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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 99-743

Contract Awards

May 1, 1999

   The following awards have been made by the Department of General Services, Bureau of Purchases:

Contract No.
ToIn the
Amount Of
6810-0804/27/99Cap City Products11,780.00
6810-0804/27/99FBC Chemical Corp.186,530.00
6810-0804/27/99George S. Coyne Chemical Co., Inc.27,060.00
6810-0804/27/99Interstate Chemical Co., Inc.47,290.00
6810-0804/27/99Lidochem, Inc.7,245.00
6810-0804/27/99Magnatrade Corp.68,775.00
6810-0804/27/99R. J. Glass, Inc.25,830.00
6810-0804/27/99Sal Chemical Co., Inc.23,200.00
6810-0804/27/99Textile Chemical Co., Inc.43,530.00
7910-0204/27/99Nilfisk-Advance, Inc.50,142.16
7910-0204/27/99Airwick Professional Products, Inc.50,142.16
7910-0204/27/99XPEDX--Harrisburg Division50,142.16
7910-0204/27/99Mastercraft Industries, Inc.50,142.16
7910-0204/27/99Minuteman International, Inc.50,142.16
7910-0204/27/99Windsor Industries, Inc.50,142.16
7910-0204/27/99C. R. Faber Rental and Supply, Inc.50,142.16
7910-0204/27/99Galer & Hults, Inc.25,071.08
7910-0204/27/99Environmental Services Specialist25,071.08
7930-04 Re-bid05/01/99Americlean Systems, Inc.54,326.59
7930-04 Re-bid05/01/99Diamond Chemical Co.54,326.59
7930-04 Re-bid05/01/99Econolab, Inc.54,326.59
7930-04 Re-bid05/01/99Sanolite Corp.54,326.59
7930-04 Re-bid05/01/99Burns Chemical System, Inc.54,326.59
8920-06 Sup No. 204/27/99Union Chill Mat Co.10,000.00
8920-06 Sup No. 204/27/99Alliant Food Service Pittsburgh50,000.00
8920-06 Sup No. 204/27/99Polar Bear, Inc.10,000.00
1132118-0104/20/99Raytex Fabrics, Inc.295,350.00
1396118-0104/20/99Beroc, Inc.93,000.00
1445228-0104/20/99Best Line Leasing, Inc.26,500.00
1450118-0104/20/99Patterson Dental Supply, Inc.20,248.00
1455218-0104/20/99Rohrer Bus Sales34,410.00
1508118-0104/20/99Logans Marketing24,270.00
1523118-0104/20/99Envirodyne Systems, Inc.28,200.00
1600218-0104/20/99Sani-Med Distributors, Inc.24,975.00
7297200-0104/20/99Northeast Auto Outlet20,238.25
8208090-0104/20/99Miller AC Concrete Prod., Inc.54,761.00
8504830-0104/20/99Wharton Hardware and Supply33,980.00



[Pa.B. Doc. No. 99-743. Filed for public inspection April 30, 1999, 9:00 a.m.]