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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 02-1551

   Act 266 of 1982 provides for the payment of interest penalties on certain invoices of "qualified small business concerns". The penalties apply to invoices for goods or services when payments are not made by the required payment date or within a 15 day grace period thereafter.
   Act 1984-196 redefined a "qualified small business concern" as any independently owned and operated, for-profit business concern employing 100 or fewer employees. See 4 Pa.Code § 2.32. The business must include the following statement on every invoice submitted to the Commonwealth: "(name of business) is a qualified small business concern as defined in 4 Pa. Code 2.32."
   A business is eligible for payments when the required payment is the latest of:
      The payment date specified in the contract.
      30 days after the later of the receipt of a proper invoice or receipt of goods or services.
      The net payment date stated on the business' invoice.
   A 15-day grace period after the required payment date is provided to the Commonwealth by the Act.
   For more information: contact: Small Business Resource Center
                                                  PA Department of Community and Economic Development
                                                  374 Forum Building
                                                  Harrisburg, PA 17120
                                                  800-280-3801 or (717) 783-5700

The Treasury Department's Bureau of Contracts and Public Records can help you do business with state government agencies. Our efforts focus on guiding the business community through the maze of state government offices. The bureau is, by law, the central repository for all state contracts over $5,000. Bureau personnel can supply descriptions of contracts, names of previous bidders, pricing breakdowns and other information to help you submit a successful bid on a contract. We will direct you to the appropriate person and agency looking for your product or service to get you "A Step Ahead." Services are free except the cost of photocopying contracts or dubbing a computer diskette with a list of current contracts on the database. A free brochure, "Frequently Asked Questions About State Contracts," explains how to take advantage of the bureau's services.
Contact: Bureau of Contracts and Public Records
              Pennsylvania State Treasury
              Room G13 Finance Building
              Harrisburg, PA 17120

State Treasurer

7886 Bras, solid white, no under wire, unpadded nylon two section cups. 86% Nylon 14% Lycra. Nylon spandex side and back panels with hook and eye back closures. Adjustable stretch shoulder straps with plastic strap adjusters. The sizes range from 34 A to 44 D. There will be a total of 2030 bras.
   Department: Corrections
   Location: State Correctional Institution at Muncy, P.O. Box 180, Route 405, Muncy, PA 17756
   Duration: 90 days
   Contact: Cindy Lyons--Purchasing Agent (570) 546-3171, ext. 373

LE-02001 1 Outboard Engine, Evinrude Model E150FPXSNT, 150 HP, Year 2003, and 1 Outboard Engine, Evinrude Model E150FCXSNT, 150 HP, Year 2003. No substitutes. Must match existing equipment on boat.
   Department: Fish and Boat Commission
   Location: Harrisburg, PA
   Duration: One Time Purchase
   Contact: Dennis Grove (717) 705-7915


8533 Furnish all labor, materials, and equipment to provide a complete service and preventive maintenance program for one passenger elevator. Services shall include monthly scheduled preventive maintenance and servicing on the unit including all necessary additional service calls that are required.
   Department: State Police
   Location: Troop N, Hazleton Headquarters, 250 Dessen Drive, West Hazleton, PA 18202
   Duration: October 2002, through June 30, 2005
   Contact: Stacey Logan-Kent (717) 705-5952

PennDOT-ECMS The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has established a website advertising for the retention of engineering firms. You can view these business opportunities by going to the Department of Transportation's Engineering and Construction Management System at
   Department: Transportation
   Location: Various

OSM 54(3108)101.1 Abandoned Mine Reclamation, Interchange 37 North. Principal items of work and approximate quantities are: removal of 3 structures; 2,160 c.y. backfilling structures and seeding 3.2 acres. This project issues August 30, 2002; payment in the amount of $10.00 must be received before bid documents will be sent. Federal funds are available for this project from the $37.8 million 2001 Pennsylvania AML grant.
   Department: Environmental Protection
   Location: Mahanoy Township, Schuylkill County
   Duration: 240 calendar days after notice to proceed
   Contact: Construction Contracts Section (717) 783-7994

BOGM 02-7 Clean Out and Plug Five (5) Abandoned Oil Wells estimated to be 1,000 feet each in depth; prepare and restore well sites and mobilize and demobilize plugging equipment. This project issues August 30, 2002. Payment in the amount of $10.00 must be received before bid documents will be sent.
   Department: Environmental Protection
   Location: Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E. Frederick Property, Sugar Grove Township, Warren County
   Duration: 60 calendar days after notice to proceed
   Contact: Construction Contracts Section (717) 783-7994

260178 Provide propane gas (bulk) to Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board locations in accordance with Type II, Federal Specification BB-C-110A-1 effective January 17, 1973 and any amendments thereto. Where required successful bidder must supply and install storage tank. This contractor shall supply all required piping, valves, gauges and fittings necessary to service the agencies building. The gas, tanks, cylinders, valves and piping shall conform to the latest Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Publication, ''Regulations for Liquefied Petroleum Gas'' and to the latest NFPA Pamphlet No. 58 of the National Fire Protection Association.
   Department: Liquor Control Board
   Location: Wine & Spirits Shoppe #4508, Jay Park, Route 209, P.O. Box 1378, Marshalls Creek, PA 18335, [Smithfield Township], (570) 223-2403
   Duration: Beginning: Upon Notice to Proceed and Ending: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003.
   Contact: Leland E. Scott, Jr. (717) 787-9854

260179 Provide propane gas (bulk) to Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board locations in accordance with Type II, Federal Specification BB-C-110A-1 effective January 17, 1973 and any amendments thereto. Where required successful bidder must supply and install storage tank. This contractor shall supply all required piping, valves, gauges and fittings necessary to service the agencies building. The gas, tanks, cylinders, valves and piping shall conform to the latest Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Publication, ''Regulations for Liquefied Petroleum Gas'' and to the latest NFPA Pamphlet No. 58 of the National Fire Protection Association.
   Department: Liquor Control Board
   Location: Wine & Spirits Shoppe #5804, 1016 Mountain View Plaza, Hallstead, [Hallstead Borough] PA (570) 879-4153
   Duration: BEGINNING: Upon Notice To Proceed and ENDING: September 30, 2003
   Contact: Leland E. Scott, Jr. (717) 787-9854

CN00000263 Provide emergency and routine repair work for plumbing system. The contractor must respond to the call within 2 hours of receiving a call either directly or via a recording device. Replacement parts must be as originally installed or of equal quality and function. The contractor must agree to redeem manufacturer's warranty on parts where applicable and further agree to guarantee workmanship and replacement parts provided by his firm for a 90 day period. For information regarding bid package, please send inquiries to fax number (717) 861-2932 or e-mail to the purchasing agent listed below. (If you are not on the Commonwealth's Vendor List, you need to register online at
   Department: Military Affairs
   Location: Organizational Maintenance Shop, 5350 Ogontz Ave., Philadelphia, PA
   Duration: Anticipated starting date of 1 October 2002 Thru 30 September 2005
   Contact: Vicky Lengel (717) 861-8579

08-D-02 Labor and materials to fabricate & install (2)-approx. 15`6" x 4`0" x 2`0" H. Back to back stainless steel kitchen hoods & associated exhaust duct through roof. Curbs and connecting to (2) new up-blast belt drive exhaust fan 6,200 cfm each. Each 15`6" hood shall have (2) 20 x 14 duct collars with (1) 32 x 18 duct through roof and connecting to up-blast fan. This hood shall meet N.F.P.A. #96 latest standards Removal of existing hood system, ducts & fans by others. All fire suppression system materials & labor by others.
   Department: Labor and Industry
   Location: Department of Labor and Industry, 4th Floor Cafeteria, Seventh and Forster Streets, Harrisburg, PA 17120
   Duration: Upon approval through 10/01/02
   Contact: Cherianita Thomas/HK (717) 787-2877

12ROW01 Require sign company to estimate sign values and relocation costs of approximately 68 signs being displaced in conjunction with SR 0022 B02, a highway improvement project in the municipality of Murrysville and Salem Township, Westmoreland County. Service includes, but is not limited to, estimating the cost new, depreciation, and relocation costs of various-sized locational, directional, business and outdoor advertising devices. Estimates to be provided on specific forms approved or provided by the Department. Court testimony as an 'expert witness' will be needed in some cases. Attendance at various project meetings will be required. Completed reports are subject to agency review, and must be corrected to the PENNDOT's satisfaction. Completed acceptable reports will be required no later than 30 calendar days after notice to proceed.
   Department: Transportation
   Location: PA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, Engineering District 1200, PO Box 459, 825 North Gallatin Avenue Extension, Uniontown, PA 15401
   Duration: Initial appraisal service is expected to be completed within one to two years, but contract will have five year period.
   Contact: Daniel K Bucan or Walter Haas (724) 439-7146 (or 7249)

12ROW02 Contemplated Sale of Land No Longer Needed for Transportation Purposes. Notice is hereby given that the Department of Transportation pursuant to 71 P.S. § 513(e)(7), intends to sell certain land situated adjacent to the Adamsburg Stockpile Maintenance Site in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. It is a portion of the premises acquired by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation, by deed recorded April 29, 1992 in Deed Book Volume 3091, Page 546. The parcel available for sale contains 178,351 square feet of unimproved land. Estimated fair market value is $ 8,300.00. Interested public entities are invited to express their interest in purchasing the site within 30 Calendar days from the date of publication of this notice to the following address.
   Department: Transportation
   Location: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Transportation, Daniel K. Bucan, Right of Way Administrator, Engineering District 12-0, PO Box 459, Uniontown, PA 15401
   Duration: 30 Calendar days from the date of publication of this notice.
   Contact: Daniel K. Bucan or Steve Holowach (724) 439-7146 or 7144

12ROW03 Title Search and Settlement Services provided by a Bonded Title Company, Bonded Abstract Company or attorney on a unit cost per claim basis by county - located primarily in District 12, Fayette Greene Washington & Westmoreland counties. Services to be performed as required and in accordance with Department of Transportation's Right-of-way Manual on Department forms and templates. Contract to include such services as: Title Abstract back 60 years with narrative, Bring-Downs to closing date, Copies of all recorded instruments submitted using digital medium, Secure Releases, Coordinate Settlements/Distribution Funds at various locations, Recording of necessary documents, and other related closing activities.
   Department: Transportation
   Location: PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, Engineering District 1200, PO Box 459, 805 North Gallatin Avenue Extension, Uniontown, PA 15401
   Duration: One (1) year contract, with renewal option based on mutual consent of both parties for four annual (one-year) periods.
   Contact: Daniel K. Bucan (or Pat Swisher) (724) 439-7146 (or 7355)

RFP 07-02 Community Resource Centers for Persons with Disabilities. This proposal seeks to establish regional single points of entry independent of providers, which are responsible for eligibility assessment, service plan development and monitoring, as well as emergency response and nursing home transition services. The CRCs will assure that individuals are tracked into the program that can best meet their needs, that is cost effective and assures the health and safety of individuals served. At a minimum, the CRC must conduct or provide: information, referral and outreach, program registration, program eligibility determinations, data collection for medical, financial and functional eligibility determinations, development of individualized service plans for consumers and supports coordination. It must also provide development and oversight, design and implementation of a quality management system, budget management and OBRA mandated services. It must have specialized services and transition supports to persons with disabilities who are in nursing facilities and implementation of DPW guidelines and procedures, as directed. RFP packages may be obtained by FAXING 717 787 3560 attn: BETH. RFP mailing date will be 8-19-02 and RFP opening will be 9-23-02.
   Department: Public Welfare
   Duration: 01/01/03 to 06/30/07
   Contact: Beth Trowbridge (717) 783-1083

RFP #2003-1RSSE Regional Summer Schools of Excellence (RSSE) programs must target gifted and/or talented youth in elementary, middle and/or secondary levels. They must be enrichment programs offering curriculum activities no ordinarily available in local schools during the school year. The programs may concentrate on a single discipline, an integration of discipline, or be multidisciplinary in scope. Eligible RSSE grant applications are; intermediate units; school districts (serving student in more than one district, except in large cities); colleges or universities; not for profit regional chapters or councils for the arts; culture and/or educational organizations; or consortia of two or more of the above. Applicants may apply for grants to launch new programs or expand or update existing programs. This grant is highly competitive.
   Department: Education
   Location: Various Locations throughout the Commonwealth
   Duration: July - August 2003
   Contact: Monica Washington (717) 783-5670

3300032 Ship computer, computer parts and peripherals from Harrisburg to IBMs location in Morrisville NC. Awarded vendor must be insured for the value of each shipment. Value will vary, approximately $100,000 - $150,000. Quantity of (unstackable) skids will vary, approximately 20 - 30. Interested vendors may reach contact Sissy Bowles at the telephone number below.
   Department: Transportation
   Location: Bureau of Information Systems, P.O. Box 8213, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8213
   Duration: One year with four one year renewals
   Contact: Sissy Bowles (717) 705-5856
[Pa.B. Doc. No. 02-1551. Filed for public inspection August 30, 2002, 9:00 a.m.]

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1 Advertising,Public Relations, Promotional Materials 22 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing, Refrigeration Services, Equipment Rental & Repair
2 Agricultural Services, Livestock, Equipment, Supplies & Repairs: Farming Equipment Rental & Repair, Crop Harvesting & Dusting, Animal Feed, etc. 23 Janitorial Services & Supply Rental: Interior
3 Auctioneer Services 24 Laboratory Services, Maintenance & Consulting
4 Audio/Video, Telecommunications Services, Equipment Rental & Repair 24 Laboratory Services, Maintenance & Consulting
5 Barber/Cosmetology Services & Equipment 25 Laundry/Dry Cleaning & Linen/Uniform Rental
6 Cartography Services 26 Legal Services & Consultation
7 Child Care 27 Lodging/Meeting Facilities
8 Computer Related Services & Equipment Repair: Equipment Rental/Lease, Programming, Data Entry, Payroll Services, Consulting 28 Mailing Services
9 Construction & Construction Maintenance: Buildings, Highways, Roads, Asphalt Paving, Bridges, Culverts, Welding, Resurfacing, etc. 29 Medical Services, Equipment Rental and Repairs & Consultation
10 Court Reporting & Stenography Services 30 Moving Services
11 Demolition\Structural Only 31 Personnel, Temporary
12 Drafting & Design Services 32 Photography Services (includes aerial)
13 Elevator Maintenance 33 Property Maintenance & Renovation\Interior & Exterior: Painting, Restoration, Carpentry Services, Snow Removal, General Landscaping (Mowing, Tree Pruning & Planting, etc.)
14 Engineering Services & Consultation: Geologic, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Solar & Surveying 34 Railroad/Airline Related Services, Equipment & Repair
15 Environmental Maintenance Services: Well Drilling, Mine Reclamation, Core & Exploratory Drilling, Stream Rehabilitation Projects and Installation Services 35 Real Estate Services\Appraisals & Rentals
16 Extermination Services 36 Sanitation\Non-Hazardous Removal, Disposal & Transportation (Includes Chemical Toilets)
17 Financial & Insurance Consulting & Services 37 Security Services & Equipment\MArmed Guards, Investigative Services & Security Systems
18 Firefighting Services 38 Vehicle, Heavy Equipment & Powered Machinery Services, Maintenance, Rental, Repair & Renovation (Includes ADA Improvements)
19 Food 39 Miscellaneous: This category is intended for listing all bids, announcements not applicable to the above categories
20 Fuel Related Services, Equipment & Maintenance to Include Weighing Station Equipment, Underground & Above Storage Tanks
21 Hazardous Material Services: Abatement, Disposal, Removal, Transportation & Consultation


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