Institutionalized Children's Programs/Program Approval Change, Joint Memo from the Bureau of Special Education and the Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management (April 4, 1997)

Contact: Loujeania Bost (717-772-3260)

*  Memorandum to local education agencies (PennLink): Superintendent's Signature on the PDE-4010, Application for Educational Assignment to Approved Private School for School-Aged Children (May 14, 1997)

Contact: John Tommasini (717-783-6134)

*  Memorandum to local education agencies: Transition Individualized Education Program (IEP) Format

Contact: Richard Brown (717-783-6876)

Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management

*  School Construction Policies and Procedures (This booklet describes how reimbursement is calculated along with examples and formulas.)

Contact: Carle Dixon Earp (717-787-5480)

*  Community Colleges Reimbursement for Equivalent Full-Time Students Enrolled in Stipend Programs

*  Debt Service at Community Colleges

Contact: Larry Snell (717-787-5993)


Bureau of Special Education

*  Early Intervention Guidelines

Contact: Dr. Richard Price (717-772-2647)

*  Special Education Information System

Contact: John Tommasini (717-783-6134)

*  Instructional Support

*  Effective Behavior Support

Contact: Loujeania Bost (717-772-3260)

*  Transition Beyond School

Contact: Richard Brown (717-783-6876)

*  Facilities Related to Children with Disabilities

Contact: Jill Lichty (717-783-6917)

*  Special Education Mediation Services

Contact: Sam Bashore (717-783-6876)

*  Education of Students with Hearing Loss

Contact: Dr. William Penn (717-783-2311)

*  Comprehensive System of Personnel Development

*  School District Special Education Plan Guidelines

*  Intermediate Unit Special Education Plan Guidelines

*  Procedures for Requesting Technical Assistance

*  Comprehensive System for Personnel Development Submission Packet

*  Instructional Support System Program Directory

Contact: Loujeania Bost (717-772-3260)

*  Education of Mentally Gifted Students

Contact: Noretta Bingaman (717-783-6876)

*  Individuals With Disabilities Education Act-Part B Program Guidelines for Local Education Agency Applications for 1998/99

Contact: Nancy Heyman (717-787-5745)

Bureau of Information Systems

*  Secondary Vocational-Technical Education Individual Student Data System Instruction Manual, 1997-98

Contact: Barbara T. Kern (717-783-6762)

*  Adult Vocational-Technical Education Data Collection Instruction Manual, 1997-98

Contact: John S. Creason (717-787-7289)

*  Elementary/Secondary Professional Personnel Instruction Manual, 1998-99

Contact: Jeanne S. Hobaugh (717-783-6761)

*  Postsecondary Occupationally Specific Instruction Manual, 1997-98

Contact: Marcia McCormick (717-783-6763)

*  Elementary/Secondary Professional Personnel Charter School Institution Manual, 1998-99

Contact: Jeanne Hobaugh (717-783-6761)

Bureau of State Library

*  Revised Classification Scheme for Pennsylvania State Publications, 1996--Provides Call Numbers to be Used in Classifying Pennsylvania State Publications

Contact: Mary Lou Sowden (717-783-5983)

Bureau of Library Development

*  Guidelines for Negotiating Agreements, 1996--Guidance for District Library Centers in Negotiating Service Agreements With Local Libraries

*  Guidelines for Statewide Library Card System, 1992--Rules for Public Libraries Participating in the Statewide Library Card System

*  A Handbook for District Library Consultants, Second Edition, 1986--Guidance for Librarians Who Take Positions As District Library Center Consultant Librarians

*  A Handbook for Public Library Trustees, Fourth Edition, 1993--Guidance for People Serving as Trustees for Pennsylvania Public Libraries

Contact: Barbara W. Cole (717-783-5722)

*  ACCESS PENNSYLVANIA Curriculum Guide, 1991--Library Lesson Plans with Lesson Objectives

*  Pennsylvania Guidelines for School Library Media Programs, 1989--Suggestions for Implementing Quality Library Programs in Pennsylvania

*  Pennsylvania Online: A Curriculum Guide for School Library Media Centers, 1990--Guidance for Librarians in the Instruction and Management of Online Services

Contact: John Emerick (717-787-6704)

Bureau of Community and Student Services

*  Pregnant and Parenting Teen Evaluation Packet

*  Education Leading to Employment and Career Training Monthly Attendance Instructions

Contact: Dorothy Hershey (717-783-7089)

*  Education for Homeless Children and Youth Application for Continuation Funds, Fiscal Year 1998-99

Contact: Leslie Peters (717-772-2813)

*  Even Start Family Literacy Program Request for Grants, Report, Program Reporting Requirements, Continuous Progress Program Review

Contact: Don Paquette (717-772-2813)

*  Safe & Drug-Free Schools & Communities 1998-99 Application for Local Educational Agencies, Intermediate Education Agencies or Consortia

*  Safe & Drug-Free Schools & Communities Guidelines and Related Laws

*  Safe & Drug-Free Schools & Communities Guidelines and Local Educational Need Proposal

*  Guidelines for Student Assistance Program Implementation

Contact: Biagio Musto (717-772-2429)

Deputy Secretary's Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

*  Basic Education Circulars (BECs)--(Updated and indexed collection of Pennsylvania Department of Education guidance statements on state and federal basic education laws and regulations. These guidance statements cover several areas of the School Code within Title 24 of Purdons Statutes, Articles 1-25, State Board of Education Regulations - Title 22 of the Pennsylvania Code, Chapters 1-23, 342 and 349, and other state and federal laws, regulations and court cases: Topics include among others: Early Intervention - Department of Education Services--Employee Rating Form--School and Student Records--Home Education Programs--Special Education--Payments for Education--Graduation of Seniors--School Construction--Safe Schools--Copyright Law)

Contact: Sarah Pearce (717-783-3750)

*  Child Labor Laws and Employment of Minors

Contact: Stephen Fisher (717-787-6016)

Bureau of Teacher Preparation and Certification

*  Pennsylvania Teacher Intern Certification Handbook and Institutional Listing (Revised, 1998)

Contact: Theona Waxbom (717-783-6796)

*  Programs Approved for Teacher Education in Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities

*  Education Testing Service Praxis Series Registration Bulletin

Contact: Ron Simanovich (717-787-3470)

*  Pennsylvania Department of Education Application and Instructions for Professional Educator (Includes background information, application forms, and directions. Titles include: Applicant Prepared in Pennsylvania--Applicant Prepared Outside Pennsylvania--Level II Certification--Master's Equivalency--Emergency Certification.)

*  Teacher Certification Information Sheets (Various handout papers used to respond to queries on professional educator certification in Pennsylvania.)

Contact: Susan Stewart (717-772-4508)

*  Guidelines for the Preparation of Self-Study Materials for Certification in Pennsylvania

Contact: Samuel G. Marcus (717-787-3470)

*  Even Start Program Reporting Requirements

Contact: Jim Buckheit (717-783-3755)

Bureau of Adult Basic and Literacy Education

*  Application Guidelines--Pennsylvania Act 143 of 1986 and Federal Adult Education Act

*  Pennsylvania Literacy Corps--Program Year 1998-99--Application Guidelines

*  Federal Adult Education Act, Section 353, 1998-99 Guidelines for Special Experimental and Staff Development Projects

*  Pennsylvania Family Literacy Application procedures and program guidelines, program year 1998-99

Contact: Cheryl Keenan (717-772-3737)

Bureau of Postsecondary Services

*  Pennsylvania Department of Education Guidelines for the Approval of Degree Programs

Contact: Carol Derrickson (717-772-3623)

*  Materials Related to the Approval of Postsecondary Institutions Requesting a Certificate of Approval to Award the Associate in Specialized Business and/or the Associate in Specialized Technology Degree

Contact: Paula Fleck (717-772-3623)

*  Eisenhower Postsecondary Grant Application Guidelines

Contact: Linda J. Benedetto (717-772-3623)

Deputy Secretary's Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education

*  Instruction Manual--Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators

*  Chart of Activities for a Group Wishing to Establish a Domestic Nonprofit/For-Profit Degree-Granting Institution in Pennsylvania or a Foreign Nonprofit/For-Profit Degree-Granting Corporation Wishing to Operate in Pennsylvania

Contact: Dr. Warren D. Evans (717-783-6769)

Bureau of Vocational-Technical Education

*  Annual State Sex Equity Plan

Contact: Tom Winters (717-787-8022)

*  Guidelines for Community College Variable Stipend Program

Contact: John Bonchalk (717-783-6867)

*  Cooperative Education Guidelines for Administration

Contact: Jane Acri (717-783-6867)

*  Guidelines for Submission of Applications for Approval of Nurse Aide Training Program

Contact: Carlyn Forlizzi (717-783-6965)

*  Implementing a Statewide System of Core Performance Measures and Standards for Vocational-Technical Education in Pennsylvania

Contact: James H. Bishop (717-783-6867)

*  Tech Prep: Continuing Consortia Development Guidelines, 1998-99

*  Tech Prep: New Regional Consortia Development Guidelines, 1998-99

*  Tech Prep Program Approval in Pennsylvania Interpretative Questions and Answers

Contact: Tom Winters (717-787-8022)

*  Job Training Partnership Act State Education Grant Agreement Guidelines, July 1, 1998-June 30, 1999

Contact: Glendean Davis (717-783-6629)

*  General Guidelines for Applications for Vocational-Technical Education State Grants and Federal Subgrants, 1998-99

Contact: Tom Winters (717-787-8022)

*  Managing Local Plans: A Guide to Accountability for the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Act of 1990, P. L. 101-392

*  Managing Local Plans Part II

Contact: Carroll A. Curtis (717-772-4851)

*  New Choices/New Options, Combined Guidelines, 1998-99

Contact: Tom Winters (717-787-8022)

*  Secondary and Postsecondary Perkins Local Plans, Guidelines, 1998-99

Contact: Carroll A. Curtis (717-772-4851)

*  Secondary Vocational-Technical Education Program Approval Application Procedure

Contact: Edward Holtzinger (717-787-8804)

Bureau of Curriculum and Academic Services

*  Pennsylvania Strategic Planning: Equitable Representation

Contact: Richard Schirato (717-783-1830)

*  Instructions for Completing PDE 3044-45, Programs and Services for Students of Limited English Proficiency

Contact: Myrna M. Delgado (717-783-6649)

*  Writing Assessment Handbook

Contact: John Weiss (717-787-4234)

*  Reading Assessment Handbook

Contact: Mary Keepers (717-787-4234)

*  Mathematics Assessment Handbook

Contact: James Masters (717-787-4234)

*  School Profiles CD ROMs

Contact: Gerald Bennett (717-787-4234)

*  School-By-School Results--Quartile Distribution

*  School-By-School Results--Scaled Scores

*  Supplemental Documentation for 1997 Reading, Mathematics and Writing Assessment Reports

Contacts: Leonard Lock (717-787-4234); Richard Kohr (717-787-4234)

*  Guidelines for Sex Education in Public Schools of Pennsylvania

Contact: John L. Emminger (717-772-2167)

*  Pennsylvania Department of Education Guidelines for Approved In-Service Credit

*  Pennsylvania Department of Education In-Service Course Writers' and Reviewers' Manual

Contact: Pat Stewart (717-783-1830)

*  Induction and Professional Development Guidelines, May 1993

Contact: Carol Bellew (717-783-2862)

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

*  View Book

*  Student Handbook, 1998-99

*  School Catalog, Fall 1999--Spring 2001

Contact: Paul Cameron (717-299-7751)

Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management

*  Planning Construction Workbook, Forms Used to Apply for Commonwealth Reimbursement for a School Construction Project

Contact: Carle Dixon Earp (717-787-5480)

*  Revisions, Quarterly Reporting Information and Final Financial Reporting Information for the Job Training Partnership Act State Education Grant, 1998-99

*  Vocational Education Fiscal Instructions for Projects Operating in Fiscal Year 1998-99

*  Vocational Education Fiscal Instructions for Personnel Development Centers, Fiscal Year 1998-99

*  School-To-Work Opportunities Act and State-Funded School-To-Work Programs, Financial Reporting Information for Fiscal Year 1998-99

Contact: Linda Brubaker (717-783-6870)

*  Guidelines for Approval of Capital Expenses for Community Colleges

*  Application for State Assistance for Construction of Community College Facilities

*  Space Approval Formula for Community Colleges

*  Procedures for Funding Institutional Equipment Grant Program

*  Procedures for Funding Engineering Schools Equipment Grant Program

Contact: Larry Snell (717-787-5993)

*  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part B Administrative and Fiscal Guidelines

*  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part B (IDEA-B) 1998-99 Administrative and Fiscal Guidelines for Rider H--Program Application of LEA; Rider I--Support Services and Rider J--Direct Services

*  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part B (IDEA-B) 1998-99 Administrative and Fiscal Guidelines for Approved Private Schools

*  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Part B (IDEA-B) 1998-99 Administrative and Fiscal Guidelines for Institutions of Higher Education and other Nonpublic School Entities

Contact: Ralph Girolamo (717-783-6535)


Office of Chief Counsel Teacher Tenure Appeal Opinions

*  Patricia A. Gorman v. East Allegheny School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 4-96

*  In Re: Petition of Stroudsburg Area School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 6-96

*  Bridget E. Kelly v. Stroudsburg Area School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 6-96A

*  Joseph G. Cesari v. North Schuylkill School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 2-96

*  Deborah N. Collins v. Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 3-96

*  Renee Czubowicz-Drouse v. Mid Valley School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 6-95

*  Margaret M. McMackin v. Pittsburgh School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 8-95

*  Wayne Sousa v. Palisades School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 10-95

*  James D. Holt v. Muncy Area School District and Board of Directors, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 12-94

*  Roland H. Holvey v. Northumberland County Area Vocational-Technical School, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 13-94

*  Sally Bollinger v. Curwensville Area School District and Board of School Directors, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 9-94

*  William Dopko, et al. v. Riverside Board of School Directors, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 2-94

*  Callie Anderson, et al. v. Board of Education of the School District of Philadelphia, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 16-94

*  Patricia Peiffer v. Lake-Lehman School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 9-93

*  Mary Ellen Mela v. Morrisville School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 5-95

*  Angela Martino v. Philadelphia City School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 7-95

*  Deborah N. Collins v. Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 3-96

*  Shawn-Kimberly Kocher v. Salisbury School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 5-97

*  Dale Kessler v. Line Mountain School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 11-94

*  Thomas Katruska v. Bethlehem-Center School District, Teacher Tenure Appeal No. 4-97

Contact: Carolyn Angelo (717-787-5500)

Certification Appeal Committee Decisions

*  Colleen Sheptock, Certification Appeal #96-03

*  Marlene Moore, Certification Appeal #96-04

*  Jenny E. Kemps, Certification Appeal #96-06

*  Rita Deol, Certification Appeal #96-07

*  Ronald L. Keefer, Certification Appeal #96-08

*  Anet Villani, Certification Appeal #96-09

*  David W. Kunkel, Certification Appeal #96-11

*  Gregory Tutusko, Certification Appeal #96-12

*  Edward Patrick, Certification Appeal #96-14

*  Patricia Gorman, Certification Appeal #96-16

*  JoAnn Prinzivalli, Certification Appeal #96-17

*  Michael Leichliter, Certification Appeal #97-01

*  William Tolen, Certification Appeal #97-02

*  Peter Coppelli, Certification Appeal #97-03

*  Steven Miller, Certification Appeal #97-04

*  Lisa Church, Certification Appeal #97-05

*  William Beck, Certification Appeal #97-06

*  Michael Trombley, Certification Appeal #97-08

*  Michael Vitali, Certification Appeal #97-09

*  John Rossman, Certification Appeal #97-10

*  Brian Cote, Certification Appeal #97-11

*  Lorraine Gill, Certification Appeal #97-12

*  Manuel Morales, Certification Appeal #97-13

*  Laura Lembo, Certification Appeal #97-14

*  Matthew McGuire, Certification Appeal #97-15

*  Alexander Toll, Certification Appeal #97-16

*  Randy Gilgannon, Certification Appeal #97-17

*  Alan Lutz, Certification Appeal #97-18

*  Sarah Sabin, Certification Appeal #97-19

*  Malcolm Conner, Certification Appeal #97-21

Contact: Beth Cornell (717-787-2414)

*  Leonid Khazin, Certification Appeal #95-06

*  Dr. Fred G. Loveland, Certification Appeal #95-07

*  Karen Linker, Certification Appeal #96-01

*  David G. Stephany, Certification Appeal #96-02

Contact: Frank Meehan (717-783-6785)

Teacher Decertification Decisions

*  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Benjamin Lucciola, DI-87-07

*  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Malachi Robinson, 1996-3

Contact: M. Patricia Fullerton (717-787-5500)

*  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Bobby Wilson

Contact: Joseph Miller (717-787-5500)

Food and Nutrition Decision

*  Lower Kensington Environmental Center Youth Services, Child Care Food Program 1995-1

Contact: Roger R. Seip (717-787-5500)

*  Tots Yearn to Learn, Inc.

Contact: Carolyn Angelo (717-787-5500)

*  Cassoria Learning Centers, Inc.

Contact: Ernest N. Helling (717-787-5500)

*  Blessed Hope S.D.C. Church

Contact: Ann St. Ledger (717-787-5500)

Professional Standards and Practices Commission Adjudications, Memoranda and/or Orders

*  James F. Reid, RE-90-02

*  Belinda M. Wilson, DI-94-19

*  Edward Miscavage, DI-96-06

*  Julio W. Wilson, DI-96-21

*  Stephen M. Landini, DI-96-07

*  Johnnie E. Tazel, DI-96-13

*  Fred Yoder, DI-95-19

*  Jane Howell Wacker, DI-96-10

*  David L. Saveri, DI-92-11

*  Robin B. Gates, DI-96-08

*  Ulysses G. Comer, Jr., RE-93-02

*  Rodney E. Miller, RE-94-01

*  Timothy J. Melesenka, DI-96-36

*  Santo J. Pagnani, DI-96-33

*  Allan M. Popsack, DI-96-27

*  Robert Relyea, DI-96-20

*  Richard Kotarsky, DI-95-01

*  David J. Miller, DI-96-01

*  Barbara B. Scull, DI-96-34

*  Harold Brown, DI-96-31

*  David Hardy, DI-96-30

*  Joseph Capellini, DI-96-32

*  Benjamin D. Overley, DI-96-35

*  Michael A. Martino, DI-96-28

*  James D. Neuman, DI-94-09

*  Frank C. Ceraso, DI-96-19

*  John A. Carroll, DI-96-16

*  Michael P. Cangi, DI-96-14

*  Daniel P. Fahringer, DI-97-05

*  Thomas E. Hoag, DI-97-01

*  Curtis Newell, Jr., DI-94-01

*  Joseph A. Vance, DI-95-21

*  Michael Dohanic, RE-92-04

*  William A. Pagats, DI-95-15

*  John D. Cooper, DI-95-18

*  Richard Colelli, DI-94-05

*  Andrew J. Byrne, DI-92-27

*  Denise Farr (Kaufman), DI-95-27

*  Clement Mihaly, DI-95-03

*  Martin Baracca, DI-92-08

*  Gary E. Heitzman, DI-95-32

*  Michael Rose, DI-91-13

*  Henry P. Monyer, DI-95-25

*  Stephen A. Knox, DI-95-26

*  Paul A. LeClair, DI-95-31

*  Sally Ann Ponder, DI-95-28

*  Patricia Bumbera, DI-94-15

*  Matthew S. Guenther, DI-96-22

*  David Hardy, DI-96-30

*  Melvin Miller, DI-97-02

*  David D. DiMarino, DI-97-07

*  Mark D. Maroni, DI-97-08

*  John M. Greytock, DI-97-10

*  Walter T. Miller, DI-97-11

*  Juan E. Garcia, DI-97-18

*  Vicki Lee Paulina, RE-96-01

*  Richard Colelli, DI-94-05

*  Mary Jane Pardue, DI-97-31

*  John Carroll, DI-97-22

*  Robert Dombloski, DI-97-23

*  Lawrence Parks, DI-97-27

*  Alfred Cressler, DI-97-29

*  Barbara Scull, DI-96-34

*  James B. Bone, DI-97-25

*  Nathaniel Brown, DI-97-28

*  Matthew Brose, DI-97-33

*  Charles E. Steele, DI-97-15

*  Mindy Rankowitz-Mezzy, DI-97-20

*  Joseph W. Bickel, DI-97-38

*  Elizabeth A. Mosely-Baker, DI-97-34

*  Bonnie Nelson Lott, DI-97-36

*  Lynn Shilling, DI-97-16

*  Edward Savage, DI-97-39

*  Carl Ellis, DI-97-42

*  James Guzzo, DI-98-02

*  Gary Serlo, DI-97-35

*  Christopher Ciabattoni, DI-98-03

*  Anthony Gabriel, RE-95-01

*  Beth Bonow, DI-97-06

Contact: Dr. Warren D. Evans (717-787-6576)

State Board of Private Licensed Schools

*  Security Officers Training Academy, 95-7

*  Kittanning Truck Driving School, 95-9

*  Andrew Blanco

*  Wines, Steins and Cocktails, Ltd.

Contact: James G. Hobbs (717-783-8228)

Special Education Appeal Panel Decisions

In Re: The Educational Assignment of:

*  Lynn K., #701

*  Laura B., #702

*  Shannon T., #703

*  Jonathan G., #704

*  Gregory P., #705

*  Robert R., #706

*  Willie F., #707

*  Kristopher C., #708

*  Karrie M., #709

*  Laurie P., #710

*  Black B., #711

*  Michael G., #712

*  Joel P., #713

*  Ralph L., #714

*  Michael F., #715

*  Joshua T., #716

Contact: William Penn (717-783-6913)

*  Bethany M., #717

*  Brandon P., #718

*  Monica V., #719

*  Shannon T., #720

*  Lisa G., #721

*  Jeffrey R., #722

*  Amy Jo G., #723

*  Justin C., #724

*  Alan G., #725

*  Austin A., #726

*  Mark S., #727

*  Ryan D., #728

*  Leanne S., #729

*  Samuel L., #730

*  Robert ''Arie'' F., #731

*  Jamie F., #732

*  Jessica P., #733

*  Kayla R., #734

*  Kayla R., #734-A

*  Timothy P., #735

*  Maevis J., #736

*  Matthew Z., #737

*  Ahmad H., #738

*  Scott F., #739

*  Douglas F., #740

*  Anne C., #741

*  John T., #742

*  Grant G., #743-G

*  Warren G., #743-W

*  Scott B., #744

*  Jesse P., #745

*  Matthew C., #746

*  Jared M., #747

*  Matthew C., #748

*  Billy Joe T., #749-A

*  Michael C., #750

*  Raymond I., Jr., #751

*  Dwayne D., #752

*  John O., #753

*  Alex P., #754

*  Luke B., #755

*  Shawn G., #756

*  Sheila G., #757

*  Gregory P., #758

*  Barry D., #759

*  Nechama S., #760

*  Nechama S., #760-A

*  Rairdan D., #761

*  Jared M., #762

*  Susan F., #763

*  Anthony B., #764

*  Lonny K., #765

*  Christopher M., #766

*  Shane A., #767

*  Michael G., #768

*  Tiffani L., #769

*  Matthew K., #770

*  Richard N., #771

*  Miranda J., #772

*  Jesse R., #773

*  Haven L., #774

*  Bryan K., #775

*  Sarah E., #776

*  Gregory B., #777

*  Michael R., #778

*  Mir S., #779

*  Gareth R., #780

*  Joshua T., #781

*  Donna C., #782

*  Jared M., #783

*  John H., #784

*  Kimberly H., #785

*  Angelo B., #786

*  Lynn T., #787

*  Kevin L., #788

*  Michael R., #789

*  Portia R., #790

*  Matthew R., #791

*  Dorian W., #792

*  Christopher D., #793

*  Erin O., #794

*  Chrystal S., #795

*  Wesley P., #796

*  Lisbeth W., #797

*  Christina S., #798

*  David P., #799

*  Meghan C., #800

*  Andrew C., #801

*  Joshua P., #802

*  Jason S., #803

*  Michael R., #804

*  Michael R., #804-A

*  Anthony R., #805

*  Rairdan M., #806

*  Gareth R., #807

*  Pete P., #808

*  Joseph K., #809

*  Matthew K., #810

*  Eddie S., #811

*  Alexandra W., #812

*  Louis C., #813

*  James C., #814

*  William G., #815

*  Holly D., #816

*  Christopher C., #817

*  Mary W., #818

*  Jason I., #819

*  Henry T., #820

*  Sharron G., #821

*  Michael R., #822

*  Grant G., #823

*  Warren G., #824

*  Pareese S., #825

*  Brian B., #826

*  Matthew S., #827

*  Stanley S., #828

*  Ryan R., #829

*  Jared M., #830

*  William P., #831

*  Ian F., #832

*  Teddy C., #833

*  Michael C., #834

Contact: Samuel R. Bashore (717-783-6876)

School Construction Decisions

*  In the Matter of: Reimbursement for the Rose Tree Media School District

Contact: James M. Sheehan (717-787-5500)

State Board of Private Academic Schools

*  Christian Light Education Center

*  Dynamic Springs Institute

Contact: Carol Strait (717-783-6840)

Deputy Secretary's Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education

*  Adjudications--Memoranda and Orders of the Professional Standards and Practices Commission That May Suspend, Revoke or Reinstate Certificates of Educators

Contact: Dr. Warren D. Evans (717-787-6576)


*  Farrell Area School District v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Education, Office of School Services

Contact: Marion Gray (717-783-3618)

*  Office of Postsecondary/Higher Education v/ Robert w. Dinnen

Contact: George Shevlin (717-787-2967)

*  Shane B. Peck v. Edward L. Rech, Office of Postsecondary/Higher Education, Division of Private Licensed Schools

Contact: James G. Hobbs (717-783-8228)


Bureau of Special Education

*  Compliance Monitoring System

*  Procedures for Complaint Management

*  Internal Policy: Transportation as a Related Service (May 13, 1997)

Contact: Jill Lichty (717-783-6917)

*  Higher Education Initiative Grant Application Form

Contact: Geri Miller (717-772-3260)

*  Internal Policy: Participation of Psychologists in Multidisciplinary Evaluations

*  Internal Policy: Serving as a Representative of the District at Individualized Education Program Meetings

*  Internal Policy: Signature of a Notice of Recommended Assignment

Contact: John Tommasini (717-783-6134)

Bureau of Management Services

*  Right-to-Know Act Management Guide--Provides the Department's Policy on Providing Public Access to Agency Records

*  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Procedures/Management Guides--Provides the Department's Procedures for Providing Alternate Formats, Accommodations and Accessibility to Persons with Disabilities

Contact: Mitch Akers (717-783-9791)

Bureau of Community and Student Services

*  Successful Students' Partnership Dropout Prevention Program Funding Application Guidelines

*  Pregnant and Parenting Teen Funding Application Guidelines

*  Education Leading to Employment and Career Training Funding Application Guidelines

*  Single Parent/Teen Parent Program Competitive Funding Guidelines

*  Learn and Serve America Request for Application Guidelines

*  Safe Schools Grants Application Guidelines

Contact: Charles Spano (717-783-3755)

*  Certificate of Eligibility of Migrant Education Children to Enroll in Program

*  State Parent Involvement Committee Members for Migrant Education Program

*  Travel Expense Policy for Reimbursement to Parents of Migrant Education Children Participating in State Parent Involvement Committee Meeting

*  Equal Educational Opportunities to Pennsylvania Children Regardless of their Legal Status

Contact: Manuel Recio (717-783-6466)

Bureau of Teacher Preparation and Certification

*  Interstate Agreement on Qualification of Educational Personnel--Policy for Certification of Educational Professionals Across State Jurisdictions

Contact: Susan Stewart (717-772-4508)

*  Policy Regarding Acceptance on Educational Testing Service Facsimile Score Reports

Contact: Ron Simanovich (717-787-3470)

*  Program Approval for Teacher Certification Programs: Chairperson's Handbook

*  Program Approval for Teacher Certification Programs: Team Member's Handbook

*  General Standards Interpretation and Guidelines: Review Team Worksheets

Contact: Samuel Marcus (717-787-3470)

Bureau of Adult Basic and Literacy Education

*  Program Monitoring Review Field Guide

Contact: Cheryl Keenan (717-772-3737)

Bureau of Postsecondary Services

*  Procedures Guidelines--Pennsylvania State Approving Agency, Division of Veterans/Military Education

*  Operation Plan--Pennsylvania State Approving Agency, Division of Veterans/Military Education

Contact: Dr. Jane Stockdale (717-787-2414)

Bureau of Vocational-Technical Education

*  On-Site Reapproval of Approved Nurse Aide Training Programs

Contact: Carlyn Forlizzi (717-783-6965)

*  Federal Carl Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Local Performance Review/Report

Contact: Carroll A. Curtis (717-772-4851)

*  Program Administration Manual: Policy and Procedures for Perkins Subgrants and Related State Grants

Contact: Jeff Bostic (717-787-8022)

*  Establishing & Operating Effective Local Advisory Committees

Contact: Peggy Dell (717-787-8804)

*  Pennsylvania Department of Education Methods of Administration for Complying with Civil Rights Guidelines in Vocational Education

Contact: Jimmy Futrell (717-787-8022)

*  1994-96 State Plan for Vocational and Applied Technology Education, Extended to 1996-98

Contact: Tom Winters (717-787-8022)

*  Technical Preparation Articulation Agreements--PENN*LINK Announcement Describing Articulation Agreements

Contact: Tom Winters (717-787-8022)

Equal Educational Opportunity Office

*  Manual for Deriving Indicators of Equal Opportunity for Higher Education in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Contact: Carrie M. Patterson (717-783-9531)

*  Act 101 Manual

*  Act 101 Guidelines

Contact: Kathleen Kennedy (717-783-9188)

Bureau of Correction Education

*  Guidelines for Education Programs in Adult State Correctional Institutions

*  Guidelines for Education Programs in Youth Development Centers, Youth Forestry Camps and Youth Secure Units

Contact: William D. Mader (717-783-9224)

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

*  Faculty Manual

Contact: Betty Tompos (717-299-7749)


Bureau of State Library

*  Disaster Response and Recovery Manual

*  State Library of Pennsylvania Collection Development Policy

Contact: Mary Lou Sowden (717-783-5983)

*  State Library of Pennsylvania Information Services Guidelines

Contact: Susan Payne (717-783-5986)

Bureau of Teacher Preparation and Certification

*  Certification Testing Booklets

Contact: Ron Simanovich (717-787-3470)

Deputy Secretary's Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education

*  Higher Education Gift Disclosure

Contact: Dr. Evelyn A. Mayer (717-787-7572)

*  Professional Standards and Practices Commission--Pa. Code Title 22--Chapter 233 Bylaws--Statement of Policy, Annual Report, Statute (22 P. S. §§ 2070.1-2070.18)

*  Postsecondary and Higher Education Operating Institutions of Higher Education in Pennsylvania Legally Authorized to Grant Degrees

Contact: Dr. Warren D. Evans (717-787-6576)

Bureau of Vocational-Technical Education

*  The Area Vocational-Technical School Organization--A Technical Assistance Manual

Contact: Peggy Dell (717-787-8804)

*  Community College Variable Stipend Program

Contact: John Bonchalk (717-783-6867)

Bureau of Curriculum and Academic Services

*  Pennsylvania Comprehensive Reading Plan II, Reading, Writing and Talking Across the Curriculum

Contact: Diane Dickson (717-787-5482)

*  ''Blue Ribbon Schools, Elementary & Secondary School Recognition Programs'' United States Department of Education Publication

*  ''Blue Ribbon Schools Nomination Packet'' United States Department of Education Publication

Contact: Robert Burrows (717-783-1028)

Bureau of Budget and Fiscal Management

*  Standard Contract for Food Service Management Services

Contact: Saeed Khokhar (717-787-3186) or (800-331-0129)

*  School Construction Fact Sheet--A Brief Description of School Construction Procedures

Contact: Carle Dixon Earp (717-787-5480)

Scranton State School for the Deaf

*  Office of Civil Rights Complaint #03911181 and 03911182 Assurance Statement, August 1992

Contact: Dorothy S. Bambach (717-963-4040)



*  C98-1 Weather Emergency Preparedness Exercise

*  C98-2 Hazardous Material Response Fund (HMRF) Grant Guidance

*  C98-3 Radiation Emergency Response Fund (RERF) Grant Guidance

*  C98-4 State and Local Assistance Program Annual Submission

*  C97-4 Movement of Authorized Persons on Commonwealth Highways During a Blizzard or Major Winter Storm

*  C97-7 Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Planning and Training Grant Guidance

*  C97-8 Emergency Equipment, Materials and Supplies

*  C97-9 Requirements for Preparation of Annual Update of County Hazardous Material Emergency Response Preparedness Assessment--Reporting Year 1997

*  C97-10 Nuclear Power Plant Accident Emergency Worker Dosimetry and Potassium Iodide (KI)

*  C95-1 Exercise Programs

*  C95-4 Planning Guidance for Mass Fatalities Incidents

*  C95-6 Guidance for Enforcement of the Hazardous Material Emergency Planning and Response Act (Act 1990-165)

*  C95-8 Radiological Preparedness Program

*  C95-9 Spent Nuclear Fuel Shipment, Radiation Transportation Emergency Response Fund (RTERF) Application Funding Guidance

*  C95-10 Nuclear Power Plant Accident Emergency Worker Dosimetry and Potassium Iodide (KI)

*  C93-1 Guidance for Appropriate Emergency Response to Spills or Leaks from Vehicle Fuel Tanks or Heating System Fuel Supply Tanks or Lines

*  C92-5 ''Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986'' (SARA) Title III/Act 165 Matters

*  89-2 Evacuation Authority

*  89-7 PEMA's Correspondence Courses

*  3/10/81 Payment of Compensation Benefits for Accidental Injury Sustained by Duly Enrolled Emergency Management Volunteers (BOA)

Emergency Management Directives

*  D97-1 Hazardous Material Response Teams in Pennsylvania

*  D97-2 Act 1990-165 Facility and Vehicle Inspections

*  D97-3 Testing Program and Protocol for State Emergency Voice Altering Network (SEVAN)

*  D95-2 Instructor Classification System and Code of Professionalism

*  D95-5 Review of Sara Off-Site Response Plans and Maintenance of State Emergency Operations Center Chemical Preparedness Data Base

*  D93-5 Pennsylvania Emergency Incident Reporting System (PEIRS)

*  D91-3 Firefighter's Memorial Flag

*  D91-4 Guidelines for the Operation of a Fire Service Certification Advisory Committee

*  D90-3 Emergency Management Training and Education

*  D89-5 Change to Generic County EOP


*  1 4/24/79 Official Publications of Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

*  14 8/6/79 Files Retention and Disposition

*  33 11/17/80 Official Enrollment of Emergency Management Personnel

*  67 4/19/84 Affirmative Action

*  77 6/1/85 Training or Test Authorization Request



*  Filing Instructions

*  Practice and Procedure Manual

Contact: William T. Phillipy, IV (717-787-3483)



Office of Policy and Communications

*  Policy to Encourage Voluntary Compliance by Means of Environmental Audits DEP ID: 012-0840-001

*  Secretary's Directive on Review of Existing Regulations/Technical Guidance Documents DEP ID: 012-0900-002

*  Electronic Copies of Technical Guidance DEP ID: 012-0900-003

*  Public Participation in the Development of Regulations and Technical Guidance DEP ID: 012-1920-001

Contact: Jonathan Brightbill 717-783-8727

*  Policy/Acceptance/Community Environmental Projects In Lieu of Civil Penalties DEP ID: 12-4180-001

Contact: Terry Bossert 717-787-4449

Bureau of Land Recycling and Waste Management

*  Exclusionary Siting Criteria--Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal DEP ID: 251-2000-704

*  Revisions to Exclusionary Siting Criteria Document DEP ID: 251-2000-705

*  Establishment of Household Hazardous Waste Program DEP ID: 251-2200-515

*  Single Permit for Multiple Agricultural Usage Sites DEP ID: 254-2154-740

Contact: David Harris 717-787-9870

Bureau of Air Quality

*  Compliance Strategy for Mushroom Composting Operations DEP ID: 273-5401-001

Contact: Todd Wallace 717-783-5901

*  Ozone Transport Commission Nitrogen Oxide MOU DEP ID: 271-0600-001

*  Waste Derives Liquid Fuel Policies DEP ID: 275-2101-009

*  Air Toxics Policies DEP ID: 275-2101-010

*  Volatile Organic Compounds DEP ID: 275-2101-015

Contact: Ralph Scanlan 717-787-9702

Bureau of Radiation Protection

*  Instruction in Safe Operating Procedures DEP ID: 291-3100-001

Contact: Dennis Angelo 412-442-4225

Bureau of Waterways Engineering

*  Interagency Agreement with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission DEP ID: 310-0600-002

*  Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers DEP ID: 310-0600-003

*  Land Acquisition Policies DEP ID: 310-2139-002

Contact: Eugene Counsil 717-787-6826

Bureau of Water Quality Protection

*  National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program Implementation DEP ID: 362-0600-001

*  Agreement between Oil and Gas Management and Water Quality Protection Pollution Discharge DEP ID: 362-0600-002

*  Policy for Permitting Surface Water Diversions DEP ID: 362-2000-003

*  Policy for Establishing New Program Direction for Act 537 Comprehensive Planning DEP ID: 362-2206-007

Contact: Milt Lauch 717-787-8184

*  Wetlands Protection Action Plan DEP ID: 363-0200-001

*  Delegation of Authority for Chapters 105 and 106 DEP ID: 363-0200-002

*  Pennsylvania Wetland Replacement Project DEP ID: 363-0200-003

*  Delegation of Chapter 105 Functions to County Conservation Districts DEP ID: 363-0600-001

*  Interagency Agreement with Susquehanna River Basin Commission DEP ID: 363-0600-002

*  Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers DEP ID: 363-0600-003

*  General Policy on Review of Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans DEP ID: 363-2200-011

Contact: Ken Reisinger 717-787-6827

Bureau of Water Supply Management

*  DEP and Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority Agreement DEP ID: 381-5511-012

*  Principles for Ground Water Pollution Prevention and Remediation DEP ID: 383-0800-001

Contact: Joseph Hoffman 717-787-5017

Bureau of Watershed Conservation

*  Attorney General Opinion 361 re: 1939 Water Rights Act DEP ID: 392-2130-003

*  Rescission of Water Rights DEP ID: 392-2130-004

*  Policy for Regulation of Interbasin Transfers DEP ID: 392-2130-005

*  Metering of Withdrawals under Orders of Confirmation DEP ID: 392-2130-006

*  Permit Life DEP ID: 392-2130-008

Contact: Bill Gast 717-772-4048

Field Operations Deputate

*  Policy for Model Permit Application Process DEP ID: 400-2000-300

*  Policy for Authorizing Emergency Response Expenditure DEP ID: 400-5900-102

*  Policy for Emergency Response Critiques DEP ID: 400-5900-103

*  Policy for Authorities of DEP On-Scene Coordinators DEP ID: 400-5900-104

*  Policy for Emergency Response Contracting DEP ID: 400-5900-105

*  Policies for Authorities of DEP's Director of Emergency Response DEP ID: 400-5900-107

*  Policy for Contracting with Fire Companies or HAZMAT Teams DEP ID: 400-5900-108

*  Policy for Authorization of Emergency Transport and Storage of Hazardous Waste DEP ID: 400-5900-109

*  Policy for Field Order Authorization of Emergency Response Team DEP ID: 400-5900-110

*  Policy for Gasoline Fume Emergency Criteria DEP ID: 400-5900-112

*  Hazardous Material and Hazardous Atmosphere Safety Policy DEP ID: 400-5900-114

*  Confined Space Safety Policy DEP ID: 400-5900-115

*  Policy for Electrofishing Personnel and Equipment Safety Policy DEP ID: 400-5900-116

Contact: Charles High 717-787-5027

Bureau of Mining and Reclamation

*  Memorandum of Understanding with Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission DEP ID: 560-0600-101

*  Memorandum of Understanding with Pennsylvania Game Commission DEP ID: 560-0600-102

*  Interagency Agreement with PHMC DEP ID: 560-0600-104

*  Interagency Agreement, Waste Management DEP ID: 560-0600-105

*  Industrial Minerals Memorandum of Understanding--PFBC DEP ID: 560-0600-106

*  Memorandum of Understanding Between the Office of Surface Mining and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania DEP ID: 560-0600-204

Contact: Dottie Shellehamer 717-787-5103


Office of Policy and Communications

*  Policy and Procedures for Implementing the History Code DEP ID: 012-0700-001

*  Implementation of the Agricultural Land Preservation Policy DEP ID: 012-0700-002

*  Policy for Development, Approval and Distribution of Technical Guidance DEP ID: 012-0900-001

Contact: Jonathan Brightbill 717-783-8727

*  Policy for Development, Approval and Distribution of Regulations DEP ID: 012-0820-001

Contact: Sharon Freeman 717-783-1303

Bureau of Land Recycling and Waste Management

*  Reimbursement to Host County for Hazardous Review DEP ID: 251-5500-758

*  Environmental Emergency Response Actions DEP ID: 253-4500-608

*  Environmental Emergency Response Program Response Actions DEP ID: 253-5800-638

*  Clean Fill Policy and Procedures DEP ID: 254-2000-715

*  Local Municipality Involvement Process DEP ID: 254-2100-100

*  Environmental Assessment Process, Phase I Review DEP ID: 254-2100-101

*  Municipal Waste Facility Review--Traffic Analysis DEP ID: 254-2100-102

*  Process for Evaluating Daily Volume DEP ID: 254-2100-103

*  Policy and Procedures for Municipal Waste Facilities--Equivalency Approvals DEP ID: 254-2100-727

*  Municipal Sludges Allowed at Agricultural Utilization Sites DEP ID: 254-2154-720

*  Policy and Procedures for Infectious Waste Definition DEP ID: 254-2167-726

Contact: David Harris 717-787-9870

Bureau of Air Quality

*  Employer Trip Reduction Policy DEP ID: 271-5000-001

*  Compliance Assurance Policy for Cement Kilns with CEMS DEP ID: 273-4000-001

*  Compliance Assurance Policy for Hospital Waste Incinerators DEP ID: 273-4000-002

*  Compliance Assurance Policy for Municipal Waste Incinerators, Including Revisions DEP ID: 273-4000-003

*  Enforcement Policy for CEMS on Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units DEP ID: 273-4000-004

*  Enforcement Policy for CEMS and Coal Sampling/Analysis Systems DEP ID: 273-4000-005

*  Air Pollution Control Act/Compliance History Review/Civil Penalty Assessment Procedure DEP ID: 273-4100-005

Contact: Ralph Scanlan 717-787-9702

Bureau of Radiation Protection

*  Policy and Procedures Summary, Radiation Control Division DEP ID: 291-0400-001

*  Compliance and Enforcement Policy DEP ID: 291-4100-001

*  Policy and Procedures, Nuclear Safety Division, Nuclear Safety Section DEP ID: 293-0400-001

*  Low Level Radioactive Waste Section Policies and Procedures DEP ID: 293-0400-002

*  Radon Certification Policy DEP ID: 294-2309-001

Contact: Marianne Hansen 717-787-3720

Bureau of Water Quality Protection

*  Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Policy DEP ID: 362-2000-010

Contact: Carol Young 717-787-8104

*  Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act 537, Enforcement Reimbursement DEP ID: 362-5512-001

*  Act 537 Sewage Facilities Planning Grants DEP ID: 362-5512-002

Contact: Milt Lauch 717-787-8184

Bureau of Water Supply Management

*  Capital Grants for Sewerage Construction DEP ID: 381-5500-001

*  PENNVEST Wastewater Projects Inspection/Change Order Review DEP ID: 381-5511-001

*  Performance Certification for PENNVEST Funded Projects DEP ID: 381-5511-002

*  Value Engineering Analysis, Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund DEP ID: 381-5511-005

*  Cost Effectiveness Review--PENNVEST Funded Projects DEP ID: 381-5511-007

Contact: Bob Gibson 717-787-3481

*  Guidance on the Utilization of Minority and Women's Business Enterprise Firms DEP ID: 381-5511-014

Contact: Tony Maisano 717-782-4055

*  Guidance for the Review and Processing of Act 339 State Grants for Operation of Sewage Treatment Works DEP ID: 381-5513-001

Contact: Joseph Hoffman 717-787-5017

Bureau of Watershed Conservation

*  General Policy and Procedures for the Review of Water Allocation Permit Applications DEP ID: 392-2130-001

Contact: Bill Gast 717-787-4048

*  Implementation of Act 16 DEP ID: 393-0900-015

*  Implementation of Act 34 DEP ID: 393-0900-016

*  Requirements for Registration of Aboveground Storage Tanks and Underground Storage Tanks DEP ID: 393-0900-017

Contact: Tammy Young 717-772-5831

Bureau of Oil and Gas Management

*  Technical Services Manual DEP ID: 550-2100-003

*  Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Policy DEP ID: 550-4000-001

Contact: Frank Bialas 717-772-2199

Bureau of Mining and Reclamation

*  Review of Surface Mine Permit Applications by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission DEP ID: 560-0700-302

*  Review of Surface Mine Permit Applications by the Pennsylvania Game Commission DEP ID: 560-0700-303

*  Review of Surface Mine Applications on High Quality Waters DEP ID: 560-0700-304

Contact: Dottie Shellehamer 717-787-5103


Office of Policy and Communications

*  Advisory Committee Guidelines DEP ID: 012-1920-002

Contact: Barbara Sexton 717-783-8727

*  1999 Environmental Education Grants Program Manual and Forms DEP ID: 012-5500-001

Contact: Helen Olena 717-772-1828

Bureau of Land Recycling and Waste Management

*  Best Practices for Environmental Protection in the Mushroom Farm Community DEP ID: 254-5401-001

*  Guidelines for Yard Waste Composting Facilities DEP ID: 254-5403-100

Contact: David Harris 717-787-9870

Bureau of Water Supply Management

*  Working Guide to the Lead and Copper Rule DEP ID: 383-0300-107

*  Summary of Key Requirements, Community Water Systems DEP ID: 383-0810-101

*  Summary of Key Requirements for Total Coliform Rule DEP ID: 383-0810-102

*  Summary of Key Requirements for Phase 2 & Phase 5 Wellhead Protection Rule DEP ID: 383-0810-105

*  Summary of Key Requirements for Surface Water Filtration Rule DEP ID: 383-0810-106

*  Summary of Key Requirements for Lead and Copper Rule DEP ID: 383-0810-107

*  Summary of Key Requirements for Transient, Non-Community Water Systems DEP ID: 383-0810-201

*  Summary of Key Requirements for Bottled Water Systems DEP ID: 383-0810-203

*  Summary of Key Requirements for Surface Water Identification Protocol DEP ID: 383-0810-206

*  Summary of Key Requirements, Non-Transient, Non-Community Water Systems DEP ID: 383-0810-301

*  Summary of Key Requirements for Vended/Bulk Water Hauling DEP ID: 383-0810-303

*  Summary of Key Requirements for Consecutive Water Systems DEP ID: 383-0810-401

*  Public Water Supply Manual, Part 2 DEP ID: 383-2125-108

*  Public Water Supply Manual, Part 3 DEP ID: 383-2126-303

*  Public Water Supply Manual, Part 4 DEP ID: 383-2128-108

*  Corrosion Control Treatment--Basic Feasiblity Study DEP ID: 383-3000-307

*  Public Water Supply Manual, Part 7 DEP ID: 383-3100-111

*  Public Water Supply Manual, Part 5, Sections 1 & 2 DEP ID: 383-3110-111

*  Public Water Supply Manual, Part 5, Appendix A DEP ID: 383-3110-211

*  Laboratory Reporting Instructions for Total and Fecal Coliform Bacteria DEP ID: 383-3301-102

*  Laboratory Reporting Instructions for Bottled and Vended Water DEP ID: 383-3301-103

*  Laboratory Reporting Instructions for Chemical Contaminants DEP ID: 383-3301-105

*  Filter Rule Reporting Instructions and Public Water Systems Using Filtered Surface Water DEP ID: 383-3301-106

*  Laboratory Reporting Instructions, Lead and Copper Rule DEP ID: 383-3301-107

*  Laboratory Reporting Instructions/ Radiological Contaminants/ Drinking Water Distribution DEP ID: 383-3301-205

*  Laboratory Reporting Instructions for Public Systems Using Unfiltered Surface Water DEP ID: 383-3301-206

*  Laboratory Reporting Instructions for Total Trihalomethanes DEP ID: 383-3301-305

*  Laboratory Reporting Instructions for Unregulated Chemical Contaminants DEP ID: 383-3301-405

*  Small Water Systems Regionalization Grant Program DEP ID: 383-5500-213

*  Formation of Water Authorities Grant Program DEP ID: 383-5500-413

*  County Water Supply Planning DEP ID: 383-5500-513

*  Public Water Supply Manual, Part 6 DEP ID: 383-5900-111

Contact: Joseph Hoffman 717-787-5017

Bureau of Watershed Conservation

*  Guidance for the Bluff Recession and Setback Act DEP ID: 394-5402-001

Contact: Shamus Malone 717-772-5621

*  Summary of the Technical Requirements for Aboveground Storage Tanks DEP ID: 393-0900-018

*  Summary of the Simplified Program for Small Aboveground Storage Tanks DEP ID: 393-0900-019

*  Summary of the Technical Requirements for Underground Storage Tanks DEP ID: 393-0900-020

*  UST/AST Variances DEP ID: 393-0900-021

*  Final Rulemaking: Chapter 245, Subchapters A&B DEP ID: 393-2300-001

*  Summary of the Permitting of Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Systems Facilities DEP ID: 393-2318-004

Contact: Tammy Young 717-772-5831

Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance

*  Guidance for Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency Site Visits DEP ID: 700-5600-001

Contact: Robert Zaccano 717-657-4121


Bureau of Land Recycling and Waste Management

*  Off-Site Audit Manual for Hazardous Sites Cleanup Program DEP ID: 253-5700-621

Contact: David Harris 717-787-9870

Bureau of Air Quality

*  Continuous Source Monitoring Manual DEP ID: 274-0300-001

*  Source Testing Manual DEP ID: 274-0300-002

Contact: Ralph Scanlan 717-787-9702

Bureau of Radiation Protection

*  Nuclear Power Generating Station Incident Manual DEP ID: 292-0400-002

Contact: Randolph Easton 717-783-6003

Bureau of Waterways Engineering

*  Compliance Assistance and Enforcement Manual DEP ID: 310-0400-001

Contact: Eugene Counsil 717-787-6826

Bureau of Water Quality Protection

*  Domestic Wastewater Facilities Manual DEP ID: 362-0300-001

*  Small Flow Sewage Treatment Facility Manual DEP ID: 362-0300-002

*  Sewage Facilities Planning: Preparing Act 537 Update Revisions DEP ID: 362-0300-003

*  Industrial Wastewater Manual DEP ID: 362-0300-004

*  Technical Guidance for the Development and Specification of Effluent Limitations and Other Permit Conditions in NPDES Permits DEP ID: 362-0400-001

*  Manual for Land Application of Treated Sewage and Industrial Wastewaters DEP ID: 362-2000-009

*  Field Manual for Compliance Orders DEP ID: 362-4000-002

Contact: Milt Lauch 717-787-8184

*  Design Criteria -- Wetlands Replacement/Monitoring DEP ID: 363-0300-001

*  Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control Manual DEP ID: 363-2134-008

*  Earth Disturbance Permit Policies/Procedures DEP ID: 363-2134-010

*  Compliance Assistance and Enforcement Manual DEP ID: 363-4000-001

Contact: Ken Reisinger 717-787-6827

Bureau of Water Supply Management

*  Ground Source Heat Pump Manual DEP ID: 383-0300-001

*  Safe Drinking Water Program Field and Staff Handbook DEP ID: 383-0400-101

*  Total Coliform Rule Staff Handbook DEP ID: 383-0400-102

*  Bottled, Vended, Retail and Bulk Water Staff Handbook DEP ID: 383-0400-103

*  Health Effects/Risk Management Staff Handbook DEP ID: 383-0400-104

*  Inorganic, Volatile Organic and Synthetic Organic Chemicals Staff Handbook DEP ID: 383-0400-105

*  Surface Water Treatment Safe Drinking Water Program Staff Handbook DEP ID: 383-0400-106

*  Staff Handbook, Lead and Copper Rule DEP ID: 383-0400-107

*  Permitting and Plan Review Staff Handbook DEP ID: 383-0400-108

*  Data Management Staff Handbook DEP ID: 383-0400-109

*  Safe Drinking Water Program Compliance Strategy DEP ID: 383-0400-110

*  Safe Drinking Water Program General Staff Handbook DEP ID: 383-0400-111

*  Financial Assistance Management Safe Drinking Water Program Staff Handbook DEP ID: 383-0400-113

*  Pennsylvania Drinking Water Information System (PADWIS) Inventory User's Manual DEP ID: 383-3310-109

Contact: Joseph Hoffman 717-787-5017

Bureau of Watershed Conservation

*  Special Protection Waters Implementation Handbook DEP ID: 391-0300-002

Contact: Rick Shertzer 717-787-9637

*  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Coastal Zone Management Program and Final Environmental Impact Statement DEP ID: 394-0300-001

Contact: Lawrence Toth 717-772-5622

Bureau of Oil and Gas Management

*  Operator's Manual DEP ID: 550-0300-001

*  Oil and Gas Wastewater Permitting Manual DEP ID: 550-2100-002

*  Guidelines for Submitting Oil/Gas Bonds DEP ID: 550-2500-101

Contact: Frank Bialas 717-772-2199

Bureau of Mining and Reclamation

*  Engineering Manual for Coal Mining Operations DEP ID: 563-0300-101

*  Overburden Analysis Manual DEP ID: 563-0300-102

Contact: Evan Shuster 717-783-8845

Bureau of Deep Mine Safety

*  Deep Mine Safety Program Guidance Manual DEP ID: 580-3000-001

Contact: Matt Bertovich 724-439-7304


Office of Policy and Communications

*  Data Standards for Names and Addresses DEP ID: 012-0830-001

*  Data Standards for Pennsylvania Municipality Codes and Names DEP ID: 012-0830-002

Contact: Kim Nelson 717-787-3534

Bureau of Laboratories

*  Critical Elements for Certification of Laboratories for Chemistry DEP ID: 150-2302-001

*  Critical Elements for Certification of Laboratories for Microbiology DEP ID: 150-2302-002

*  Critical Elements for Certification of Laboratories for Radionuclides DEP ID: 150-2302-003

Contact: Ted Lyter 717-783-7150

Bureau of Land Recycling and Waste Management

*  Permit Applications with Out-of-State Notarizations DEP ID: 250-2100-751

*  Quality Assurance Program DEP ID: 250-3100-401

*  Execution of Release Forms by BLRWM Field Inspectors DEP ID: 250-3120-320

*  Purge Water from Ground Water Sampling DEP ID: 250-3130-763

*  Calculation of Civil Penalties DEP ID: 250-4180-302

*  Risk Assessment Guidelines for Facilities Burning Hazardous Waste DEP ID: 251-0300-402

*  Time Frames for Application of Hazardous Waste Exclusionary Siting Criteria DEP ID: 251-2000-706

*  Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act, Pre-Application Meetings DEP ID: 251-2100-203

*  Change of Ownership/Transfer of Permit DEP ID: 251-2100-754

*  Review Procedure for Hazardous Waste Transfer Facilities for PBR Status DEP ID: 251-2149-713

*  Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program DEP ID: 251-2200-502

*  Review of Residual and Hazardous Waste Source Reduction Strategy DEP ID: 252-6600-516

*  Pennsylvania Applicable, Relevant and Appropriate Requirements (ARARs) DEP ID: 253-4500-606

*  Mitigating Remedies under the Orphan Sites Program DEP ID: 253-4500-613

*  Issuance of Grants for Technical Evaluations under HSCA DEP ID: 253-5500-612

*  Community Relations Activities for State HSCA and Federal Superfund Programs DEP ID: 253-5700-632

*  Preparation of Analysis of Alternatives/HSCA Proposed Response Document DEP ID: 253-5700-634

*  Areas where Municipal Waste Landfills are Prohibited DEP ID: 254-2153-721

*  Leak Detection Tests for Installed Liners DEP ID: 254-2153-723

*  Use of Waste Tires/Tire Derived Materials at Landfills DEP ID: 254-2153-748

*  Pumping Requirements for Construction/Demolition Landfills in Noncoal Mines DEP ID: 254-2157-717

*  Liners for Construction/Demolition Waste Landfills DEP ID: 254-2157-718

*  Issue of Emergency Municipal Waste Transfer DEP ID: 254-2158-745

*  Management of Municipal Ash Waste from Resource Recovery Facility DEP ID: 254-2160-762

*  Approval of Beneficial Use by Order of DEP DEP ID: 254-2163-719

*  Management of Waste Tires DEP ID: 254-2163-742

*  Clarification of the Identification of Infectious Waste Generators DEP ID: 254-2167-702

*  Co-Mingling of Infectious & Chemotherapeutic Waste in One Container DEP ID: 254-2167-703

*  Procedures for Container/Vehicle Decontamination & Small Spill Cleanup DEP ID: 254-2167-708

*  Clarification of Requirements Related to Storage Bags DEP ID: 254-2167-709

*  Clarification of Permit-by-Rule Provision for Mixed Waste with Residual Waste DEP ID: 254-2167- 712

*  Temporary Storage & In-Transit Provisions during Transport or Transfer DEP ID: 254-2167-725

*  Approval of Act 101 Municipal Waste Management Plan Revisions DEP ID: 254-2212-504

*  Proper Identification and Disposal of Mixed Loads of Municipal and Residual Waste DEP ID: 254-4000-749

*  County Option to Retain or Eliminate Municipal Waste Flow Control DEP ID: 257-2212-501

*  New Waste Streams Review DEP ID: 258-2000-764

*  General Permitting Procedure DEP ID: 258-2000-765

*  Municipal Waste-Like Permitting Guidance DEP ID: 258-2000-766

*  Chemical Analysis DEP ID: 258-2000-767

*  Implementation Guidance DEP ID: 258-2000-768

*  Disposal of Municipal-Like Residual Waste DEP ID: 258-2100-747

*  Co-Product Determinations in Residual Waste Program DEP ID: 258-2100-769

*  Interim Operating Requirements for Permitted and Unpermitted Facilities DEP ID: 258-2181-771

*  Criteria for Use of Various Materials as Clean Fill DEP ID: 258-2182-773

*  Cleanup Standards under the Residual Waste Regulations DEP ID: 258-5100-761

Contact: David Harris 717-787-9870

Bureau of Air Quality

*  Interim Compliance Strategy on RACT for NOx Sources with CEMS DEP ID: 273-4000-007

*  DEP/EPA Asbestos Demolition/Renovation Civil Penalty Policy DEP ID: 273-4130-001

*  Guidance for Application of Regional Civil Assessment Procedure DEP ID: 273-4130-003

*  Compliance Docket Procedure DEP ID: 273-4130-004

*  Stage II Penalty Assessment Guidance DEP ID: 273-4130-005

*  Stage I Penalty Assessment Guidance DEP ID: 273-4130-006

*  Stage II Enforcement Strategy DEP ID: 273-4130-007

*  Air Quality Operating Permit--Protocol DEP ID: 275-2101-001

*  Air Quality Operating Permit--Permitting Procedures DEP ID: 275-2101-002

*  Air Quality Operating Permit Exemptions DEP ID: 275-2101-003

*  Air Quality Operating Permit--Modification/Reactivation DEP ID: 275-2101-004

*  Air Quality Operating Permit--Delegation Conditions and Policy Performance Test Waivers DEP ID: 275-2101-005

*  Air Quality Operating Permit--Requirements DEP ID: 275-2101-006

*  Air Quality Operating Permit--Best Available Technology and Other Permitting Criteria DEP ID: 275-2101-007

*  Air Quality Operating Permit--Hazardous Waste Incineration DEP ID: 275-2101-008

*  Air Quality Operating Permit--Public Notification DEP ID: 275-2101-011

*  Air Quality Operating Permit--Prevention of Significant Deterioration DEP ID: 275-2101-014

*  Air Quality Operating Permit--Continuous Source Monitors DEP ID: 275-2101-016

Contact: Ralph Scanlan 717-787-9702

Bureau of Radiation Protection

*  Radon Mitigation Standards DEP ID: 294-2309-002

Contact: Robert Lewis 717-783-3594

Bureau of Waterways Engineering

*  Criteria and Fees for Dam Safety Limited Power Permits DEP ID: 310-2140-001

*  Annual Inspection Policy DEP ID: 310-3120-001

*  Category 3 Dam Inspection Report Form DEP ID: 310-3140-002

Contact: Eugene Counsil 717-787-3411

Bureau of Water Quality Protection

*  Chesapeake Bay Financial Assistance Funding Program Guidance DEP ID: 361-5500-004

Contact: Cedric Karper 717-783-7577

*  Permitting Policy and Procedure Manual DEP ID: 362-2000-001

*  Subsurface Disposal of Car Wash Waste DEP ID: 362-2000-005

*  Conducting Technical Reviews of Water Quality Protection (Part II) Permit DEP ID: 362-2000-007

*  Conducting Technical Reviews of Minor NPDES Renewal Applications DEP ID: 362-2000-008

*  Technical Guidance for Permitting Landfill Leachate Discharges DEP ID: 362-2183-001

*  Technology-Based Control Requirements for Water Treatment Plant Wastes DEP ID: 362-2183-003

*  Technical Guidance for Development of Permit Requirements for Steam Electric Industry DEP ID: 362-2183-004

*  Review and Coordination of Chapter 94 Reports and Act 537 Planning DEP ID: 362-2206-001

*  Impact/Subsurface Disposal on Ground Water Nitrate-Nitrogen Levels DEP ID: 362-2207-004

*  Administration of Fee Collection for Planning Module Reviews DEP ID: 362-2207-008

*  Municipal Guidance--Reconstructive Planning DEP ID: 362-2208-002

*  Calculation of Contingent Penalties for Effluent Violations DEP ID: 362-4000-001

*  Guidance for Civil Penalty Calculation for Effluent Violations DEP ID: 362-4180-001

*  Civil Penalty Assessment Procedures for Pollution Incidents DEP ID: 362-4180-002

*  Calculation of Civil Penalties for Willfulness DEP ID: 362-4180-003

Contact: Milt Lauch 717-787-8184

*  Criteria and Fees for Waterways Management Limited Power Permits DEP ID: 363-2140-001

*  Chapter 105 General Permits DEP ID: 363-2141-001

*  NPDES Permit: Discharge of Storm Water from Construction Activities DEP ID: 363-2191-014

*  Erosion/Sedimentation Control: Plan Development/Checklists/Worksheets/Details/Notes DEP ID: 363-2218-009

*  Guidelines for Determining Bonds DEP ID: 363-2505-001

*  Complaint Handling/Problem Assessment for Conservation Districts DEP ID: 363-3000-012

*  Inspection of Earth Disturbance Sites DEP ID: 363-3000-013

Contact: Ken Reisinger 717-787-6827

Bureau of Water Supply Management

*  A State Environmental Review Process for Pennsylvania DEP ID: 381-5511-013

*  Categorical Exclusion Provisions--PENNVEST Funded Projects DEP ID: 381-5511-015

Contact: Robert Gibson 717-787-3481

*  Guidance for Construction and Operation Permits DEP ID: 383-2000-108

*  Pilot Plant Filtration Studies for Filtration of Surface Sources DEP ID: 383-2000-208

*  DEP Permit Guide to Public Water Systems DEP ID: 383-2100-108

*  Permitting of Vended Water Systems DEP ID: 383-2126-103

*  Permitting of Retail Water Facilities DEP ID: 383-2126-203

*  Permitting of Bulk Water Hauling Systems DEP ID: 383-2127-103

*  Review/Approval of Existing Well Water Source Public System Use DEP ID: 383-2200-108

*  Safe Drinking Water Program Field Related Compliance DEP ID: 383-3000-101

*  Program Guidance on the Total Coliform Rule DEP ID: 383-3000-102

*  Surveillance Strategy and Implementation Guidelines DEP ID: 383-3120-101

*  Filter Plant Performance Evaluations and Response DEP ID: 383-3120-106

*  Giardia Sampling and Response DEP ID: 383-3130-106

*  New Source Sampling Requirements for Surface Water Sources DEP ID: 383-3130-108

*  Community and Non-Transient, Non-Community Water Systems: New Source Sampling For Groundwater Sources DEP ID: 383-3130-208

*  Transient, Non-Community Water Systems: New Source Sampling Requirements for Groundwater Sources DEP ID: 383-3130-308

*  Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network: Ambient and Fixed Station Network (FSN) DEP ID: 383-3200-009

*  Quality Assurance Work Plans for Groundwater Monitoring Stations DEP ID: 383-3200-016

*  Pennsylvania Drinking Water Information System Inventory Reports by PWSID DEP ID: 383-3310-209

*  Pennsylvania Drinking Water Information System Violation and Enforcement Users Manual DEP ID: 383-3310-409

*  Pennsylvania Vulnerability Assessment Summary DEP ID: 383-3500-105

*  Guidance for Surface Water Identification DEP ID: 383-3500-106

*  Surface Water Identification Protocol--NCWS DEP ID: 383-3500-112

*  PENNVEST Guidance DEP ID: 383-5500-113

Contact: Joseph Hoffman 717-787-5017

Bureau of Watershed Conservation

*  Establishment of Alternate Thermal Effluent Limitations DEP ID: 391-2000-002

*  Determining Water Quality Based Point Source Effluent Limits DEP ID: 391-2000-003

*  Implementation Guidance Design Conditions DEP ID: 391-2000-006

*  Implementation Guidance for Water Quality Analysis Model (6.3) DEP ID: 391-2000-007

*  Implementation Guidance for the Sampling and Analysis of Osmotic Pressure DEP ID: 391-2000-008

*  Implementation Guidance/Sec. 95.6 Phosphorus Discharges in Lakes, Ponds and Impoundments DEP ID: 391-2000-010

*  PENTOXSD Technical Reference Guide DEP ID: 391-2000-011

*  PENTOXSD Users Guide DEP ID: 391-2000-012

*  Implementation Guidance of Section 93.7 Ammonia Criteria DEP ID: 391-2000-013

*  Implementation Guidance for Evaluating Wastewater Discharges to Drainage Ditches and Swales DEP ID: 391-2000-014

*  Implementation Guidance for Total Residual Chlorine (TRC) Regulation DEP ID: 391-2000-015

*  Implementation Guidance for Temperature Criteria DEP ID: 391-2000-017

*  Implementation Guidance for Section 95.9 Phosphorus Discharges to Free Flowing Streams DEP ID: 391-2000-018

*  Implementation Guidance for Application of Section 93.5(e) DEP ID: 391-2000-019

*  Protocol for Estimating First Order Pollutant Fate Coefficients and Volatile Organic Substances DEP ID: 391-2000-020

Contact: Chuck Yingling 717-783-2958

*  Quality Assurance Work Plan: Cause/Effect Surveys DEP ID: 391-3200-003

*  Aquatic Life Use Attainability Studies--Flow Water & Impoundment DEP ID: 391-3200-004

*  Aquatic Life Special Water Quality Protection Survey DEP ID: 391-3200-005

*  Quality Assurance Work Plan: Toxics Surveys DEP ID: 391-3200-006

*  Stream Enrichment Risk Analysis DEP ID: 391-3200-007

*  Quality Assurance Work Plan: Advanced Treatment Model Calibration Verification Surveys DEP ID: 391-3200-008

*  Standardized Biological Field Collection & Laboratory Methods DEP ID: 391-3200-010

*  Evaluation of Phosphorus to Lakes, Ponds and Impoundments DEP ID: 391-3200-013

Contact: Rick Shertzer 717-783-4423

*  Subsidiary Water Allocation Permit Requirement DEP ID: 392-2130-002

*  Constant Gallons per Capita per Day (GPCD) DEP ID: 392-2130-007

*  Recognizing Succession to Water Rights as a Result of Changes of Ownership DEP ID: 392-2130-012

Contact: Bill Gast 717-787-4048

*  Stationary/Non-Stationary Tanks DEP ID: 393-0900-006

*  Exemption from Registration Fees for Volunteer Fire Companies/Volunteer EMS Organizations DEP ID: 393-0900-009

*  Modification and Maintenance Issues DEP ID: 393-0900-011

*  Storage Tank Cleaning Activities DEP ID: 393-0900-012

*  Applicability of 40 CFR, Subpart 280, Sub G to Previously Closed Tanks DEP ID: 393-0900-014

*  Implementation of Act 16 DEP ID: 393-0900-015

*  ASNT Level II Certification DEP ID: 393-2318-001

*  PE Certification for Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) DEP ID: 393-2318-002

*  Upgrade Requirements/Substantial Modification of Underground Storage Tanks DEP ID: 393-2318-003

*  Permeability of Secondary Containment & Emergency Containment DEP ID: 393-3300-002

*  Penalty Assessment Matrix DEP ID: 393-4180-001

*  Storage Tank Program Compliance Assistance Strategy DEP ID: 393-4180-002

Contact: Tammy Young 717-772-5831

Field Operations Deputate

*  Emergency Operations Plan DEP ID: 400-5900-101

*  Procedures for Emergency Contracting to Extinguish Mine Fire DEP ID: 400-5900-111

*  Chlorine Safety Procedures DEP ID: 400-5900-113

Contact: Charles High 717-787-5027

Bureau of Oil and Gas Management

*  Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual DEP ID: 550-2000-001

Contact: Frank Bialas 717-772-2199

Bureau of Mining and Reclamation

*  SOAP and ROAP Application Processing and Preassignment Field Conference DEP ID: 561-2305-201

*  Small Operator and Remining Operator Assistance Programs (SOAP & ROAP) Report Review DEP ID: 561-2305-203

*  SOAP and ROAP Applicant Liability and Reimbursement Procedure DEP ID: 561-2305-601

*  Mine Subsidence Insurance (MSI) Coverage Issuance Procedures DEP ID: 561-5300-101

*  Mine Subsidence Insurance (MSI) Damage Claim Processing Procedures DEP ID: 561-5300-201

Contact: Dottie Shellehamer 717-787-5103

*  Licensing, Name Changes DEP ID: 562-2000-703

*  Municipal Mining Licenses, Permits and Bonds DEP ID: 562-2100-704

*  Prompt Closure of Abandoned Underground Mine Openings DEP ID: 562-2112-315

*  Sealing Mine Openings, Bituminous DEP ID: 562-2112-316

*  Sealing Mine Openings, Anthracite DEP ID: 562-2112-317

*  Bituminous Coal Surface Mining/Blasting Near Utilities and Pipelines DEP ID: 562-2112-503

*  Blasting Complaint Protocol DEP ID: 562-2112-504

*  Blaster's License Suspension and Revocation Procedure DEP ID: 562-2402-501

*  Drop Trailer and Tanker Guidelines DEP ID: 562-2403-505

*  Insurance Requirements and Water Supply Replacement Assurance DEP ID: 562-2500-702

*  Surety Reclamation of Bond Forfeiture Sites DEP ID: 562-2504-312

*  Inspections DEP ID: 562-3000-102

*  Field Evaluation of Pit Size Variances DEP ID: 562-3000-105

*  Applicant Violator System (AVS) Inspections DEP ID: 562-3000-110

*  Applicant Violator System (AVS) Compliance DEP ID: 562-3000-802

*  Fixing Water Samples DEP ID: 562-3200-203

*  Normal/Favorable Planting Season DEP ID: 562-3200-205

*  Investigating Citizen's Complaints DEP ID: 562-3900-402

*  Citizen's Complaints: Appeal Procedure DEP ID: 562-3900-403

*  Compliance/Enforcement Procedures DEP ID: 562-4100-301

*  Alternative Enforcement DEP ID: 562-4100-307

*  Bond Forfeiture DEP ID: 562-4170-308

*  Civil Penalty Assessments DEP ID: 562-4180-306

*  Reclamation in Lieu of Cash Payment for Civil Penalties DEP ID: 562-4180-309

*  Bankrupt Surety Company Bond Replacement Requirements and Civil Penalty Calculations DEP ID: 562-4180-310

*  Civil Penalty Collections DEP ID: 562-4180-311

*  Coal Exploration DEP ID: 563-2000-102

*  Coal Exploration by Slope Development DEP ID: 563-2000-105

*  Noncoal Underground Mine Permit Applications DEP ID: 563-2000-203

*  Homeowner Notification of Right to Pre-Blast Survey (Industrial Minerals) DEP ID: 563-2000-204

*  Right-of-Entry DEP ID: 563-2000-208

*  Review Process for the Approval of Bituminous Coal Blast Plan DEP ID: 563-2000-223

*  Beneficial Use of Sewage Sludge at Active Mine Sites DEP ID: 563-2000-602

*  Roads Associated with Coal Mining Activities DEP ID: 563-2000-609

*  Perennial Stream Protection--Bituminous Underground Mines DEP ID: 563-2000-655

*  Permit Renewals DEP ID: 563-2100-216

*  Noncommerical Exemption from Requirements of the Noncoal SMCRA DEP ID: 563-2111-101

*  Building Construction Exemption from Requirements of the Noncoal SMCRA DEP ID: 563-2111-102

*  Noncoal Operations DEP ID: 563-2111-111

*  Insignificant Boundary Corrections for Surface Mining Activities DEP ID: 563-2112-203

*  Review Guide and Written Finding DEP ID: 563-2112-205

*  Beneficial Use of Coal Ash at Active Coal Mine Sites DEP ID: 563-2112-206

*  Completeness Review for Acceptance of Coal Mining Activity Permit Applications DEP ID: 563-2112-211

*  Evaluation and Approval of Land Use Changes for Surface Water Coal Mine Operations DEP ID: 563-2112-212

*  Coal Surface Mining Activity Permit Pre-Application Review DEP ID: 563-2112-214

*  Review of Accepted Coal Mining Activity Permit Applications DEP ID: 563-2112-215

*  Alkaline Addition for Surface Coal Mines DEP ID: 563-2112-217

*  Permit Transfers DEP ID: 563-2112-218

*  Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessments (CHIAs) DEP ID: 563-2112-219

*  Coal Extraction--Oil and Gase Well Barriers DEP ID: 563-2112-222

*  Certification Guidelines for Beneficial Uses of Coal Ash DEP ID: 563-2112-224

*  Technical Guidance for Beneficial Uses of Coal Ash DEP ID: 563-2112-225

*  Evaluation and Approval of Innovative Mining and Reclamation Techniques DEP ID: 563-2112-603

*  Auger Mining DEP ID: 563-2112-604

*  Water Supply Replacement and Permitting DEP ID: 563-2112-605

*  Marketing of Anthracite Coal Reject Materials DEP ID: 563-2112-607

*  Constructed Wetlands for Mine Drainage Treatment DEP ID: 563-2112-608

*  Determining Eligibility of Pre-Existing Pollutional Discharges DEP ID: 563-2112-610

*  Permitting Pre-existing Pollution Discharges Under Subchapter F or 25 Pa. Code Chapter 87, Subchapter G of 25 Pa. Code Chapter 88 DEP ID: 563-2112-611

*  Underground Mining Near Oil and Gas Wells DEP ID: 563-2112-652

*  Permitting Ventilation Boreholes for Underground Coal Mines DEP ID: 563-2112-653

*  Technical Review, Mine Stability 563-2112-654

*  Liners--Impoundments and Storage Areas DEP ID: 563-2112-656

*  Underground Mining--Delineating Protection Zones for Public Water Supplies DEP ID: 563-2112-657

*  Coal Refuse Disposal--Site Selection DEP ID: 563-2113-660

*  Noncoal Surface Mining Payment in Lieu of Bond DEP ID: 563-2500-401

*  Anthracite Mine Operator's Emergency Bond Loan (A.E.B.L.) Program DEP ID: 563-2504-405

*  Bonding, Direct Submittal of Bonds DEP ID: 563-2504-407

*  Phased Deposit of Collateral Coal and Noncoal Mining DEP ID: 563-2504-409

*  Processing Completion Reports DEP ID: 563-2504-411

*  Evaluating Postmining Discharges DEP ID: 563-2504-412

*  Additional Bonding for Wide Pits and Remote Spoil Storage DEP ID: 563-2504-449

*  Bond Adjustment/Release for Post Mining Discharges DEP ID: 563-2504-450

*  Bonding, Anthracite Underground Mines DEP ID: 563-2504-451

*  Qualifying, Processing and Tracking Financial Guarantees and Bond Credits DEP ID: 563-2504-501

*  Monitoring and Compliance and Bond Release for Subchapters F and G Permits DEP ID: 63-2504-612

Contact: Evan Shuster 717-783-8845

Bureau of Deep Mine Safety

*  Section 316(h): Use of Electronic Atmospheric Detectors in Lieu of Approved Flame Safety Lamps DEP ID: 580-2200-003

*  Procedures for Processing Requests to Adopt New Items or Methods DEP ID: 580-2200-004

*  Guidelines for Use of Internal Combustion Motors in Underground Mines other than Coal DEP ID: 580-2200-008

*  Clarification of Pertinence of DEP Statutes re: Coal Processing Facilities DEP ID: 580-3000-005

Contact: Matt Bertovich 724-439-7304


Office of Policy and Communications

*  Guidance Document Inventory DEP ID: 012-0900-004

Contact: Jonathan Brightbill 717-783-8727

Bureau of Water Quality Protection

*  Certification for Corps Nationwide Permits DEP ID: 363-2316-001

Contact: Ken Reisinger 717-787-6827


Office of Policy and Communications

*  Environmental Quality Board Policy for Processing Petitions Title 25, Part 1, Subpart A, Chapter 23

*  Model Procedure for Meaningful Public Participation Title 25, Part 1, Subpart A, Chapter 24

Contact: Barbara Sexton 717-783-8727

Bureau of Water Quality Protection

*  Conservation District Fund Allocation Program Title 25, Part 1, Subpart B, Chapter 83

*  Chesapeake Bay Nonpoint Source Pollution Abatement Program Title 25, Part 1, Subpart C, Chapter 83

*  Water Quality Toxics Management Strategy Title 25, Part 1, Subpart A, Chapter 16

Contact: Cedric Karper 717-783-7577

Bureau of Mining and Reclamation

*  Compliance with the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 Title 25, Part 1, Subpart A Chapter 13

*  Policy for Emergency Mine Subsidence Relief Title 25, Part 1, Subpart A, Chapter 14

Contact: Evan Shuster 717-783-8845



Bureau of Contract Administration & Business Development

*  Contract Compliance--Prequalification of Vendors and Nonconstruction Contractors, 4 Pa Code §  68

*  Contract Compliance--Construction Contracts, 4 Pa Code §  68.101

*  Internal Guidelines for MBE/WBE Certification, 4 Pa Code §  68.201

(Contact: Gary Lee 783-3119)


Bureau of Construction

*  Administrative Procedures

Contact: David McCarty 787-6330

Bureau of Contract Administration & Business Development

*  Contract Compliance Review for Contractors (Construction and Non-Construction

*  Contract Compliance Orientation and Training Manual

Contact: Gary Lee 783-3119

Bureau of Engineering and Architecture

*  Bureau of Engineering and Architecture Procedure Manual

Contact: Bob Glenn 787-3709

Bureau of Police and Safety

*  Capitol Police Duty Manual

Contact: Eugene Marzullo 787-9013

Bureau of Publications and Paperwork Management

*  M210.4 Forms Management (8/16/83)

*  M210.5 Standard (STD) Forms Management (4/17/92)

*  M210.6 Publications Management (8/1/84)

Contact: Donald E. Gibas 787-3707

Bureau of Purchases

*  M610.5 Field Purchasing Manual (3/17/94)

Contact: Joseph Nugent 787-4718

Bureau of Supplies and Surplus Operations

*  M610.1 Commodity Distribution Center Catalog (10/27/97)

Contact: Ronald Wolf 787-5940

Bureau of Vehicle Management

*  Automotive Service Facilities

*  M615.2 Commonwealth Automotive Credit Card Code List (1/17/96)

Contact: James Martin 787-3162

Professional Selections and Project Control Office

*  Instructions to Bidders

Contact: Ann Fischer 787-4479

Bureau of Real Estate

*  M260.1 Manual for Space Utilization (12/2/77 & 3/3/80)

Contact: Michael E. Adams 787-2834


Telecommunications Division

*  240.3 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Telephone Network (7/14/82)

*  240.4 Telephone Line Inventory (9/30/82)

*  240.6 Processing of Telephone and Telegraph Charges (7/23/84)

*  240.8 PANET and TELPAK Cost Reimbursement (12/8/82)

*  240.9 Procurement of Pagers (12/8/87)

*  241.4 Radio Frequency Spectrum Management (6/27/86)

*  241.5 Telecommunications Embedded Base Equipment Inventory (8/26/88)

Contact: Richard Jacobs 705-0304

Bureau of Buildings and Grounds

*  625.8 Contracting for Bargaining Unit Work (2/24/94)

*  97-14 Prohibition & Restriction of Smoking in State Buildings (4/18/97)

*  97-36 Christmas Trees and Decorations (11/7/97)

Contact: Thomas Stanbeck 787-3893

Bureau of Financial and Management Services

*  220.3 Mail Delivery Between Harrisburg and the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia State Office Buildings (10/26/83)

*  220.10 Processing Automated Mail (2/21/91)

*  610.5 Disposition of Personal Property and Equipment Purchased with GSA Bond Moneys (3/26/90)

*  610.15 Master Lease Program (1/3/95)

Contact: Barbara Sexton 787-5051

Bureau of Police and Safety

*  205.2 Powers and Duties of Policing Forces (2/9/77)

*  625.4 Enforcement of Fire and Panic Regulations (3/27/91)

*  720.3 Guidelines for Reporting Bombs and Bomb Threats (12/17/97)

Contact: Eugene Marzullo 787-9013

Bureau of Publications and Paperwork Management

*  220.9 Graphic Design, Typesetting, Reproduction, and Printing Services (6/4/87)

Contact: Donald E. Gibas 787-3707

Bureau of Purchases

*  215.9 Contractor Responsibility Program (12/30/91)

*  250.3 State Contracts Information Document (6/17/96)

*  620.1 Coal Sampling and Reporting (10/6/90)

Contact: Joseph Nugent 787-4718

Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management

*  615.2 Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance and Accident Reporting (6/17/96)

*  630.1 Agency Insurance Coordinators (10/2/87)

*  630.2 Reporting of Employe Liability Claims (1/28/98)

*  720.4 Safety and Loss Prevention Program (10/2/87)

*  98-9 Relocation--Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management (3/26/98)

Contact: Joseph R. Delia 787-2492

Bureau of Contract Administration & Business Development

*  410.10 Guidelines for Investigating and Resolving Discrimination Complaints (3/29/97)

Contact: Gary Lee 783-3119

Professional Selections and Administrative Services

*  625.9 Agency Funded Construction Projects Exceeding $25,000 (6/4/97)

*  98-14 Submission of Construction Requisitions (6/1/98)

Contact: Ann Fischer 787-7156

Bureau of Real Estate

*  625.1 Repairs, Alterations, and Improvements to Commonwealth Buildings Under the Direct Supervision of the Department of General Services (4/10/96)

*  625.2 Inventory of Commonwealth Property (6/3/96)

*  625.5 Reporting Surplus Real Property (5/6/96)

*  625.6 Lease Amendment Exceptions for Leasehold Improvements Costing Less than $5,000 (10/27/86)

*  625.7 Use of STD-291, Request for Lease Action and Budget Approval (11/6/97)

*  97-38 Availability of State Surplus Real Property for Transfer to Commonwealth Agencies-Delaware Co. (12/3/97)

Contact: Michael E. Adams 787-2834

Bureau of Supplies and Surplus Operations

*  610.2 Release and Receipt of Surplus State Property (2/23/79)

*  610.3 Transfer or Sale of Surplus Property (1/29/81)

*  610.7 Acquisition of Surplus Federal Property (5/25/78)

*  610.9 Recovery of Precious Metals (4/14/81)

*  98-5 Calendar Bases, Calendar Refills, Diaries, and Date Books for 1998 (2/2/98)

*  98-13 Inventory of General Services' Commodity Distribution Centers (5/7/97)

*  97-25 Availability--Commonwealth Telephone Directory (7/23/97)

*  97-33 Filing of Names with State Surplus Property Division, DGS (10/8/97)

Contact: Ronald Wolf 787-5940

Bureau of Vehicle Management

*  615.1 Temporary Assignment of Commonwealth Automotive Fleet (12/2/92)

*  615.3 Rates and Billing for Motor Vehicles of the Commonwealth Automotive Fleet (6/18/97)

*  615.6 License Plates for Commonwealth-Owned Vehicles (6/30/97)

*  615.7 Commonwealth Vehicle Invoices (7/3/97)

*  615.9 Permanent Assignment of Commonwealth Automotive Fleet Vehicles (12/9/92)

*  615.11 Use and Condition Inspections of Commonwealth-Owned Motor Vehicles (4/21/82)

*  615.12 Motor Vehicle Authorization List (8/11/83)

*  615.13 Emission Control Test Program--Commonwealth Automotive Fleet (10/12/90)

*  615.14 Repairs and Maintenance, Commonwealth Automotive Fleet (6/25/97)

*  97-19 State Employes Purchasing Vehicles at the Commonwealth Auction (6/2/97)

*  97-20 Use of Seat Belts in Commonwealth Fleet Vehicles (6/2/97)

*  97-22 Automotive Fleet Preventative Maintenance Schedule (7/16/97)

*  97-34 Winterization of State Vehicles & Commonwealth Garage Parking & Hours of Operation (10/22/97)

*  97-35 Placing of Decals and Logos on Commonwealth Vehicles (10/22/97)

*  97-37 Refueling of Commonwealth Automobile Fleet Vehicles (11/25/97)

Contact: James Martin 787-3162

Commonwealth Agency Recycling Office

*  205.22 Implementation of Act 1998-101, Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (8/7/89)

Contact: John Rarig 772-2300

Commonwealth Media Services

*  220.1 Commonwealth Media Services (6/21/90)

*  98-8 Relocation--Commonwealth Media Services (3/6/98)

Contact: Carlton Sherwood 787-9777

Commonwealth Travel/Information Center

*  240.7 Submission of Changes to the Commonwealth Telephone, Agency Organizational & Functional Listings, & Employe Locator File (9/26/97)

*  98-6 Services Provided by the Commonwealth Travel Center (2/10/98)

Contact: Barbara Sexton 787-5051


Bureau of Engineering and Architecture

*  Professional Agreement and General Conditions to that Agreement

Contact: Bob Glenn 787-3709

Bureau of Contract Administration & Business Development

*  The Pennsylvania Minority and Women Business Enterprise Office

Contact: Gary Lee 783-3119

Bureau of Supplies and Surplus Operations

*  Drug Reduction Property Program

*  State Surplus Property Program

*  Federal Surplus Property Program

Contact: Ronald Wolf 787-5940

Executive Office

*  Doing Business With the Department of General Services

*  Community Work Experience Program

*  Student Internship

*  Group Life Insurance Program


*  Training

*  Employe Recognition Programs

Labor Relations

*  Employee Grievances

*  Health and Welfare Trust Funds

*  Driver's License Suspension/Revocation Policy


*  Processing Premium Invoices--Net of Commissions

Contact: Samatha Elliot 787-3197


Departmental Procedures (By Category)

Administrative Management

*  Office Copying Machines

*  Requesting Publication of Advertisement

*  Reproduction/Duplicating

*  Signature Authorization

*  Providing Public Notices of Agency Meetings

*  Requesting Computer Services

*  Request/Authorization of User Access

*  Requesting Personal Computers

*  Dept. of General Services Management Bulletin

*  Service of Legal Documents upon Department Employees

Publications Management

*  Processing Subscriptions and Sales of Pennsylvania Code

*  Book Store Operations

*  Processing Department Publications

Records Management

*  Establishing a Records Management Program

*  Transfer of Records to the State Records Center

*  Destruction of Records

Forms Management

*  Establishing a Forms Control File

*  Creating, Revising or Deleting a Form

Organization and Functions

*  Organization and Functions

*  Executive Offices

*  Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management

*  Deputy Secretary for Procurement

*  Bureau of Vehicle Management

*  Bureau of Telecommunications and Information Technology Services

*  Bureau of Purchases

*  Bureau of Supplies and Surplus Operations

*  Deputy Secretary for Central Services

*  Bureau of Police and Safety

*  Bureau of Buildings and Grounds

*  Bureau of Space and Facilities Management

*  Bureau of Real Estate

*  Deputy Secretary for Administration

*  Contract Administration and Business Development

*  Fiscal Management Unit

*  Bureau of Management Services

*  Bureau of Publications and Paperwork Management

*  Bureau of Personnel

*  Commonwealth Media Services

*  Deputy Secretary for Public Works

*  Bureau of Engineering and Architecture

*  Bureau of Technical Support

*  Bureau of Construction

*  State Art Commission


*  Time and Attendance Reporting

*  Partial and Full Day Closings of District Offices and Field Offices

*  Disciplinary Actions

*  Employee Leave

*  Childbirth Leave

*  Position Vacancies (Processing, Announcing, and Filling Vacancies)

*  Employee Conduct and Behavior (Powers and Duties of the Capitol Police)

*  Standards of Conduct and Behavior

*  Performance Standards

*  State Employee Assistance Program

*  Employee Performance Evaluations

*  Position Classification

*  Approval for Overtime Compensation

*  Employee Arrests

*  Restricted Activities; Supplementary Employment and Honoraria

*  Exit Interview Program

*  Rapid Promotion Examinations

*  Classified Service Promotion Without Examination

*  Working Out of Classification

*  Statement of Financial Interests--State Ethics Act

*  Statement of Financial Interests--Governors Code of Conduct

*  Work Schedule Changes due to Use of Public Transportation or Car Pooling

*  Worker's Compensation Insurance and Work-Related Disability Leave Programs

*  Identification, Employment and Character Verification Checks

*  Unemployment Compensation Insurance

*  Processing Premium Invoices--Net of Commissions (Bonds)


*  Office Equipment Repair Services

Surplus Property

*  Numbering Sales of Surplus Property

*  Competitive Bid Sales of Surplus State Property

*  Notification of Availability of Surplus/Unserviceable Property

*  Receipting Processing Debit Memorandums

*  Adjustment of Inventory Balances


*  Service Purchase Contracts

*  Emergency Purchases--Commodities Not Exceeding $50.00

*  Preparation and Processing of form STD-173, Purchase Requisition

*  Preparation and Processing form STD-182, Field Limited Purchase Order

*  Confirmation Purchases, Using form STD-182, Field Limited Purchase Order

*  Processing form STD-174, Supplies and Forms Encumbrance

*  Processing form STD-182, Field Limited Purchase Order (Fund 38-Capitol Facilities Fund)

*  Processing form STD-173, Purchase Requisition (Fund 38-Capitol Facilities Fund)

*  Acquisition of Equipment (Rented/Leased with Purchase Option or Purchased)

Contract Compliance

*  Pre-Qualification of Vendors

*  Pre-Qualification of Contractors


*  Approvals for Acquisition and Use of Hotel and Transportation Orders or

*  Reimbursement for Lodging and/or Travel by Common Carrier

*  Per Diem/Mileage Allowance--Field Personnel

Personal Property

*  Manual for Personal Property Control

*  Commonwealth Owned Personal Property Subject to Inspection

Real Property

*  Leasing Real Estate for Commonwealth Use

*  Sale of Commonwealth Owned Property

Space and Facilities Management

*  Rules and Regulations--Commonwealth Parking


*  Cellular telephone service

Emergency and Disaster

*  Committee for Emergency Management (DGS)

*  Emergency/Disaster Procedures (General)

*  Emergency/Disaster Procedures--Bureau of Management Services

*  Emergency/Disaster Procedures--Bureau of Personnel


*  Rules and Regulations

*  Ticket Processing Procedure

*  Jurisdictional Boundaries

Fire and Safety

*  Departmental Accident Prevention Program

*  Department Safety Award

Financial Management

*  Budget Preparation and Control


*  Internal Audits

Mail and Messenger

*  Processing Mail to Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Floors, North Office Building

*  Processing Bureau of Purchases Mail

*  Receipt and Delivery of Bids

*  Delivery of Mail to 22nd and Forster Streets

*  Processing (Daily) Mail for Pittsburgh

*  Processing Mail for Offices Located at 18th and Herr Streets

*  Processing (Daily) Mail for Philadelphia

*  Processing Mail to Comptroller's Office--Post Office--Harristown--17th Street

*  Mailing of Bid Requests


*  DGS Employe Identification Program

Contact: Brenda Bowman 783-1163



Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs

*  Confidentiality and Student Assistance Programs, January 1992.

*  Disclosure of Confidential Information to the Criminal Justice System, October 1992.

*  Oral Polio Vaccine, December 1991.

*  Provision of Outpatient Treatment Services Within the School Setting, November 1994.

*  Reporting of Communicable Diseases, December 1992.

*  Requests for Exceptions to Regulations and Requirements in State Plan.

*  Single County Authorities Subcontracts with Providers, January, 1997.

*  Tuberculosis Testing, September 1992.

Contact: Hector Gonzales (717) 783-8200

Bureau of Health Planning

*  State Health Services Plan

Contact: Lewis H. Wolkoff (717) 783-1410

Bureau of Managed Care

*  Statement of Policy: Approval of Provider Contracting Arrangements Between HMOs, PHOs and IDs

*  Statement of Policy: Health Maintenance Organizations and Preferred Provider Organizations

Contact: Tom Chepel (717) 787-5193


Bureau of Community Health Systems

*  Bathing Place Manual, Part I: Swimming Pools

*  Bathing Place Manual, Part II: Bathing Beaches

*  Bathing Place Manual, Part III: Hot Tubs and Spas

Contact: Helen Burns, Ph.D. (717) 787-4366

Bureau of Community Program Licensure and Certification

*  Free Standing Treatment Facility Guidelines

*  Health Care Treatment Facility Guidelines

*  Inpatient Hospital Activities Detoxification, Treatment and Rehabilitation Activity Guidelines

*  Prevention and Intervention Facility Guidelines

Contact: Cheryl Williams (717) 783-8765

Emergency Medical Services Office

*  Air Ambulance Licensure Program Manual for Air Ambulance Services--Rotorcraft

*  Ambulance Licensure Program Manual for Basic and Advanced Life Support Units

*  EMS Complaint Investigation Manual

*  EMS Continuing Education Manual

*  EMS Training Manual

*  Emergency Medical Services Study Guide (Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support)

*  Medical Command Accreditation Manual

*  Medical Command Course

*  Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Services Continuing Education Handbook for Prehospital EMS Personnel

*  Prehospital Care Personnel Manual

*  Quick Response Services Recognition Program

*  Trauma Patient Triage Protocols

Contact: Margaret E. Trimble (717) 787-8740

Bureau of Family Health

*  Case Management and Tracking Protocol for Community Health Nurses, including Protocols for Early Intervention Referrals, August 1995 revision.

*  Pennsylvania Lead Lab Data Management System (PALL).
Blood Lead Level Reporting Manual--November 1997.

Contact: Kim Strizzi (717) 787-7192

Bureau of Health Planning

*  Primary Health Care Practitioner Loan Repayment Program [updated 3/97]

*  Loan Forgiveness for Primary Care Practitioners

*  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Appalachian Regional Commission J-1 Visa Waiver Application Procedure [updated 4/97]

*  J-1 Visa Waiver Program Appalachian Regional Commission Fact Sheet--[updated 4/97]

*  State 20 J-1 Visa Waiver Program Application Policy and Procedure--[updated 4/97]

*  State 20 J-1 Visa Waiver Program Fact Sheet --[updated 4/97]

*  Guidelines for Federally-Designated Primary Care Health Professional Shortage Area

*  Guidelines for Federally-Designated Mental Health Professional Shortage Area

*  Guidelines for Federally-Designated Dental Health Professional Shortage Area

*  Guidelines for Federally-Designated Medically-Underserved Shortage Area

*  Cardiac Catheterization Instructions

Contact: Leslie Best (717) 772-5298

Bureau of Health Statistics and Research:

*  Application for Access to Protected Data, revised November 1995

*  User's Guide for Access to Protected Data, revised November 1995

Contact: Craig Edelman (717) 783-2548


Bureau of Health Statistics and Research

*  Policy and Procedures for Assisted Conception Birth Registrations, September 1995.

Contact: Donna Ritchey (412) 656-3287


Bureau of Community Program Licensure and Certification

*  Complaint Investigations, Licensing Alert 2-96, April 19, 1996.

*  Distinction between Outpatient and partial hospitalization services, Licensing Alert 3-97, March 97.

*  Group Counseling, Licensing Alert 2-94, November 29, 1994.

*  Licensed Capacity, Licensing Alert 1-94, November 29, 1994.

*  Minimum Content Requirements for Pennsylvania Department of Health Approved Curriculum for Tuberculosis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Licensing Alert 6-97, June, 1997.

*  Minimum Content Requirements for Pennsylvania Department of Health Approved HIV/AIDS Curriculum, Licensing alert 1-97, February, 1997.

*  Physical Examinations, Licensing Alert 1-96, April 19, 1996.

*  Psychosocial Histories, Licensing Alert 4-96, April 19, 1996.

*  Relocation, Licensing Alert 3-94, November 29, 1994.

*  Reporting of Unusual Incidents, Licensing Alert 5-97, May, 1997.

*  Request for Exceptions to Regulations, Licensing Alert 4-97, March, 1997.

*  Rescheduling of LAAM, Licensing Alert 2-98, January, 1998.

*  Rescission of Shelter, Drop-in and Hot-line Regulations, Licensing Alert 1-98, January, 1998.

*  Restrictions on Licenses/Certificates of Compliance/Approval, Licensing Alert 2-97, February, 1997.

*  Scheduling of Licensing Inspections, Licensing Alert 3-96, April 19, 1996.

*  Unannounced Visits, Licensing Alert 5-96, April 19, 1996.

Contact: Cheryl Williams (717) 783-8765

*  Abortion Control Act (footnoted)

*  Ambulatory Gynecological Surgery in Hospitals and Clinics Regulations (footnoted)

*  Transfer Agreement vs. Policy and Procedure for Routine Emergency Services as a Requirement for Abortion

Contact: Robert Bastian (717) 783-1379

Division of Home Health

*  New Licensure Application Directives

Contact: Robert Bastian (717) 783-1379

Emergency Medical Services Office

*  Prehospital Care Response Report

*  State Emergency Medical Services System Development Plan

Contact: Margaret E. Trimble (717) 787-8740

Bureau of Facility Licensure and Certification (Long Term Care Provider Bulletins)

*  Long Term Care Provider Bulletin No. 22, July 1, 1991, revised June 1995.

*  Medicare Certification Letter (May 1988)

*  Licensure Guidelines (September 1988)

*  Criteria for Exceptions to State Regulation 211.12(7)(I) Staffing (December 1988)

*  Influenza in Nursing Homes (February 1989)

*  Licensure Guidelines--Pennsylvania Long Term Care Regulation 201.18(j)(2) Patient Funds (April 1989)

*  Heavy Care/ICF Services (April 1989)

*  Influenza and TB Control (November 1989)

*  L-tryptophan (LT) Update (January 1990)

*  Deficiencies at Exit Conference (February 1990)

*  Draft of Proposed Resident Rights Provision Long Term Care Regulation 201.29 (June 1990)

*  HSQR Letter-Sarrassat and Sullivan Long Term Care Survey Modifications (June 1990)

*  Physician's Participation in Resident Care Planning (July 1990)

*  Nurse Aide Registry (July 1990)

*  Salmonella Enteritidis-Guidelines for Eggs (July 1990)

*  Exception Regulation 211.9. 211.1 Pharmacy and Infection Control Committee Composition and Functions (July 1990) and Functions (July 1990)

*  MRSA Guidelines (August 1990)

*  HSQ Letter Regarding Admission/Discharge/Transfer (September 1990)

*  Transmission of Physicians Orders by Fax (November 1990)

*  Resident Assessment State Designated Instrument (effective January 31, 1991) (December 1990)

*  Sarrassat/Sullivan-Medicare Billing Notice and Billing Requirements (March 1991)

*  Admission/Treatment of AIDS, AIDS Related Conditions (May 1991)

*  Resident Assessment/Plan of Care Requirements for State Licensure (June 1991)

*  Nurse Aide-Enrollment Information (July 1991)

*  Use of Geri Chair-Conflict in State and Federal Regulations (October 1991)

*  Visiting Hours-State Regulations in Conflict-OBRA (October 1991)

*  Resident Assessment-HSQR Letter Regarding Documentation Requirements HCFA (November 1991)

*  Potential Hazards of Restraint Devices-FDA Alert (January 1992)

*  Nurse Aide Registry Update (March 1992)

*  Resident Assessment-HSQR Letter Clarification of Assessment Requirements and Use of Section II Background Information (April 1992)

*  Training of Companions/Sitters in T18 or 19 Facilities (April 1992)

*  Advisory Bulletin Regarding Accidental Ingestion of Ceramic Glazes (July 1992)

*  Sclavo TB Testing Products (October 1992)

*  Adjustment of Licensure Fees (January 1993)

*  Disposition of Patient Medications (April 1993)

*  Advance Directives for Health Care/Durable Power of Attorney/Do Not Resuscitate Orders (May 1993)

*  Exception/Waiver Requests (June 1993)

*  Federal Clarification of RAI Issues-Amended (August 1993)

*  MDS PA Supplement Data Transmission Confidentiality (August 1993)

*  Potential Hazard of Unrefrigerated Garlic, Spice-in-oil Mixes (September 1993)

*  Incident/Accident Reporting Procedures (December 1993)

*  Taping of Exit Conference (January 1994)

*  Precautions for Excessive Temperatures (June 1994)

*  Informal Dispute Resolution (September 1995)

*  Minimum Data Set (MDS)-How to Count Assessment Days

*  Ban on Use of Egg Breaking Centrifuges

*  Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry on Worldwide Web

*  Surety Bond Requirements--Clarification of ''Obligee''

*  Department Access to Records at Nursing Homes Pursuant to 35 P. S. § 448.813

Contact: William A. Bordner (717) 787-1816

*  Notice of Intent to Apply Uniform Standard to Both Skilled and Intermediate Care Patients in Long Term Care Facilities (Nursing Hours)

Contact: William A. Bordner (717) 787-1816

Division of Acute and Ambulatory Care

*  Inpatient Care in Outpatient Settings

*  Guidelines to Determine the Issuance of Separate or Multiple Hospital License(s) Immediate Presence

*  Ninety-day Advance Notice Requirement for Changes in Ownership, Structure or Name

*  Resident Choice of Pharmacy Provider

*  Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE) Recommendations

Contact: William A. Bordner (717) 787-1816

Bureau of Family Health

*  Screening Young Child For Lead Poisoning: Guidance for State and Local Public Health Officials, Statement by the Centers for Disease Control--November 1997 (federal guidelines adopted by PA).

*  Application for Chronic Renal Disease Transportation Services.

*  Application for Services (Division of Special Health Care Programs-Form #HD1072F and Guidelines for Completion.

Contact: Kim Strizzi (717) 787-7192

Bureau of Health Statistics and Research

*  Application for Certified Copy of Birth or Death Record, Form H105.102.

*  Applying for a Birth Certificate, Form H302.145P.

*  Searching Your Family Tree, Form H105.182P

*  Publication Request Form

Contact: Donna Ritchey (412) 656-3287

(except Publication Request Form, contact Donna Livering (717) 783-2548)

Bureau of Laboratories

*  Submission of Rabies Specimens

*  General Specimen Submission

*  Compliance with Shipping of Diagnostic Specimen/Etiologic Agent

*  Laboratory Accident/Disinfection/Cleanup

*  Quality Assurance Compliance

Contact: Richard E. Berman (610) 363-8500

*  Postmortem Blood Testing on Motor Vehicle Accident Victims--Specimen Submittal Requirements

*  Blood Lead Analysis--Specimen Submittal Requirements

*  Environmental Lead Analysis--Specimen Submittal Requirements

*  Neonatal Testing for Genetic Disorders--Specimen Submittal Requirements

Contact: M. Jeffrey Shoemaker, Ph.D. (610) 363-8500

*  Application Procedure

*  Complaint Handling Procedure

*  Glucose/Cholesterol Screening Procedure

*  Multiphasic Screening Procedure

*  Out-of-State Laboratory Licensure/Certification Procedure

*  Physicians' Office Policy

*  Nursing Home Policy

*  Proficiency Testing Evacuation Procedure

Contact: Joseph Gasiewski (610) 363-8500

Bureau of Managed Care

*  Requirements Regarding Prior Approval of Special Delivery Systems to Serve MA Recipients

*  Service Area Expansion Guidelines

*  Technical Advisory 1996-1: Criteria for HMO Approval of Special Needs Members Selection of a Specialist as Their Primary Care Physician-Health Choices Program

*  HMO Technical Assistance Advisory 95-1: Exemption Request for CRNPs to Serve as Primary Care Providers

*  Guidelines and Technical Advice to HMO Applicants Regarding Provider Contracts

*  Guidelines and Technical Advice to HMO Applicants Regarding Member Grievance Procedures

*  Guidelines and Technical Advice to HMO Applicants Regarding Quality Assurance Program Standards

*  Guidelines and Technical Advice Regarding Credentialing Systems

Contact: Debra Cohen (717) 787-5193

Deputy Secretary for Public Health Programs

*  Abortion: Making a Decision

*  Directory of Services

Contact: (717) 783-5900

*  WIC State Plan of Operations

Contact: Frank Maisano (717) 783-1289



Executive Office

Insurance Department Notices

No. Date Description
08/28/86 Ceding Credit Life/Accident and Health Insurance to Insurers Owned by Agents, Brokers or Creditors
06/16/87 Ceding Credit Life/Accident and Health Insurance to a Single Producer Owned Captive Reinsurer
93-19 11/19/93 21 PA Code, Chapter 25, Rules and Procedural Requirements for Insurance Holding Company Systems
94-1 3/1/94 Guidelines for Record Retention
94-11 10/3/94 General Account Modified Guaranteed Annuity
94-12 10/3/94 Separate Account Modified Guaranteed Annuity
94-13 10/3/94 General Account Modified Guaranteed Life Insurance
94-14 10/3/94 Separate Account Modified Guaranteed Life Insurance
94-15 10/3/94 Nonforfeiture and Valuation Statutory Interest Rates
94-18 11/15/94 Guidelines for Record Retention
95-1 1/11/95 Valuation Standards for Life and Health and Accident Insurance
95-7 7/19/95 Modification of Contract for Use when an Annuity Premium Tax is not Applicable
95-9 8/23/95 Deregulation of Commercial Lines Property and Casualty Forms
96-1 3/20/96 Deregulation of Accident and Health Forms
96-3 4/1/96 Calculation of Maximum Interest Rate Chargeable by Insurance Premium Finance Companies
96-13 8/24/96 Deregulation of Life Insurance Forms
96-1912/23/96 Surplus Lines Advisory Organization
97-1 2/1/97 Flood Insurance
4/12/97 Deregulation of Accident and Health Forms
6/28/97 Deregulation of Accident and Health Forms
97-03 8/9/97 Mutual to Stock Notices
97-04 9/20/97 Notice to Med Mal Insurance Carriers
98-01 2/7/98 Continuing Education Advisory Board Guidelines and 1998 Continuing Education Advisory Board Members
98-02 6/20/98 Repeal of Outdated Notices
6/28/98 Per Diem Charges for Financial Examinations
98-03 6/28/98 Per Diem Charges for Market Conduct Examinations of Insurance Companies

Statements of Policy

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 38, Sections 38.1-38.65, Procedures for State and Nationally Chartered Banking Institutions Selling Annuities and Life Insurance. Adopted 12/3/96.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 67, Sections 67.41-67.45 and Appendix A, Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, Subchapter D. Adopted 5/19/89.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 68, Sections 68.101-68.113, Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, Subchapter B. Forms. Adopted 4/20/90.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 68, Sections 68.201-68.206, Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, Subchapter C. Rate and Rule Filing. Adopted 4/20/90.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 68, Sections 68.401-68.402, Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, Subchapter E. Anti-Fraud Provisions. Adopted 4/20/90.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 68, Sections 68.601-68.604 and App. A and B, Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, Subchapter F. Filing Guidelines for July 1, 1991 through June 30, 1992 Rates; Disclosure of Premium Charges and Tort Options. Adopted 5/10/91.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 83, Sections 83.1-83.57 and App. A and B, Disclosures in Solicitation of Life Insurance. Adopted 4/5/74.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 89, Sections 89.451-89.474, Approval of Life, Accident and Health Insurance. Subchapter H. Statements of Policy. Adopted 2/5/82.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 90c, Sections 90c.1-90c.25, Individual Applications. Adopted 1/18/91.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 90d, Sections 90d.1-90d.9, Individual Accidental Death Benefits; Provided by Riders or Built into Policies. Adopted 1/18/91.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 90e, Sections 90e.1-90e.13, Individual IRA Endorsements for Life Insurance and Annuities. Adopted 1/18/91.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 90f, Sections 90f.1-90f.16, Individual Imminent Death/Lifetime Health Care Facility Confinement Benefits Provided as Accelerated Death Benefit or Settlements of Death Benefit; Provided by Riders or Built into Policies. Adopted 1/18/91.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 90g, Sections 90g.1-90g.16, Individual Health Care Facility Benefits Provided as Accelerated Death Benefit or Settlement of Death Benefit; Provided by Riders or Built into Policies. Adopted 1/18/91.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 90h, Sections 90h.1-90h.11, Individual Waiver of Surrender Charges for Life and Annuity Contracts Resulting From Health Care Facility Usage; Provided by Riders or Built into Policies. Adopted 1/18/91.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 90i, Sections 90i.1-90i.3, Certificates of Assumption. Adopted 3/5/93.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 119, Sections 119.1-119.26, Anti-Fraud. Adopted 8/27/93.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 120, Sections 120.1-120.5, Loss Cost Adjustment Filing. Adopted 8/27/93.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 150, Sections 150.1-150.5, Uniform Health Insurance Claim Form. Adopted 7/2/93.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 152, Sections 152.101-152.105, Preferred Provider Organizations, Primary Care Gatekeeper PPO Products. Adopted 9/27/91.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 153, Section 153.2, Permission to file accident and health, life and annuity insert pages. Adopted 10/19/90.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 153, Section 153.3, Simplified review of company merger, assumption or name change form and rate filing. Adopted 6/28/91.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 301, Sections 301.201-301.204, Health Maintenance Organization, Subchapter H. Point-of-Service Products Group Specific Community Rating. Adopted 9/27/91.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 301, Sections 301.301-301.321, Health Maintenance Organization, Subchapter I. Contractual Arrangements Between HMOs and IDSs. Adopted 4/5/96.

*  31 Pa. Code, Chapter 303, Section 303.1, Out-of-State Health Maintenance Organization Investments. Adopted 3/25/88.

Contact: Peter J. Salvatore, Regulatory Coordinator, 7l7-787-4429; fax 7l7-705-3873


Office of Special Projects

Regulatory Procedures Manual

Internal procedures regarding drafting of regulations

Contact: Peter J. Salvatore, Regulatory Coordinator, 7l7-787-4429; fax 7l7-705-3873

Bureau of Administrative Hearings

Act 78 Automobile Digest
Insurance Commissioner Decisions on Automobile Insurance Administrative Hearings

Act 205 Homeowners Digest
Insurance Commissioner Decisions on Homeowners Insurance Administrative Hearings

Act 143 Agency Digest
Administrative Hearing Officer Decisions on Insurance Agency Administrative Hearings

Contact: James Johnson, Chief Hearing Officer, 7l7-783-2126; fax 7l7-787-8781

Bureau of Administration

Public Documents Room Procedures

Contact: Tracey Pontius, Director, Bureau of Administration, 7l7-787-4298; fax 7l7-7831059



Bureau of Labor Law Compliance, Apprenticeship and Training

*  Apprenticeship and Training Council Policy Manual

Contact: Robert E. Moore (717-787-4763)

Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety

*  Universal Accessibility Interpretation
1)  April 3, 1995
2)  April 24, 1995
3)  February 29, 1996

Contact: James S. Varhola (717-787-3329)

Bureau of Workers' Compensation

*  Health and Safety--Statement of Policy (Pa. Bulletin Vol. 25, No. 37; September 16, 1995)

Contact: Len Negley (717-772-1917)


Bureau of PENNSAFE

*  Workplace Safety Committees Technical Assistance Manual

*  Tier II Chemical Inventory Reporting Requirement and Fee Instructions; Facility Reporting Requirements.

*  Title III List of Lists (Consolidated List of Chemicals Subject to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know-Act [EPCPA] and Section 112[r] of the Clean Air Act, as amended)

*  Hazardous Substance Survey Form--Compliance Materials for Public Sector Employees

*  Hazardous Substance Survey Form--Employer Information Packet (Private Sector)

*  Leader's Guide for Right to Know Training Program

*  Right to Know Training Guidelines for Public Sector Employees

*  Workbook for Public Sector Employees in Providing Right to Know Training

Contact: Tom Ward, Jr. (717-783-1826)

Bureau of Workers' Compensation

*  Guidelines for Workplace Safety Committees and Accident and Illness Prevention Programs in Pennsylvania

*  Safety Pays: Workplace Safety Committee Incentive Program (Pamphlet)

*  Application and Instructions for Certification of Workplace Safety Committee

*  ''Workers' Compensation and the Injured Worker'' Brochure

Contact: Bryan Mahoney (717-783-5421)

*  Application and Summary of Requirements for Self-insurance

*  Instructions Accompanying Application to Have a Letter or Surety Bond Executed

*  Guidelines for Individual Self Insurance Actuarial Evaluations

*  Guidelines for Group Self Insurance Actuarial Evaluations

*  Application to Renew Self Insurance Status under the Workers' Compensation Act and the Pennsylvania Occupational Disease Act

*  Application to Initiate Self Insurance Status under the Workers' Compensation Act and the Pennsylvania Occupational Disease Act

*  Addendum to Application for Self Insurance Status Notice of Affiliates' Initial Inclusion in a Consolidated Program

*  Addendum to Application for Self Insurance Status Notice of Affiliates' Renewal in a Consolidated Program

*  Employer's Guide to Self-Insuring Workers' Compensation

Contact: George Knehr (717-783-4476)

*  Application and Instructions for Executive Officer and Religious Exceptions to the Workers' Compensation Act

*  Employer Information

Contact: Tom Kutz (717-787-3567)

*  Procedures for Completing an Application for Fee Review

Contact: Linda Hoffman-Zarlenga (717-787-3486)

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation--Bureau of Program Operations

*  Pennsylvania OVR Counselor Policy Manual

Contact: Roger Barton (717-772-3511)

Prevailing Wage Division

*  Pennsylvania Construction Wage Survey (Instruction booklet)

Contact: Robert E. Moore (717-787-4763)




Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety

The following interpretation and clarification is being issued to supplement the language contained in Pennsylvania's Universal Accessibility Act and Regulations. This interpretation applies to Pennsylvania Law and may not affect the way the Federal Department of Justice enforces the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

Projection booths within theaters used exclusively for the projection of film and incidental storage shall be considered a ''Special Purpose Space'' allowed under Section 1.4|Pc of Act 235.

This interpretation is subject to any additional regulations published by the Federal Department of Justice concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act and any legal interpretation issued on these matters.

Bureau of Labor Law Compliance


*  Summary of Wage Payment and Collection Law

*  Equal Pay Law

*  Minimum Wage Act Poster and Fact Summary

*  Abstract of Child Labor Law

*  Employment of Minors as Ambulance Attendants/Junior Firefighters

Contact: Robert E. Moore (717-787-4763)

Bureau of PENNSAFE

*  Compliance Checklist for Public Sector Employees

*  Occupational Exposure to Lead--Employer Fact Sheet

*  Employee Workplace Notice--Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right to Know Program

*  Community and Emergency Response Booklet (IUP)

*  ''Is Your Patient a Lead Exposed Worker?'' (Brochure for Health Care Providers)

*  ''After the Inspection: What Happens Next?'' (Pamphlet)

Contact: Tom Ward, Jr. (717-783-1826)

Bureau of Labor Law Compliance

*  Prevailing Wage Poster

Contact: Robert E. Moore (717-787-4763)

Bureau of Workers' Compensation

*  News & Notes (A Bureau of Workers' Compensation Public Newsletter)

*  Employer's Guide to Workers' Compensation Insurance in Pennsylvania (A folder which includes: An Employer's Overview, A Guide to Loss Cost Multipliers, A Guide to Classification Codes and other workers' compensation information of interest to employers.)

*  Bureau of Workers' Compensation Annual Report

Contact: Bryan Mahoney (717-783-5421)

*  Workplace Illnesses & Injuries Report (Annual Statistical Publication)

Contact: Terry Titus (717-787-3361)

Bureau of Unemployment Compensation Benefits and Allowances

*  UCP-1

*  UCP-1(SC)

*  UCP-1 (Insert)

*  UCP-3

*  UCP-3 (Insert)

*  UCP-6

*  UCP-8

*  UCP-9

*  UCP-10

*  UCP-11

*  UCP-16

*  UCP-18

*  UCP-19

*  UCP-20

*  UCP-22

*  UCP-23

*  UCP-24

*  UCP-27 (Cert)

*  UCP-28

*  UCP-28 (Insert)

*  UCP-28Z

*  PREP-1

*  DUA-5

*  BAM-12

*  BAM-13

*  ES-1938/1938A

*  UC-87Z

*  UC-89

*  UC-191/UC-334 (POS)

*  UC-360

*  UC-1627

*  ES-2762

*  ETA-8560

*  ETA-9042

*  UCP-7

*  UCP-25

*  PA-100

*  (Unnumbered Informational Flyer) Information for employers regarding Employees or Independent Contractor

Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Handbook
Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Handbook for individuals filing through pilot UC Service Centers
How to Figure Your Weekly Benefit Rate
Unemployment Compensation Information for Contributing Employers
Pennsylvania UC Tax Information
Unemployment Compensation for Federal Civilian Employes
State Unemployment Compensation and Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plans
Unemployment Compensation Shareable Regular Extended Benefits Program
Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Servicepersons
Assistance for Workers Under the Trade Act of 1974
Unemployment Compensation Information for Reimbursable Employers
Unemployment Compensation Appeals Information
Unemployment Compensation in Pennsylvania
Eligibility Review Program--Information and Instruction for Claimants
Relief from Charges for Contributory Employes
Credit Weeks
Child Support Withholding from Unemployment Compensation
Transitional Adjustment Assistance Benefits
Services Provided By Pennsylvania Teleclaims (PAT)
Pennsylvania Teleclaims (PAT) Telephone Numbers
Services Provided By Pennsylvania Teleclaims (PAT) For Interstate Claimants
Profile Re-Employment Program
Disaster Unemployment Assistance
Benefit Accuracy Measurement Program Information for Unemployment Insurance Claimants
Benefit Accuracy Measurement Program Information for Employers
Trade Adjustment Assistance Benefits (including NAFTA TAA)
How to File Pennsylvania Interstate Claims on the Internet System
Instructions for Filing Claims by Mail
Letter. Request for Restitution Agreement of Restitution/Some Good Reasons to Pay Now
Claim Confirmation Letter
Important! (Translation Notice)
Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation and the Rights of Employers
Trade Adjustment Assistance
North American Free Trade Agreement
Contact: Pete Cope (717) 787-3547
Bureau of Employer Tax Operations
Information For Employers--The Problem of ''Localized'' and Nonlocalized'' Employment
Employe Contributions
Pennsylvania Combined Registration Forms and Instructions
Contact: Laura Reohr (717) 787-2097

Office of Equal Opportunity

*  Equal Opportunity is the Law Poster (English and Spanish)

Contact: Stella Spells (717-787-1767)



*  ADA policy statement

*  HIV/AIDS policy statement

*  Sexual harassment policy

*  Substance abuse in the workplace policy

*  Discrimination complaint policy and procedures

Contact: Linda Leese (717) 861-8849

*  Equal Opportunity Statement

Contact: John Cutler (717) 861-8796

*  Emergency fire evacuation plan

*  Operation of clubs within National Guard facilities

*  Privately owned weapons on National Guard facilities

*  Smoking policy

Contact: Linda Leese (717) 861-8849

*  Emergency fire evacuation plan, veterans' homes

Contact: John Patten (717) 861-8903

*  Public affairs airlift policy

Contact: Colonel Wright (717) 861-8825

*  Resident abuse policy and procedures

*  Staff/resident fraternization policy, Veterans' homes

Contact: John Patten (717) 861-8903

*  Use of state armories and fundraising on state/federal properties

Contact: LTC Rusnic (717) 861-8580


*  Adherence to work hours/wear of military uniform

*  Bomb threat plan--DMVA contains classified information.

*  Curtailment of activities at FTIG due to inclement weather.

*  Photo ID cards for state civilian employees at FTIG

*  Retired guardsmen involvement

*  Notification of VIP visits to FIG and DMVA organizations

*  Work schedule

Contact: Linda Leese (717) 861-8849

*  Discrimination complaint process

Contact: John Cutler (717) 861-8796

*  Employee orientation checklist

*  Review of procedures for responding to PHRC/EEOC complaints

*  Sexual harassment: Your rights and responsibilities

*  Work rules/standards of conduct

Contact: Linda Leese (717) 861-8849


*  Personnel manual

*  DMVA guide to classification

*  Employee handbook

*  Guide to managing the official personnel folder

*  Leave manual for the DMVA

*  Employee safety handbook

*  DMVA guide for controlling sick leave abuse and time and attendance problems

*  PA worker and community right to know training booklet

*  Training guidelines manual

*  Work-related disability leave and modified light duty manual

Contact: Linda Leese (717) 861-8849

*  Equal Opportunity Plan

*  Contract compliance plan for DMVA

*  DMVA workforce profile 1996

*  Training Plan and Report

Contact: John Cutler (717) 861-8796

*  Organizational and functional statement for the DMVA

*  Index of administrative publications (contains classified information) Pamphlet 310-1

*  Military publications index of blank forms (contains classified information) Pamphlet 25-32

Contact: Linda Leese (717) 861-8849

*  Patient care policy manual, Veterans' Homes

*  State home construction grant program

*  Veterans Administration guidelines for state Veterans' Homes

Contact: John Patten (717) 861-8903

*  Adjutant General's biennial report

Contact: John P. Maietta (717) 861-8720

*  Directory of agencies providing information to veterans

*  PA Veterans' Memorial

*  Telephone director for Veterans organizations

*  Scotland Schools admission packet

Contact: John Patten (717) 861-8903

*  Hollidaysburg Veterans Home

*  Southwestern PA Veterans Center

Contact: John Patten (717) 861-8903

*  Rules and regulations for control and use of armories of the Commonwealth of PA

Contact: LTC Rusnic (717) 861-8580

*  PA National Guard Americans at their best

*  PA Air National Guard fact sheet

*  PA Army National Guard fact sheet

*  PA Soldier's and Sailors' Home

*  Stationing the Guard--a PA National Guard economic impact report

Contact: LtCol Cleaver (717) 861-8468


*  Annual Report (1992-93)

*  Brochures:
--General Information on Board
--General Information on Parole Supervision
--SAVE (Substance Abuse Violators Effort)
--RSAT (Residential Substance Abuse Treatment)

Contact: Vicki J. Wilken 787-6208



*  Rental Housing Program; Title 16, Part I, Subpart H, Chapter 40, Subchapter A., Sections 40.11--40.25

Contact: William Koons 717-780-3882

*  Owner-Occupied Residential Housing Program; Title 16, Part I, Subpart H, Chapter 40, Subchapter A., Sections 40.101--40.105

*  Programs Generally; Title 16, Part I, Subpart H, Chapter 40, Subchapter A., Sections 40.111--40.117

Contact: Donald Plunkett 717-780-3871

*  Policy Statement on Homeowner's Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program; Title 16, Part I, Subpart H, Chapter 40, Subchapter B., Section 40.201

Contact: Daryl Rotz 717-780-3922


Development Division

*  PHFA 1998 Multifamily Housing Loan Application Package and Guidelines

(contains PennHOMES and Tax Credit Guidelines)

*  PHFA/City of Philadelphia Partnership Program (Bridge Loan Program)

*  PHFA Preprocessing Manual for Projects with Agency Federal HOME Funds

*  PHFA Preprocessing Manual for Projects with Agency Reserve Funds

Contact: Bill Koons 717-780-3882

*  PHFA Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program Guide

*  PHFA Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program Allocation Plan (published annually)

Contact: Diane Brodbeck 717-780-3948

Technical Services Division

*  Architectural Submission Guide

*  Submission Guide for Small Projects

*  PHFA Preconstruction Meeting Guide

*  General Payout Procedures for Mortgagors & Contractors

Contact: Carolyn Heatherly 717-780-3860

Management Division

*  PHFA Policies, Procedures and Compliance Manual (PennHOMES Program)

*  PHFA Management Office Policies and Procedures Manual--Section 8 New Construction and Substantial Rehabilitation Programs

*  PHFA Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Compliance Manual

*  PHFA PennHOMES Financial Reporting Manual

Contact: Donna Farnham 717-780-3814

Single Family Housing Division

*  PHFA Seller's Guide

*  HOMESTEAD Program Guidelines

*  Individual On-Lot Sewage Disposal System Loan Program Guidelines

*  PHFA Servicing Manual

Contact: Donald Plunkett 717-780-3871


*  Homeowner's Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program Policies and Procedures

Contact: Daryl Rotz 717-780-3922

*  PHFA Board Minutes and Resolutions

*  PHFA Employee Manual

*  Bylaws of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

*  PHFA Right To Know Act Policy

Contact: Carrie Barnes 717-780-3846


*  PHFA Annual Reports

*  Inventory of Assisted Rental Housing

*  PHFA Statewide Homeownership Program Homebuyers Workbook

*  Report on the Use of Act 137--The County Affordable Housing Trust Fund Legislation

*  PHFA Possibilities (newsletter)

*  Pathway to Senior Activities (resource guide)

*  PHFA Service Connection (supportive services newsletter)

*  Answers to Common Questions About the Homeowner's Emergency Mortgage Assistance Loan Program (fact sheet)

*  PHFA Pamphlets:
-Programs of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
-Statewide Homeownership Program
-Lower Income Homeownership and Closing Cost Assistance Programs
-Questions & Answers about the Federal Recapture Tax
-Home Energy Efficiency and Home Buying
-Homeowner's Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program
-Supportive Services Program
-Tax Credit Program

Contact: Phil Friday 717-780-3915



Internal Guidelines:

*  Policy and Procedure for Application, Permit and Right of Way Deadlines and Application Retainage, A-1, September 21, 1992

*  Policy and Procedure for the Renegotiation of Financial Assistance Terms, A-5, August 20, 1991.

*  Policy and Procedure for Project Cost Increases, A-6, November 1, 1995

*  Policy and Procedure for Emergency Work Undertaken Without A Letter of No Prejudice, A-10, 1991.

*  Policy and Procedure for Funding Tap in Fees, A-11, February 14, 1995

*  Policy and Procedure for Force Account Work, A-12, May 24, 1993.

*  Policy and Procedure for Eligible Amount of Acquisition Cost, A-13, November 19,1992.

*  Policy and Procedure for Eligibility of Street Resurfacing Costs, A-14, November 19, 1992

*  Policy and Procedure for Project Costs and Loan Closings, B-1, August 20, 1991

*  Policy and Procedure for the Selection of Contractors By Borrowers, B-7, August 20, 1991.

*  Policy and Procedure for Establishment of Borrowers' Accounts, B-8, August 20, 1991.

*  Policy and Procedure for Commitment Acceptance and Closing Deadline, B-9, May 24, 1993

Contact: Elaine Keisling 717 783-4494

*  PENNVEST: Pennsylvania's Doorway to the Future, 1994.

*  On-Lot Sewage Disposal System for the Individual Homeowner Funding Program August, 1997.

*  A Water, Sewer and Stormwater Utility's Guide to Financial and Technical Assistance Program, May, 1997.

*  Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority Application, April, 1996.

*  PENNVEST Annual Report, November, 1996.

*  Liquid Assets/ Newsletter; July, 1997.

Contact: Lou Ann Buffington (717) 787-8138.


Public School Employes' Retirement System


*  Paying of Benefits when PSERS has been Notified of Pending or Completed Divorce Action

*  Purchase of Service Waiving of Payroll Deductions

*  Paying Death Benefits when Ex-Spouse is Last Named Beneficiary

*  Contested Death Benefits

*  Maternity Leave of Absence

*  Elimination of Frozen Present Value

*  Crediting Service For Lockouts

*  Method of Payment For Purchase of Service

*  Return to School Service for an Emergency Annuitant

*  Direct Rollover Limitations

*  Overpayments and Direct Rollovers

*  Alternate Retirement Dates and Termination Date

*  Special Retirement Incentive 30-Year Window

*  Inactive Interest

*  Employment and Income Restrictions for Disability Annuitants

*  Interpretation of Declaration of Intent to Retire Under Mellow

*  Multiple Service Election

*  Leaving Service Before Age 62 With Less Than Ten Years of Service

*  Converting Hours to Days

*  Crediting Purchases of Service during a Non-Qualifying Year

*  Definition of ''School Year''

*  Rate of Contribution

*  Paying Death Benefits and Collecting Overpayments from Deceased Members' Accounts

*  Activated Military Leave (Approved Military Leave of Absence)

*  Paying Death Benefits and Collecting Overpayments from Deceased Members' Accounts

*  Cadet Nurse Service

*  Birthday Rule for Determining Eligibility for Retirement Benefits

Contact: Frank Ryder (717) 720-4733


*  PSERS Member Handbook (Current Ed. 1995)

*  PSERS Retired Member Handbook (Current Ed. 1993)

*  PSERS Update

*  PSERS Videos:
-Working For Your Future
-A Foundation For Your Retirement
-Here When You Need Us
-Enjoying Your Retirement
-Making the Most of Your Retirement Dollars

*  PSERS Pamphlets:
-Let's Talk: About Leaving Employment
-Let's Talk: About Taxes on Your Retirement Account
-Let's Talk: About Disability Benefits
-Let's Talk: About Being Retired
-Let's Talk: About Your Retirement and Divorce
-Let's Talk: About Death Benefits
-Let's Talk: About Purchasing Credit for Service

*  PSERS Retirement Chalkboard (Active Members Newsletter)

*  PSERS Benefits Hotline (Retired Members Newsletter)

*  PSERS Reporting Unit Bulletin

*  Contact: Frank Ryder (717) 720-4733


*  PSERS Board of Trustees Adjudications

Act 1991-23 (''Mellow Bill'')
Change of Option
Cost of Living Increase
Credited Years of Service
Death Benefit
Effective Date of Retirement
Final Average Salary
Frozen Present Value
Forced Maternity Leave
Health Care Premium Assistance
Membership Eligibility
Merchant Marine
Multiple Service Credit
Payment of Interest
Pension Forfeiture
Purchase of Service
Retirement-Covered Compensation

Contact: Frank Ryder (717) 720-4733


*  PSERS Investment Policy

*  PSERS Board Minutes and Resolutions

*  Sample Domestic Relations Order and Instruction Memo

*  PSERS Employer Reference Manual

*  Board Bylaws

*  Board Election Guidelines

*  Asset Allocation Plan

*  Board Corporate Governance Voting Policy

*  PSERS Policy on Public Information

*  PSERS Business System Final Requirements Document

Contact: Frank Ryder (717) 720-4733


*  PSERS Annual Financial Report (Includes Mission Statement)

*  Actuarial Report (annual and 5 year)

*  Actuarial Tables and Computational Procedures, Pa. Bulletin, Vol. 27, No. 33, pp. 3726- 3739, July 26, 1997

*  Health Options Program Enrollment Package

Contact: Frank Ryder (717) 720-4733

Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System


*  Paying and Tracking Outside Bills and Assets Portability


*  PMRS Notes & News

*  PMRS Pamphlets:
-Plan Benefit Summary (individualized for each municipality)
-Evaluating Your Pension Plan
-Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System

*  Individual Municipality Plan Benefit Agreements

*  PMRS Procedures Manual (1984)


*  PMRS Board of Trustees Adjudications

-Death Benefit
-Pension Forfeitures
-Purchase of Service


*  PMRS Investment Guidelines and Proxy Voting

*  Investment Consultant Quarterly Reports

*  Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

*  Annual Report Summary

*  Actuarial Reports (Annual Evaluation and 5 year Experience Study Report)

*  Actuarial Tables

*  Sample Domestic Relations Order and Instruction Memo

*  PMRS Board Minutes and Resolutions

*  PMRS Policy on Public Information


(Editor's Note: Statements of Policy are in upper and lower case. Notices of Rule Change are in all capitals. Notices of Rule Change adopted more than 180 days before deposit are starred (*).)

Office of Income Maintenance--

Contact: Edward J. Zogby (717-787-4081)


Code Date Bulletin
YearCitation Subject Issued Number
*  1983 Ch. 166 Computation of CWEP Hrs. 10/25/83 166-83-57
Ch. 275 Postmark Date as the Recpt. Indicator for Appeals and for Requests for Reconsideration03/15/84275-84-10
*  1984 Ch. 297 Change in Reimbursement Policy for AFDC/SSI03/15/84 297-84-1
*  1985 Ch. 187 Definition of Child Born Out-of-Wedlock11/08/85 00-85-23(T)
*  1988 Ch. 100 Health Insurance Provisions for Single Point of Contact (SPOC)05/25/88 100-88-2
*  1989 Ch. 275 Instructions for Applying the Court Ruling in Juras vs. DPW06/30/89 275-89-1
*  1990 Ch. 183 Additions to/Deletions from a Budget Group01/08/90 183-90-01
Ch. 183 Cash Assistance Clarifications: Residence and Income12/28/90 183-90-05
*  1991 *CH. 289 EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE 07/05/91 0289-91-01
*  1994 *CH. 257 REVISIONS TO 55 PA. CODE CHAPTER 177 (RESOURCES) AND 257 (REIMBURSEMENT)06/24/94257-94-01


*  Cash Assistance Handbook

*  Food Stamp Handbook

*  Medical Assistance Eligibility Handbook

*  Nursing Care Handbook

*  Supplemental Handbook

*  Medicaid in Pennsylvania

*  Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program Final State Plan

*  Actions for Support

Office of Medical Assistance--Contact: Suzanne Love (717-787-1870)


Code Date Bulletin
Year Citation Subject Issued Number
*  1981 Ch. 1251 Clarification of M.A.
Bulletin # 22-80-01
Ch. 1121 Info. Concerning Claims Submitted as Compounded Prescriptions06/30/8219-82-02
*  1984 Ch. 1101 Third Party Resource and Copay 11/01/84 99-84-15
Ch. 1163 Physician Attestation 12/31/84 01-84-15
Statement 11-84-25
*  1985 Ch. 1141 Decision Concerning Prof. Component Billing01/25/85 01-85-01
Ch. 1141 Physician Assistant Use 04/22/85 01-85-05
Ch. 1245, 1163Ambulance Transportation 04/22/85 11-85-08
Ch. 1163 Psych. Inpatient Adm of Patients with D/A and Psychiatric Diagnoses05/31/85 13-85-04
Ch. 1101 Copayments/Guidelines/Exemption for Pregnancy & Ability to Pay10/17/85 99-85-12
Ch. 1153 Require. for Treatment 10/31/85 29-85-01
Plans & Doc. of Treatment 33-85-02
Ch. 1149 Clarification of Treatment Plan Requirements for Orthodontists02/11/86 03-86-1
Ch. 1163 Offset of Investment Income 02/21/86 11-86-04
Ch. 1151 12-86-02
*  1986 Ch. 1101.75
Policy Clarification 07/23/86 19-86-06
Ch. 1101 Policy Clarification Re: Provider's Signature09/19/86 99-86-06
Ch. 1101 Professional License No. 10/13/86 11-86-12
Ch. 1101 Preclusion of Convicted Persons, Not Providers, from Participation or Involvement in the MA Prg.10/24/8699-86-09
Ch. 1123 Durable Medical Equipment Warranties10/28/86 05-86-02
Ch. 1101 Records Maintenance and Avail. Requirements11/05/86 23-86-02
*  1987 Ch. 1101 Physicians' Response. Home Health Services01/12/87 01-87-01
Ch. 1223 Letter of Agreement-D&A Single County Authorities01/23/87 11-87-01
Ch. 1223 Contractual Agreement Single County Authority02/12/87 28-87-01
Ch. 1149 Palliative Emerg. Treat. 04/24/87 03-87-02
Ch. 1101 Records Maint. and Avail. Require. for Chiropractors04/27/87 07-87-01
Ch. 1249 Reimbursement-Home Health Services in PCH05/22/87 23-87-01
Ch. 1101 Professional Lic. No. 06/10/87 10-87-01
*  1987 Ch. 1223 Nonrecompensable Services
Drug Screens
07/29/87 11-87-05
Ch. 1101/
Ch. 1123
Coverage for Motorized Wheelchairs07/30/87 05-87-02
Ch. 1101 Policy Relating to Apnea Monitors 09/02/87 01-87-15
Ch. 1150 Spec. Enroll. Req. to Bill Tech. Comp. of Ped. Pneumograms10/07/87 05-87-05
*  1988 Ch. 1101 Policy Clarification Regarding Physician License07/01/88 1101-88-01
Ch. 1249 Clarification of Condition Under Which MA Recipients Are Considered Homebound09/26/88 1249-88-01
*  1989 Ch. 1101 Policy Reminder Regarding Practitioner License Requirements09/09/89 1101-89-02
*  1989 Ch. 1163 Assignment of DRG (Neonate) 11/18/89 1163-89-01
*  1990 Ch. 1150 Payment Policy for Consultations04/27/90 1150-90-01
Ch. 1249 Use of Medicare Form HCFA-485 06/08/90 1249-90-01
*  1991 *CH. 1101 EPSDT--OBRA '89 08/02/91 1101-91-01
CH. 1121 1121-91-02
CH. 1123 1123-91-01
CH. 1241 1241-91-01
*  1992 *CH. 1141 CLOZAPINE SUPPORT SERVICES 01/31/92 1141-92-01
*CH. 1153 1153-92-01
Ch. 1241 Revised EPSDT Immunization Guidelines12/11/92 1241-92-01
*CH. 1149 DENTAL SERVICES FOR ADULTS 07/09/93 1149-93-01
Ch. 1241 Centers for Disease Control Blood Lead Testing09/03/93 1241-93-01
Ch. 1101 Business Arrangements Between Nursing Facilities and Pharmacy Providers10/08/93 1101-93-05
*  1994 Ch. 1241 Update to Blood Lead Testing Guidelines04/08/94 1241-94-01
*  1994 *CH. 1121 TREATMENT OF INFERTILITY--08/30/94 1121-94-03
CH. 1141 1141-94-01
CH. 1163 1163-94-01
CH. 1221 1221-94-01
CH. 1225 1125-94-01
CH. 1242 1242-94-01
*CH. 1101
Ch. 1101 Medical Assistance Deductible 09/20/96 1101-96-02
*  1997 Ch. 1141 Revision to Physician Assistant and Nurse Midwife Supervision Requirement07/30/97 1141-97-01
*  1998 Ch. 1101 Regulation Changes Regarding 07/01/98 1101-98-01
Ch. 1141 ''Emergency Medical Condition'' 1141-98-01
Ch. 1150 1150-98-01
Ch. 1221 1221-98-01
Ch. 1163 Revision of Utilization Guidelines for Inpatient Hospital Drug and Alcohol Services Under the Medical Assistance Program05/18/981163-98-01


*  Provider Handbook 01--Physician

*  Provider Handbook 03--Dentist

*  Provider Handbook 04--Podiatrist

*  Provider Handbook 05--Medical Supplier

*  Provider Handbook 06/08--Short Procedure Unit/Ambulatory Surgical Center

*  Provider Handbook 07--Chiropractor

*  Provider Handbook 09--Birth Centers

*  Provider Handbook 10-I--Independent Medical/Surgical Clinic

*  Provider Handbook 11-I--Inpatient Hospital (Encompasses provider types General Hospital, Rehabilitation Hospital, Private Mental Hospital, State Mental Hospital and Extended Acute Psychiatric Care

*  Provider Handbook ll-O--Outpatient Hospital (Encompasses provider types General Hospital, and Rehabilitation Hospital

*  Provider Handbook 15--Optometrist

*  Provider Handbook 16--Independent Laboratory

*  Provider Handbook 17--Health Maintenance Organization

*  Provider Handbook 18--Ambulance Company

*  Provider Handbook 19--Pharmacy

*  Provider Handbook 20--Portable X-Ray Provider

*  Provider Handbook 21--Renal Dialysis Center

*  Provider Handbook 22--Funeral Director

*  Provider Handbook 23--Home Health Agency

*  Provider Handbook 26--Rural Health Clinic

*  Provider Handbook 28--Drug and Alcohol Clinic

*  Provider Handbook 29--Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic

*  Provider Handbook 30--Family Planning Clinic

*  Provider Handbook 31--Midwives

*  Provider Handbook 33--Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Facility

*  Provider Handbook 36-L--Nursing Facility Services (Encompasses provider types State Mental Retardation Center, Private ICF/MR, State Restoration Center, County Nursing Facility and Private Nursing Facility

*  Provider Handbook 37--Hospice

*  Provider Handbook 41--Psychologist

*  Provider Handbook 42--Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility

*  Provider Handbook 43--Physical Therapist

*  Provider Handbook 44--Certified RN Anesthetist

*  Provider Handbook 48--Family Based Rehabilitation Service

*  Provider Handbook 49--Certified RN Practitioner

*  Provider Handbook 50--Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Provider

*  Provider Handbook 53--Extended Acute Psychiatric Care

*  Provider Handbook 54--Nutritionist

*  Provider Handbook 55--PA Department of Aging (PDA) Waiver

*  Provider Handbook 56--Attendant Care

Office of Social Programs--Contact: Edward Spreha (717) 783-8741


Code Date Bulletin
Year Citation Subject Issued Number
*  1993 Ch. 2620 Increase in Personal Needs Allowance for Residents of Personal Care Homes08/16/932620-93-02
*  1998 Ch. 2620 Licensing Compliance Prediction System for the Personal Care Home Regulations06/30/98 99-98-01


Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services

*  Specialized Services Handbook

Bureau of Social Services

*  Attendant Care Program Fiscal Manual

*  1997-1998 Attendant Care Program Requirements (Note: Revised/Reissued Annually.)

*  1991-1992 Community Services Program for Persons with Physical Disabilities (CSPPPD)

*  Home and Community-Based Services Waiver (Note: A CSPPPD Document on the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Waiver, #0235.)

*  Office of Social Programs Independence Waiver

*  Homeless Assistance Program--Instructions and Requirements for 1998-1999 - (Note: Revised/Reissued Annually.)

*  Human Services Development Fund--1998-1999 Instructions and Requirements - (Note: Revised/Reissued Annually.)

*  Human Services Development Fund (HSDF)--Instructions and Requirements Supplements:
Supplement A--Eligibility for Adult Services Funded Through the HSDF
Supplement B--Services Definitions--Adult Services
Supplement C--Services Definitions--Generic Services

*  Medical Assistance Transportation Program--Instructions and Requirements - (Note: Revised/Reissued Annually)

*  Medical Assistance Transportation Program--Policy Clarifications Manual--(Note: Revised/Reissued Annually)

*  Interpretive Guidelines for Personal Care Home Regulations--Chapter 2620

*  Operating A Personal Care Home

*  Personal Care Home Administrator Training Requirements

Office of Children, Youth & Families--Contact: Brian G. Kahler 717-787-5199


Code Date Bulletin
Year Citation Subject Issued Number
*  1980 Ch. 3140 Funding of Basic Ed. Components of Private Day Treatment Center Programs10/29/80 99-80-22
*  1981 Ch. 3490 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse in Institutions, Schools, Facilities & Agencies09/30/81 3490-81-02
*  1982 Ch. 3140 Elig. Reg. Relating to Adjudicated Delinquent Youth Under the Title IV-E Placement Maint. Prog.10/01/823140-82-01
*  1983 Ch. 3130 Clarification of the Definition of ''Accept for Service''02/04/83 3130-83-03
Ch. 3700 Waiver for Foster Family Homes by Foster Family Care Agencies02/04/83 3700-83-01
Ch. 3130 Clarification of County C & Y Agency Requirements with Respect to Fee Setting02/04/83 3130-83-04
Ch. 3130 Participation on Agency Administrative Review Panel02/04/83 3130-83-06
Ch. 3130 Clarif. on Caseworker-to-Family Case Load Ratio & Case Management Functions02/04/83 3130-83-07
Ch. 3140 Clarif. of Adoption Asst. to Relatives in Adoption Cases05/02/83 3140-83-07
Ch. 3140 Response. of the Co. for Legal Representation for Children and Parents06/10/83 3140-83-09
*  1983 Ch. 3140 Reimbursement to Parents for the Cost of Child Visits08/15/83 3130-83-11
Ch. 3130Child Placement Regist. Index 08/29/83 99-83-18
*  1984 Ch. 3140 Reimbursement Rates for Placements in VisionQuest Wilderness & Wagon Train Programs01/12/84 3140-84-01
Ch. 3001 Transmittal of Interdpt. Memo. on Nonimmunized Students Excluded from Attending School07/08/84 99-84-13
*  1984 Ch. 3490 Release of Child Abuse Info. to the Media08/15/84 99-84-20
Ch. 3700 Reimbursement for Relative Foster Parents09/01/84 3130-84-07
Ch. 3140 VisionQuest Policy 09/07/84 3140-84-05
*  1985 Ch. 3001.5 Unannounced Visits to Licensed & Approved Facilities/Agencies08/20/85 99-85-18
Ch. 3130 Non-Mandatory Regis. Requirement for Individ. 18 Yrs. & Older with PA Adoption Cooperative Exch.09/16/8599-85-24
Ch. 3490 Providing Copies of Child Abuse Reports to Subjects11/20/85 99-85-28
Ch. 3490 Abandoned Children and the Child Protective Services Law12/02/85 99-85-29
*  1986 Ch. 3140 Continuing Eligibility for Adoption Assistance04/15/86 3140-86-02
Ch. 3490 Law Enforcement Officials as Perpetrators of Suspected Child Abuse07/15/86 3490-86-04
Ch. 3350 Screening Prospective Adoptive Parents Pursuant to Act 33 of 198509/02/86 3350-86-01
Ch. 3140 Title IV-E Elig. Issues 09/18/86 3140-86-05
*  1987 Ch. 3490 Implementation of Child Protective Svc. Policies Relating to Alleged Medical Neglect of Disabled Infants05/01/873490-87-01
Ch. 3170 Fin. Part. in Costs of Co. Human Svc. Depts.08/31/87 3140-87-02
Ch. 3490 Sharing Child Abuse Info Among DPW Offices09/01/87 3490-87-03
*  1987 Ch. 3140 Personal Incident Costs 10/01/87 3140-87-05
Ch. 3130 Child Placements with Emergency Caretakers10/15/87 3130-87-07
*  1989 Ch. 3350 Adoption Record Disclosure 06/06/89 3350-89-01
Ch. 3490 Definition of Founded
06/08/89 3490-89-01
Report of Child Abuse
*  1992 Ch. 3040 Establishing Waiting List Service Priorities06/27/92 3040-92-01
*  1994 Ch. 3130 County Children and Youth Agency Responsibility for Juveniles in Police Custody03/19/94 3130-93-02
Ch. 3270 Overpopulation of Indoor 07/30/94 3001-94-01
Ch. 3280 Child Care Space
*  1995 Ch. 3040 Application in County of Residence for the Subsidized Child Day Care Program10/30/95 3040-95-01
Ch. 3270 Certified Childcare 11/01/95 3001-95-01
Ch. 3280 Professional Credential
Ch. 3290
*  1996 Ch. 3040 Subsidized Child Day Care Number of Days of Enrollment for Service07/06/96 3040-96-01
Ch. 3001 Day Care--Supervision of Children3001-96-01
Ch. 3001 Day Care--Posting DPW Inspection Summaries3001-96-02
Ch. 3001 Day Care--Inaccessibility of Above Ground Swimming Pools3001-96-03
Ch. 3001 Day Care--Departmental Access to the Facility Premises3001-96-04
Ch. 3140 AFCARS 3140-96-01
Ch. 3140 Title IV-A Emergency Assistance Fiscal Procedures/EA Delinquency Prohib.3140-96-02
Ch. 3170 Maximum Rate of Participation for County Children and Youth Agencies3170-96-01
Ch. 3490 Act 151 Amendments 3490-96-01
Ch. 3490 Clearance Statements for School Employees3490-96-02
Ch. 3490 Certification and Training for Children and Youth Workers3490-96-03
00 OCYF Bulletin Board Systems 00-96-02
00 Update of Policies and Procedures for Juveniles in Detention00-96-03
00 Maximization of the OCYF's Grant Funds00-96-04
00 Surveying and Evaluating Child Welfare Agencies Implementation and Compliance with MEPA00-96-06
00 Title IV-E and Title IV-A Invoicing/Two Year Limit00-96-09
*  1997 Ch. 3001 Day Care--Exemption from Immunization Requirements03/29/97 3001-97-01
Ch. 3001 Day Care--Ground Surface Requirements06/01/97 3001-97-02
Ch. 3140 Needs-Based Budget Plan/Budget Amendment Review Criteria01/03/97 3140-97-01
Ch. 3140 Availability of Federal Financial Participation For Profit Residential Child Care Facilities3140-97-02
Ch. 3140 AFCARS/SACWIS 3140-97-03
Ch. 3140 1997/98 Final Child Welfare Needs-Based Allocations3140-97-04
Ch. 3140 1997/98 Title IV-E Independent Living Program Guidelines3140-97-05
Ch. 3140 Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Procedures03/05/98 3140-97-06
Ch. 3140 FY 1998/99 County Children and Youth Needs-Based Plan Guidelines and FY 1997/98 Implementation Plan Instructions07/18/973140-97-08
Ch. 3350 Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) Policies and Procedures01/15/98 3350-97-01
00 Kinship Care Guidelines 10/01/97 00-97-06
00 Access to Pennsylvania State Police Records10/01/97 00-97-09
00 Megan's Law--Providing Information Regarding Sexually Violent Offenders, Releasing Case Record Information10/14/9700-97-11
00 Priority Placement Request Procedures for the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children12/01/97 00-97-12
Ch. 3490 County Children and Youth Risk Assessment Policies and Procedures04/15/97 3490-97-01
*  1998 Ch. 3130 Interim Implementation Guidelines for the Adoption and Safe Families Act03/26/98 3130-98-01
Ch. 3140 FY 1999/2000 County Children and Youth Needs-Based Plan Guidelines and FY 1998/99 Implementation Plan Instructions04/13/983140-98-01
Ch. 3140 NMEPA 1994--Small Business Job Protection Act of 199602/07/98 3140-98-03
Ch. 3170 Maximum Rates of State Participation for County Children and YouthAgencies04/03/98 3170-98-01
00 Children Placed a Substantial Distance From Home02/01/98 00-98-03
00 1997 Association of Juvenile Compact Administrators Rules and Regulations Amended Travel Permit06/01/9800-98-06


*  Update of Policies and Procedures for Juveniles in Detention

*  96-97 Title IV-E Independent Living Program Guidelines and Application Process

*  Act 151 Amendments

*  Clearance Statements for School Employees

*  Certification and Training for Children and Youth Workers

*  Maximization of the Office of Children, Youth and Families' Grant Funds

*  Office of Children, Youth and Families Bulletin Board System

*  Adoption and Foster Care Reporting System

*  Title IV-A EA Fiscal Procedures/EA Delinquency Prohibition

*  FY 97-98 County Children and Youth Needs-Based Plan and FY 96-97 Implementation Plan Instructions

*  Education Portions of ''Non-Educational'' Residential Placements

*  Federal Regulations Affecting Children's Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits

*  Children Living on Their Own: Referrals from School Districts

*  Title IV-E Placement Maintenance and Adoption Assistance Invoicing

*  Distribution of OCYF Children and Youth Survey and Evaluation Manual

*  Indirect Costs Guidelines for County Children and Youth Agencies

*  Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994: Procedures to Implement

*  Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) Policies and Procedures

*  Continuity of Health Care for Children in the Custody of County Children and Youth Agencies

*  Emergency Assistance Initiative--County Child Welfare Services

*  Needs-Based Plan and Fourth Quarter Invoice Submission

*  Supreme Court Decision A.Y. v. Department of Public Welfare and Allegheny County Children and Youth

*  Amendments to the Child Protective Services Law that became effective July 1, 1995

*  Family to Family Restructuring Foster Care Initiative Grants

*  Revised Waiver Procedure for Regulations Governing Children and Youth Social Service Programs

*  Request for Medical Assistance Benefits for Juveniles Placed in County Juvenile Detention Centers

*  EPSDT Protocol for Children in Placement

*  Consent to EPSDT Child Screening

*  County Children and Youth Program Title XX and Title IV-B Procedures

*  Random Moment Time Study/Federal Funding Components

*  Surveying and Evaluating Satellite Offices of Private Foster Care and Adoption Agencies

*  Compliance with the Conflict of Interest Provisions of Chapter 3680--Administration of Private Children and Youth Social Service Agencies

*  Notice to Implement Maher vs. White Court Opinion--Civil Action No. 90-96-74

*  Medical Assistance for Children

*  Automatic MA Enrollment for Children Placed by County Children and Youth Agencies and Juvenile Probation Officers

*  Planning Permanent Families for Children Residing in Mental Retardation Residential Facilities

*  County Children and Youth Agency Responsibility for Juveniles in Police Custody

*  Audit Clause Language for Use in All County Child Welfare Service Provider Contracts

*  Interagency and Intergovernmental Agreements

*  Coordination of Child Support Collections Between County Children and Youth Agencies and County Domestic Relations Sections

*  Transmittal of Regulations Amending Chapter 3130 Administration of County Children and Youth Social Service Programs

*  County Claiming for Child Welfare Training Costs

*  Services for Children in Foster Family Care Who are Placed Out-of-County

*  Mother/Infant Foster Care--Title IV-E

*  Statements of Policy--Amendments to Chapter 3130 Due Process Protections for Parents and Children

*  Title IV-D Collections/Title IV-E Invoicing

*  Inter-country and Independent Interstate Adoptions

*  Submission of Title IV-E Invoices and Quarterly Expenditure Reports

*  COBRA (P. L. 99-272) Changes to Title IV-E Adoption Assistance and Placement Maintenance Costs Incident to Special Needs Adoption

*  Screening Student Interns

*  Status of OCYF Regulations

*  Early Intervention Services and Referrals by County Children and Youth Agencies for Handicapped or ''At Risk'' Preschool Children

*  County Children and Youth Advisory Committee Guidelines

*  Indirect Costs Under the County Costs Allocations Plan Guidelines

*  Reporting Unusual Incidents at Facilities and Agencies Licensed or Approved by the Office of Children, Youth and Families

*  Changed Procedure for Conducting MA Eligibility Redeterminations for Children Not Receiving Title IV-E Benefits

*  Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

*  Reporting of Indirect Costs--County Children and Youth Services

*  Interstate Compact on Juveniles

*  Instruction for Completing the Revised Child Protective Services Investigation Report

*  PA Adoption Cooperative Exchange Standard Operating Procedures Manual

*  Jurisdiction of Office of Hearing and Appeals in Family Service Plans Cases

*  Model Case Plan Forms and Instructions

*  Revision to Child Placement Registration Index

*  Application of Chapter 3700 Regulations When Relatives Provide Substitute Family Care

*  Implementation of Allowable Costs for Title IV-E Placement Maintenance and Adoption Assistance Program

*  Audit Requirements for the County Children and Youth Audit Reports

*  Description of the PA Children and Youth Information System

*  3130.31(4) Case Management Responsibilities When a Report of Suspected Child Abuse is received Involving a Case Already Accepted for Service

*  Clarification of Eligibility Requirements Re: Adjudicated Delinquent Youth Under Title IV- E Placement Maintenance Program

*  3140.203(2), 3140.203(b)(6) and 3140.204(d) Adjustment to Adoption Assistance (Subsidy) Agreements

*  Issuance of OCYF Complaint Policy Procedures

*  Notice of Right to Appeal for Spanish Speaking Clients

*  Eligibility Determination Procedures for Placement Maintenance, Adoption Assistance, Medical Assistance

*  Release of Inspection/Monitoring Reports

*  Guidelines for Approving Foster Families to Have More than Six Children in a Home

*  Contracts for the Administration of the Local Management Agencies

*  Local Management Agency Policy and Procedures Manual

*  ''Dear Contractor Letters''--a series of letters providing contract clarifications for subsidized child day care


*  Children and Youth Survey and Evaluation Manual

*  Needs-Based Plans and Budgets: A Guide to Program Decisions

*  Child Death Review Policy and Procedures

*  Children and Youth System Policy and Procedures Manual: Accessing Mental Health Services Provided in a Residential Treatment Facility

*  A Guide to Foster Parenting

*  Application of Child Day Care Service Regulations 10/21/94, Class I Bulletin, 00-94-10

*  Procedures for the Regulation of Child Day Care Facilities 2/13/95, Class I Bulletin, 00-95-03

*  Waivers of Child Day Care Service Regulations 7/3/95, Class I Bulletin, 00-95-07

*  Youth Development Center/Youth Forestry Camp Policy Manual

Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services/Mental Retardation

Contact: Kathy Raptosh--717-787-4114 & Dave Kauffman 717-783-3636


Code Date Bulletin
Year Citation Subject Issued Number
*  1981 Ch. 4000 Procedures for Charging & Collecting of Tuition Expenses for School-Age Residents in MR & MH Residential Facilities09/02/81199-81-01
*  1982 Ch. 4000 Respon. for Collection of Tuition Exp. Under Act 199 of 1980 for Out-of-State Residents03/17/82199-82-01
Ch. 4000 Notice of Assessments (Joint MH/MR Bulletin)04/16/82 99-82-15
*  1985 Ch. 4000 County Indirect Cost Allocation Plan Guideline Update--Maintenance In Lieu of Rent as a Direct Cost (Joint MH/MR Bulletin)08/22/8599-85-17
*  1986 Ch. 6000 Procedures for Review of Service Eligibility and Termination Decisions01/17/86 99-86-01
*  1987 Ch. 4305 Community MH/MR Liability 05/21/87 4305-87-2
*  1988 Ch. 4305 Quarterly Liability Summaries 01/29/88 4305-88-01
Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Contact: Kathy Raptosh (717) 787-4114
Code Date Bulletin
Year Citation Subject Issued Number
*  1981 Ch. 5001 Expiration of 4th Provisional Cert. of Compliance12/15/83 99-83-49
*  1984 Ch. 5250 Guidelines for Delivery of MH Forensic Svs. to Persons in Co. Jails & Persons on Prob. or Parole08/27/84 99-84-38
*  1985 Ch. 4210 Readmission from Community Placement Within 30 Days of Discharge05/30/85 99-85-21
Ch. 5001 Administration of Psychotropic Medication to Protesting Patients03/11/85 99-85-10
*  1986 Ch. 5001 Implementation of Act 33 of 1985 03/19/86 99-86-11
Ch. 5100 Involuntary Outpatient Commitment05/08/86 99-86-14
*  1987 Ch. 4210 Dis. Plan. Response. for SMH Child/Adoles. Prog. & Co. MH/MR Program01/16/87 99-87-10
Ch. 5100 Guidelines for Assessing & Documenting the Dangerousness of Mentally Ill Adults01/16/87 99-87-07
Ch. 5100 Not. of Grievance & Appeal Proc. Involuntary Outpatient Commitment09/08/87 99-87-23
*  1993 Ch. 5221 Intensive Case Management Record Requirements09/21/93 5221-93-01
Office of Mental Retardation--Contact: Dave Kauffman (717) 783-3636
*  1981 Ch. 6000 Policies and Procedures Governing Admissions, Commitment, Transfers, and Discharges at State-Operated Mental Retardation Facilities12/01/8199-81-51
*  1983 Ch. 6000 Level of Care Documentation 03/23/83 42-456.600- 83-01
*  1984 Ch. 6000 Therapeutic Leave Guidelines for 2176 Waiver Facilities & State/Non-State ICFs/MR08/01/84 99-84-08
Ch. 6000 Inspection of Care Process Facility Documentation Requirement08/30/84 42.456.1-84-01
Ch. 6000 Community Residential Program Slot & Funding Adj.12/27/84 99-84-20
Ch. 6000 Supplement & Amendment to DPW Policy on Support Svcs for Persons with MR and Their Families 12/27/8499-84-21
*  1985 Ch. 6000 Beneficiary Choice Under 2176 Waiver Prog.02/06/85 99-85-02
*  1986 Ch. 6000 Need for ICF/MR Level of Care 12/31/86 99-86-11
*  1987 Ch. 6000 Revised Fair Hearing Proc. Related to Svcs. Under 2176 Waiver Prog.06/10/87 99-87-08
Ch. 6000 Doc. Requirements-Waiver Requests Increases for Workers' Comp. Costs09/25/87 99-87-15
Ch. 6000 Submission of Cost Rpts (MA-11s) to OMR10/09/87 99-87-16
Ch. 6000 Conversion of Comm. Res. MR Facilities to ICF/MR10/23/87 99-87-17
Ch. 6000 DPW Reimbursement Guide. Hepatitis B in Comm. MR Fac.11/25/87 99-87-06
*  1988 Ch. 6000 Mandatory Child Abuse and Criminal History Clearances05/31/88 6000-88-02
Ch. 6000 Preventing, Managing and Reporting Unusual Incidents and Deaths08/01/88 6000-88-04
Ch. 6000 Licensing Policy and Procedure Manual08/30/88 6000-88-03
Ch. 6000 Administration and Management of Client Funds10/05/88 6000-88-08
*  1989 Ch. 6000 Guidelines for Enhancing and Conducting Direct and Independent Assessment10/16/89 6000-89-01
Ch. 6000 Public Law 99-457, Part H, Adoption of the 14 Components as Policy08/10/89 6000-89-02
*  1990 Ch. 6000 Provider Agreements Under the 2176 Waiver09/18/90 6000-90-04
Ch. 6000 Family-Driven Family Support Services12/12/90 6000-90-01
Ch. 6000 Support for Independent Living 12/12/90 6000-90-02
Ch. 6000 Therapy and Other Specialized Services12/18/90 6000-90-05
Ch. 6000 Policy on Employment for Persons with Mental Retardation12/26/90 6000-90-06
*  1991 Ch. 4000 Services for Children in Foster Family Care Who Are Placed Out-of-County11/22/91 4000-91-01
*  1996 Ch. 6000 Criteria for Approval of New Intermediate Care Facilities for People with Mental Retardation04/06/96 6000-96-01
*  1996 Ch. 6000 Procedures for Funding Reserved Hospital and Leave Days Under 2176 Waiver04/15/96 6000-96-02
*  1998 Ch. 6000 Guidelines To Supporting People Moving From State Centers Into The Community03/27/98 00-98-03
Ch. 6000 Waiver Funding For Prevocational, Supported Employment And Educational Services04/07/98 00-98-04
Ch. 6000 Supplemental Grant Agreement Medicaid Waiver For Infants, Toddlers and Families05/07/98 00-98-05


*  Work Incentives for SSI and 2176 Waiver Recipients

*  Obtaining Criminal Clearances on Prospective Employees

*  Applicability of Appropriate Life Safety Codes

*  CRF Reporting--Revised Procedures for 2176 Waiver Recipients

*  Substitute Decision-Making for Medical Treatment

*  Adult Day Services Performance Guidelines for Counties

*  Residential Data System Instructional Manual

*  Correction to Residential Data System Instructional Manual

*  Positive Approaches

*  Licensing Policies and Procedures for ICFs/MR

*  Applicability of OMB Circular A-133 for Non-State ICFs/MR

*  Information on Public Law 102-119 Reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

*  Issuance of Audit Guidelines for Non-State Operated ICFs/MR County Responsibilities for Waiver Case Management

*  County Responsibilities for Waiver Funded Habilitation in a Private Home

*  Supporting People in the Community

*  Amendments to Licensing Policy and Procedure Manual

*  At-Risk Definition for Infants and Toddlers

*  Definition and County Responsibility of Surrogate Parent for Infants and Toddlers

*  Amendments to Licensing Policy and Procedure Manual

*  Licensing Weighting System for Community Homes for Individuals with Mental Retardation

*  Licensing Weighting System for Family Living Homes

*  Early Intervention Program Issues for Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

*  Community Resource Development in Family Support Services Projects

*  Targeted Service Management and Third Party Liability

*  Targeted Service Management Technical Assistance Packet

*  Movement of Funds in ICFs/MR

*  Definition and Procedures for Infants and Toddlers with Developmental Delays

*  Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers

*  Early Intervention Medical Assistance Eligible Service Coordination

*  Targeted Service Management and 180-Days Invoice Exceptions

*  Early Intervention Reporting System Roles and Responsibility

*  Payment for Sign Language Interpreters

*  Assessments: Lifetime Medical Histories

*  Targeted Service Management Handbook

*  Facilitated Communication--Best Practices and Guidelines

*  Site Visits and Access to Records by Pennsylvania Protection and Advocacy, Inc.

*  Educational and Vocational Training in ICFs/MR

*  Screening, Evaluation and Assessment for Infants and Toddlers

*  Early Intervention Principles

*  Individualized Family Service Plan

*  Licensing Inspection Instrument for Family Living Homes Regulations

*  Licensing Inspection Instrument for Community Homes Regulations

*  Licensing Inspection Instrument for Adult Training Facilities Regulations

*  Licensing Inspection Instrument for Vocational Facilities Regulations

*  Coordination of Vocational Training and Supported Employment Under the 2176 Waiver

*  Early Intervention Due Process System


*  Choking Prevention and Management

*  State Employees Acting in Voluntary Capacity to Control Client Funds

*  Distribution of Mental Retardation Bulletins

*  Western Center Settlement Agreement


*  Work Incentives for SSI and 2176 Waiver Recipients

*  P. L. 99-457, Part H, State Interagency Coordinating Council

*  Mission Statement

*  New Federal ICF/MR Regulations

*  Children's Cardiac Program

*  Department of Health Programs for Young Children

*  Family Support Services Advisory Councils

*  Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

*  SSI Benefits for Children

*  Resources for Children with Sensory Impairments

*  Joint Statement by the Department of Public Welfare and the Department of Aging

*  Opportunities and Supports for Older Persons with Mental Retardation

*  Special Innovative Services Expenditures Under Family Support Services

*  Increased Medical Assistance Fees for Dental Services

*  Medical Assistance for Children

*  Providing Services to Persons with Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorder

*  Federal Regulations on Occupational Exposure to Blood borne Pathogens

*  Facilitated Communication

*  Revised Medications Administration Training

*  Listing of Participating Targeted Service Management Providers

*  Medical Assistance Funded Services for Children

*  Approved 2176 Waiver Renewal

*  1996 FTA Section 16 Capital Associates Program

*  Act 28 of 1995

*  Medications Administration Training

*  1996-97 Annual Report




*  PA-100 PA Enterprise Registration Forms and Instructions Booklet

*  PA-40 Personal Income Tax Instruction Book-Resident/Nonresident (order by year needed)

*  PA-40EZ Personal Income Tax Instruction Book (order by year needed-prior to 1998)

*  PA-40NR Personal Income Tax Instruction Book/Nonresidents (1995 & prior-order by year needed)

*  PA-65I Partnership Information Book (order by year needed)

*  PA-41 Fiduciary Income Tax Instruction Book (order by year needed)

*  PA-1000 Property Tax/Rent Rebate Instruction Book

*  PA1347 Federal/State Electronic Filing Program Brochure

*  PA8453 Declaration of Electronic Filing/PIT

*  PA20S-I S Corporation Tax Instruction Book (order by year needed-prior to 1997)

*  PA-3R Sales & Use Tax Replacement Coupon/Instructions

*  PA-4R Public Transportation Assistance Fund Taxes/Fees Replacement Coupon/Inst.

*  PA-501R Employer Tax Deposit Statement Replacement Coupon/Instructions

*  PA-W3R Employer Quarterly Reconciliation Return Replacement Coupon/Instructions

*  PA-1 Use Tax Return

*  REV-20 Directions for Completion of Federal Form W-2, Block 25

*  REV-23 Pamphlet/Practices and Procedures of the Board

*  REV-94 Flyer/PIT Exclusion Election

*  REV-221 Sales & Use Tax Rate Chart

*  REV-229 Estate Tax General Information

*  REV-251 Tax Bulletin 53B and 53F Instructions Foreign Corp Clearance Cert./Withdrawal

*  REV-252 Tax Bulletin 53C and 53E Security Clearance Cert./Domestic Out of Existence

*  REV-253 Tax Bulletin 53D Instructions for Filing Corp Tax Reports

*  REV-276 Application for Extension of Time to File (PIT)

*  REV-346 Estate Information Sheet

*  REV-413I Instructions for Estimated Tax/PIT (Individuals)

*  REV-413F Instructions for Estimated Tax/PIT (Fiduciaries)

*  REV-413P/S Instructions for Estimated Tax/PIT (Partnership/Shareholders)

*  REV-414I Worksheet for Estimated Tax/PIT (Individuals)

*  REV-414F Worksheet for Estimated Tax/PIT (Fiduciaries)

*  REV-414P/S Worksheet for Estimated Tax/PIT (Partnership/Shareholders)

*  REV-415 Employer Withholding Instruction Book

*  REV-443 IFTA Compliance Manual

*  REV-446 IFTA Top 20 Questions

*  REV-460 Information Concerning Time Limitations for Filing Refund Petitions

*  REV-467 Authorization for Release of Tax Records

*  REV-489 Article XI Safe Deposit Box

*  REV-491 PA TIDES/EDI Brochure (Electronic Data Interchange)

*  REV-493 Prop. Tax/Rent Rebate Insert (PATAXES)

*  REV-502 FACT Line Brochure/ PATAXES

*  REV-525 Corp Tax Bulletin #119 Motor Carrier Gross Rec. Tax-Ambulance Services

*  REV-527 Taxpayer's Bill of Rights Brochure

*  REV-531 What Are Your Rights if Audited?

*  REV-532 What Are Your Appeals Rights?

*  REV-534 Refund/Complaints (Taxpayer's Bill of Rights)

*  REV-535 What May Department Do to Collect Taxes?

*  REV-541 Federal/State Electronic Filing Pamphlet

*  REV-552 Telefile Insert

*  REV-553 Policy Statement-Employee Benefits/Cafeteria Plans

*  REV-554 Disclosure Statement/Taxpayer Rights Advocate

*  REV-555I Inheritance Tax General Information

*  REV-571 So You Are Moving to PA Brochure

*  REV-573 Property Tax/Rent Rebate Brochure

*  REV-580 Employer Withholding Brochure

*  REV-581 Personal Income Tax Brochure

*  REV-584 Inheritance Tax Brochure

*  REV-585 Sales & Use Tax Brochure

*  REV-588 Starting a Business in PA (A Beginner's Guide)

*  REV-591 IFTA/Motor Fuel Tax Brochure

*  REV-610 Voluntary Disclosure Program Guide and Participation Parameters

*  REV-611 Residency for PA PIT Purposes Brochure*

*  REV-612 Military Pay for PA PIT Purposes Brochure*

*  REV-614 Scholarships, Fellowships and Stipends for PA PIT Purposes Brochure*

*  REV-615 Reciprocal Agreements and PA PIT Brochure*

*  REV-617 Hiring Household Workers Brochure*

*  REV-618 PA Realty Transfer Tax and New Home Construction Brochure*

*  REV-625 Sale of Principal Residence for PA PIT Purposes*

*  REV-670 Instructions for Fuel Use Tax

*  REV-717 Retailer's Information Booklet

*  REV-816G Corp Tax Bulletin #92, Act 90 of December 1983

*  REV-816I Corp Tax Bulletin #94, Shares Tax-Banks & Title Insurance Co.

*  REV-816M Corp Tax Bulletin #108, Act 21,1989 Shares Tax Base Rate

*  REV-816N Corp Tax Bulletin #95 Credits/Gross Premiums Tax Liability

*  REV-851B PA Inheritance & Estate Tax Act, 1982

*  REV-851C PA Inheritance & Estate Tax Act, 1991

*  REV-851D PA Inheritance & Estate Tax Act, 1994

*  REV-851E PA Inheritance & Estate Tax Act, 1995

*  REV-1026 Information on Motor Carrier Road Tax

*  REV-1076 Tax Bulletin 53A Instructions for Securing Bulk Sales Certificate

*  REV-1200 CT-1 Corporation Tax Instruction Book (order by year needed)

*  REV-1220 Certificate of Exemption for Sales & Use Tax

*  REV-1250 Realty Tax Act and Regulations

*  REV-1361 Instructions for Liquid Fuels Tax

*  REV-1501 Instruction Book Inheritance Tax Resident

*  REV-1501B Inheritance Tax Life Estate Booklet

*  REV-1613 PIT Pamphlet No. 1, Savings & Thrifts

*  REV-1633 PIT Pamphlet No. 2, Taxation of Shareholders

*  REV-1643 Listing of Tax Exempt PIT Obligations

*  REV-1729 Farming Information Booklet

*  REV-1730 PA Realty Transfer Tax General Information

*  REV-1736 Instruction Book/Inheritance Tax Nonresident

*  REV-1737 Nonresident Inheritance Tax Returns/Schedules

*  REV-1742 PIT Pamphlet No. 3, Gain or Loss on Property Acquired prior to June 1, 1971

*  REV-1746 Taxation of PA Motor Fuels Booklet

*  REV-1748 Use Tax & You Brochure

*  REV-1799 Information Concerning Appeals/Time Limitations


(Note: As current inventories of Rules and Regulations are replenished, form numbers will convert to the actual regulatory section they pertain to. All regulations and revenue pronouncements issued by the Department of Revenue are published in Title 61 of the Pennsylvania Code. The Department does not reprint all of these documents. If you need to review a regulation or revenue pronouncement that is not included in this list, please consult Title 61 of the Pennsylvania Code.)

*  Ruling 140 Purchase of Medical Supplies & Equipment

*  Ruling 143 Manufacture/Sale/Repair Optical Lenses

*  Ruling 150 Clothing

*  Ruling 208 School Textbook Exemption

*  Ruling 212 Flags

*  Regulation 155 License of Club Secretaries and Other Vendor

*  Regulation 209 Utility Services Fuel/Oil/Gas Residential

*  Regulation 401 Keeping of Records

*  Regulation 601 Board of Finance & Revenue

*  Regulation 800 Imposition & Computation of Tax

*  Regulation 900 Transient Vendors

*  Regulation 901 Board of Appeals Regulation

*  SEC06.01-06.22 Tax Amnesty

*  SEC08A.1-8A.11 Enforcement

*  SEC09.04 Pronouncement/Public Transportation Assistance Taxes

*  SEC09.13 Pronouncement/S Corporation Election

*  SEC09.14 Pronouncement/Passenger Car Rental Tax

*  SEC09.17 Research & Development Tax Credit Implementation Issues

*  SEC31.04 Rentals or Leases of Tangible Personal Property

*  SEC3l.05 Persons Rendering Taxable Services

*  SEC31.06 Persons Rendering Nontaxable Services

*  SEC31.07 Use Tax

*  SEC31.1-31.3 Scope of Taxable and Exempt Transactions

*  SEC31.11-31.16 Construction Contractors

*  SEC31.21 Advertising Agencies

*  SEC31.22 Duplicating

*  SEC31.23 Auctioneers

*  SEC31.24 Florists

*  SEC31.25 Licensing of Club Plan Secretaries

*  SEC31.26 Financial Institutions

*  SEC31.27 Morticians and Funeral Directors

*  SEC31.28 Vending Machines and Auto Sales Devices

*  SEC31.29 Books, Printed Matter and Advertising Materials

*  SEC31.30 House Trailers and Mobile Homes

*  SEC31.41-31.50 Vehicles

*  SEC32.02 Exemption Certificates

*  SEC32.03 Sales for Resale

*  SEC32.04 Isolated Sales

*  SEC32.05 Multi-State Sales

*  SEC32.06 Wrapping Supplies

*  SEC32.21 Charitable,Volunteer Firemen's, Religious Org/Nonprofit Education Inst.

*  SEC32.22 Sales to the US Government

*  SEC32.23 Sales to Comm. of PA and Political Subdivisions and Sales to Commonwealth

*  SEC32.24 Sales to Ambassadors, Ministers

*  SEC32.31 Dairying

*  SEC32.32 Manufacturing/Processing

*  SEC32.33 Farming

*  SEC32.34 Public Utilities

*  SEC32.35 Mining

*  SEC32.36 Printing

*  SEC32.37 Photographers and Photofinishers

*  SEC33.02 Purchase Price

*  SEC33.03 Cancellations, Returns, Allowances & Exchanges

*  SEC33.04 Credit and Layaway Sales

*  SEC34.01-Registration

*  SEC34.03 Tax Returns

*  SEC34.04 Direct Payment Permit

*  SEC35.01 Tax Examinations & Assessments

*  SEC35.02 Interest/Additions/Penalties/Crimes & Offenses

*  SEC35.03 Lien for Taxes

*  SEC38.02 Hotel Occupancy/ Exemptions

*  SEC38.03 Hotel Occupancy

*  SEC41.02 Concrete Transit Mixing Unit

*  SEC41.03 Dry Ice for Packaging Ice Cream

*  SEC41.04 Gas Used by a Manufacturer

*  SEC41.05 Integrated Plants

*  SEC41.06 Processing for Wholesale Distribution

*  SEC41.07 Pump Used for Conveying Water Prior to Production Process

*  SEC41.08 Recapping & Retreading of Tires

*  SEC41.09 Research Exemption

*  SEC42.1-42.5 Broadcasting

*  SEC43.00 Water Well Drillers

*  SEC44.01 Dairy Farm Paper Towels

*  SEC44.02 Cooperative Agricultural Associations

*  SEC44.03 Farm Water Heaters

*  SEC44.04 Guns & Ammunition

*  SEC45.01 Exception of Electric Co-op Corp.

*  SEC45.02 Automobiles for Attorneys

*  SEC45.03 Street Repairs

*  SEC46.01 Construction Contractor Cutting or Bending Steel Beam

*  SEC46.02 Construction of Exempt Public Utility

*  SEC46.03 Contractors Installing Stained Glass Windows

*  SEC46.04 Fixed Price Construction Contract

*  SEC46.05 Outdoor Advertising Signs

*  SEC46.06 Conractor Renting Equipment to Others

*  SEC46.07 Nonresident Contractors

*  SEC46.08 Industrialized Housing

*  SEC46.09 Financial Institutions Security Equipment

*  SEC47.01 Coin Operated Amusement Devices

*  SEC47.02 Films for Commercial Exhibitions

*  SEC47.03 Frozen Food Lockers

*  SEC47.04 Golf Bag Carts and Lockers

*  SEC47.06 Miniature Golf Course

*  SEC47.10 Riding Academies and Stables

*  SEC47.11 Saws and Blades to Butchers

*  SEC47.12 Soda Fountains

*  SEC47.16 Rental of Equipment Between Affiliated Interests

*  SEC47.17 Lease or Rental of Vehicles and Rolling Stock

*  SEC47.18 Totalizator Equipment

*  SEC48.01 Utility Services Used by Exempt Organizations

*  SEC48.02 Religious Articles

*  SEC48.03 Sacramental Wines

*  SEC48.04 Credit Unions

*  SEC49.02 Game, Fish, Animals and Birds

*  SEC50.01 Purchases & Sales by Wholesalers

*  SEC51.01 Purchases of Replacement Parts

*  SEC51.02 Use of Automobile Other than for Resale

*  SEC51.04 Remittances for Payment of Sales Tax on Certain Vehicles

*  SEC52.02 Fabrication of Dental Prothesis

*  SEC53.02 Footwear, Footwear Accessories and Footwear Repairs

*  SEC54.01 Delivery Charges

*  SEC54.02 Sign Painters

*  SEC55.01 Automobile Towing Services

*  SEC55.04 Taxidermy Service

*  SEC55.05 Cleaning of Animals

*  SEC56.01 Maintaining Place of Business within Commonwealth

*  SEC57.01 Carbonator for Soda Fountains

*  SEC57.02 Gas Used by Restaurants

*  SEC57.03 Icemaking Equipment

*  SEC57.04 Merchandising Equipment

*  SEC57.05 Sale of Equipment to Restaurants

*  SEC57.06 Sales Order Books

*  SEC57.07 Purchase of Soft Drinks by Liquor Licensees

*  SEC58.01-58.02 Taxable & Exempt Personal Property

*  SEC58.03 Timbering Operations

*  SEC58.04 Commission Vendors

*  SEC58.05 Decorated Cottage Cheese Containers

*  SEC58.06 Barbers & Beauticians Supplies, Materials, Tools and Equipment

*  SEC58.07 Trading Stamps

*  SEC58.08 Commercial Airport and Aircraft Operators

*  SEC58.10 Water Softeners & Conditioners

*  SEC58.11 Taxes Paid/Purchases Resold

*  SEC58.13 Carpeting and Other Floor Coverings

*  SEC60.01 Pronouncement/Bldg. Maintenance or Bldg. Cleaning Services

*  SEC60.02 Pronouncement/Lawn Care Services

*  SEC60.03 Pronouncement/Disinfecting or Pest Control Services

*  SEC60.04 Pronouncement/Help Supply Services

*  SEC60.05 Pronouncement/Employment Agency Services

*  SEC60.06 Pronouncement/Lobbying Services

*  SEC60.07 Pronouncement/Sale and Preparation of Food & Beverages

*  SEC60.08 Pronouncement/Secretarial & Editing Services

*  SEC60.09 Pronouncement/Premium Cable Services

*  SEC60.10 Pronouncement/Adjustment and Collection Services

*  SEC60.11 Pronouncement/Credit Reporting Services

*  SEC60.12 Pronouncement/Self Storage Services

*  SEC60.13 Pronouncement/Computer Services

*  SEC60.14 Pronouncement/Zero Emission Vehicles

*  SEC60.15 Pronouncement/Sales Tax Refund Procedures Regarding Contracts

*  SEC60.16 Pronouncement/Local Sale Use and Hotel Occupancy Tax

*  SEC60.17 Pronouncement/Sale of Food/Beverages Sold to Nonprofit Associations

*  SEC60.18 Sale and Installation of Prefabricated Housing

*  SEC60.20 Telecommunications Service

*  SEC60.21 Pronouncement/Commercial Racing Activities

*  SEC94.01 Disclaimer of Nonprobate Taxable Assets


*  REV-330 Electronic Funds Transfer Program Guide

*  REV-331A Authorization Agreements for EFT Payments

*  REV-335 Payment by EFT Regulation

*  DAS3 Magnetic Media Reporting Instructions


*  E69      Important 1967 Legislative Changes

*  E70      Important 1969 Legislative Changes

*  E71      Important 1970 Legislative Changes

*  E72      Important 1970 Legislative Changes

*  E73      Important 1971 Legislative Changes-Tentative Tax-Reports & Payments

*  F74      Important 1971 Legislative Changes

*  F75      1972 Disaster Relief Policy with respect to CNI/CIT

*  F76      1973 CNI/CIT

*  F77      1974 CNI/CIT

*  F78      1974 Tentative Tax-Reports & Payments Rates/CNI/CIT

*  F79      1975 CNI/CIT

*  F81      1976 Recycling Process

*  F82      1977 New Address for Mailing Tax Reports and Remittances

*  F83      1978 Important 1977 Legislative Changes Tax Rate

*  F84      1979 Addressing Report and Remittances

*  REV-816 Corp Tax Bulletin F-85 1982 CNI/CIT

*  REV-816A Corp Tax Bulletin F-86 1982 CNI Tax. Delays application of depreciation changes in 1981 Federal Economic Recovery Tax Act

*  REV-816B Corp Tax Bulletin F-87 1982 Gilbert Asso, Inc. v. Commonwealth

*  REV-816C Corp Tax Bulletin 88 1983 CNI/Interest Rate/Oil Franchise Rate/Installment Payment of Tentative CNI Tax/Mutual Thrift Inst./PURTA/Employment Incentive Payments Credits

*  REV-816D Corp Tax Bulletin 89 1983 Tentative CNI/Method 2 Election

*  REV-816E Corp Tax Bulletin 90 1983 CNI Tax

*  REV-816F Corp Tax Bulletin 91 1984 Act No. 90/Election to be Taxed as a PA S Corp.

*  REV-816H Corp Tax Bulletin 93 1984 Act No. 29/Reporting and Payment of Public Utility Realty Tax Liability

*  REV-816J Corp Tax Bulletin 96 Fixed Formula-Valuation of Capital Stock/Domestic and Foreign Corporations

*  T-CT-1 Corp Tax Bulletin 98 1985 Gross Premiums Tax-Foreign Fire Insurance Co.

*  T-CT-2 Corp Tax Bulletin 99 1985 Economic Revitalization Tax Credit

*  T-CT-3 Corp Tax Bulletin 100 1985 Estimated CNI System

*  T-CT-4 Corp Tax Bulletin 101 1986 Capital Stock/Franchise Tax Regulated Investment Co.

*  T-CT-5 Corp Tax Bulletin 102 1986 Act No. 77-Reduction in rates for CNI/$50,000 Deduction Capital Stock Value/Change in Definition of Net Worth

*  T-CT-6 Corp Tax Bulletin 103 1987 Act No. 58-Reduction in Capital Stock/Foreign Franchise/Tentative Capital Stock/Tentative Franchise Tax Rates

*  T-CT-7 Corp Tax Bulletin 104 1988 Notice to Mutual Thrift Institution Taxpayers

*  REV-1743 Corp Tax Bulletin 105 1988 Tentative Capital Stock/Franchise Tax Method 2 Election

*  DCT09 Corp Tax Bulletin 106 Notice to Mutual Thrift Institution Taxpayers

*  REV-816L Corp Tax Bulletin 107 1989 Shares Tax-Banks, Bank & Trust Co., Trust Co.

*  DCT13 Corp Tax Bulletin 109 Notice to Mutual Thrifts Inst./ Change in Base Rate

*  DCT18 Corp Tax Bulletin 110 Major Filing Changes for 1991

*  REV-176 Corp Tax Bulletin 111 1991 Major Changes on or after January 1, 1991

*  REV-173 Corp Tax Bulletin 112A Notice regarding Recomputation of Safe Harbor and RecoveryPayments

*  REV-174 Corp Tax Bulletin 112B Notice of PA Corporations Fiscal Years beginning in July 1991 through and including December 1991

*  DCT27 Corp Tax Bulletin 113 1991 Utilities Gross Receipts/PURTA

*  DCT28 Corp Tax Bulletin 115 1991 Tax for Financial Inst. for Shares Tax/Mutual Thrift

*  DCT29 Corp Tax Bulletin 114 1991 Annuities for Gross Premiums Tax Retroactive to July 1, 1991

*  REV-440 Corp Tax Bulletin 116A 1994 Act 48 Changes

*  REV-440A Corp Tax Bulletin 116B 1994 Act 48 Amended Shares Tax/Allowing Apportionment

*  REV-440C Corp Tax Bulletin 116C 1995 Act 48 Concerning Business Trusts

*  REV-440D Corp Tax Bulletin 117 1995 Double Weighted Sales Factor, Tax Rate Changes Fixed Formula, Processing Exemptions, Insurance Gross Premiums Tax, Utilities Gross Receipts Tax Commercial Printers & Tax Amnesty

*  DCT35 Special Notice/Mutual Thrift Instructions Conversion to Estimated Payment System


*  DMF49 Policy Statement Motor Carrier


*  DCI03 Pamphlet Criminal Tax Evasion


*  DCI02 Guide to Cigarette Law Enforcement


*  DPO4 Tax Update


*  DOP3 Compendium of Revenue

*  DOP4 Personal Income Tax Statistics

*  DOP7 Statistical Supplemental to Tax Compendium


*  DEX42 Property Tax Statistical Report

*  PA1345 Handbook for Electronic Filers

*  PA1346 Electronic Return Filing Specifications for Individual Tax Forms

*  PA1436 Electronic Filing Test Package


*  OCCPLR Office of Chief Counsel Private Letter Rulings (Fee Charged)

PA STATE LOTTERY, TELEPHONE (717) 986-4714 (*Or from Lottery Retailer Outlets)

*  Annual Reports

*  Where Does the Lottery Go? Brochure

*  Lottery Fund Benefits Programs Brochure Comparative Statement of Income and Expenditures

*  *Instant Ticket Game Brochures

*  *Daily Number Brochures

*  *Cash 5 Brochures

*  *Wild Card Lotto Brochures

*  *Big 4 Brochures

*  *Keystone Jackpot Brochures

*  *Winning Numbers Lists

*  *RSL-3 Lottery Retailer License Application

*  *RSL-209 Standard Claim Form

*  *RSL-291 On-Line Payout Odds Card

*  *RSL-355 Beneficiary Statement



*  Monthly Pennsylvania Securities Commission Bulletin and Annual Report

*  Compendium of Commission and Staff Positions, Summary of Significant Commission Orders and Compilations of Staff No-Action Letters

Contact: G. Philip Rutledge (717)783-5130



Secretary of the Commonwealth

*  Use of Public Areas Outside the Capitol, 49 Pa. Code § 61

Contact: Joyce McKeever--(717) 783-7192

Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

State Board of Dentistry

*  Amalgams, 49 Pa. Code § 33.213

*  Disclosure of Disclosure or Ownership Interest, 49 Pa. Code § 33.214

*  Lasers, 49 Pa. Code § 33.215

*  Anesthesia permit requirement for nonparenteral premedication, 49 Pa. Code § 33.344

Contact: June Barner--(717) 783-7162

State Board of Funeral Directors

*  Funeral supervisors and funeral directors on active duty, 49 Pa. Code § 13.251

Contact: Cheryl Lyne--(717) 783-3397

State Board of Medicine

*  Disciplinary guidelines for use of anabolic steroids, 49 Pa. Code § 16.97

Contact: Cindy Warner--(717) 783-1400

State Board of Nursing

*  Scope of Practice Interpretations: 49 Pa. Code §§ 21.401-21.414

Contact: Ann Steffanic--(717) 783-7142

State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators

*  Temporary permits, 49 Pa. Code § 39.17

*  Continuing education course content, 49 Pa. Code § 39.32

Contact: Melissa Wilson- (717) 783-7155

State Board of Occupational Therapy Education and Licensure

*  Policy re: Occupational Therapy in Non-Medical Practice

Contact: Clara Flinchum--(717) 783-1389

State Board of Optometry

*  Disclosure of Financial or Ownership Interest, 49 Pa. Code § 23.101

Contact: Deb Smith--(717) 783-7155

State Board of Osteopathic Medicine

*  Disclosure of Financial or Ownership Interest, 49 Pa. Code § 25.291

Contact: Gina Bittner--(717) 783-4858

State Board of Pharmacy

*  Emergency Access to Pharmacy

*  Sale of Outdated Over-the-Counter Drugs

*  Radiopharmaceutical Prescriptions, 49 Pa. Code § 27.101

Contact: W. Richard Marshman--(717) 783-7156

State Board of Physical Therapy

*  Disclosure of Financial or Ownership Interest, 49 Pa. Code § 40.54

Contact: Robert Kline--(717) 783-7134

State Board of Psychology

*  Qualified members of other recognized professions, 49 Pa. Code § 41.7

*  Department of Health licensing of substance abuse services provided by psychology practices, 49 Pa. Code § 41.8

Contact: Melissa Wilson- (717) 783-7155

State Board of Examiners in Speech-Language and Hearing

*  Disclosure of Financial or Ownership Interest, 49 Pa. Code § 45.3

Contact: Clara Flinchum--(717) 783-1389


Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

*  Case Management Guidelines Manual for Professional Health Monitoring Programs

Contact: Robert Wolf--(717) 783-4857

State Board of Barber Examiners

*  Policy Manual

Contact: Sara Sulpizio--(717) 783-3402

State Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers

*  Policy Manual

Contact: Cheryl Lyne--(717) 783-3398

State Board of Cosmetology

*  Policy Manual

Contact: Sara Sulpizio--(717) 783-3402

State Board of Dentistry

*  Assignment of Duties to Assistive Personnel: Guidelines

Contact: June Barner--(717) 783-7162

State Board of Medicine

*  Policy Manual

Contact: Cindy Warner--(717) 783-1400

State Board of Nursing

*  Staff suggestions for nursing education curriculum proposals

*  Curriculum Guidelines for the Approval of a CRNP Program

*  Criteria for ''Self Study Modules'' format for LPN IV-Therapy Education Program (1995)

Contact: Ann Steffanic--(717) 783-7142

State Board of Physical Therapy

*  Policy Manual

Contact: Robert Kline--(717) 783-7134

State Board of Psychology

*  Policy Manual

Contact: Melissa Wilson- (717) 783-7155

State Real Estate Commission

*  Policy Manual

Contact: Deb Sopko (717) 783-3658

Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation

*  PA Voter Registration Act: Implementation Manual for County Election Officials

Contact: Terri Marquis--(717) 787-5280


Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

State Board of Nursing

*  Qualifications of preceptors who supervise students' clinical practice (1995)

*  Recommendations for Self Administration of Medications (1996)

*  Role of the LPN in care and maintenance of central venous lines (1994)

*  Orders conveyed by a Certified Physician Assistant (1994)

Contact: Ann Steffanic--(717) 783-7142


Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

State Board of Dentistry

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee

Contact: June Barner--(717) 783-7162

State Board of Medicine

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee

Contact: Cindy Warner--(717) 783-1400

State Board of Nursing

*  A Decision Making Model for determining RN/LPN Scope of Practice, with cover letter (1996)

*  Alternative/Complementary Therapies (1997)

Contact: Ann Steffanic--(717) 783-7142

State Board of Optometry

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee

Contact: Deb Smith--(717) 783-7155

State Board of Osteopathic Medicine

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee

Contact: Gina Bittner--(717) 783-4858

State Board of Psychology

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee

Contact: Melissa Wilson (717) 783-7155

State Real Estate Commission

*  Internal Operating Guidelines

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State Board of Veterinary Medicine

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee

Contact: Robert Kline--(717) 783-7134


Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation

*  Secretary's advisories to county election and voter registration officials

*  Election Calendars

*  Becoming a Notary Public in Pennsylvania

*  Instructions for filing as a candidate of a Minor Political Party

*  Campaign Finance Reporting Law Pamphlet

*  Instructions for filing as an Independent Candidate

*  Nomination Petitions

*  Nomination Papers

Contact: Terri Marquis, (717) 787-5280

Bureau of Charitable Organizations

*  Registration packets for charitable organizations, professional solicitors, and professional fundraising counsels

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Corporations Bureau

*  Uniform Commercial Code Filing Guide

*  Pennsylvania's Corporation Laws, A Guide to Compliance

Contact: Karen Vance (717) 783-9210

Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

State Board of Nursing

*  Approved Programs for RN, CRNP & LPN education

Contact: Ann Steffanic (717) 783-7142

State Real Estate Commission

*  Applications: Experience Requirements and Point System for Applicants for Broker's Licenses

Contact: Deb Sopko (717) 783-3658


*  SERS Board of Trustees Adjudications by Topic:

Benefit Options

Cost of Living Increase

Credited Years of Service

Death Benefit


Effective Date of Retirement

Final Average Salary

Fraternal Order of Police

Frozen Present Value

Membership Eligibility

Military Service

Multiple Service Credit


Payment of Interest

Pension Forfeiture

Purchase of Service


Retirement-Covered Compensation


*  SERS Member Handbook (current edition 1995)

*  SERS pamphlets:

*  Information for Retirees (SERS-149)

*  Special Membership Classes (SERS-150)

*  Social Security Integration Coverage for SERS Members (SERS-151)

*  How to Apply for a Disability Retirement (SERS-152)

*  Retirement Information for Pennsylvania State Police (SERS-153)

*  Retirement Options for SERS Members (SERS-154)

*  Provisions for the Purchase of Service (SERS-155)

*  Domestic Relations and Support Orders (SERS-157)

*  Frozen Present Value: Its Impact on State Pensions (SERS-158)

*  Information on Tax Form 1099-R for Tax Year 1997

*  Management Directives and Administrative Circulars issued by SERS:

*  SERS Mission Statement

*  SERS Investment Policy

*  SERS Investment Guidelines

*  SERS current five-year investment plan (''1998 Annual Five Year Investment Plan'')

*  SERS Policy on Public Information (current January 1997)

*  The FOP Decision: The resolution of the SERS Board of Trustees dated September 26, 1990, implementing the arbitration award issued February 17, 1988, in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Police Lodges, American Arbitration Association Case No. 14 390 1611 87 J (Thomas J. DiLauro, Chair)

*  The ''SERS News'' member newsletter

*  SERS Information Bulletins

*  SERS Annual Financial Report

*  Sample Domestic Relations Order and Instruction Letter

*  SERS Board Minutes and Resolutions

*  Actuarial Reports (annual and five-year)

*  Actuarial Tables

*  Memoranda of Understanding currently in effect:

*  Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Aging--PACE Program (dated February 14, 1997)

*  Memorandum of Understanding with the Office of Administration--Backup Computer Disaster Recover Site at the Central Management Information Center (CMIC) (dated August 1, 1995)

For additional information on the listed items, contact SERS Information Officer Geoffrey S. Yuda at (717) 787-9657.



Bureau of Equal Opportunity

*  Sexual Harassment Pamphlet

*  BEO Brochure

*  ADA Brochure

Bureau of Design

*  Standards for Low-Cost Glulam Timber Bridge Design (Pub. 6)

*  Design Manual Part 1 (Pub.10)

*  Design Manual Part 2 (Pub. 13)

*  Design Manual Part 2, Metric (Pub. 13M)

*  Design Manual Part 3 (Pub. 14)

*  Design Manual Part 3, Metric (Pub. 14M)

*  Design Manual Part 4 (Pub. 15)

*  Pile Load Test Summaries (Pub. 15A)

*  Design Manual Part 4, Metric (Pub. 15M)

*  Design Manual Part 5 (Pub. 16)

*  Design Manual Part 5, Metric (Pub. 16M)

*  Design of Local Roads (Pub. 70)

*  Roadway Construction Standards (Pub. 72)

*  Roadway Construction Standards, Metric (Pub. 72M)

*  Bridge Design Standards (Pub. 218)

*  Bridge Design Standards (Pub. 218M)

*  Bridge Construction Standards (Pub. 219)

*  Bridge Construction Standards (Pub. 219M)

*  Right-of-Way Encroachments and Outdoor Advertising Sign Control (Pub. 266)

*  Roadway Specifications (Pub. 408-94)

*  Roadway Specifications (Pub. 408M-96)

Bureau of Environmental Quality

*  Design Manual Part 1A, Environmental Impact Assessment and Related Procedures (Pub. 24,)

*  Waste Site Evaluation Procedures for the Highway Project Development Process (Pub. 281)

*  Agriculture Resources Evaluation (Pub. 324)

Bureau of Maintenance & Operations

*  Oversize/Overweight Special Hauling Permits Holiday Movement Restrictions (annual letter)

Bureau of Construction & Materials

*  Geotechnical Engineering Manual (Pub. 293, 1/97)

Bureau of Highway Safety & Traffic Engineering

*  School Student Walking Routes (Pub. 46, Chapter 9)

*  Traffic Signing Standards, TC-7700 Series (Pub. 111M)

*  Traffic Signal Standards, TC-7800 Series (Pub. 148)

*  Traffic Signal Design Handbook (Pub. 149)

*  Guidelines for the Maintenance of Traffic Signal Systems (Pub. 191)

*  Engineering and Traffic Studies (metric) (Pub. 201M)

*  Work Zone Traffic Control (metric) (Pub. 203M)

*  Flagging Handbook (Pub. 234)

*  Handbook of Approved Signs (Pub. 236M)

*  Sign Blank Specifications (Pub. 306M)

*  Traffic Engineering (Approval & Installation of Traffic Control Devices) (MPS #414)

*  Statewide Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

Center for Program Development and Management

*  Statewide Transportation Policy Plan

Bureau of Municipal Services

*  Mileage Addition Guidelines (Policies concerning adding local road mileage to a municipalities Liquid Fuels Road Inventory.)

*  Liquid Fuels Allowable Expenditures (Expenditures that a municipality may make utilizing Liquid Fuels Funds.)


Bureau of Driver Licensing

*  Pennsylvania Driver's Manual

*  Commercial Driver's Manual

*  Motorcycle Operator Manual

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

*  PA License Plates (A Guide)

Driver/Vehicle Program Services

*  Safety Administration Forms Manual

Bureau of Equal Opportunity

*  Harassment/Sexual Harassment Manual

*  DBE Orientation Manual

Bureau of Municipal Services

*  Liquid Fuels Annual Qualifying Package (Yearly forms a municipality must complete to receive their annual Liquid Fuels Allocation.)

Bureau of Office Services

*  Conducting Business with the PA Department of Transportation

Bureau of Design

*  Relocation Assistance Information (Pub. 47)

*  Contract Proposal Preparation Guide (Pub. 51)

*  Contract Proposal Preparation Guide (Metric Edition) (Pub. 51M)

*  When Your Land Is Needed for Highway Use (Pub. 83)

*  Local Public Agency Project Guidelines (Pub. 98)

*  Surveying and Mapping Manual (Pub. 122M)

*  Estimating and Scheduling Manual (Pub. 352)

*  Specifications for Consultant Engineering Agreements (Form 442)

Bureau of Environmental Quality

*  Wetlands Resource Handbook (Pub. 325)

Bureau of Maintenance & Operations

*  Trucker's Handbook (Pub. 194)

*  Posting and Bonding Procedures for Municipal Highways (Pub. 221)

*  Highway Occupancy Permit Handbook (Pub. 282)

*  Guide for Obtaining Minimum Use Driveway Permits

*  How to Apply for a Single-Trip Special Hauling Permit for Oversize/Overweight Movement Using Form M-936A

*  How to Apply for a Single-Trip Special Hauling Permit for Oversize/Overweight Movement using Form M-936AS

*  How to Apply for a Super Load Permit

*  Trucker's Guide to Pennsylvania

*  Pennsylvania STAA Truck Routes (Listing of approved routes for 102 inch wide tractor trailers.)

Bureau of Construction & Materials

*  Access to Contracts Management System by Outside Agencies (MPS #419)

*  Procedures for Administration for Municipal Projects (Pub. 39)

Center for Program Development and Management

*  Congestion Management System (CMS) Planning Guidance

*  Local Bridge Program Operational Manual

*  Transportation Enhancements Program Guidance

*  State Transportation Program Guidance

*  PennDOT User's Guide to Transportation Planning & Programming

*  Public Involvement Program for Transportation Planning and Programming

Office of the Deputy Secretary for Planning

*  Transportation Partnerships Guidelines Manual

Bureau of Municipal Services

*  Turnback Manual (Provide information on the process of turning a road back to local jurisdiction.)


Bureau of Equal Opportunity

*  Affirmative Action Plan Federal/State

*  DBE Plan

*  Contract Compliance Plan

*  Title VI Plan


Bureau of Motor Vehicles

*  Vehicle Registration Process Training Module

Bureau of Driver Licensing

*  Driver License Process Training Module

*  Guidelines to Determine Medical Competency for Drivers

Bureau of Office Services

*  Model Stockpile Guidelines

*  Procurement Manual

Bureau of Equal Opportunity

*  DBE Orientation Course Manual

Bureau of Design

*  Administration of Consultant Agreements (Pub. 93)

*  Appraisal Guide (Pub. 94M)

*  Right of Way Manual

Bureau of Environmental Quality

*  Environmental Impact Statement Handbook (Pub. 278)

*  Categorical Exclusion Evaluation Handbook (Pub. 294)

*  Public Involvement Handbook (Pub. 295)

*  Needs Study Handbook (Pub. 319)

*  PennDOT Project Level Air Quality Handbook (Pub. 321)

Bureau of Maintenance & Operations

*  Maintenance Manual (Pub. 23)

*  Guide Rail Condition Survey Field Manual (Pub. 33)

*  Drainage Condition Survey Field Manual (Pub. 73)

*  Highway Maintenance Foreman manual (Pub. 113)

*  Pavement Policy Manual (Pub. 242)

Bureau of Construction & Materials

*  Finals Unit Manual (Pub. 11) (Guidance for Highway Construction Project Closeouts)

*  Field Computation Guidebook (Pub. 21)(Guidance for Highway Construction Projects)

*  Contract Documentation System Field Operations Manual (Pub. 320)

*  Construction and Materials Management (MPS #404) (How to Record, Document & Attest Materials in a Highway Construction Project

*  Cooperation with Outside Agencies: Highway Construction and Materials Testing (MPS #407)

*  New Product Evaluations (MPS #418)

Bureau of Planning and Research

*  Conduct of Research at PennDOT

*  Traffic Monitoring Program Guidance

Center for Program Development and Management

*  Single Occupancy Vehicle Capacity Adding Project (SOVCAP) Guidance

*  Rail-Highway Grade Crossing Safety Program Guidance

Bureau of Municipal Services

*  Abandonment/Vacation/Deletions Procedure Letter (Policies and procedures governing the abandonment, vacation, and deletion of roads from the state road system and their return to local jurisdiction.)


Bureau of Office Services

*  Price List, Maps & Publications (Pub. 12)

Bureau of Design

*  Construction Items Catalog (Pub. 7)

*  Construction Items Catalog (metric edition) (Pub. 7M)

*  Construction Cost Catalog of Standard Construction Items (Pub. 287)

Bureau of Environmental Quality

*  Getting Involved Brochure (Pub. 304, 10/94)

Bureau of Construction & Materials

*  Aggregate Producers (Pub. 34)

*  Approved Construction Materials (Pub. 35)

*  Producers of Bituminous Mixtures (Pub. 41)

*  Producers of Redi-Mix Concrete (Pub. 42)

*  Contract Plan Reading for Inspectors (Textbook--Training Manual) (Pub. 211)

*  Contract Plan Reading for Inspectors (Quizbook) (Pub. 212)

*  Contract Plan Reading for Inspectors (Final Exam) (Pub. 213)

*  Plan Book for the Course in Contract Reading (Training Manual) (Pub. 214)

*  Subsurface Boring, Sampling and Testing Contract (Pub. 222)

*  Subsurface Boring, Sampling and Testing Contract, Metric Edition (Pub. 222M)

*  Slope Stability Program, PASTABL (Metricated) (Pub. 318, 9/96)

*  Construction and Materials Management (MPS #404)

*  Prequalification and Contractor Evaluation (MPS #405)

*  Highway Contract Claims (MPS #406)

Bureau of Highway Safety & Traffic Engineering

*  Bicycling Directory of Pennsylvania (Pub. 316)

Center for Program Development and Management

*  Transportation Conformity--State Implementation Plan

Bureau of Municipal Services

*  Liquid Fuels Calendar (Tool for municipalities highlighting policies, procedures and information to assist with road and street maintenance.)

*  Treasurer's Account Book (Accounting system for local governments.)

Bureau of Public Transportation

*  PA Urban Transit Statistical Report 96/97 (Statistics for urban public transportation providers.)

*  PA Rural and Small Urban Public Trans. Program (Statistics for rural and small urban public trans. providers.)

*  Senior Citizen Shared-Ride Program (Background info, statistics, trends, etc. for Shared-Ride Program.)

*  PA Public Transportation Directory

All of the non-regulatory compliance-related documents listed above are available from the Department of Transportation Publications Office. In some cases, due to the length of the document, a duplication fee will be charged. Please contact the Publications Office at PA Department of Transportation, Distribution Services Unit, P. O. Box 2028, G-123 Transportation & Safety Building, Harrisburg, PA 17105, telephone number (717) 787- 6746 for more information. Documents are also available from the State Library, Government Publications Section at 219 Forum Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120 and are available through inter-library loan.

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