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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 05-272p

[35 Pa.B. 859]

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Lebresco Jenny, Green Tree Hallow, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lecci Rose, 424 N 66th St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lech Josephine, 2821 Aramingo, Philadephia, Pa, 00000

Lechman Lucy, 931 Seneca St, Fountain Hill, Pa, 18015

Lechnar John R, 113 Southwood Dr, Uniontown, Pa,

Lechner Emily, 1031 Schoenersville Rd, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lechner Herbert M, 624 Churchview Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lechner Mark A, Box 194, Wilpine, Pa, 00000

Lechner Rosie, 5 Wood St, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lechner Theodore, 3 Reed Royal, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Leck Cathy A, Apt 1 169 Johnsonville Rd, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Leck Jenny M, 317 Inshong Rd, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Leckie Joseph, California, Pa, 00000

Leckie Thomas, California, Pa, 00000

Leckrone Terry L, 156 S Fine St, York, Pa, 00000

Leclair Jane A, 2nd Floor 914 Nano, Harrisburg, Pa, 00000

Leclair Jane A, 914 N 2nd, Harrisburg, Pa, 17100

Lecorchick Clara E, Smock, Pa, 00000

Ledane David N, Dickinson, Pa, 00000

Ledane John T, Dickinson, Pa, 00000

Ledane Kathie E, Dickinson, Pa, 00000

Ledder William R, 0 Thomas Island, Mount Bethel, Pa, 18343

Lederer Rose W, 214 Thompson, Phila, Pa, 00000

Ledonne Marion, 313 Babbitt, Pen Argyl, Pa, 18072

Ledonne Vincent, 2638 S Bower, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leduc, Pa,

Ledwith William P, 48 Mt Airy Ave Apt 2, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lee Albert, 5605 N. 12th St, Phila, Pa,

Lee Alex, Pa,

Lee Allyson, Pa,

Lee Anna E, Naomans Rd, Ogden, Pa, 00000

Lee Anna K, Pa,

Lee Brenda L, Pa,

Lee Carolyn A, 727 Church St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lee Charles E, Pa,

Lee Charles Thomas, Naamane Rd, Ogden, Pa, 00000

Lee Cheng, Pa,

Lee Daniel, 122 Park Ave, Stroudsburg, Pa, 00000

Lee David T, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Lee Delores, 535 E Sanger St, Phila, Pa,

Lee Diane, 2101 Bailey Av, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Lee Douglas E, 67 Brown St, Stroudsburg, Pa, 00000

Lee Dyong Don, 103 Meade Rd, Elkins Park, Pa, 19117

Lee Edward G, 1126 Jones St, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Lee Elizabeth, 176 House, Leckrund, Pa, 00000

Lee Elizabeth, Rr 2 Box 18a, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Lee Elma L, Emeigh, Pa, 00000

Lee Eslicker C, Geigertown, Pa, 00000

Lee Ethel, 2021 W9th St, Chester, Pa, 00000

Lee Fashions, Pa,

Lee Freda E, Perrysville, Pa, 00000

Lee George, 55 N Eastview Ave, Logan, Pa, 00000

Lee George C Jr, 55 N Eastview Ave, Frasierville, Pa, 00000

Lee Gibson Co, Pa,

Lee Helen, 108 S Euclid Ave, Bellevue, Pa, 00000

Lee Helen A, Wysox, Pa, 00000

Lee Helen M, 2210 Montgomery St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lee Helen S, C/O John Edwards Po Box 636, California, Pa,

Lee Henrietta, Lincoln Hotel, Greensburg, Pa, 00000

Lee Hilda M, 10th St, Chester, Pa, 00000

Lee Irene, Brodheadsville, Pa, 00000

Lee James, R1 5158 Keystone St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lee John W, 324 Cherry Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lee Joon Hee, Pa,

Lee K I, Pittsburgh, Pa, 0

Lee Kenneth, Parkville Plaza 1st, Pittsburgh, Pa, 15213

Lee Kyung O, Pa,

Lee Larry W, 111 S Fairview Ave, Wind Gap, Pa, 18091

Lee Lillian, N Wales Rd, North Wales, Pa, 00000

Lee Louise, Library, Pa, 00000

Lee Louise M, Library, Pa, 00000

Lee Mary M, Wysox, Pa, 00000

Lee Mildred, 1209 Jackson St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lee Mildred, 1807 Washington Ave, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Lee Naazim, Pa,

Lee Ollie, Canoe Creek, Pa, 00000

Lee Patricia A, 6343 Lebanon Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lee Pauline, Old Middletown Rd, Media, Pa, 00000

Lee Ralph O, Irvine Run Rd Apt 55, Irvine, Pa, 00000

Lee Raymond, 108 2nd St, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lee Robert M, 910 W 24th St, Wilmington, Pa, 19802

Lee S, Pa,

Lee Sewyong A, Norristown, Pa, 19

Lee Shupp Richard, Rr 1, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lee Stella, Pa,

Lee Sun J, 2448 S Phillip St, Pa,

Lee Susan, 716 Cornerstone, Bryn Mowr, Pa,

Lee Thomas B, Wysox, Pa, 00000

Lee Vernon F, Petrolia, Pa, 00000

Lee Virginia Jane, Rd # 4, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Lee Wayne W, Rr 4 Box 144, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lee William, 1916 West Laveer St, Phila, Pa,

Leece Andrew, 225 E 8th Ave, Conshohocken, Pa,

Leech Anthony Jr, 718 Bradley Alley, Johnston, Pa, 00000

Leech Charles, Kennett Square, Pa, 00000

Leech George A, Fernwood, Pa, 0

Leech Jean M, Broughton, Pa, 00000

Leech Maurice, 165 Leaside, Lincoln Pl, Pa, 00000

Leech R, Pa,

Leed Betty, 9 Hellman St, Gettysburg, Pa, 00000

Leed Jacob E Jr, Orange Lititz St, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Leed Mary E, Orange Lititz St, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Leed Sherman Jr, , Hopeland, Pa, 00000

Leedy Joan L, E Freedom Rd Po Box 205, Altoona, Pa, 16603

Leedy Robert, East Freedom, Pa, 16637

Leedy Russell L, 120 Brick Church Rd, Enola, Pa, 00000

Leedy Verna E, Lakemont 641 4th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Leefe Angelina, 61 E Northampton, St Wilkes Barre, Pa, 00000

Leefelt Wm, Rr 1, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leeper Florence E, 114 38 Inwood St, South Ozone, Pa, 00000

Leeper John, Sunbury, Pa, 0

Leeper June, 73 Patch, Tower Hill, Pa, 00000

Lees Barbara M, 7226 Alderbrook Rd, Philadelphia West, Pa, 00000

Lees Earl D, 601 Wishart St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lees Grace B, Bridge And Walker St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lees Matthew P, 6051 N Mervine, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leese Barbara J, Tionesta, Pa, 00000

Leeson Harry J, 5790 47th St, Bridgeport, Pa, 00000

Leeson Leeson And Leeson, 70 E Broad St Po Box 1426, Bethlehem, Pa, 18016

Lefebure Anna, Smoke Run, Pa, 00000

Lefenre Carolyn J, 48 Powell Lane, West Chester, Pa, 00000

Lefever A, Pa,

Lefever Barry, Pa,

Lefever Catherine, New Providence, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Lefever Grace M, Willow St, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Lefever William, 218 Moore Ave, Vienna, Pa, 00000

Lefevre, Pob 4175, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Lefevre Charles E, Power Lane, West Chester, Pa, 00000

Lefevre Raymond C, Mcveytown, Pa, 00000

Leffel Nancy J, Bechtelsville, Pa, 00000

Leffingwell Sherry Ann, Cochranton, Pa, 00000

Leffler Anthony, Blackaden St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lefkovitz Reana J, 1076 Westbury Dr, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lefkowski Helen J, 1317 Main St, Dickson, Pa, 00000

Lefler Joy L, 717 Sherwood Apt 1, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lefsyk Francis J, 24 N Main St Apt 2, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Leftwitch Leona, 1510 Garnet St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lega Dora, Pa,

Legacki Donna, 140 League St, Phila, Pa,

Legarska Michael, 2 Reitz, Carinbrook, Pa, 00000

Legarsky Irene, Central City, Pa, 00000

Legat Andrew Jr, 97 Gs St, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Legatos Stomatia, 3408 N A St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Legcue James, 117 Lyric Aly, Mc Keesport, Pa, 00000

Lege Bonnie K, Orviston, Pa, 00000

Legend Of N, Po Box 58817, Phila, Pa,

Leger, Pa,

Legere David E, 555 W Luray St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Legge Emily, 31 Winston Ave, South Ardmore, Pa, 00000

Leggett & Platt, Pa,

Leggett Bascom, Linden St, Williamsport, Pa, 00000

Leggett Roger, Martins Village, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leggieri Mary, 7209 Van Dyke, Tacony, Pa, 00000

Leghan Laura, Valley Forge Rd, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Lego C, 1910 Columbia Ave, Tyrone, Pa, 16686

Lego James R, Rr 4 Box 212c, Tyrone, Pa, 16686

Lego Mary C, 3508 5th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Leh Barbara A, 247 Forrest St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Leh Beatrice E, 143 S Liberty St, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Leh Debra A, Mohnton St, Reading, Pa, 00000

Leh Dolores E, 2425 Morgan Hill Rd, Easton, Pa, 18042

Leh Harold R, P O Box 8, Dauberville, Pa, 19517

Leh Lonnie C, 115 E High St, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Leh Susan C, Spring Mill Rd, Egypt, Pa, 00000

Leh Thomas, S 5 St, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lehigh Aoii M, Lehigh Univ 39 University Dr Box E116, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lehigh Consolidated Ind, Easton, Pa, 18044

Lehigh Country Club, 2319 South Cedar Crest Blvd, Allentown, Pa,

Lehigh Delaware Development Cou, C/O Fishbone Refo & Sch Mb Ctrsq Box 1099, Easton, Pa, 18044

Lehigh Township Alumni, 1106 Walnut Dr, Danielsville, Pa, 18038

Lehigh Travel, 3839 Bath Pike, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lehigh Val Emer Med *, Po Box 2346, Lehigh Valley, Pa, 18001

Lehigh Valley Cb *, Sidekicks Inc P O Box 653, Bethlehem, Pa, 18016

Lehigh Valley Family Practice, 1770 Bathgate Dr, Bath, Pa, 18017

Lehigh Valley Paving, Inc Po Box 10, Hellertown, Pa, 18055

Lehigh Valley Pediatric Medical Assoc, 2223 Linden St, Bethlehem, Pa,

Lehigh Valley Physicians Group, Lehigh Valley, Pa, 18002

Lehigh Wholesale Grocery *, Inc P O Box 2227, Bethlehem, Pa, 18001

Lehman Annie, 749 E 6th, South Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Lehman Arlene N, Locust Ave Oakland, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Lehman Betty, Rd 1, Nisbet, Pa, 00000

Lehman Carol A, 321 E Walton Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lehman Carol L, 449 S St, Williamsport, Pa, 00000

Lehman Christine, 901 E 16th St, Berwick, Pa,

Lehman Cordel, C/O Anthony Lehman 214 Thompson Ave, Roseville, Pa, 00000

Lehman Dorothy, Pa,

Lehman Ella, Fl 1 4 Ketchum N 5, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lehman Irma V, Madley, Pa, 00000

Lehman Jeanette M, 60b Atlantic, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Lehman Luther M, Bens Creek, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Lehman Marjorie A, 144 Berwyn St, Union, Pa, 00000

Lehman Myrna E, Tionesta, Pa, 00000

Lehman Stanley E, Martinsburg, Pa, 00000

Lehmen Laurence, 11 Ondiaua, Danville, Pa, 00000

Lehneis Erica A, Perkasie, Pa,

Lehnen Marion B, 524 Slocum St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lehner Helen F, 1253 Lincoln Ave, Tyrone, Pa, 16686

Lehosky Joseph Jr, Po Box 113, Deeks Center, Pa, 00000

Lehr Barbara, Bustleton Pike & Byber Rd, Somerton, Pa, 00000

Lehr Dorothy, 34 N Warren St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lehr Dorothy E, 1552 Catasauqua Rd Apt 1, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lehr Emma, 804 Sterner Mill Rd, Trevose, Pa, 00000

Lehr Franklin E, 1010 So Rose St, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lehr Gary E, Rr 1, York, Pa, 00000

Lehr Helen B, 128 Burke St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lehr Helen B, 2110 Kirkland Village, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lehr Hilda C, 528 Montclair Ave, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lehr Ronald E Mr., 811 Kelly Dr, York, Pa,

Lehr Victoria A, 10216 Upper Little Creek Rd, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Lehrich Paul A, Dln 75500011 Rev Refund 3131 Redlawn Dr, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lehrman Carrie, 1011 Linden St, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Leiacc Grimes, 1718 Front, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Leib Alfred A, Main St, Lavelle, Pa, 00000

Leib Alfred T, Lavelle, Pa, 00000

Leib George, Lower St, Lavelle, Pa, 00000

Leib Kathryn H, Schaefferstown, Pa, 00000

Leibeck Howard, 711 Suismon St, Ns Spittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Leibenguth Anna, 4883 Circle Dr, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Leibensperger Irene E, Shoemakersville, Pa, 00000

Leibensperger Roma M, Germansville, Pa, 00000

Leibensperger Ruth, Rfd, West Leesport, Pa, 00000

Leibig Dennis J, 25th St. And Lehigh Dr, Easton, Pa, 18042

Leibman Susan K Custodian, 831 Quincy Ave, Scranton, Pa,

Leibold Patricia A, 4031 Fredaway #14, Pitts, Pa, 00000

Leibowitz Henrietta, 7630 Germantown Ave, Phila, Pa,

Leiby Jeffery A, 514 S 17 1/2 St, Readng, Pa, 00000

Leiby Johnathan, Main St, Harrisville, Pa, 00000

Leiby Kathleen, New Tripoli, Pa, 00000

Leiby Lois, Rr 1, Sunburg, Pa, 00000

Leiby Mabel I, Main St, Bath, Pa, 18014

Leiby Marietta S, 339 Grove St, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Leichner John G, 2143 Howard, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leicther Nancy L, Rd 1, West Leesport, Pa, 00000

Leidenberger Bruce, Linfield, Pa, 00000

Leidich Bradley, 3037 Locust, Harrisburg, Pa, 00000

Leidich Edna E, 37 Saucon, Hellertown, Pa, 18055

Leidich Robert W Or Rebecca C, 55 Saucon St, Hellertown, Pa, 18055

Leidich Ruth M, 138 Siz, Reading, Pa, 00000

Leidick Carrie, 53 Saueon, Hellertown, Pa, 18055

Leidy Crista Kay, 1398 Bangor Rd, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Leidy Freda, Rr 1, Twin Rocks, Pa, 00000

Leidy Ida P, 1199 William Penn Ave, Conemaugh, Pa, 00000

Leidy Jr George W, R.D.2, Box 79, Easton, Pa, 18042

Leidy Roger, Kilmer Rd, Aebula Lakes, Pa,

Leiendecker Mary, Pa,

Leigh Joyce A, 115 Main, Bath, Pa, 18014

Leigh Kathry, 3465 Joyce St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leighton Catherine, Parkerford, Pa, 00000

Leighton Kenneth W, 434 Mail Rd, Wind Gap, Pa, 18091

Leighty Margaret, Ruffs Dale, Pa, 00000

Leighty Patricia, 5201 Perry Highway, Pgh, Pa, 00000

Leiglitner Laura, Hillville St, Leechburg, Pa, 00000

Leinbach Carol A, Esterly, Pa, 00000

Leinbach Joyce A, 3841 St Lawrence Ave, Esterly Reading, Pa, 00000

Leinbach Mollie L, 3343 Oley Rd, Esterly, Pa, 00000

Leindecker Karen L, 1553 Washington Ave, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Leindecker William C H, 15 Wood St Apt 218, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Leinheiser Thelma G, 816 W Arch, Pottsville, Pa, 00000

Leininger Earline M, Jefferson St, Womelsdorf, Pa, 00000

Leininger Elmer, Jefferson St, Womelsdorf, Pa, 00000

Leininger Everett C, Jefferson St, Womelsdorf, Pa, 00000

Leininger Helen B, Elverson, Pa, 00000

Leininger Jane H, Birdsboro, Pa, 00000

Leininger Laura E, Jefferson St, Womelsdorf, Pa, 00000

Leininger Russell M, Jefferson St, Womelsdorf, Pa, 00000

Leininger Thelma M, Rr 1, Shamokin Dam, Pa, 00000

Leininger Thomas Irvin, Churchtown, Pa, 00000

Leininger Woodrow M, Jefferson St, Womelsdorf, Pa, 00000

Leiper Dorothy H, Providence Rd, Media, Pa, 00000

Leiper Eleanor W, Rr 1, Media, Pa, 00000

Leiper Mary A, Rr 1, Media, Pa, 00000

Leipfert Helen M, Saint Johns, Pa, 00000

Leiphart Mark K, Yoe, Pa, 00000

Leiphart Theda, 473 Chester Place, York, Pa, 00000

Leirer Joseph, 3507 Sudor St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leiser Clarence G, Main St, Bally, Pa, 00000

Leiser William D Jr, 1471 7th St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18020

Leisey Bessie J, 118 Echestnut St, Ephrata, Pa, 00000

Leisey Donald E, Honey Brook, Pa, 00000

Leisey Enid M, 535 N 3rd, Lebanon, Pa, 00000

Leiss Joanne N, 214 Montgomery St, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Leiss Peter W, Honesdale, Pa, 00000

Leiss Robert S, 716 Smith Av, Lebanon, Pa,

Leister Clarence E, Mifflin, Pa, 00000

Leister Howard A, 400 Washington Ave, Newtown, Pa, 00001

Leister Mae K, Tylersport, Pa, 00000

Leister Mary, R D 1, Pensyls Mill, Pa, 00000

Leister Verna M, Sassamansville, Pa, 00000

Leitgeb Frank, 1123 1/2 Oak St, Stiles, Pa, 00000

Leitgeb Frank, Oak St, Stiles, Pa, 00000

Leith Anita L, Rr 1, Hellertown, Pa, 18055

Leith Carol Ann, 1623 Portland Dr Rd 3, Bath, Pa, 18014

Leitner Symon L, 1528 Stehr St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Leitzell Frances C, Tipton, Pa, 00000

Leivngston Frances, Cleanfend St, Clearfield, Pa, 00000

Leiwe Virginia, Slateford, Pa, 00000

Leix Helen L, 509 26th St, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lejko Robert L, 939 E 5th St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lelko Helen J, 1736 Washington Ave, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Lelo Anna, Cassandra, Pa, 00000

Lelo Elizabeth A, 725 Sassafras St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lemak Caroline, Rr 2, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Leman Faye M, 4915 Cedar Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lemasney Alfred, 590 Van Kirk St, Phila, Pa,

Lemasney Richard, Rr 1, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lemasters Dorotha, 253 Grandview, Pittsburg, Pa, 00000

Lembo Adelina, 712 Walnut, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lemerk Martha, 98 Nd Apt 2, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Lemin Clair, Robertsdale, Pa, 00000

Lemley John E, Mt Morris Star Rt Apt 18, Williamsburg, Pa, 16693

Lemley Ray J, 224 Cherry St, Roaring Springs, Pa, 16673

Lemme Dominick J, 112 E Bell Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lemminger Mabe, 2351 S Main, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lemmo Emmanuel A, Dormant St, Huntington Va, Pa, 00000

Lemoine Marsha, Pa,

Lemon Clara B, Burlington, Pa, 00000

Lemonds Jessie M, Rr 1, White Deer, Pa, 00000

Lempa Edward, Holland Rd, Newtown, Pa, 00000

Lempe Thaddeus, 476 N B St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lemrick Barry J, Coalport, Pa, 00000

Lemtz Kenneth, 119d Hitchman, Mount Pleasant, Pa, 00000

Lenahan Francis N, C/O Frncis N Lenahan 6426 Meadow Creek Ln, Oakmont, Pa, 00000

Lencioni Frank, 1518 Catherine, Harrisburg, Pa,

Lendacki Dec'd Dorothy D., Died 09/11/87, Pa,

Lendacki Mary A, 708 Task, Swedesburg, Pa, 00000

Lenden Angela L, 2313 W Chest Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lender Ada M, R 1, Bellwood, Pa, 00000

Lender Alice, Schonmaker Ave, Monessen, Pa, 00000

Lender Lloyd W, Rail Rd, Manor, Pa, 00000

Lenderman Nancy, Commerce St, Media, Pa, 00000

Lender's Service Inc Sharing, 700 Cherrington Pky, Corapolis, Pa,

Lenenberg Sander, Lenenberg Sander, Phila, Pa, 00010

Lenent Annie, 1306 Rr, Mc Keesport, Pa, 00000

Lengel Elizabeth, 1019 Wolf Ave, North Braddock, Pa, 00000

Lengel Marion, Main St, Strausstown, Pa, 00000

Lengel Pauline, Newmanstown, Pa, 00000

Lengel Pauline C, Newmanstown, Pa, 00000

Lengell John, 461 Real Cherry Alby, Homestead, Pa, 00000

Lengemann Dora, 5391 W Westmoreland, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lenger Elizabeth, Homeville, Pa, 00000

Lengerman Dora, 631 Vencage, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lengle Fanny, Leishmau Ave, Arnold, Pa, 00000

Lengle Mildred A, Rr 1, Sch Haven, Pa, 00000

Lengle Mildred A, Rr 1, Schaven, Pa, 00000

Lengle Trevor W, Rr 2, Schuykill, Pa, 00000

Lengwin Ronald P, 1739 Wharton St, Ss Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lenhart Bryan L, Co Pa Auto Assn-H J Beamer For Po Box 417, Salisbury, Pa,

Lenhart Helen M, Perry, Pa, 00000

Lenik Ronald, Finleyville, Pa, 00000

Lenker Dwight Gary, 3 Hoffer, Middletown, Pa, 00000

Lennard Frank, 1106 E 3rd St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lennard Frank, 584 Benner, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Lennard Margaret, 8320 Front, Southpark, Pa, 00000

Lennen Elizabeth, 7215 Claaridge St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lennert Shirlley L, 118 First, West Newton, Pa, 00000

Lennin Bessie, Maple Hill Ave, St Michaels, Pa, 00000

Lennon Eleanor, 117 Pearl, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lennox Karen A, 2108 B John Russell, Elkins Park, Pa, 19117

Lenon Judson S, 52 Hill St, Chester, Pa, 00000

Lenox David E, 4716 Mansion, Manayunk, Pa, 00000

Lens Mobile Home Sales, 26 High St, Saco, Pa,

Lent Thomas, 620 W 7th St, Erie, Pa,

Lenta Ruth, 730 Jennings Pl, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lentini Fred, Newton, Pa,

Lentz Anna L, 7223 Lawndale St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lentz Donald A, Washington Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lentz Dorothy M, 60 Locust Grove Rd, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lentz Elizabeth, 168 School St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lentz Gary C, Mt View Trailer Ct, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Lentz Gary K, 4110 Cedar Dr, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Lentz Harry J Jr, Cherryville, Pa, 00000

Lentz Ira T, Church Rd, Bucksville, Pa, 00000

Lentz James, Main St, East Prospect, Pa, 00000

Lentz Jane, C/O Sheetz Inc 5700 6th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lentz Ralph Eu, 819 N Airport, Hutchinson, Pa, 00000

Lentz Velma J, Loganville, Pa, 00000

Lentz William A, 314 Rockland St, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Lenwoski Mathew, Main St, Selter City, Pa, 00000

Lenyo Harry, Marsteller, Pa, 00000

Lenz Henry, 339 Bruin Rd Rd 1, Lake Ariel, Pa, 00000

Lenz William H, 352 N 17h St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lenzendorfor Linda A, Rd 12, Duncansville, Pa, 16635

Leo Bertha Jean, 21 Malolay St, Harrisburg, Pa, 00000

Leo Patrona, 1171 Pine Hollow Blvd, Sharon, Pa, 00000

Leofsky Agnes M, Garland, Pa, 00000

Leon Alicia D, Lago Peypus 221, Col Anahsac, Pa, 17461

Leon Amato Pizzeria, 248 West St, Bath, Pa, 18014

Leon Charles, 86 Birchknoll Dr, Hazleton, Pa,

Leon Epler Farms, Inc, Northumberland, Pa,

Leon Frankie R, 14 Concord Ct, Easton, Pa, 18040

Leon Kathleen A, Box 329, Renton, Pa, 00000

Leon Lucinda, 64 Lebanon Village, Lebanon, Pa,

Leonard Beverly, Unionville, Pa, 00000

Leonard C, 4949 Germantown Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leonard Charles E, 4th St, Port Royal, Pa, 00000

Leonard Charlette, C/O Coleman 1085 Blackdove St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Leonard Cheryl, 1905 S. Delaware St, Allentown, Pa,

Leonard David R, Main St, Big Run, Pa, 00000

Leonard Donna, 568 Hickory Grade Rd, Bridgeville, Pa,

Leonard Dorothy Lou, 825 4th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Leonard Edward J, 608 10th St, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Leonard Floyd L, Sturgeon, Pa, 00000

Leonard Frank, 424 William St, Pen Argyl, Pa, 18072

Leonard Hugh, Johnstown, Pa,

Leonard Inez, Brownsville Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Leonard James, 4105 Barnett, So Philadelph, Pa, 00000

Leonard James E, R D 2 Po Box 623, Altoona, Pa, 16603

Leonard John, Minersville, Pa, 00000

Leonard John, 1249 Masalier, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leonard John, High Rd, Lost Creek, Pa, 00000

Leonard Joseph M, 3034 N8th St, Phila, Pa,

Leonard Joseph T, 508 Marshall, Morristown, Pa, 00000

Leonard Lois E, Mcalisterville, Pa, 00000

Leonard Lori L, Pa,

Leonard Mary E, 108 Cherry Ave, Harrisburg, Pa, 00000

Leonard Matilda Custodian For, 2023 Hart St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Leonard Milton, Weedville, Pa, 00000

Leonard Peter Jr, Carrolltown, Pa, 00000

Leonard Ralph L, 206 N Main, Palmyra, Pa, 00000

Leonard Timothy, R D 1, Ellwood City, Pa,

Leonard W J, Rr 2 Box 668, New Columbia, Pa, 17852

Leonard William, 1522 W Columbus Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leonard Zella R, 412 Spruce St, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Leonardo Janet, Rd 2 497 State Rd, Phoenixville, Pa, 19400

Leone Francis A, 2737 W Jefferson Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leone Jeffery, 1150 Maple, Indiana, Pa, 00000

Leone Rose, 3 Angora Rd, Carnegie, Pa,

Leone Shirley A, 41 5high, Derry, Pa, 00000

Leone Thelma M, 31 E Pgh St 2nd Floor, Greensburg, Pa, 00000

Leone Thomas A, Luxor, Pa, 00000

Leonesio Judith, Lehigh Plz Apt A8, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Leonowitz Peter G, Pa,

Leopold Anna M, 101 Halleck Pl, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Leopold Bertram B, Tr U-W Lilliankarasek 3018 Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Leopold Elwood, 1019 Outanio, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leopold Howard J, Walnut St, Albion, Pa, 00000

Leopold Marian, Walnut St, Albion, Pa, 00000

Leopold Roberta M, Pa,

Leopold Sarah Ellen, Shermansville, Pa, 00000

Leopoldo Myrna, 1419 Morris St, Phila, Pa, 62823

Leora Proper E, South Main, Townville, Pa, 00000

Lepage Irene C, 47 Couch St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lepch Shelby, 162 House, Rowes Run, Pa, 00000

Lepere Patricia A, Carsonlong Inst, New Bloomfield, Pa, 00000

Lepionka Patricia A, 303 Myrtle Alley, Du Bois, Pa, 00000

Lepko Mary, 514 N Marshall St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lepold Annie, Hampton, Pa, 00000

Lepore Bernice B, 1437 Sandwood Rd, Cnshohckn, Pa,

Lepore Donald J, 1804 7th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lepore Jeanne, 1324 8th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lepore Marlene C, 1804 7th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lepore Piper K, 714 19th St, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lepore Seda, 711 Jefferson St, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Leposa Carol Ann, Route 3, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Leppin Florence M, 100 E Class Fl 1, Altoona, Pa, 00000

Lerario Carol A, 8808 Brave Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lerbowitz Stanely, Pa,

Lerch Austin W, Rr 4, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lerch Barrie M, Rr 5 Box 219, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Lerch Beverly, 192 Apple Blossom Rd, Easton, Pa, 00000

Lerch Carolyn, Rr 3, Easton, Pa, 18040

Lerch Diane M, Rr 5 Box 219, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Lerch Faye D, Rr 4, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lerch George E, 2805 Cherryville Rd, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Lerch Harry F, Hamilton, Pa, 00000

Lerch Jacob W, Percy, Pa, 00000

Lerch Jennie M, Phoebe Home, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lerch Jennie M, Phoebe Home, Allentown, Pa, 18100

Lerch Kathy J, Springtown, Pa, 00000

Lerch Marie H, Po Box 3051, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lerch Mary Jane, Rr 2, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lerch Michael E, 2231 Front St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lerch Patricia A, 2231 Front St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lerch Russell E, 2231 Front St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lerch Russell E Jr, Rr 1, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lerch Verna M, 924 Dewey, Siegfried, Pa, 00000

Lerner Ida C, 2745 Jordan St, Allentown, Pa,

Leroy Moyer B, Main St, Gilbertsville, Pa, 00000

Lerro Lorenzo, & Helen G Lerro Old Goshen Rd, S Seaville, Pa, 08246

Lerro Lorenzo, Old Goshen Rd, So Seaville, Pa, 08246

Les Frank, 3049 Living Station, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lesante Carmen, Lower St, Pardesville, Pa, 18243

Lesavage Helen, 313 2nd Ave, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Lescavage Frances, 21 Franklin St, Larksville, Pa, 00000

Lescovensky Gust, Brockwayville, Pa, 00000

Lescovinsky Clara, Brockwayville, Pa, 00000

Leshen Stella M, 1086 Water St, Monroeville, Pa, 00000

Lesher James W, Shoemakersville, Pa, 00000

Lesher Mae M, Stouchsburg, Pa, 00000

Leshock Polly, Seminole, Pa, 00000

Lesisko Kathleen A, 23 4th St, Mauch Chunk, Pa, 00000

Leska Christina, Pa,

Lesko Anna Jane, 1636 Green Springs, Terrace, Pa, 00000

Lesko Barbara A, 516 Fiot St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lesko Catherine L, Almont, Pa, 00000

Lesko Eleanor J, Reading, Pa, 00000

Lesko John, Rices Landing, Pa, 00000

Lesko Joseph E, Almont, Pa, 00000

Lesko Rita, 46 Mchale St, Wilkes Barre, Pa, 00000

Lesko Stephen, Cassandra, Pa, 00000

Lesko Stephen Albert, 122 4th Ave, Mckeesport, Pa, 00000

Leskovansky Francis P, Morann, Pa, 00000

Leskowitz Michael S, 816 N Montgomery St, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Lesky Rose Mary, 703 Hayes St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lesky Stella A, Helvetia, Pa, 00000

Leslahre Charles, Hopewell St, Everett, Pa, 00000

Leslie Arthur Sr., 1937 Fairview Ave, Easton, Pa, 18042

Leslie Betty, Hd 1 Laurel Blvd, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Leslie Donna R, Park Ave, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Leslie Dorothy E, Box 464a Rd 3, Duncansville, Pa, 16635

Leslie Francis, R D 1, Smiths Ferry, Pa, 15080

Leslie Karen D, 400 Best Ave, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Leslie Patricia A, Pa,

Leslie Richard, Washington Ave, Oil City, Pa, 00000

Leslie Richard S, White Mills, Pa, 00000

Leslie Thomas, Rigby P O, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Leslie William, 326 N 52nd St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leslie William M, & Lillian Leslie Jtwros, Claysburg, Pa, 16625

Lesner Adam, Gardenville, Pa, 00000

Lesnewski Caroline, Bath, Pa, 18014

Lesnewski Caroline, 46 Hickory Hills Dr, Bath, Pa, 18014

Lesniewski Adam, Gardenville, Pa, 00000

Lesnik Piotr, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Lesnock Andrew, 115 North Ave Apt 1, Washington, Pa,

Lesoise Shirley C, Shawnee, Pa, 00000

Leson Ethel, 408 Richland Ave, Canonsurg, Pa, 00000

Less Felicia A, Russellton, Pa, 00000

Less John P, Bairdford, Pa, 00000

Lesser Frederick R, 21 Jackson, North Warren, Pa, 00000

Lesser John D Ii, Irvine, Pa, 00000

Lessig Alice L, Wind Gap, Pa, 18091

Lessig Harry E, 1621 Crestview Ave, Willow, Pa, 01909

Lessig Louise, 14 Williams, Pen Argyl, Pa, 00000

Lessig Louise, 15 S Lobb Ave, Pen Argyl, Pa, 18072

Lessig Raedell L, %Claude Lessig 1057 W Penna Ave, Pen, Pa, 18072

Lessig Raedell L Ms., 1057 Pennsylvania Ave, Pen Argyl, Pa, 18072

Lessire Phillipe, Mc Grann, Pa, 00000

Lesso Mary, Fredericktown, Pa, 00000

Lesssig Margaret L, Woodland And Vine, Stony Creek Mills, Pa, 00000

Lest Joseph, 2370 Norris, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lester, Ridge Pike, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Lester Ebish, E 10th, Erie, Pa, 00000

Lester Howard Jr, 6978 Walnut Pk Dr, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lester Rose, 1539 W State St, Philadelphai, Pa, 00000

Lester Twilet M, A5 Preble Arms Apts 860 Walnut St, Lemonyne, Pa, 00000

Lesuig Mildred I, Rr 2, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Leswele Stella, Pa,

Leswick Joseph C, Wallace Rd Rd, 1 Library, Pa, 00000

Leszunova Barbara, 4632 Blackberry, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Letcher Sandra L, 206 E Main, Schuylkill Haven, Pa, 00000

Letchho Margaret, Second Beaver, Meadow, Pa, 00000

Leto Samuel, Lehigh Pkwy, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Letocha C B, 210 Hatherwood Rd, Phila, Pa, 00000

Letocha L N, 210 Hatherwood Rd, Phila, Pa, 00000

Letosky Samuel, Route 2, Cavin Brook, Pa, 00000

Letson Frances E, 219 Knauss Rd, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Letson Lisa J, Rr 3, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Letson Stanley, Rr 1, Easton, Pa, 18040

Letson Stanley J, Rr 2, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Lettiere Dorothy P, 1410 S Juniper St, Phila, Pa,

Lettieri Anna M, 605 E Walton Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Letts Maryann, Pine Forge, Pa, 00000

Letzo Dorothy A, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leunis Rita J, Bulger, Pa, 00000

Leutz Phyllis, 2033 Tiopa St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leuy Elmer G, 57 S 9th St, Upper Darby, Pa, 00000

Levan Anthony F, Route 18, Pottstown, Pa, 00000

Levan Estelle I, 741 Lawrence, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Levan Fern, W Broad St, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Levan H Mary, Route 18, Pottstown, Pa, 00000

Levan Mary F, Mohrsville, Pa, 00000

Levan Mary F, Bernville St, Reading, Pa, 00000

Levan William C, 945 Queen St, Northumberland, Pa, 00000

Levance Santa C, 618 Williams St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Levanovitch Dorothy, 425 High, Pottstown, Pa, 00000

Levene Kathryn, 81 W State St, Doylestown, Pa,

Levenger Nancy, Pa,

Levengood Alan, 424 King St, Pottstown, Pa, 10464

Levengood Amy, Shanesville, Pa, 00000

Levengood Doris J, 4109 Walnut, Pottstown, Pa, 00000

Levenite Ida, Mortonville, Pa, 00000

Lever Emma L, Abington, Pa, 00000

Lever Robert A, 4014 Garrett Rd Apt 25, Dreyer Hill, Pa, 00000

Lever William J, Rr 2, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Levere Allen C, 1701 N Edgewood St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leverenz Gertrude, Miller St, Bangor, Pa, 00000

Leverett Lewis X, 219 S 9th St, Phila, Pa, 19100

Levering Anna M, 6537 Mitchell St, Manayunk, Pa, 00000

Leverknight Orville, 75 Grove, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Levers Janice M, Rr 2, Bath, Pa, 18014

Levi Leonard J, #226, West Chester, Pa, 00000

Levicoff Anna, 7225 Lane, Phila, Pa, 00000

Levie Jacquelyn, 524 Cellis St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Levin Eye Associates, 3000 Z The Greenview Pavilion, Thorndale, Pa,

Levin Jeremy Ian, Pa,

Levin Mark, 914 Reese St, Phila, Pa,

Levin Nana, 200 Waring Rd, Elkins Park, Pa, 19117

Levin Selma F, 4 & Adam, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Levin Selma F, 434 Martel St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Levin Selma F, 434 Martell St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Levine Ann, C/O L Goodstein Rd 44, Doylestown, Pa, 00000

Levine Charles G, 8219 Brookside Rd, Elkins Park, Pa, 19117

Levine G Roberta, C/O L Goodstein Rd 44, Doylestown, Pa, 00000

Levine Simon, 1435 W Girard Ave #21, Phila, Pa, 00000

Levinson Abraham, Liberty Bell, Pa, 00000

Levinson E, Pa,

Levinson Gorgie B, 180 2nd, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Levinson L S, Po Box 334, Tipton, Pa, 16684

Levinson Mike, 180 2nd, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Levinson Peter G, 2020 Southshore Dr, Erie, Pa, 16305

Levinson Trrl, 2401 Pennsylvania Av Apt 8c44, Phila, Pa,

Levisky John, 100 Sidney, Wilkes Barre, Pa, 00000

Levitz Furniture Corp, Pa,

Levitz Homemakers, 212 High St, Pottstown, Pa, 79464

Levkus Michael G, 27 Eastman, Terrace, Pa, 00000

Levov Beatrice, Pa, 23219

Levrio John E, Rd 1, Derry, Pa, 00000

Levrio Martha L, 510 South Jeff St, Kittanning, Pa, 00000

Levy Chester, 2517 Laurel, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Levy Elwood S, Pa,

Lew Hershey Enterprises, 3650 Willow St Pike, Willow Street, Pa,

Lewandows William D, House 161, Maxwell, Pa, 00000

Lewandowski Frank T, Skippack Pike, Skippack, Pa, 00000

Lewandowski Mary T, 273 B St, Swedeland, Pa, 00000

Lewandowski W, 3020 Riverton Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lewandowsky Anna, 472 Dierina Dr, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lewellen John A, Rd # 3 Box 46, Connersville, Pa, 00000

Lewes Bertha, 335 Court, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Lewinski Julius, 1114 Reading Blvd, Wyomissing, Pa, 19610

Lewis Agnes G, 25 Sobieski St, Askam Peely, Pa, 00000

Lewis Alfred, 1107 Stefko Blvd, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lewis Bessie I, Flushing Rd, Newportville, Pa, 00000

Lewis Betty, 40 Pitt Ave, Pittston, Pa, 00000

Lewis Carol, Pa,

Lewis Catherine, 609 Rynars Rd, Garden City, Pa, 00000

Lewis Charles, Williamsburg, Pa, 00000

Lewis Charles, Springtown Rd, Hellertown, Pa, 00000

Lewis Charles E, Rr 1, Hellertown, Pa, 18055

Lewis Charles E, Rr 3, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lewis Charles H, 43 Hudson Rd, Plains, Pa, 00000

Lewis Charles S, Pa,

Lewis Cheryl, 1846 S Ringgold St, Phila, Pa,

Lewis Chester, 226 Depot, Greensburg, Pa, 00000

Lewis David E, Pa,

Lewis Debra A, Cabot, Pa, 00000

Lewis Donald, New Hope, Pa, 00000

Lewis Donna, Rd 6 Box 206, Tunkhannoc, Pa, 18657

Lewis Doris, Rr 2, Easton, Pa, 18045

Lewis Doris M, 605 Nazareth Pike, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lewis Dorothy B, Warrington, Pa,

Lewis Edna, 313 New Hamflar, Rochester, Pa, 00000

Lewis Edward, 3644 91 13, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lewis Elizabeth, #45, Morgan, Pa, 00000

Lewis Elizabeth, 123 Chestst, West Chester, Pa, 00000

Lewis Elizabeth, 7 Elizabeth St, Wilkes Barre, Pa, 00000

Lewis Elizabeth J, 1202 Mayfield Rd, New Wilmington, Pa, 00000

Lewis Emma, 2148 Penn, Harrisburh, Pa, 00000

Lewis Ethel E, 25 Overlook, Pittsburg, Pa, 00000

Lewis Eva A, 627 Liberty, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lewis Frederick R, 2021wharto St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lewis George D, Jackson Center, Pa, 00000

Lewis George W, 2230 Front St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lewis Georgia E, Warfordsburg, Pa, 00000

Lewis Gladys, 247 C Iron, Berwick, Pa, 00000

Lewis Glenn F, Main St, Milford, Pa, 00000

Lewis Harold, C/O Pittsburgh Natl Bank Stock Dept 984 10th St & Ft Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pa, 15256

Lewis Harry, 106 Helen, Plains, Pa, 00000

Lewis Harry J, 106 Helen St, Plains, Pa, 00000

Lewis Hazel V, 323 Elm St, Rosedale, Pa, 00000

Lewis James, Rd 54220, Pa,

Lewis James K, 33 Wenora Ave, Norwood, Pa, 00000

Lewis Jane E, Rr 2, Bath, Pa, 18014

Lewis Janel N, Pa,

Lewis John D, 1655 Chippendale Circle, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lewis John S, Worthington, Pa, 00000

Lewis John S, Limeliln Rd, Doylestown, Pa, 00000

Lewis Josephine S, 2011 14 Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lewis Judy K, Cabot, Pa, 00000

Lewis Kirsten L, 43 W Central Ave, East Bangor, Pa, 18013

Lewis Larry B, Finleyville, Pa, 00000

Lewis Lena, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co 450 W 33rd St, Harrisburg, Pa 4040, Pa, 40404

Lewis Lena E, Rr 2 Box 114, Martinsburg, Pa, 16662

Lewis Lewis J, Wright St, Kingston, Pa, 00000

Lewis Linda C, 534 Broad St, Tatamy, Pa, 18085

Lewis Linda J, Finleyville, Pa, 00000

Lewis Margaret, 40 Pitt Ave, Pittston, Pa, 00000

Lewis Martha, 1338 Stanley Ave, Fountain Hill, Pa, 18015

Lewis Martha, 2085 Westgate Dr Apt 805, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lewis Martin, Pa,

Lewis Mary F, 2201 Venango Sst, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lewis Mary L, 322 Natrome Hts, Nothingtum, Pa, 00000

Lewis Mary V, 27 Highland, Springs, Pa, 00000

Lewis Maud G, Barnesboro, Pa, 00000

Lewis Maxine G, 1511 N 6ths T, Harrisburg, Pa, 00000

Lewis Michael W, 819 Nazereth Pk, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lewis Millard, Cresco, Pa, 00000

Lewis Milton S, 528 Carlton Ave, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lewis Morris, 318 S 10th St, Phila, Pa, 19100

Lewis N, 810 Galveston, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Lewis Naomi H, 803 Bushlike, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lewis Pearl, 18 St Rear 582s, Reading, Pa, 00000

Lewis Pearle G, Nazareth National Bank & Trust Co Attn Trust Department, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lewis Raymond, Pa,

Lewis Rhea M, Ralston, Pa, 00000

Lewis Rose M, Pa,

Lewis Ruth, Tobyhanna, Pa, 00000

Lewis Ruth, 1109 Montgomery St, Harrisburg, Pa, 00000

Lewis Ruth, 533 Luzerne Ave, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lewis Ruth A, 105 1st Ave, Monobgahela, Pa, 00000

Lewis Ruth A, Rr 3, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lewis Ruth A, Springtown Rd, Hellertown, Pa, 00000

Lewis Ruth P, 371 Oaklane St, York, Pa, 00000

Lewis S, 5460 Euclid Ave, Phila, Pa,

Lewis Samuel C, 9200 W Chester Pike, Upper Darry, Pa, 00000

Lewis Sandra, Pa, 23219

Lewis Selma, Pa,

Lewis Shaneca, Pa,

Lewis Stewart K Jr, 723 Church St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lewis Tanya, Po Box 20830, Lehigh Valley, Pa, 18002

Lewis Thelma M, 62 S Hamilton, Doylestown, Pa, 00000

Lewis Theodore, 2 High St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lewis Thomas, 220 West Third, Bethlenhem, Pa, 18015

Lewis Thomas W, 136 Carlisle St W, Barree, Pa, 00000

Lewis Timothy Allen, 136 Roger Ferry Rd, Meadville, Pa, 00000

Lewis Vernon J, Keating Summit, Pa, 00000

Lewis Violet A, Canadensis, Pa, 00000

Lewis Walter T, Stoneboro, Pa, 00000

Lewis William, 6664 Cornelius St, Phila, Pa,

Lewisburg Apo, 202 Market St, Lewisburg, Pa, 17937

Lewkowicz Alice, Pa,

Lex Edward, Pa,

Lex Elizabeth C, 437 Chew St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lex Rosemarie, Pa,

Ley Clare A, Rd 1, Connaughtown, Pa, 00000

Ley Edwin J Jr, 715 Suisman, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Ley Ethel, Main St, Palmyra, Pa, 00000

Ley Norman H, 2520 East St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Ley Salome M, 1930 Lowrie St, S Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Leyack Rose, 2307 E Gabor, Phila, Pa, 00000

Leyde Selina, 337 Nesh Ave, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Leyden High Schools Dist 212, 3400 Rose, Franklin Parkil, Pa, 60131

Leyfert Chris, 7573 Franks Dr, Bath, Pa, 18014

Leyfert Harold, Back St, Lopez, Pa, 00000

Lezak Craig A, Rd 1 Box 263a, Hellertown, Pa,

Lezak Elizabeth, Rossiter, Pa, 00000

Lezanic Darlene J, R 145 Oak St, Indiana, Pa, 00000

Lheureau Joseph, Cecil, Pa, 00000

Lias Robert Michae, Mcgrann, Pa, 00000

Libak William, General Delivery, Independence Square, Pa, 00000

Libby Lauren S, 1098 Armstrong Ct, Wayne, Pa,

Libby William Estate Of, C/O Pittsburgh Natl Bank Stock Dept 984 10th St & Ft Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pa, 15256

Liberace Susan G, 1086 W King Rd #211, Malvern, Pa, 99385

Liberani John, Rr 1, Superior, Pa, 00000

Liberati Rose M, 3305 Nazareth Rd, Easton, Pa, 18045

Liberatore Marie, 5217 Powbatter St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Liberio Karen, 530 Gatewood Apt, Cornwell Heig, Pa, 00000

Liberto Bondeline, Upper Darby, Pa, 00000

Liberto Florence M, Rr 2, Bath, Pa, 18014

Liberty Co *, Box 241, Tatamy, Pa, 18085

Liberty Hose Firemans, Relief William Spafford Po, Stockertown, Pa, 18083

Liberty Kenwork Truck Sales Inc, Po Box 738, Chester, Pa,

Liberty Medical Serv, Po Box 42960, Phila, Pa,

Liberty Mortgage Svcs, Pa,

Libiano James J Custodian, 273 Folk St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Libreatore Mary, Woodland, Pa, 00000

Libricz George J Jr, 2542 Lafayette Ave, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Libritz Florence, 525 Hayes St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Libshock Ella, 4th St, Blackwood, Pa, 00000

Lican Tony, James City, Pa, 00000

Lichanec Anna, Rd #2, Kelly Station, Pa, 00000

Lichanec Anna M, Rd 3, Kelly Station, Pa, 00000

Lichanec Milan M, Rd 2, Kelly Station, Pa, 00000

Lichanec Paul G, Kelly, Pa, 00000

Lichiga Valeria P, 882 Willow Way, Braddock, Pa, 00000

Lichner Joseph G Jr, 493 E Center St, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lichota Mamie, 6th Abooth, Chester, Pa, 00000

Lichtenfels Donna J, Robinson, Pa, 00000

Lichtenstein Arnoldo Md, R Peixoto Gomide 1572, Pa,

Lichtenwalner Daniel, 1426 Northampton St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lichtenwalner David A, Broad St, Tatamy, Pa, 18085

Lichtenwalner Jane M, %Miller Rd 1 Box 391, Bath, Pa, 18014

Lichtinfeld Kurt, 801 Timber Lane, Dresher, Pa,

Lichtman Barry, Pa,

Lichtman Paul, 44 W Lancaster Ave, Ardmore, Pa,

Lichtman Paul, 719 Oxford Rd, Bala Cynwyd, Pa,

Lichty Averell, Leacock, Pa, 00000

Lichty Donald S, Paradise, Pa, 00000

Lichty Paul L Jr, 1525 Wassergass Rd, Hellertown, Pa, 18055

Lichty Shirley Ann, Paradise, Pa, 00000

Lichty Teresa A, Soudersburg, Pa, 00000

Lichty Verna R, London Vale Rd, Paradise, Pa, 00000

Licm Margaret, 28 Batnum Place, Wilkes Barre, Pa, 00000

Licok Lizzie, Baek St, Jessup, Pa, 00000

Liddell Lenore, 2041 E Russell St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Liddick Charles R, 1032 Cherokee St, Fountain Hill, Pa, 18015

Liddick Gllen, 2426 Northwood Ave, Easton, Pa, 18045

Liddle Grace E, Rd # 1, Duncansville, Pa, 16635

Liddle Joan E, Rd 1 Box 573, Duncansville, Pa, 16635

Lidwell Lois, Ashville, Pa, 00000

Lieb Margie E, 29 Main St, Fairchance, Pa, 00000

Lieberman Agnes Z, Rr 2 Box 46, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lieberman Floyd, S 25th And Allen, Easton, Pa, 00000

Lieberman Grace, 525 Hill St, Easton, Pa, 00000

Lieberman Marion M, 4 Rural Route, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lieberman Robert, So 25th, Easton, Pa, 00000

Lieberman Robert, South 25 & Allen, Easton, Pa, 00000

Lieberman Stanley, 4 Rfd, Easton, Pa, 00000

Lieberman Stanley J, 1022 Spruce St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Liebert R A, 30 Newberry Commons, Etters, Pa,

Liebman Neil, 1319 Bankers Sec Bldg, Phila, Pa,

Liebowitz Andrew, West Chester, Pa, 19308

Lied Stanley, 1 Main, Reamstown, Pa, 00000

Liedman J, 221 Bainbridge St, Phila, Pa, 09147

Lienhard David F, Rr 2, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Lienhoff Louisa, 2522, Altoona, Pa, 00000

Liero Floyd, Rr 3, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Liero James Sr, 231 Lehigh St, Wind Gap, Pa, 18091

Liess Alice I, 8017 Gerostone Rd, Phila, Pa, 00000

Life Brokerage Assoc Inc, Pa,

Lifeline Ambulance, Phila, Pa, 01911

Lifestar Ambulance, P O Box 5386, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Liftig Mitchell, Pa,

Ligas John, Rr 1, Marstaller, Pa, 00000

Ligato Angiolina, 1012 Free St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Liggett Oliver Iii, Road 2 Box 69, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Liggett Patricia A, 1305 N 5th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Liggins Mary E, Florin, Pa, 00000

Liggitt Catherine, R F D I, Laurel, Pa, 00000

Ligh Dorothy A, E Rock Rd, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lighcap John W, 5218 Knox St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Light Donald, 630 N 7, Lebanon, Pa, 00000

Light House Vending & Amusem, Hatfield, Pa,

Light Kathryn E, R #2, Lebanon, Pa, 00000

Light Lucy Jane, Jonestown, Pa, 00000

Light Marian S, 1914 4th St, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Light Mary E, 230 N Fifth St, Newport, Pa, 17074

Light Sylvia B, 916 Pennsylvania Ave, Tyrone, Pa, 16686

Lightcap Emma R, Indiana, Pa, 00000

Lightcap Grace E, 2726 Columbia St, Easton, Pa, 18045

Lightcap Kathy Ann, E Rock Rd, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lightcap Stella Mae, Temple, Pa, 00000

Lightfoot Thomas, 307 Oswell Ct, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Lightkep Dorothy, 14 Hertiage Ln, King Of Prussia, Pa, 00000

Lightkep Mable E, 311 Main Ave, Conshohocken, Pa, 00000

Lightman Ronald, 431 Oprasic Rd, Penn Valley P, Pa,

Lightner Alfred, Petersburg, Pa, 00000

Lightner Donald, Belleville, Pa, 00000

Lightner Frances T, Main Rd, Wolfdale, Pa, 00000

Lightner Genevieve, Rd 4, N Washington, Pa, 00000

Lightner George M, William Penn Nursing Center, Pa,

Lightner James L, Huntingdon, Pa, 00000

Lightner John D, Rr 2 Box 350, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lightner Larue M, Wescosville, Pa, 00000

Lightner Linda L, Allen, Pa, 00000

Lightner Marva, Alexandria, Pa, 00000

Lighty Evelyn M, 24 S 14th St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lighty Marianne, Po Box 21, Soudersburg, Pa, 00000

Ligon James, Pa,

Ligor Madeleine, Pa,

Liguori William A, Antes Fort, Pa, 00000

Lijewski Ralph, 160 Pure, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Likins Teresa M, 828 Kieffer St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Likos Pauline, 4620 Lancaster, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lila Wells, 1734 Lampeter Rd, Lampeter, Pa, 00000

Lillagore Charles L, , Phila, Pa, 00000

Lilley Donald B, C/O D B Lilley 29 Waldron Rd, Allentown, Pa, 98501

Lilley Edward F Jr, 698 Osborne Lane, Wallingford, Pa, 00000

Lilley Francis, Lee Ave, Primes, Pa, 00000

Lilley Gerald C, 600 Valley Rd B#44, Warrington, Pa,

Lilley John, 1938 Ellsworth St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lillian Mcwhenny, Morse St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lillin Morris, Main St, Shifton, Pa, 00000

Lilly Anna, 1300 Njb, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lilly Charles, 504 E Maple, York, Pa, 00000

Lilly Charles E, C/O State Correctional Institu, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lilly Doris, 1313 N Bambrey St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lilly Elizabeth, 105 Reystone Ave, Cresson, Pa, 00000

Lilly Elizabeth, Biery's Bridge Rd, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Lilly Elizabeth W, Bierys Bridge Rd, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lilly Jacqueline E, Rr 1 Box 39, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Lilly Joan, 721 Main St, Cresson, Pa, 00000

Lilly John G, Rr 1, Chester, Pa, 00000

Lilly Kevin C, Cresson, Pa, 00000

Lilly Linda S, Rr 3, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lilly Marie, Rr 4, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lilly Mary E, 1374 Lilly, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lilly Phyllis G, Main Rd, E Weissport, Pa, 00000

Lilly Raymond R Iii, Bierys Bridge Rd, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Lilly Ruth S, Rr 3, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lilly Warren, Rr 1, Bethlehem, Pa, 18020

Lily Cail, 2504 17th, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lim Jae O, 1925 W Cheltenham I, Elkins Park, Pa, 19117

Limbach Anne L, 1383 Seven Mile Dr, New Philadelphia, Pa,

Limber Lawrence, Washington St & Dekalb, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Lime Pyramind, C/O S Stern 156 William St, New York, Pa, 10038

Limes Grace L, Bellwood, Pa, 00000

Limestone Run Farm, Pa,

Liming Frederick, Po Box 641, Easton, Pa, 18044

Limpar Helen, Rr 6, Easton, Pa, 18040

Limpar Martin, Rr 1, Hellertown, Pa, 18055

Limper Catgerine M, 505 Miller St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Limper Martha E, School La Ne And Gypsy, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lin Ming-Tzer, 3 Duh Dr Apt 134, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lin Shan-Hsiung, Pa,

Linamen David R, Bruin, Pa, 00000

Linamen Roberta A, Bruin, Pa, 00000

Linberg G Edmund, Swede Rd, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Linberger James H, 1311 W Main St, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Lincheck Mary, Joffre, Pa, 00000

Linck Charles J, 207 Sycamore Ln, Media, Pa, 00000

Lincoln Barbara A, 142 Bost Dr West, Mifflin, Pa, 00000

Lincoln John F, 339 Pennsylvania, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lincoln Patrick D, 3566 Timberlane Dr, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lind Conrad Jr, 2933 Granstown, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lind Kathleen M, 1416 3rd St, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lind Ralph W, 407 5th St, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lind Richard, Rr 2 Box 465, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lindberg Lawrence J, 800 Hausman Rd Apt 248, Allentown, Pa, 18104

Lindberg Sheila A, Weldon Cabin Rd 1, Mckeesport, Pa, 00000

Linde, Pa,

Linde Elsie, Cir Lindenwold Ave, Greenwood, Pa, 00000

Linde Frances P, 86 Vermont Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lindell Ruth E, Ridge 1, Trooper, Pa, 00000

Lindeman L, Po Box 1277, Easton, Pa, 18044

Lindemoyer Howard F Jr, Rr 1, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Linden Raymond M, 4707 Millgate, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Linden Street Family Prac, 00269392881 0001 Pt#10473 Po Box 5386, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lindenberg Dorothy, 642 Jolite Alley, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Lindenberg Susan, 268 5th St, Conemaugh, Pa, 00000

Lindenmoyer Erik S, 2160 Johnston Dr, Bethlehem, Pa, 18016

Lindenmuth Raymond C, Rr 2, Easton, Pa, 18045

Linder Cynthia, 200 Cains Mill Rd, Phila, Pa,

Linderman Bobra Ann, Oak Ave And Green Lane, Primos, Pa, 00000

Linderman Doris M, Main St, Pricedale, Pa, 00000

Linderman Gwendolyn, 117 Franklin, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Lindgren Alex, Smith Mills, Pa, 00000

Lindgren Carl, 739 Roos Ave, Wilkinsburg, Pa, 00000

Lindgren Colette S, 209 Ferrace, Warren, Pa, 00000

Lindgren Gernett, 1810 Penna, Warren, Pa, 00000

Lindinger John F, 900 Greenbrian Alne, Springfield, Pa, 00000

Lindner Daniel G, Hanoverville Rd, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Lindner John J, Po Box 285, Tatamy, Pa, 18085

Lindner Richard, #1120, Erie, Pa, 00000

Lindner Richard W, 2902 Nomea Ave, Erie, Pa, 00000

Lindner Thomas G, 424 Warrington, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lindo Robert, 1227 4th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lindquist Gertrude, 64, Jamestown, Pa, 00000

Lindsay Ambrose, 1327 Webster, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lindsay David K, 3112 Broad Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lindsay Geroge W, Mt Rt 4, Oil City, Pa, 00000

Lindsay Marshall G, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Lindsay Pamela A, Rr 1, Bath, Pa, 18014

Lindsay Paul, Pa,

Lindsay Thelma, 1327 Webster, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lindse Shantee N, Pa,

Lindsey Ann M, Rd 2, Ducansville, Pa, 16635

Lindsey Floyd J, Hop Bottom, Pa, 00000

Lindsey James, Boothwyn, Pa, 0

Lindsey Leroy, Pa,

Lindsey Violet M, Boothwyn, Pa, 00000

Lindsey William T, Sutersville, Pa, 00000

Lindsley Allen M Deceased, 5810 Marshall St, Phila, Pa,

Lindstedt Daniel S, Pa,

Lind-Younken M, Pa,

Line Martin P, Rr 1, Plainfield, Pa, 00000

Lineburnr May E, 4352 Penn Aave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lineman Otto, C/O Pittsburgh Natl Bank Stock Dept 985 10th St & Ft Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pa, 15256

Lines Fred, 805 W Lincoln St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Linevsky Dr. Milton J, Tbe Barbara J Linevsky, Pa,

Ling Betty L, 204 12th Ave, Juniata, Pa, 00000

Ling Kwok S, 907 Reed St, Phila, Pa,

Ling Louise K, R 210 Horner, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Lingafelt Robert Iii, 3202 Walnut Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lingenbelter Gerald, Rr 4 Box 651, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lingenfelter Cary, East Freedom, Pa, 00000

Lingenfelter Catherine P, R D #1, East Freedom, Pa, 16637

Lingenfelter David, Rr 4 Box 651, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lingenfelter Grace, Claysburg, Pa, 16625

Lingenfelter Ida J, Rd, Claysburg, Pa, 16625

Lingenfelter Joseph Roy, Rr 1 Box 76, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Lingenfelter Kevin, Rr 1 Po Box 202, East Freedom, Pa, 16637

Lingenfelter M, 1 Pennsylvania Ave, Brookline, Pa, 00000

Lingenfelter Mabel C, 4200 Cortland Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lingenfelter Oscar A, 406 3rd Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lingenfelter Ray A, 1005 Allegheny St, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Lingenfelter Robert, Altoona, Pa, 00000

Lingenfeltner Geraldine, Rr 4 Box 651, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lingle Frederick D, Beech Creek, Pa, 00000

Lingle Glenn, Main St, Harrisburg, Pa, 00000

Lingle Raymond, Main St, Harrisburg, Pa, 00000

Lingle Richard, Main St, Harrisburg, Pa, 00000

Lingle Russel, Main St, Harrisburg, Pa, 00000

Lingman Stephane, Eddington, Pa, 00000

Lingo Chester B, Star Route, Meadville, Pa, 00000

Linhart Violet C, 722 Central Way Apt E, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Link Brandon, 2605 Hunters Pt Ct S, Wexford, Pa,

Link Computer Corporation, 317 E Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Link Joseph E, 4214 Fairfiel Dave, Homestead Pk, Pa, 00000

Link Lester F, 4007 Green Pond Rd, Bethlehem, Pa, 18020

Link Marion M, P O Box, Marshall Cree, Pa, 00000

Link Mary V, 424 Millcreek, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Link Michael, Old Pennell Rd, Media, Pa, 00000

Link Rose, 31 S Lehigh, Shenandoah, Pa,

Link William O, 4214 Fairfield Ave, Homestead Park, Pa, 00000

Linkel Lela, 2003 Virginia Ave, Cornersville, Pa, 00000

Linko Margaret, 68 Victoria, Slatington, Pa, 00000

Linn August R, C/O Edith M Linn 114 Cedar Rd, Elkins Park, Pa, 19117

Linn Edward F, 3109 Parade, Erie, Pa, 00000

Linn James P, 527 E Wopsy Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Linn Patricia B, 119 Elway St, Frank, Pa, 00000

Linn Rebecca, 406 1/2 Maple Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Linn Rebecca, 524 25th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Linnenbaugh Walter H, C/O Shirley Geesey R D 2, Parkesburg, Pa, 00000

Linnon Craig M, Pa,

Linns Anna, 3117 W Garden St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Linsenberger Earl, 810 Kieffer St, Fountain Hill, Pa, 18015

Linsenmayer Thomas, 543 Price Ave, North Braddock, Pa, 00000

Linsinbigler Mark D, 534 Barbadoes St, Morristown, Pa, 00000

Linsman Victoria A, 1236 Bushkill St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lint John, Dawson, Pa, 00000

Lint Lenus, Vanderbilt, Pa, 00000

Lintner Richard T, 1023 E 4th St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Linton Rebecca M, 2548 So Persling, Phila, Pa, 00000

Linton Robert, 1 Orchard Lane, Clarks Summit, Pa,

Lintz Adel V, Berne, Pa, 00000

Linwood Halsey, Pa,

Linwood Thompson, Landis St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lion Florence, 4052 N 6th St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lior Susan K, Pa,

Liotta Thomas S, Po Box 55, Braeburn, Pa, 00000

Lioy Rosie, 513 27th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Liperote Nancy J, Salix, Pa, 00000

Lipinsky Blane E, 119 W 16th St, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Lipke Richard T, 1136 Ferdinand St, Forest, Pa, 00000

Lipman Edward V, 228 S Garner St, State College, Pa,

Lipow Richard N, Pa,

Lippant Bessie, Rd 5, Clearfield, Pa, 00000

Lippant Mary, Rd 5, Clearfield, Pa, 00000

Lippant Verna B, Clearfield, Pa, 00000

Lippert Raymond J, 2032 Laviner, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lippiatt Hazel C, 29 Marshal Ave, Stony Creeek Mills, Pa, 00000

Lippincott Andrew, 214 Cumberland St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lippincott Betty, 1249 Ferry St Fl 1, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lippincott Charles L, 813 Spring, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lippincott Evelyn A, Pipersville, Pa, 00000

Lippincott Harry, 26 Merwood, Upper Darby, Pa,

Lippincott Joann M, 813 Spruce St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lippincott Johanna M, 813 Spruce St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lippincott Mary V, Rr 4, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lippke Walter, 3706 Fleetwood, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lippman Robert, , Pa,

Lippmann Elizabeth, Rd # 9 Box # 222, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Lipschutz Michael D, 171 Stoneway Ln, Bala Cynwyd, Pa, 00000

Lipscomb Alice, Pa,

Lipsey Shawn E, 279 Locust Ave, Washington, Pa,

Lipsky Cathy, 426 Adams St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Liptak Patrick M, Dagus Mines, Pa, 00000

Liptock Charles, 106 W Park St, Centralia, Pa, 17927

Liptock Peter, 106 W Park St, Centralia, Pa, 17927

Lipton Andrew M, Pa,

Lipton Gail B, Lord Baltimore Apts Apt 208, West Morton, Pa, 00000

Lipyanic Matthew S, Po Box 3394, Palmer, Pa, 18043

Lis Margaret, 2535 West Moreland, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lis Sophie D, 3442 Fleetwood St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lisa M Demeter Schlessinger,

Buchanan Ingersoll 600 Grant St 58th Fl, Pittsburgh, Pa, 1519

Lischka Alfred, 67 Grandview, North Braddock, Pa, 00000

Liseha Mary, Mcadoo, Pa, 00000

Lish Frank W, Locust St, Glendale, Pa, 00000

Lishman Mary H, Wilson Ave, Ivyland, Pa, 00000

Liska Veronica, Mount View M H P B 47, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Liska Veronica M, Rr 1 Box 47, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Liskosky Lawrence, 124 Cavall St, Pittston, Pa, 00000

Lisowsky Walter, Bohach St, Dixonville, Pa, 00000

Liss David, 355 Redwood Ct, Bensalem, Pa,

Liss Dorothy, 427 Rokx Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lista Rosemary B, Pa,

Lister Clinton, 1533 9th St, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lister Janet B, 114 Weirton St, East Carnegie, Pa, 00000

Lister Linda Carol, Rd2 Media, Aston Mills, Pa, 00000

Lister Robert, Rd 2 Media, Aston Mills, Pa, 00000

Liston Helen M, 1813 Casa Fermi House, Phila, Pa, 19100

Listroan Sel, 334 Olermu, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lit Brothers, Po Box 838, Phila, Pa,

Literovich Ronald Peter, Pa,

Litka Paul L, Oaks, Pa, 00000

Litkauch Ethel, 428 S Herr St, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Litkauch Louis Jr, 428 S New St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lito Catherine, 166 N Detritge, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lito Catherine, 166 N Detritge St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Litsch Marylouise, 3067 Eldridge Ave, Easton, Pa, 18045

Litschauer Alberta, Old Rte 611, Plumsteadville, Pa, 00000

Litsinger Doris V, 1712 Lehigh St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Littirini Mary, 77 Glen Way, Pittock, Pa, 00000

Little Creatures, Pa,

Little Creek Associates, 294 Wedgewood Rd, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Little David C, 6 Orchard, Hanover, Pa, 00000

Little Dorothy H, 118 Stewart St, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Little Eugene A, 222 1/2 43rd St, Pgh, Pa, 00000

Little Frank V, Po Box 224b, Easton, Pa, 18044

Little Harriette C, Rd 1, Espyville Station, Pa, 16414

Little Jean E, Rr 2, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Little Kathryn L, Cranesville, Pa, 00000

Little Kay F, 58 N Main St, Jacobsun, Pa, 00000

Little Kenneth, 448 W St Joseph St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Little Michael, 664 N 12th St, Phila, Pa,

Little Rascals, Pa,

Little Richard A, 355 Light St Rd, Bloomsburg, Pa, 17800

Little Thelma, Shilo Rd, West Chester, Pa, 00000

Little Thomas, Leckrone, Pa, 00000

Little Thomas Md, 123 S 22nd St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Little Viola, Muttontown St, Coal Valley, Pa, 00000

Little Viola L, New England Rd, Coal Valley, Pa, 00000

Little Virginia, Cornwells Heights, Pa, 00000

Littleford Betty, 11 Prince St, Sheatown, Pa, 00000

Littleford William, 11 Prince, Sheatown, Pa, 00000

Littlehales Wanda, Apt K Fl R Star Route, Scottdale, Pa, 00000

Littlejohn Melinda, Phila, Pa,

Littles Vera, 27 Hall Manor, Harrisburg, Pa,

Litton Gladys, New Alexandria, Pa, 00000

Litton Ruth, Coal Center, Pa, 00000

Litts Donna M, 308 Brookside Ave E, Stroudsburg, Pa, 00000

Litvin Amie, 721 John Barry Dr, Bryn Maur, Pa,

Litvin Michael Thomas, #130, Star Junction, Pa, 00000

Litwaitis Vience, Hastings, Pa, 00000

Litwak Allen Mr., 104 Newport Ave, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Litz Gustave, Doylestown, Pa, 00000

Litz Kate, Greenburg, Pa,

Litz Marie, Doylestown, Pa, 00000

Litzelman Charles M, 53 Eabis Ave, Garrett Hill, Pa, 00000

Litzenberger Arlene J, 66 Hellertown Rd, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Litzenberger Dorothy, Canal St, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Litzenberger Lois Anne, Rr 4, Easton, Pa, 18042

Litzenberger Tracy L, 109 W 4th St Apt #2, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Litzenberger Wilson, 1330 1/2 Gordon, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Litzi Goldie, 501 7th St, Bangor, Pa, 00000

Litzi Goldie, 7th & 2nd Ave, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Litzi Goldie, Po Box 582, Roseto, Pa, 18013

Liu Dynasty, 880 Butler St, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Liuziey William Sr, Mary St, Mifflinville, Pa, 00000

Live Nancy M, 531 Childs Dr, Williamsprot, Pa, 00000

Lively Edwin M, Pa,

Lively Mark, 1194 Livingston St Apt A, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Livengood Jason E, Hopwood, Pa, 00000

Livengood Jenifer M, 757 S Lehigh Gap St, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Liverman Ella, Rfd 1 Box 196a, Hickory, Pa, 23322

Livermore Roland L, Linden, Pa, 00000

Livesey Nellie B, Bethayres, Montgomery Co, Pa,

Livingood Jana, 618 Griffith Towers, Pottstown, Pa, 00000

Livingston Clark R, Strets Run Rd, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Livingston Evelyn, 652 N Chestnut, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Livingston Thelma, 114 Chestnut Ave, Cynwyd, Pa, 00000

Livingston Wayne, Block House Run, New Brighton, Pa, 00000

Livingstone Dolly, Geri Med Ctrs/Care Pavillion C/O Geri Med Centers Inc, Phila, Pa,

Livitski Mary E, E8 Plaza Apts, Sewickley, Pa, 00000

Lizak Catherine, 2213 Washington Ave, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Lkodowsky Eugene, 806 13th, Phila, Pa, 00000

Llewellyn Evelyn M, 488 Neshannock, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Llewellyn G, 4415 Greenfield Rd, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Llewellyn Jennifer, None, None, Pa, 0000

Llewellyn Theodore, 744 Cherokee St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Llewelyn Roberta S, 505 Muloowney, Lincoln Place, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Anna F, 2208 N, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Barbara A, Crystal Rd, Colmar, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Carles, Keystone, Greensburg, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Charles E, Elizabeth, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Gwendolyn V, 106 Providence Rd, Rittenhouse, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Harold J, 125 Wright, Erie, Pa, 00000

Lloyd John, Pa,

Lloyd Joseph B, & Rose E Lloyd Jt Ten, Elkins Park, Pa, 19117

Lloyd Katherine C., Pa,

Lloyd Kathleen J, C/O Exec House Aa 203 Phy W Loss Center, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lloyd Kathryn V, C/O Pittsburgh Natl Bank Stock Dept 986 10th St & Ft Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pa, 15256

Lloyd Lena, Iman St, Old Forge, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Linda A, 309 11th St, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lloyd Margaret Jane, River Ave, Smiths Ferry, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Mary H, 2100 Pleasant View Dr, York, Pa,

Lloyd Pauline, E Grant St, Slatedale, Pa, 81079

Lloyd Reba, 1435 Elmwood, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Robert, Fair Acres Geriatric Center, Pa,

Lloyd Robert J, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Settlemeye J, New Enterprise, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Susan C, 23 Crestmont Ave, Torresdale, Pa, 00000

Lloyd Thomas, Iman St, Old Forge, Pa, 00000

Lmww, 3075 Westminster Rd, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lo Adrian, 3401 N Broad St, Phila, Pa,

Lo Russo Bernetta, Pa,

Lobach Catherine A, Rr 1, East Texas, Pa, 00000

Loback James Jr, 1933 Greenleaf St, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lobb Carl A, Blaine St, East Bangor, Pa, 00000

Lobb Louise, Brisbin, Pa, 00000

Lobb Marlyn W, 630 S Main St, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Lobb Raymond, Brisbin, Pa, 00000

Lobb Raymond T, Brisbin, Pa, 00000

Lobb Robert, 14 1/2 Brookline Blvd, Havatown, Pa, 00000

Lobb Thelma W, 124 Penna Ave, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Lobb Verna, S High St, East Bangor, Pa, 18013

Lobello Malina, 4 Dixon, Sewickley, Pa, 00000

Lobene Jeanette, Pa,

Lobenski Stanley, 1212 S Prospect, Nanticake, Pa, 00000

Lobescar Michelle, Pa,

Lobley Dorothy, 54 Quiney Dr, Livittown, Pa, 00000

Lobley Elizabeth, 4812 W, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lobough John M, 217 E Cherry Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lobs Annie, Alice St, Coal Dale, Pa, 00000

Lobst Elizabeth, And Leo Schumacher Tic, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Locante Constance M, 1520 Grant Ave, North Braddock, Pa, 00000

Locascio Carmela, 4046 Freemansburg Ave, Easton, Pa, 18045

Lochbaum Susan Jane, E Railroad St, Gettysburg, Pa, 00000

Locher Beverly J, 520 Baynton, Lakemont, Pa, 00000

Locher Emma C, 157 Baline Sr, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Locher John M, Elk Rum, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Locher Kathryn D, 442 Lot Z Ave, Altoona, Pa, 00000

Lochman Esther E, Third St, Boyertown, Pa, 00000

Lochter Ruth K, 4200 Ridge Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lock Barbara A, Attn Stuart Polsky, Bala Cynwyd, Pa,

Lock Harvey K, Rr 4, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Lockan Alice, St Apt 1782, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lockard Anna M, 2517 Maple Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lockard Catherine, 6 Penn Court St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lockard Charles, 748 Oak Park Rd Apt6, Hatfield, Pa,

Lockard Edward H Ii, 38 A Boone Dr, Turtle Creek, Pa, 00000

Lockard Esther I, 1711 7th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lockard Geraldine, 2809 Beale Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lockard Mary, 120 3rd Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lockard Mary, Logan Ave, Lakemont, Pa, 00000

Lockard Raymond, Homer City, Pa, 00000

Lockard William, 6 Penn Ct, Phila, Pa, 00000

Locke Alice A, 115 Rosehill Dr, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Locke Alice E, 715 E 9th St, Bellwood, Pa, 16617

Locke Francis R, 28 Hancock Rd, Pgh, Pa,

Locke Leonard, Rd Olanta, Curwensville, Pa, 00000

Locke Leonard, Route 119 Rd 1, Lemont Furnace, Pa, 00000

Locke Ronald B, 1417 Washington Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Locke Thomas H, South 9th, Bellwood, Pa, 16617

Locke Violet K, Mingo Creek Rd Rd 2, Finleyville, Pa, 00000

Lockett Dorothy E, 608 W Lafayette St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lockey Barbara L, Hawk Run, Pa, 00000

Lockhart Margaret, St Timothy's Convent, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lockhart Mary C, 1270 Estate Dr, West Chester, Pa,

Lockley Harry K, 224 Sheridan, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Lockley Nellie, 1857 N 21st St, So Philadelphia, Pa, 00000

Lockley Schuyler, 1857 N 21st St, So Philadelphia, Pa, 00000

Lockley Theadore, 1857 N 21st St, So Philadelphia, Pa, 00000

Lockley Virginia, 1857 N 21st St, South Philadelphia, Pa, 00000

Lockley Wilmer, 1857 N 21st St, So Philadelphia, Pa, 00000

Lockridge John, 661 Orchard Ave, Allegheny, Pa, 00000

Lockridge William, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Lockwood Glass Inc, Pa,

Lockwood John, 1 High Rd, Lost Creek, Pa, 00000

Lockwood Margaret A, 1119 Reofielo St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lococo Joseph J, 1517 Moutinay N S, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lodato Mamie R, 2336 S Barsall, Phila, Pa, 00000

Loder Adolph, 830 Main St, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Loder Edward, 830 Main St, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Loder Edward P, 830 Main St, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Loder Gregory D, Blandon, Pa, 00000

Loder Sheila J, Blandon, Pa, 00000

Loder Tracie Ann, Blandon, Pa, 00000

Lodge Charles, Garden City, Chester, Pa, 00000

Lodge Susan K, Sunset Trlr Park Elmira, Sayre, Pa, 00000

Lodge William, Robert Keck Financial Services, Hbg, Pa,

Lodics Virginia E, 2307 2nd St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lodise Luigina, 1910 N Wascher, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lodolce Barbara A, 7718 Brashier St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lodugusky Victor, First St, Jonesville, Pa, 00000

Loeb Jacob G, Rfd 1 Fite Station, Mc Keesport, Pa, 00000

Loeber John, 214 Castle, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Loeffert Catherine M, 151 Seeneridge Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa, 32027

Loeffler Marie, 4050 N 16th St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Loehner Shirley A, 1338 Strawn, New Kingstown, Pa, 00000

Loehr Margarete, R D 1 Box 1106, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Loewe Herman, 14 Indian Red, Levittown, Pa, 00000

Loewen John, 6853 Wertzville Rd, Enole, Pa, 00000

Loffredo Patricia A, 916 Dewel Way, Pitcairn, Pa, 00000

Lofgren F, 306 S Home Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa, 18998

Lofko Edward, Star Junction, Pa, 00000

Lofton Gazella J, 201 Wylie Ave, Douquesne, Pa, 00000

Lofton Howard U, 2817 Warnock St., Phila, Pa, 91330

Loftus Catherine, 512 South Laney, Phila, Pa, 00000

Loftus Edward, 203 Spring, Dunmore, Pa, 00000

Loftus James, 838 Elm Ave, West Chester, Pa, 17330

Loftus Joseph, Matties Cafe, Pittston, Pa, 00000

Logan Anna, 1218 N 127th, Phila, Pa, 00000

Logan Beverage, 150 W 14th St, Tyrone, Pa, 16686

Logan Cora, Sw Cor 22nd & Bellevue, Phila, Pa, 00000

Logan Ernie, 2808 Grover St, Mc Keesport, Pa,

Logan Fire Company Ambulance, Indiana, Pa,

Logan George K, Se Cor 22nd & Bellevue, Phila, Pa, 00000

Logan Geraldine L, East St, Hummelstown, Pa, 00000

Logan Joan M, M R 14, Butler, Pa, 00000

Logan Jonell K, Rural Valley, Pa, 00000

Logan Joseph E Jr, Mt Vernon Hotel 6th Northampton, Easton, Pa, 18042

Logan Lacy A, Rr 1, Chalf, Pa, 00000

Logan Lewis E, 521 Gesser Ave, Lakemont, Pa, 00000

Logan Lloyd Jr, 2426 Bouvier St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Logan Margaret M, 613 Beechwood Dr, Havertown, Pa, 19803

Logan Raymond A, 26 Railroad St, Plains, Pa, 00000

Logan Shirley, Star Rout, Waverly, Pa, 00000

Logan Virginia, Hillcrest Bldg 302 7800 A Stenton Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Logar Berdine, Muremberg Rd, Weston, Pa, 00000

Logar Berdine, Nuremberg Rd, Weston, Pa, 00000

Logar Berdine, Rr 1, Weston, Pa, 00000

Logical Automation Inc, 401k Profit Sharing Plan Trust 217 W 8th Ave, Pa, 00000

Logie John, 515 Harman Ave, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Logue Anna H, 2413 Jumper, Phila, Pa, 00000

Logue John H, Rr 1, Cowansville, Pa, 16218

Logue Katherine, Rr 1, Mifflinville, Pa, 00000

Logue Thomas E, 1936 S Bouvier, Phila, Pa, 00000

Logusky John, First St, Jonesville, Pa, 00000

Logut Gizel, Federal, Pa, 00000

Lohman Elmer A, Rr 1, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Lohman Larry, Rr 1, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Lohman Norman J Jr, 126 Jory Ave, Pen Argyl, Pa, 18072

Lohman Virginia R, 105 Bell Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lohmeyer Jonel, Pa,

Lohr Barbara, Westmead, Pa,

Lohr Larry E, Rr 1, Belle Fonte, Pa, 00000

Lohsl Trudy E, Rr 1 Box 537, East Freedom, Pa, 16637

Lohss Iva B, Windsor, Pa, 00000

Lois Mchenry M, Benton, Pa, 00000

Lokey Conrad, Pa,

Lokey Francis L, 50 N Poplar St, Elizabeth, Pa, 00000

Lolas Betty, 1420 1st St, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lolas Debra D, 2304 West Chest, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Loldway Gaynes, Pa,

Lomak Petroleum Inc, P O Box 235, Yatesboro, Pa,

Loman Marie Anna, C/O Charlee Loman Mt St, Wiconisco, Pa, 00000

Lomax Anna, 1451 Hampstead, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lombana Brenda L, 1126 Fortuna St, Bethleham, Pa, 18015

Lombard Katherine, Georgetown, Pa, 00000

Lombard Katherine J, Georgetown, Pa, 00000

Lombardelli D D, 189 E Market St, Wilkee Barre, Pa, 00000

Lombardi Armando, 4089 Ford Rd Way Park, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lombardi Cathy C, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lombardi Gina C, Valley Forge Rd, Phoenixville, Pa, 00000

Lombardo Darci A, 811-B Chester Park, Prospect Park, Pa, 19176

Lombardo John, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co 450 West 33rd St, Harrisburg, Pa 4040, Pa, 40404

Lombardo Louis, Pa,

Lombardo Maria M, 107 Lincoln St, Reading, Pa, 00000

Lombardo Rose, 136 Old Crantey Rd 1, Hampton, Pa, 00000

Lombardo Victor G, 2121 Beale Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lomberg Samuel, 1013 Fransharve St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lomberg Samuel, 1013 Tanshare St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lombo Felicia E, 2667 Belgrade St, Frankford, Pa, 00000

Lomicka Lillian W, Crabtree, Pa, 00000

Lomonaco Loretta K, 198 Fire Creek Rd, Newtown, Pa,

Lomonski Mary, Rr 4, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lomus Denise, Flat 148 Cordwainers Ct, Hackney, Pa,

Lon Isabella M, 5316 Sand St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lonaberger Pauline B, Melrose Ave, Stony Creek, Pa, 00000

Lonatti Emma, Phila, Pa, 0

Lonchar Laura, Eagleville Rd, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Lonchar Virginia I, 539 6th Ave, Laurel Gardens, Pa, 00000

Loncher John S, Rr 1, Tyrone, Pa, 16686

London Shop Inc, Pa,

Londonbury Homes, 420 E Main St, Carnegie, Pa,

Lonell Blanche M, 616 E 4th St, Bellwood, Pa, 16617

Loner Helen, 200 S 22nd, Winber, Pa, 00000

Loney Ellen, Pa,

Long Albert, 753 Woolworth Bldg, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Long Arlene H, 52 Ave, Middletown, Pa, 00000

Long Audrey, Imperial, Pa, 00000

Long Beatrice, 2nd, Locustdale, Pa, 00000

Long Beatrice, W Pottsville St, Wiconisco, Pa, 00000

Long Beatrice T, Mackeyville, Pa, 00000

Long Betty J, 961 Rear Hepburn, Williamsport, Pa, 00000

Long Bonnie, Blanchard, Pa, 00000

Long Carolyn, 60 Leeman St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Long Charles R, Six Mile Run, Pa, 00000

Long Colleen A, 429 5th St, Tyrone, Pa, 16686

Long David A, 3708 3rd Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Long David E, , W Braddock, Pa, 00000

Long David F, 514 Carol St, Lebanon, Pa, 00000

Long Debra K, Rouseville, Pa, 00000

Long Dolores M, 7207 Blackhawk St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Long Earl, R R 2 Box 141, Saltsburg, Pa,

Long Edward A, 460 William St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00001

Long Elaine, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Long Florence, 134 W Riverview Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Long Floyd F, Box 97, Riverside, Pa, 49084

Long Frank W, 2713 N Orkerey St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Long Gary W, 0110 11th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Long Gisela M, C/O Of Mr M W Long 2400 Bell Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Long Glenna V, 1346 Fritz Dr, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Long Grace A, R D #1, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Long Guy, 1836 W Morth, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Long Helen L, New Paris, Pa, 00000

Long Henry, 613 Sioux St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Long Henry, 719 Fiot Ave, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Long J Kenneth Jr, 961 Main St, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Long James, Heir To Bratton Long, Pa,

Long James, Peg Town, Apollo, Pa, 00000

Long James A, South St, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Long Joan E, 8449 Morris Long, Phila, Pa, 00000

Long John H, Rr 1 Box 84x, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Long Joseph A, Rr 4, Easton, Pa, 18042

Long Joseph H, 4 Woodcrest Ln, Media, Pa, 00000

Long June M, 312 Potter, Williamsport, Pa, 00000

Long June M, 316 Potter, Williamsport, Pa, 00000

Long Kathy Ann, 1017 16th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Long Keith K, 74 Carolee Lane, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Long Leota June, 622 Adoliron St, Washington, Pa, 00000

Long Mabel B, 2125 Bushkill Park Dr, Easton, Pa, 18042

Long Mabel E, 205 East 8 St, Conshohicken, Pa, 00000

Long Madeline, 719 Fiot Ave, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Long Madeline L, 613 Sioux St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Long Madeline R, 801 Narion, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Long Margaret, 528 Turner, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Long Margaret T, East Texas, Pa, 00000

Long Marie, 1 Brush Run Apts Apt 212, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Long Mary, 2504 17th Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Long Mary, 326 1st Ave Lakemont, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Long Mary E, 79 Huntington, Brunswick, Pa, 00000

Long Mary P, 1504 18th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Long Mary S, 312 Potter, Williamsport, Pa, 00000

Long Mildred E, Esterly, Pa, 00000

Long Mildred R, 217 S New St, Bethlehem, Pa, 00000

Long Minnie M, 411 3rd Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Long Nan, Keystone St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Long Norman, 6101 Morris St Apt 714, Phila, Pa, 99999

Long Pearl E, Stouchsburg, Pa, 00000

Long Raymond R, Newry, Pa, 00000

Long Rena, Rohrerstown, Pa, 00000

Long Reno B, Roherstown, Pa, 00000

Long Richard A, 2537 Lartain, Phila, Pa, 00000

Long Robert C Jr, 16 E Main St, Pen Argyl, Pa, 18072

Long Ruth A, Esterly, Pa, 00000

Long Ruth A, Shafton, Pa, 00000

Long Ruthie, Alverton, Pa, 00000

Long Sara, 1026 Pennsylvania, Wilson, Pa, 00000

Long Sharron M, Conestoga, Pa, 00000

Long Shorty, Pa,

Long Susan M, 810 Nevans, Pottstown, Pa, 00000

Long Susanna M, Box 1207, Harrisburg, Pa, 17000

Long Thomas R, 613 5 Ave, Juniata, Pa, 00000

Long Velma D, 3628 Lamson, Phila, Pa, 00000

Long Verna, 2d Tremont Apts, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Long Virginia H, Lynn Rd, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Long Walter, Box 417, Natrona Heights, Pa, 00000

Long William, 115 S Quince, Mt Carmell, Pa, 00000

Long William, 154 S Champlost Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Long William A, 1113 N Juniata St Apt 6 7, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Long Yvonne V, 1400 Allegheny St, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Longacre Harry, 415 Walnut St, Roxborough, Pa, 00000

Longacre Terrance, 854 Hogan St, Newcastle, Pa, 00000

Longchar Virginia, 539 6th Ave, Laurel Gardens, Pa, 00000

Longcoy Isabella M, 5316 Saul St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Longenbach Amy H, 212 Washington, Walnutport, Pa, 00000

Longenbach Elizabeth A, Rr 1, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Longenbach Florence L, Rr 3, Bath, Pa, 18014

Longenbach Helen R, Rr 2, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Longenbach Joseph C, 549 Long Lane Rd, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Longenbach Richard, Rr 3, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Longenber Margaret, 737 Union St, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Longenberger Franklin D, Ringtown, Pa, 00000

Longenberger Martha, Ringtown, Pa, 00000

Longenberger Mary, Ringtown, Pa, 00000

Longenecker Bonnie, 310 E Logan Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Longenecker Effie, Lawn, Pa, 00000

Longenecker Effie M, Lawn, Pa, 00000

Longenecker Harry H, 611 South St, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Longenecker Harry H, Po Box 1055, Altoona, Pa, 16603

Longenecker Margaret I, 714 W 1st St, Williamsburg, Pa, 16693

Longenecker Marjorie M, 1716 E Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Longenour Harold E, Rr 4, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Longerberger Beatrice S, Ringtown, Pa, 00000

Longhi Frank, Dagus Mines, Pa, 00000

Longhi Jennie, Kersey, Pa, 00000

Longley Kenneth E, Third And Riverside, Easton, Pa, 18042

Longley Merle, 429 Cattell St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Longmore Daniel, 253 School Way St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Longo Barbara J, Lot H 13 Mobile Ct 2, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Longo Emily, 126 S Taylor, Phila, Pa, 00000

Longstretch Agnes M, 95 Cora Dr Ruthfred Acres Rd 2 E, Bridgeville, Pa, 00000

Longstreth Alice C, 46 Blake Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Longstreth Colleen M, Pa,

Longwell Grace, Center And Sherwood, Allison Park, Pa, 00000

Longwood Inn, 815 E Baltimore Pike, Kennett Square, Pa,

Lonicky Matilda K, 314 Mcconanghy, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Lonidier Pamela M, Po Box 263, Clarion, Pa, 16214

Lonker Bella, #738, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lonker Dorothy K, %R Y Kamin P O Box 1737, Phila, Pa,

Lonzi Louis A, 7038 York Rd, Phila, Pa, 00000

Looby Joseph M Jr, 363 Overlook Rd, Roxborough, Pa, 00000

Loogusky Annie, First St, Jonesville, Pa, 00000

Look Robert L, 338 6th St, Tyrone, Pa, 16686

Lookingbill Burnell E, Elm Ave, Hanover, Pa, 00000

Lookwood James, Main Rd, Lost Creek, Pa, 00000

Looloian Kenneth J, Stewartsville, Pa, 00000

Loomis Ambrose J, Rr 4 Box 385, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Loop Marian J, 1905 8th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Loos Lee D Jr, Summit Station, Pa, 00000

Loose Beulah F, Rd 2, Williamsburg, Pa, 16693

Loose John A, Rr 2 Box 214a3, Williamsburg, Pa, 16693

Loose Palmer K, Newry, Pa, 00000

Loose Walter, Glenside St, Reading, Pa, 00000

Lopata Alex, 323 Dupont, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lopata Dorris E, Pa,

Loper George, 309 Montgomery Ave, Lockridge, Pa, 00000

Loper Ida J, Dawson, Pa, 00000

Lopes Carol L, Rial St, Greensburg, Pa, 00000

Lopes Charles, 2018 B North John Russell Circle, Elkins Park, Pa,

Lopes William A, 1033 West 46th St, Erie, Pa, 00000

Lopey Gizzella, 1179 Mechanic St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lopey Gizzella, 1878 Campbell St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lopey Gizzella, 2018 Michael St Fl 1, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lopey Patricia A, 1878 Campbell St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lopez Angel, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lopez Angel M, York, Pa, 18015

Lopez Carmen, 2932 W. 6th St, Phila, Pa,

Lopez Emilio Sr., 1414 N. 7th St, Phila, Pa,

Lopez Frank J, 1214 North 18 St, Erie, Pa, 00000

Lopez Hector, 300 So 13th St, Harrisburg, Pa,

Lopez Juan D, 2235 N. Howard St, Phila, Pa,

Lopez Manuel A, 201 Ward Ave, Audubon, Pa, 08106

Lopez Maria, 217 Adams St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lopez Paul J, 2150 Johnston Dr Apt #8, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lopez Poliquena, Pa,

Lopez Purificocion, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co 450 West 33rd St, Harrisburg, Pa 4040, Pa, 40404

Lopez Raciel, 2835 Colony Dr Apt E, Audubon, Pa,

Lopick Patricia Ann, Oliver, Pa, 00000

Lopick Teresa, Puritan, Pa, 00000

Lopresti Mary, 100 Central Ave, Johntown, Pa, 00000

Loquasto Ruth A, 1804 Ferry St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lorah Gregory, 3645 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lorah Steven D, Oley, Pa, 00000

Loram Marion G, 4717 Hawthorne, Frankford, Pa, 00000

Lorbeman James E, 115 E 1st Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lord And Taylor, C/O Craig 121 E City Ave, Bala Cynwyd, Pa,

Lord Fred, 52 Emley, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lord Helen M, Po Box 37, Dauberville, Pa, 19517

Lord Ingrid M, Pa,

Lord Janet F, 783 Freeport Rd, Glassmere, Pa, 00000

Lord Mildred, 110 Phoenixville Pk, Westchester, Pa, 00000

Lord Stephen, Pa,

Lord Suzanne, 1406 Kuor St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lordeman Joseph C, 5114 4th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lordeman Rita, 117 6th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Loreland Alice, Pa,

Lorelli Arthur, Main St, Beyer, Pa, 00000

Loreno Ferrcre M, Lincoln Highway, Langhorne, Pa, 00000

Lorent Robert V, C/O Margaret M Lorent 910 E 6th St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lorenz Mary B, 628 E 4th St, Chester, Pa, 18015

Lorenz Theresa, Apt 113 46 Township Line Rd, Elkins Park, Pa, 19117

Lorenze Katie, Courtney, Pa, 00000

Lorenze Maggie, Courtney, Pa, 00000

Lorenze Nellie, Courtney, Pa, 00000

Lorenzen Laura, 1451 N Edgewood St, West Philadel, Pa, 00000

Lorenzi Albert A Jr, House 14, Broughton, Pa, 00000

Lorenzo Fannie, 105 Walter, Fayett City, Pa, 00000

Lorenzo Kath, 105 Walter, Fayett City, Pa, 00000

Loretta Jennie, 125 4th St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lorge Josep, Doylestown, Pa, 0

Lorgus Gertrude M, 15 Penn Dr, West Chester, Pa, 00000

Lorgus Robert A, C/O Rudolph Lorgus 15 Penn Dr, West Chester, Pa, 17380

Lorigan James G, 5 Wakeman St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Loring Joan K, 2009 Jacobs, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lorish Elden N, Hosensack, Pa, 00000

Lorish J B, 216 Georgia Dr, Whitehall, Pa, 18064

Lorkovich Anna, 1312 Ohio, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lorrah Homer G, 932 E Morton St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lorraine Serfass, Rr 2, Easton, Pa, 18045

Lorretta Brown, 2632 South Bower, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lorrigio Maria, Tarenton, Pa,

Lorson Martha, 310 N Central Ave, Williamsport, Pa, 00000

Los Robert E, Rr 2, Sharon, Pa, 00000

Losagio Conchetta, 238 Lincoln St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lose Heidi N, Rr 3 Box 237, Tyrone, Pa, 16686

Losey Mary V, Boro Trailer Ct, Westfield, Pa, 00000

Losha John, 133 2nd Rd, Lyndora, Pa, 00000

Losinski Stanley, Franklin St, Old Forge, Pa, 00000

Losniak Annie, 355 Acorn St, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Losniak Mary, 355 Acorn St, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Loss Eugene, Pa,

Lostosky Mary, Railroad St, Allentown, Pa, 18100

Lothes Amy, Pa,

Lotito Priscilla A, 709 E Sector St, Conshohocken, Pa, 00000

Lotowski Nancy, 601 Stephen St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lott Elinore J, 724 Ridge Rd, Media, Pa, 00000

Lott James P, 1615 S 6th St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lott John Jr., Wharton School, Phila, Pa,

Lott Lois L, Center Rd, Unity, Pa, 00000

Lott Lynda E, Oxford Grant Apts 9 255 E Lincoln Hwy, Penndel, Pa, 19047

Lott Virginia, 20209 S Frazier St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lotto Madeline, 427 Fourth, Wilson, Pa, 00000

Lotto Paul L, 427 Fourth St, Wilson, Pa, 00000

Loturco John L, 1324 Fairmount St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Loucks Delores R, Hunker, Pa, 00000

Loucks Merle K, Hunker, Pa, 00000

Loucks Susan J, 23 Latimer, York, Pa, 00000

Loudemilk James D, Pa,

Louden Floyd S, Rd 2, Kelly Station, Pa, 00000

Loudenberry Florenc, 1906 Fairview Ave, Easton, Pa, 18042

Louder Lena M, 503 E Wopsy Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Louder William, 1104 16th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Louderback Dorothy M, 1750 Juinata, Phila, Pa, 00000

Louer Mary J, Madera, Pa, 00000

Loufek James L, Pa, 0

Lougee Kathleen, 4773 Cressom, Phila, Pa, 00000

Loughery Imelda M, 300 Byberry Rd Apt 205, Phila, Pa, 19116

Loughery Sarah, E River Rd, Collegeville, Pa, 00000

Loughery William J, 643 Maris St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Loughlin John J, 5132 Melris St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Loughran Harriet A, 813 Broadway East, Mc Keesport, Pa, 00000

Loughridge Amelia, Sellersville, Pa, 00000

Louis Carol Ann, Mcintyre, Pa, 00000

Louis Eugene, Stone House Lane, Phila, Pa, 00000

Louisa Hangstuher, 2312 Grtn Owe, Phila, Pa, 00000

Louise Guyer T, New Enterprise, Pa, 00000

Louise Kemp S, 32 E Shirley, Mount Vernon, Pa, 00000

Louise Mandeville, Hawley, Pa, 00000

Louise Simington E, 1215 N Front St, Berwick, Pa, 00000

Loump Emma G, Millersville St, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Loump Mable E, Millersville St, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Louney Betty J, 6662 Mckenzie Rd, N Olmstead, Pa, 00000

Louney Florence M De, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co 450 W 33rd St, Harrisburg, Pa 4040, Pa, 40404

Lounsberry Howard, 4815 Request St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lourey Aurelien M, 19 Shasburgaer, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Louttit Margaret, Venetia, Pa, 00000

Louvenia Matthews, Rr 2 Box 317, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Lovalla Gabriel, 357 Hamokin, Chester, Pa, 00000

Lovalla Thomas, 357 Hamokin, Chester, Pa, 00000

Lovanda Mary, Dolph St, Jessup, Pa, 00000

Love Arnold H Ii, 2211 Beale Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Love Bessie D, Gladwyne, Pa,

Love Donald N, 3601 Freemansburg Ave, Easton, Pa, 18045

Love Evangeline, 1299 Chestnut St, Phila, Pa,

Love Evelyn F, 2826 Maple Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Love Gwen R, 138 East Wayne Ave, Easton, Pa, 18042

Love Harold J, & Rose Love Trustees Penn Center Tavern Pension Plan U/A Dtd 9/1/72, Phila, Pa, 19100

Love Linda J, Ridge Pike, Eagleville, Pa, 00000

Love Margaret, 1101 1/2 Rebecca St, N Braddock, Pa, 00000

Love Mathilda, 215 S 45th St, Phila, Pa, 19100

Love Ralph M, Sarver, Pa, 00000

Loveland Edward, 15 Whitehaven Dr, Newcastle, Pa, 19720

Loveless Joan Ms., 930 Bushmill Center Rd, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lovelett Elsie, 8021 Ryers Ave, Mayfair, Pa, 00000

Lovelett Elsie H, 8301 Roosewood Blvd, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lovell Deri A, 825 Atlantic St #210, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lovell Donald R, Bellwood, Pa, 16617

Lovell Donald R, 401 Main St, Bellwood, Pa, 16617

Lovell Ellen, Glasgow, Pa, 00000

Lovell Eudora F, Rd 1 Box 328, East Freedom, Pa, 16637

Lovell Lois J, 1013 W Berwick St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lovell Rebecca M, Rr 1, Mainesburg, Pa, 00000

Lovello Anna N, Parktowne W 1014 St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lovenduski Anna, Rr 1, Force, Pa, 00000

Loverti Joseph J, 1343 Spring Garden, N S Pittsbrug, Pa, 00000

Lovett David, 2217 Odgen St, Philadelpiha, Pa, 00000

Lovett Isabelle C, Willow Ave, Ambler, Pa, 00000

Lovett Margaret H, Plumville, Pa, 00000

Lovett Maxie M, 80 Spruce, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lovich Andrew P, Fayette, Pa, 00000

Lovinich Eleanor R, 1729 Girard Third Floor, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lovoytilla Dorothy, 454 House, Phila, Pa, 00000

Low Francis J, Pa, 23219

Lowa Gladys M, 516 Swamp Pike, Schwaksville, Pa, 00000

Lowarwick Barbara, 318 Lafayette, Bristol, Pa, 00000

Lowe Edna, 3511 Clearfield St, Manayunk, Pa, 00000

Lowe Harriet E, 1206 Whitney Ave, Easton, Pa, 18045

Lowe Harriet E, 136 Boshkill, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lowe Harriet E, 736 Folk St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lowe James, Pittsburgh, Pa, 0

Lowe Merelda M, 1613 Market St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lowe Reve H, , Pa,

Lowe Richard D, Po Box 120 A Rr 2, Bethlehem, Pa, 18020

Lowe Russell, Fairchance, Pa,

Lowell Edward, 611 Alter St, Hazleton, Pa, 00000

Lowell N E, 914 Cantrell St, Phila, Pa,

Lower Earle R, 1087 6th, Catasanqua, Pa, 00000

Lower Javalyn A, Rr 2, Walnutport, Pa, 18088

Lower Merion Twp Volunte, 116 W Spring Ave, Ardmore, Pa,

Lowers Dorothy C, Freeport, Pa, 00000

Lowery Anna, Thompson, Pa, 0

Lowery Candis M, Star Route, Etters, Pa, 00000

Lowery Diane E, 739 Shand Ave Lakemont, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lowery Elizabeth, 418 W 4th St Apt 2, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lowery Eunice, 42 Silver, Middletown, Pa, 00000

Lowery Janette P, Etters, Pa, 00000

Lowery John, 3422 S. Taylor St, Phila, Pa,

Lowery John, 3422 Taylor St, Phila, Pa,

Lowery Mary, 416 Alleghany St, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Lowery Norman B, 42 Silver, Middletown, Pa, 00000

Lowery Robert, C/O Pittsburgh Natl Bank Stock Dept 987 10th St & Ft Duquesne Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pa, 15256

Lowman Dale J, Freeport, Pa, 00000

Lowman Darlene, 6146 Ludlow St, Phila, Pa,

Lowman Elizabeth, Blairsville, Pa,

Lowman Linda E, 105 W 1st Ave, Derry, Pa, 00000

Lowmaster Adrian A, Barnesboro, Pa, 00000

Lowry George H, 121 Hathaway Lane, Hayertown, Pa, 00000

Lowry Jacqueline, 812 W State St, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Lowry Linda A, 220 Stonewall Rd Apt D 75, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Lowry Margaret, Kenas Rd, Eureka, Pa, 00000

Lowry Mary, 168 Roxboro, Manayunk, Pa, 00000

Lowry Richard A, Pa,

Lowstetter Sondra K, Tarrs, Pa, 00000

Lowther Fannie J, Armagh, Pa, 00000

Lowthers Betty, Smock, Pa, 00000

Lowy Joan, Dln 88466700 Rev Inf Div Hickory Hill Rd, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Loy Mae D, Cresson St, Pottsville, Pa, 00000

Loy Mae D, Pottsville St, Cressona, Pa, 00000

Loyden Frances, 3564 Rose Ave, Trevose, Pa, 00000

Loyer Dorothy, Phila, Pa, 00000

Loynd James B, 133 A Stor, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Lozada E, Townhouse Apts, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lozier Ronald L, 49 Lion Lane, Westbury, Pa, 00000

Lozmiski Anne, Franklin St, Old Forge, Pa, 00000

Lozoskie Edward, Main St, Middleport, Pa, 00000

Lozowski Eleanore, 7183 Wattsburg Rd, Erie, Pa, 00000

Lpa, 900 Ridgefield Dr, Butler, Pa, 00001

Lpk Inc, Ross Towne Center 7221 Mcknight Rd, Pittsburgh, Pa,

Ltd Worldwide Securith Service, Pa,

Ltskava Thomas, 2720 Goove St, Mckeesport, Pa, 00000

Ltx Corporation, 145 Universite Ave, Westwood, Pa, 02090

Lu Yi C, 15 Duh Dr Apt 234, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Luas Iris M, Allen, Pa, 00000

Lubell Stephen, Pa,

Lubenetski Kathryn R, 776 Depot Ln, Quakertown, Pa,

Lubert Mildred, Hastings, Pa, 00000

Lubischak George, W Broad St, Emerson, Pa, 00000

Lubiscsak Florence, Shumerville Rd, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lubitz Sylvia, Pa,

Luboski Martha, Pa,

Lubowicki Wanda, 234 Depue St, Belvidere, Pa, 00000

Lubowiecki Amelia, Red Lion Rd, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lubowiecki Julia, C/O Amelia Lubowiecki Red Lion Rd, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lucarelli Pietro, Pittsburg, Pa, 0

Lucarelli Robert, 71 Valley View Ter, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Lucas Arthur, 6130 Chew Ave, Phila, Pa,

Lucas Brenda J, Boston St, Mckeesport, Pa, 00000

Lucas Charles R, 1935 Arch St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lucas Clara I, 148 North, Columbia, Pa, 00000

Lucas Donna L, Saint Michael, Pa, 00000

Lucas Dorothy H, R 336 Gorve, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Lucas Florence J, Beaverdale, Pa, 00000

Lucas Helen, 407yalbrae St, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Lucas Hull B, 2207 Adams Aveneu, Tyrone, Pa, 16686

Lucas Joseph R, 511 Stephenson St, Duryea, Pa,

Lucas Josephine C, 623 Ramblewood Ln, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lucas Michelle P Ms., Allentown, Pa, 18107

Lucas Mike, Beaverdale, Pa, 00000

Lucas Nellie E, Howard, Pa, 00000

Lucas Patricia, 333 R Haven St, Reading, Pa, 01867

Lucas Paul C, 6832 Redproven Dr, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lucas Robert, 450s 55th St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lucas Robert F, Rr 2 Box 1, Easton, Pa, 18045

Lucas Shirley A, Rt 1 Box 499, Perkiomenville, Pa,

Lucas Shirley M, Seneca, Pa, 00000

Lucas Thomas, Rr 1, Bethlehem, Pa, 18020

Lucas Virginia, 64 Hagelwood Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lucas Yvonne, 72 Merwood Dr, Upper Darby, Pa, 00000

Lucas Yvonne M, Cobb Creek Court Apts, Phila, Pa, 00000

Luccetti Medoro, 248 Water, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lucchini Benjamin, 900 Mckean, Charleroi, Pa,

Luce Douglas, Pa,

Lucey Elizabeth A, 106 Charles Dr #3, Bryn Mawr, Pa,

Lucha F M, 90 Driftwood Ln, Downington, Pa,

Luchini Paulette C, Kersey, Pa, 00000

Luchinsky Vonrica, First Ave, Jessup, Pa, 00000

Luchka Anne, 328 1st St, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Luchsinger Donna L, Blackhick St, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Luci Joanne M, 3905 5th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Luci Mary E, 3905 5th Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lucia Tareca, Graffic St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Luciani Fred, Rr 1, Rummerfield, Pa, 00000

Lucianos Corner, Pa,

Lucidi Peter, 2703 Cambria St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lucie Nellie, 25 S, Warren, Pa, 00000

Lucine Albert, Phila, Pa, 00000

Luckasevic Joann, Van Voorhis, Pa, 00000

Lucke Ruth, 3140 N Patton, East Falls, Pa, 00000

Luckenbach Barbara C, Main St, Bath, Pa, 18014

Luckenbach Catherine E, Coelery Ave, Tower City, Pa, 00000

Luckenbach Russell, 606 Walnut, Easton, Pa, 18042

Luckenbaugh George F, 216 Main St, Spring Grove, Pa, 00000

Luckenbi Kathryn M, 407 Sunset Rd, West Reading, Pa, 00000

Luckenbill Anna W, 564 Cheltenham Ave, Phila, Pa, 00000

Luckenbill Judith Ann, Shartlesville, Pa, 00000

Luckett Harry A, 1311 Elder St, Lebanon, Pa, 00000

Luckett Vincent J, 1937 Bell Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Lucky Ella B, Brownfield, Pa, 00000

Lucky Mary, 1617 Railroad, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Lu-Co Cut Rate, 247 Northampton St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lucott Barbara A, 143 Champlost, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lucrezi Rose, Rr 3 Box 44, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Lucza Virginia A, 524 Tough St, Versailles Boro, Pa, 00000

Ludes Leona Maryann, 300 W Poplar, Shenandoan, Pa, 00000

Ludivico Matthew, 1350 Gaspar Ave, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Ludwick Daniel L, Russell, Pa, 00000

Ludwick Gary E, Russell, Pa, 00000

Ludwick Hideko, #218, Star Junction, Pa, 00000

Ludwick Mary E, 122 Star Junction, Pa, 00000

Ludwick Paulette Michel, Rd #1, Duncansville, Pa, 16635

Ludwick Thomas M, 315 Willow Rd, Hellertown, Pa, 18055

Ludwig Corp, Ste 1200 290 Montgomery Ave, Bala Cynwyd, Pa,

Ludwig Dorothy, 1121 Chateau, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Ludwig Emma, Pa,

Ludwig George A, 603 Grace Ln, Neshaminy, Pa, 00000

Ludwig Irene, Pa,

Ludwig Kim Marion, 2612 Brownsville Rd, Langhorne, Pa, 00000

Ludwig Krashon, Belair St, Johnstown, Pa, 00000

Ludwig Lydia, 440 Ardrid St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Ludwig Lynn Myers, Alburtis, Pa, 00000

Ludwig Marion G, Montello, Pa, 00000

Ludwig Samuel H, 4607 Christian St, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Ludwig Terry L, 1143 Olster St, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Ludwikowski Anthony, 339 Wig St, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Ludy Shirley K, Rr 1 Box 75, Glencoe, Pa, 15543

Ludy Warren F, & Caroline M Ludy Ten Ent, Hersey, Pa,

Luebbert Charles, 1130 Cloud, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Luff Eleanor G, Richboro, Pa, 00000

Luffey Richard J, 1120 8th Ave, Brockenridge, Pa, 00000

Lugg Arlene E, Rr 2, Easton, Pa, 18045

Lugg Erma J, 28 S Heller Ave, Pen Argyl, Pa, 18072

Lugg Jacquelynn, 613 William St, Pen Argyl, Pa, 18072

Lukacinsky J, 82 Maltby, Swayerville, Pa, 00000

Lukae Martha V, 407 Persbing, Linchburg, Pa, 00000

Lukas Alexia, 780 S 6th St, Phila, Pa,

Lukas Madeline, & Edward & Carol Ann Lukas Ten Com 332 Holme Ave, Elkins Park, Pa, 19117

Lukas Michael, 14245 Marston, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lukashik Maryann, 115 Nalevanko Ct, Olyphant, Pa, 00000

Lukasiewicz Tessie, 1081 Carmalt St, Dickson, Pa, 00000

Lukasyk Trillie, 814 E Lack, Olyphaut, Pa, 00000

Lukaszeki John, Hillside St, Mocanaqua, Pa, 00000

Lukauskas Joseph S, 1147 Lehigh St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Luke Bernice E, 500 Harding Ave, Shillington, Pa, 00000

Luke Loretta E, 105 Howard Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Luke Louise M, Rr 3 Box 66, Crenshaw, Pa, 00000

Luke Raymond S, Rd #1 Box 146, Duncansville, Pa, 16635

Luke Zella G, Rd #2 Kittanning, Pennsylvania, Pa, 00000

Lukens Inc, Pa,

Lukens Mair J, 5720 Jackawanna St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Luker Carol V, Robinson, Pa, 00000

Luketich Alberta M, Pike St, Export, Pa, 00000

Lukezic Craig, Pa,

Lukins John R, Ridge Pike, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Luklanchuk William, Pa,

Lukowski Anna, 130 1/2 W Grand Ave, Sharon, Pa, 00000

Lukowski Sophie, 8 St, Erie, Pa, 00000

Luksetie Mary, 2640 Thompson St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Luksic Bernadine, 527 Carey Ave, Barree, Pa, 00000

Luksic Helen S, Glen Hope, Pa, 00000

Lulasko Ruth H, 1413 Grandview Ave, North Braddock, Pa, 00000

Lulevitch Frank Jr, 1953 N Front St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lulevitch Lois, 1953 N Front St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lulewicz Adam, 388 River, Plains, Pa, 00000

Lulewitz Frank, 413 Washington Ave, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lulewitz Frank J, 3246 Linden St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lulewitz Linda A, 3246 Linden St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lulewitz Suzanne, 3246 Linden St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lulewitz Terry A, 3246 Linden St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lulic Walter, Pa,

Lulka Edmund, 3131 Belgrade St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lull Grace, 6014 Sonson, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lulleman Ellen, 338 Winding Way, Merion, Pa,

Lullo Helen, 254 N 64th St, Philaelphia, Pa, 00000

Lumadue William E, 2509 Jefferson St, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lumilty Susie A, Avonmore, Pa, 00000

Lumley Patricia K, Po Box 175, Farrell, Pa,

Lummas Fred Jr, 2708 20th St, Ext Beaver Falls, Pa, 00000

Lunan Larry N, Pa,

Lunario Frank A, Rr 2, Elmhurst, Pa, 00000

Lunas Kara, 2 Shady Ln, Shenadoaph, Pa, 00000

Lundberg Ella, 118 Powell Ave, Cresson, Pa, 00000

Lunden Helen, Milner Hotel, Norristown, Pa, 00000

Lundholm Mollie O, Rr 1, Brisbin, Pa, 00000

Lundlow Martha, Colonial Ave, Andalusia, Pa, 00000

Lundt Michael C, Pa,

Lundy Gladys, , Pa,

Lunfvack John, R315 W 2nd Ave, Greensburg, Pa, 00000

Lunk Hans Joachim, Rr 5 Box 5166, Towanda, Pa,

Lunn Earl L, 955 Superior St, Sharon, Pa, 00000

Lunn Francis, Pa, 0

Lunney Rose M, 925 Liberty St, Bath, Pa, 18014

Lunpkin Edward, 2430 20th Fl 1, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lunsk Joshua G, Elkins Park, Pa, 19117

Lunt Patricia, Pa,

Luntz Henry A, 122 Centre St, Glenfield, Pa, 00000

Lupfer Audrey K, 305 Maple Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lupi Anthony A, 249 James Ave, Northampton, Pa, 18067

Lupi Sebastian A, 1049 Butler St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lupi Victor, 1049 Butler St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lupica Mary T, Rr 3 Box 855, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lupo Patsy, Sykesville, Pa, 00000

Lupton Grace, Wilawana, Pa, 00000

Lurati Jamie, 113 S New St, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lurwick Barbara, 133 Jackson St, Part Carbon, Pa, 00000

Lusalgugee Gertrude E, 64 D Okra Ter, Wilkes Barre, Pa, 00000

Lusardi Cleofe, 508 Allegheny St, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Lusardi James P, 224 W Pierce St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Luscher Alexia K, 122 High Point Ln, Easton, Pa, 18042

Luse Alice M, 13 Merritt, Butler, Pa, 00000

Luskin Irwin, Pa,

Lussier Leo, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co 450 West 33rd St, Harrisburg, Pa 4040, Pa, 40404

Luster Maureen, 3701 N Delaware Dr, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lustick Joseph S, 2814 Walnut Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lustick Josephine M, 2814 Walnut Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lustig Naftali, Pa,

Lustin Ramona, Washington, Pa, 00000

Luszcz Francis R, Apt 219 1 Maryland Cir, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Luszczak Laura, 4504 Emedley, Phila, Pa, 00000

Luszczak Laura, 4505 Lo Smedley, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lutack Richard E, 832 Burke St, Easton, Pa, 18042

Lutch Anthony S, 297 Glass Run, Hays, Pa, 00000

Lutch Veronica, Commodore, Pa, 00000

Lutchko Helen, Dln 85039550 1306 Brooklin Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pa, 15200

Lute Janet L, Helfenstein, Pa, 00000

Lutes Teresa M, Mather, Pa, 00000

Luth Gen, 114 7th Ave, Juniata, Pa, 16601

Luther Billie, New Florence, Pa, 00000

Luther Charles D, 1529 Pleasant Valley Blvd, Altoona, Pa, 16602

Luther Charles W, Coupon, Pa, 00000

Luther Gregory S, Armagh, Pa, 00000

Luther Ivan M, Po Box 56, Clyde, Pa, 00000

Luther Mary, Cassandra, Pa, 00000

Luther Robert C, Armagh, Pa, 00000

Luther Ruth, Pa,

Luthern Theo Sem Of Phila, Pa,

Lutrario Ann M, Jefferson St, Uniontown, Pa, 00000

Lutse Helen F, 6046 Labonna, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lutseo John, 605 Broadway, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lutterman Regan J, 1705 New Market, West Chester, Pa,

Lutton James P, Princeton Rd, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Lutton John, Cor 4th & Cheslnut, Coplay, Pa, 00000

Lutton T D, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Luttrel Francis, Bartram, Pa,

Luttrell Francis, Bartram, Pa,

Lutz Albert J, 424 Kilbuck St, Glenfield, Pa, 00000

Lutz Albert J, 424 Kilbuck St, Glensfield, Pa,

Lutz Ann L, 764 Second, Williamsport, Pa, 00000

Lutz Charlene, Jacobus, Pa, 00000

Lutz David K, 440 N Dorwart, Lancaster, Pa, 00000

Lutz Ernest, Greenwald, Pa, 00000

Lutz Ethel M, Route 29, Rahns, Pa, 00000

Lutz Florence A, Rd #1, Monaca, Pa, 00000

Lutz Frances, Pa,

Lutz Gertrude, Kilbuck Rd, Glenfield, Pa, 00000

Lutz Harold R, Rohrsburg, Pa, 00000

Lutz Helen I, Wernersville, Pa, 00000

Lutz Isabelle M, Portland Mills, Pa, 00000

Lutz James E, 1345 Keller Rd, Wind Gap, Pa, 18091

Lutz James Henry, Salunga, Pa, 00000

Lutz Kay L, N South St, Warren, Pa, 00000

Lutz Kermit C, 890 Union Ave, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Lutz Lillian E, Barnesboro, Pa, 00000

Lutz Lois D, Lock Haven, Pa, 00000

Lutz Lorine, 129 Oak St, Wilkes Barre, Pa, 00000

Lutz Michelle, 210 Boxwood Rd, York, Pa, 17445

Lutz Phyllis M, Salunga, Pa, 00000

Lutz Richard C, 2702 N 7th St, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Lutz Shirley A, Revere, Pa, 00000

Lutz Theresa, Smoke Run, Pa, 00000

Lutz Victor, 4934 Carlisle #41, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lutz Willard E, 121 N Cedar St, Nazareth, Pa, 18064

Lutz William, Pa,

Lutz William, 129 Oak St, Wilkes Barre, Pa, 00000

Lux Augusta J, R547 Woodvale Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lux Earlean T, R D 2, Lebanon, Pa, 00000

Luxion Dennis W, 129 S 4th St, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Luxion William T, 129 S 4th St, Bangor, Pa, 18013

Luzahika Joe, 60 Richard St, Koppel, Pa, 00000

Luzell Edward P, 15 Portridge N, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Luzier Kathryn, Woodland, Pa, 00000

Luzier Laree, Woodland, Pa, 00000

Luzier Vernard, Woodland, Pa, 00000

Luzny Emil, 820 N Winter, Allentown, Pa, 00000

Lvbmj Group, Po Box 20847, Lehigh Valley, Pa, 18002

Lvgltf, Po Box 20253, Lehigh Valley, Pa, 18002

Lwnard H, 3220 N Ard, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lychak Deborah V, 8 South 2nd St, Hokendauqua, Pa, 00000

Lyco Cmptr Marketing & Co, P.O. Box 5088, Jersey Shore, Pa,

Lydic Faye, Commodore, Pa, 00000

Lydic Grace F, Rd, Roaring Spring, Pa, 16673

Lydic Norma M, Rd, Roaring Spring, Pa, 16673

Lydick Stella E, 1388 Rear Philadelphia St, Indiana, Pa,

Lydon Diane, 800 Broadway St #302, Mc Kees Rocks, Pa, 15136

Lydon James J Jr, 5942 Peach St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lydow Ruth, 112 Chrlington, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lykens Pearl M, 545 Linden, Reading, Pa, 00000

Lykens Russell Sr, Apt 5 202 Mulberry St, Hollidaysburg, Pa, 16648

Lyle Andrew L, 1213 3rd Ave, New Kensington, Pa, 00000

Lyle David R, 37 Higgins Ave, Plainville, Pa, 00000

Lyle John F Estate Of, Rt 4 Box 270, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lyle John T, 1218 3rd Ave, New Kensington, Pa, 00000

Lyle Mary, 8 Prospect, Erie, Pa, 00000

Lyle Tawanda M, 1218 3rd Ave, New Kensington, Pa, 00000

Lyle Torrence L, 1218 3rd Ave, New Kensington, Pa, 00000

Lylte Grace, 9 Green Ave, New Castle, Pa, 00000

Lyman Celia, 3334 Greenwood, Scranton, Pa, 00000

Lyman Gertrude K, 1420 Nedgewood, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lynam Michael, Woodland Ave, Portland, Pa, 18351

Lynch Adeline, 1036 W Victoria St, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lynch Agnes, 3519 Sunnyside, East Falls, Pa, 00000

Lynch Alice, 7646 S Colorado, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lynch Alice L, Rd, Ashville, Pa, 00000

Lynch Alice P, Po Box 253, Bethlehem, Pa, 18016

Lynch David A, 122 N Alpine St, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lynch Edmund J, Portland, Pa, 00000

Lynch Ellen M, 1308 Moravia St, Fountain Hill, Pa, 18015

Lynch Ellen M, Lehigh R #2, Slatington, Pa, 00000

Lynch Helen E, 113 M Bolliet St, Frackville, Pa, 00000

Lynch Jane S, 23 Cordero Dr, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lynch Janet E, 215 E 4th St, Williamsburg, Pa, 16693

Lynch Joni K, 2047 Kent Rd, Folcroft, Pa, 17419

Lynch Joshua K, 2806 Beale Ave, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lynch Mary, 1843 M 27th, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lynch Mary E, , West Mifflin, Pa, 00000

Lynch Michael F, 4755 Little, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lynch Norman J, 41 Horseshoe Dr, Altoona, Pa, 16601

Lynch Raymond E, Schuylkill Rd, Pottstown, Pa, 00000

Lynch Rose M, R 712 No Penna Ave, Wilkes Barre, Pa, 00000

Lynch Stella, 1407 E 6th St, Bethlehem, Pa, 18015

Lynch Thomas A Jr, 1509 Beldale Floor 1, Pittsburgh, Pa, 00000

Lynch Thomas R, Rd, Ashville, Pa, 00000

Lynch Vincent B, Effort, Pa, 08330

Lynch William L, 211 Academy St, Salem, Pa, 24153

Lynn Anna, 112 W Rr, Centralia, Pa, 17927

Lynn Betty, 2555 Chadwick, Phila, Pa, 00000

Lynn Debra L, Mineral Springs, Pa, 00000

Lynn Elizabeth, Dln 88459898 Rev Inf Div Leader Nrsng & Rehab Ct, Bethlehem, Pa, 18017

Lynn Freda K, 447 W River Dr, Pennsauken, Pa, 08110

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