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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 13-1190



List of Applicants and Licensees

[43 Pa.B. 3603]
[Saturday, June 29, 2013]

 In accordance with 4 Pa.C.S. §§ 1202(b)(27) and (27.1) and 1513(a.2)(1) (relating to general and specific powers; and political influence), the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (Board) is providing the following list of all applicants for and holders of a slot machine license, table game operation certificate, manufacturer license, supplier license or racing entity license, and the affiliates, intermediaries, subsidiaries, holding companies, principals and key employees thereof. These reports are also available on the Board's web site at The reports can be found under the Licensure, Reports and General Information Section.

Assistant Chief Counsel

Table Game Certificates in Good Standing:

Category 1 Facilities

Chester Downs and Marina, LLC
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 5/13/2010

Downs Racing, LP
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 3/16/2010

Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc.
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 3/16/2010

Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing Association
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 4/7/2010

Presque Isle Downs, Inc.
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 4/29/2010

Washington Trotting Association, Inc.
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 4/29/2010

Category 2 Facilities

Holdings Acquisition Co, LP
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 5/25/2010

Mount Airy #1, LLC
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 4/7/2010

Sands Bethworks Gaming, LLC
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 4/7/2010

Sugarhouse HSP Gaming, LP
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 5/25/2010

Category 3 Facilities

Valley Forge Convention Center Partners, LP
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 2/8/2012

Woodlands Fayette, LLC
Table Games Certificate Awarded: 2/20/2013

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
Application Status Report
June 14, 2013

Applicant Name Application Status Application Status DateExpiration Date
Facility-Category 1 Application
Chester Downs and Marina, LLC
   Caesars Entertainment CorporationRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Inc.Renewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Hamlet Holdings, LLCRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Harrah's Chester Downs Investment Company, LLCRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
 Facility-Category 1
   Chester Downs and Marina, LLCRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
Key Employee
   Cain Michael MyersApproved for Licensure5/23/20125/22/2015
   Charles O'HalaApproved for Licensure11/22/201111/21/2014
   Dennis John CarrApproved for Licensure6/21/20106/20/2013
   Helmut Mizzay LittlejohnApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Logan Peter Philip GaskillApproved for Licensure4/3/20134/2/2016
   Martin Tom WilliamsonApproved for Licensure7/20/20117/19/2014
   Mary Frances HarperApproved for Licensure4/28/20114/27/2014
   Michelle Marie YarrowApproved for Licensure10/13/201110/12/2014
   Nicholas CapriottiApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Randall H ConroyApproved for Licensure2/20/20132/19/2016
   Ronald Mathew BaumannApproved for Licensure11/22/201111/21/2014
   Sean Adam BaumgartnerApproved for Licensure10/13/201110/12/2014
   Susan M FosterApproved for Licensure11/20/201211/19/2015
   Darrell Edward Fittimon IIInactive-Approved for Licensure10/1/201210/12/2014
   Dwayne Michael CambraInactive-Approved for Licensure10/1/201210/12/2014
   Janet Lynn MaugansInactive-Approved for Licensure9/12/20129/11/2015
   Jennifer Michele MitchellInactive-Approved for Licensure2/4/20131/5/2014
   Joel David FreedmanInactive-Approved for Licensure6/10/20134/10/2015
   Matthew Stapleton FisherInactive-Approved for Licensure5/29/201210/12/2014
   Michael ManziInactive-Approved for Licensure4/16/20134/10/2015
   Travis G. LambInactive-Approved for Licensure2/21/20122/23/2014
   Vito Arthur Nardelli JrInactive-Approved for Licensure5/30/201210/12/2014
   Helen A. AllmanInactive-Renewed9/1/20107/28/2013
   Christopher L. RiessLicense Renewed1/9/20131/8/2016
   John M. McNeill JrLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Katie M. TylerLicense Renewed4/11/20124/10/2015
   Michael TolandLicense Renewed6/21/20106/20/2013
   Vicki L. GuveiyianLicense Renewed4/3/20134/2/2016
   Christy Jo RodriguezPending4/16/2013
   Efrain LopezPending5/22/2013
   Frederick Zachariah AdamsPending10/16/2012
   Lacey Rae ScheeperPending4/29/2013
   Leslie Anne ParkerPending9/6/2012
   Michael John DeMossPending4/16/2013
   Stacey Marie KelsallPending6/3/2013
   N. Lynne HughesRenewal App Pending1/24/2012
   Nicholas CapriottiRenewal App Pending6/6/2013
   Josette Danielle CarterRequest for Withdrawal Pending5/24/2013
   David Benjamin SamburApproved for Licensure4/11/20124/10/2015
   Diane Elizabeth WilfongApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Duane Douglas HollowayApproved for Licensure1/6/20111/5/2014
   Jeffrey Tod HousenboldApproved for Licensure11/20/201211/19/2015
   John W.R. PayneApproved for Licensure11/20/201211/19/2015
   Lynn Curtis SwannApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Thomas M. JenkinApproved for Licensure1/9/20131/8/2016
   Timothy Richard DonovanApproved for Licensure11/22/201111/21/2014
   Donald Andrew ColvinPending12/28/2012
   Eric Alan HessionPending8/20/2012
   Charles A. PaelinckRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Cheryl Ann KondraRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Christopher J. WilliamsRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   David BondermanRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Eric PressRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Gary W. LovemanRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   George K. Miller, Jr.Renewal App Pending8/21/2012
   James G. CoulterRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Jeffrey David BenjaminRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Joshua HarrisRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Karl PetersonRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Kelvin DavisRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Kevin D. FlynnRenewal App Pending8/20/2012
   Leon BlackRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Marc J. RowanRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Michael D. CohenRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Jonathan J. CosletRequest for Withdrawal Pending3/12/2013
   Katrina R. LaneRequest to Surrender License3/12/20131/5/2014
Principal Entity
   Chester Downs Finance Corp.Approved for Licensure9/14/20119/13/2014
   Paulson & Co. Inc.Notification Received10/1/2010
   Apollo Hamlet Holdings B, LLCRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Apollo Hamlet Holdings, LLCRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Co-Invest Hamlet Holdings B, LLCRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   Co-Invest Hamlet Holdings, Series LLCRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   TPG Hamlet Holdings B, LLCRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
   TPG Hamlet Holdings LLCRenewal App Pending8/21/2012
Downs Racing, LP
   Mohegan Tribal Gaming AuthorityRenewal App Pending7/26/2012
   Mohegan Tribe of Indians of ConnecticutRenewal App Pending7/26/2012
Facility-Category 1
   Downs Racing, LPRenewal App Pending7/23/2012
Key Employee
   Bryan E. OlowianyApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Dale RapsonApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   David Christopher ParfreyApproved for Licensure6/28/20116/27/2014
   Glenn J. LawlessApproved for Licensure8/1/20127/31/2015
   Jeffrey GeorgeApproved for Licensure10/13/201110/12/2014
   Jeffrey John WalkerApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Kara M. Fox-LaRoseApproved for Licensure8/1/20127/31/2015
   Kerri K. BuckmanApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Maria Teresa ZangardiApproved for Licensure6/8/20116/7/2014
   Robert Joseph PellegriniApproved for Licensure9/14/20119/13/2014
   Robyn RyanApproved for Licensure4/3/20134/2/2016
   Ronald CaverlyApproved for Licensure6/13/20126/12/2015
   Ronald J. ChrzanApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Susana Lynn SegarsApproved for Licensure7/11/20127/10/2015
   Mackenzie Ann LucasInactive-Approved for Licensure4/28/20117/28/2013
   Cynthia A. MarxInactive-Renewed11/10/20117/28/2013
   Michael W. StiefelInactive-Renewed2/25/20138/17/2014
   Amy M. SchneiderLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Anthony Connell McGowanLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Jennie HendersonLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Joanne DonnellyLicense Renewed11/8/201211/7/2015
   Julia Felice GouldLicense Renewed1/9/20131/8/2016
   Kalenna M. HoneywellLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Kawel B. LaubachLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Leonard M. NardozzoLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Mark W. AngeloLicense Renewed6/21/20106/20/2013
   Merrit C. NashLicense Renewed2/20/20132/19/2016
   Michael S. BeanLicense Renewed1/29/20131/28/2016
   Tammer M. TuckerLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Thomas M. BranniganLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   John Joseph GutkowskiPending12/6/2012
   Paul Timothy ToennesPending2/6/2013
   Sandra Taylor MorelliPending6/4/2013
   Benjamin B. IversonRenewal App Pending2/5/2013
   Dale RapsonRenewal App Pending6/13/2013
   Dennis DriscollRenewal App Pending2/7/2013
   Frederick M. Brown IVRenewal App Pending3/20/2013
   James AndruskiewiczRenewal App Pending1/7/2013
   David Andrew RomeApproved for Licensure9/14/20119/13/2014
   Jonathan HamiltonApproved for Licensure2/29/20122/27/2015
   Kathleen M. Regan-PyneApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Mark SperryApproved for Licensure4/24/20134/23/2016
   Thayne D. Hutchins, Jr.Approved for Licensure1/6/20111/5/2014
   Bruce S. BozsumLicense Renewed2/20/20132/19/2016
   Leo M. ChupaskaLicense Renewed4/24/20134/23/2016
   Mark F. BrownLicense Renewed2/20/20132/19/2016
   Mitchell G. EtessLicense Renewed4/3/20134/2/2016
   Mario KontomerkosPending1/7/2013
   Cheryl ToddRenewal App Pending7/26/2012
   Ralph J. Gessner, Jr.Renewal App Pending7/26/2012
   Robert J. SoperRenewal App Pending1/24/2013
   William Quidgeon JrRenewal App Pending7/26/2012
Principal Entity
   Mill Creek Land, LPRenewal App Pending7/26/2012
   Mohegan Commercial Ventures PA, LLCRenewal App Pending7/26/2012
   Northeast Concessions, LPRenewal App Pending7/26/2012
Endeka Entertainment, L.P.
   AHT Land, LPPending6/3/2013
   American Harness Tracks, LLCPending6/3/2013
   Endeka LLCPending6/3/2013
   Penn National Gaming, Inc.Pending6/4/2013
   SD Tuxepo GP, LLCPending6/4/2013
   SDSSL Tuxepo Investors, LPPending6/3/2013
Facility-Category 1
   Endeka Entertainment, L.P.Pending6/3/2013
   Barbara Z. ShattuckPending6/4/2013
   Brooke SilverPending6/3/2013
   Charles Long JrPending6/3/2013
   Christine BirosPending6/3/2013
   Desiree Ann BurkePending6/4/2013
   Edward M. SniderPending6/3/2013
   Ethan SilverPending6/3/2013
   Francis T. DonaghuePending6/4/2013
   Gregg William HartPending6/4/2013
   Harold CramerPending6/4/2013
   Jay Anthony SnowdenPending6/4/2013
   John M. JacqueminPending6/4/2013
   John V. FinamorePending6/4/2013
   Jordan B. SavitchPending6/4/2013
   Kyle Martin SrPending6/4/2013
   Manuel StamatakisPending6/3/2013
   Martin EttinPending6/3/2013
   Melissa Wendy SilverPending6/4/2013
   Peter D. DePaulPending6/4/2013
   Peter M. CarlinoPending6/4/2013
   Remi SilverPending6/4/2013
   Robert S. IppolitoPending6/4/2013
   Saul ReibsteinPending6/4/2013
   Taryn SilverPending6/4/2013
   Thomas Leonard IIIPending6/3/2013
   Timothy J. WilmottPending6/4/2013
   William J. CliffordPending6/4/2013
   Wesley EdensRenewal App Pending6/4/2013
Principal Entity
   FIF V PFD LLCPending6/4/2013
   Melisa Silver Casino TrustPending6/4/2013
   The Carlino Family TrustPending6/4/2013
Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc.
   Bensalem Park Maintenance, Ltd.Approved for Licensure9/16/20109/15/2013
   Bettor Technology, Inc.Approved for Licensure9/16/20109/15/2013
   Casino Food Services Inc.Approved for Licensure9/16/20109/15/2013
   Green Racing Management CompanyApproved for Licensure9/16/20109/15/2013
   Greenwood Gaming Services Co.Approved for Licensure9/16/20109/15/2013
   Greenwood Table Game Services, Inc.Approved for Licensure11/20/201211/19/2015
   Keystone Park Services, Co.Approved for Licensure9/16/20109/15/2013
   Greenwood G&E Holding, Inc.License Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   Greenwood Racing, Inc.License Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   International Turf Investment Company, Inc.License Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   Kooringal Holdings B.V.License Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   Kooringal Holdings Curacao N.V.License Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
Facility-Category 1
   Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc.License Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
Key Employee
   Ari MizrachiApproved for Licensure6/28/20116/27/2014
   Carrie Anne Nork-MinelliApproved for Licensure1/6/20111/5/2014
   Dale Edward WaltonApproved for Licensure1/6/20111/5/2014
   John Joseph MartinelliApproved for Licensure3/23/20113/22/2014
   Joshua David HofbauerApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Judson James BoyerApproved for Licensure6/28/20116/27/2014
   Nicolle Marie MillerApproved for Licensure1/6/20111/5/2014
   Pablo Fernando DishmanApproved for Licensure6/28/20116/27/2014
   Rosemarie McElroyApproved for Licensure2/8/20122/7/2015
   Steven Arthur FayneApproved for Licensure11/20/201211/19/2015
   David Lee KesslerInactive-Approved for Licensure11/10/20119/13/2014
   John Gary LuderitzInactive-Approved for Licensure1/20/20129/13/2014
   Leonard M. DeAngeloInactive-Approved for Licensure1/20/20129/13/2014
   Robert Warren KahlerInactive-Approved for Licensure12/15/20114/27/2014
   Allen N. StraussLicense Renewed11/20/201211/19/2015
   Anne JohnsonLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Arthur J. DixonLicense Renewed1/9/20131/8/2016
   Bette A. StraussLicense Renewed11/20/201211/19/2015
   Bryan P. SchroederLicense Renewed6/28/20116/27/2014
   Darlene MonzoLicense Renewed6/28/20116/27/2014
   David ZieglerLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   David L. Norcutt, Sr.License Renewed4/3/20134/2/2016
   Francis E. McDonnellLicense Renewed1/9/20131/8/2016
   Gary E. PrestageLicense Renewed6/28/20116/27/2014
   Matthew W. HayesLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Remaitha PoliteLicense Renewed1/6/20111/5/2014
   Richelle RuemeliLicense Renewed4/3/20134/2/2016
   Ronald W. DavisLicense Renewed1/6/20111/5/2014
   Terry McCarthyLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Thomas C. BonnerLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Andrew GoldbergPending4/9/2013
   Marc Allen OppenheimerPending12/4/2012
   Andrew J. GreenRenewal App Pending9/13/2012
   Anthony Gilbert FarancaRenewal App Pending1/17/2013
   Gerald FretzRenewal App Pending2/28/2013
   Matthew W. HayesRenewal App Pending5/31/2013
   Robert J. KirbyRenewal App Pending9/17/2012
   Thomas C. BonnerRenewal App Pending5/31/2013
   Vatche ManoukianRenewal App Pending11/28/2012
   James LaneLicense Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   Richard J. KendleLicense Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   Robert W. GreenLicense Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   Terrence A. EverettLicense Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   Watche A. ManoukianLicense Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   William E. HogwoodLicense Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   Bryan Eugene BartlettPending1/3/2013
   David Charles BuddPending8/10/2011
   Anthony D. Ricci, Jr.Renewal App Pending11/28/2012
   Joseph William WilsonRenewal App Pending3/26/2013
Principal Entity
   Bensalem Racing Association, Inc.License Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   Keystone Turf Club, Inc.License Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   Rock LimitedLicense Renewed9/16/20109/15/2013
   ITIC/ITAC LLCPending4/6/2012
Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing Association
   Penn Tenant, LLCPending5/31/2013, Inc.Renewal App Pending11/7/2012
   Penn National Gaming, Inc.Renewal App Pending11/7/2012
   Pennsylvania National Turf Club, Inc.Renewal App Pending11/7/2012
Facility-Category 1
   Mountainview Thoroughbred Racing AssociationRenewal App Pending11/14/2012
Key Employee
   Anthony P. CasdiaApproved for Licensure6/28/20116/27/2014
   Brian KleesApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Charles BerdinisApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   David John PagerlyApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Diane Genese ClineApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Gary Bruce Pecorello IIApproved for Licensure2/8/20122/7/2015
   Javon Quentin WhiteApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Joelle Elizabeth ShearinApproved for Licensure3/21/20123/20/2015
   Joseph D LombardiApproved for Licensure10/27/201010/26/2013
   Lucretia A. FetchoApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Murdo Alexander MontgomeryApproved for Licensure6/28/20116/27/2014
   Nicholas TylwalkApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Stephanie KohrApproved for Licensure11/22/201111/21/2014
   Susan ReyesApproved for Licensure3/21/20123/20/2015
   Timothy O SheaApproved for Licensure1/29/20131/28/2016
   Zachary C ZarnochApproved for Licensure6/28/20116/27/2014
   Anthony CiallellaInactive-Approved for Licensure8/9/20127/28/2013
   Daniel Benjamin WomerInactive-Approved for Licensure5/3/20117/28/2013
   David Lawrence NeskoInactive-Approved for Licensure5/31/20127/28/2013
   Donna Lorraine ByersInactive-Approved for Licensure10/12/20117/28/2013
   Francis Edward QuigleyInactive-Approved for Licensure4/3/20137/28/2013
   Jeremy Todd HughesInactive-Approved for Licensure5/30/20137/28/2013
   Laura Ann MunizInactive-Approved for Licensure1/17/20127/28/2013
   Ronald Eugene Schlecht JrInactive-Approved for Licensure3/28/20123/20/2015
   David Christopher MinorInactive-Renewed3/28/20137/28/2013
   Gretchen E. GarrityInactive-Renewed5/7/20128/17/2014
   Stephanie DunkerleyInactive-Renewed9/6/20116/27/2014
   Tanya PappasInactive-Renewed8/16/20117/28/2013
   Charles Vincent Dissinger JrLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Chy N StewartLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Craig Edward GunkelLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Danielle EspenshadeLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Harry Sam Garula IIILicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Jared StrouphauerLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   John C. Newman, Sr.License Renewed11/20/201211/19/2015
   Ronald DawkinsLicense Renewed10/13/201110/12/2014
   Steven M. HouleLicense Renewed7/29/20107/28/2013
   Bruce Bryant YoungPending5/15/2013
   Gloria Jean BallentinePending9/27/2012
   Lisa R. WattsPending1/10/2013
   Thomas Allen BeauchampPending11/12/2012
   William HaylesPending6/14/2013
   Danielle EspenshadeRenewal App Pending5/30/2013
   Javon Quentin WhiteRenewal App Pending5/30/2013
   Lucretia A. FetchoRenewal App Pending5/30/2013
   Steven M. HouleRenewal App Pending5/30/2013
   Desiree Ann BurkeApproved for Licensure10/6/201010/5/2013
   Francis T. DonaghueApproved for Licensure5/2/20125/1/2015
   Jay Anthony SnowdenApproved for Licensure3/21/20123/20/2015
   Kyle Martin SrApproved for Licensure4/14/20114/13/2014
   Saul ReibsteinApproved for Licensure7/11/20127/10/2015
   Barbara Z. ShattuckRenewal App Pending11/7/2012
   Gregg William HartRenewal App Pending6/22/2012
   Harold CramerRenewal App Pending11/7/2012
   John M. JacqueminRenewal App Pending11/7/2012
   John V. FinamoreRenewal App Pending11/7/2012
   Jordan B. SavitchRenewal App Pending11/7/2012
   Peter M. CarlinoRenewal App Pending11/9/2012
   Robert S. IppolitoRenewal App Pending11/9/2012
   Timothy J. WilmottRenewal App Pending6/22/2012
   Wesley EdensRenewal App Pending6/22/2012
   William J. CliffordRenewal App Pending11/7/2012
Principal Entity
   Baron Capital Group, Inc. and its subsidiariesNotification Received12/14/2010
   Capital World Investors a Division of Capital
    Research and Management Company
Notification Received4/8/2011
   Harris Associates L.P.Notification Received3/1/2012
   Teachers Advisors, Inc.Notification Received3/27/2013
   TIAA-CREF Investment Management, LLCNotification Received3/27/2013
   Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc.Pending5/31/2013
   GLP Capital Partners, LLCPending5/31/2013
   GLP Capital, L.P.Pending5/31/2013
   FIF V PFD LLCRenewal App Pending6/22/2012
   The Carlino Family TrustRenewal App Pending11/9/2012
Presque Isle Downs, Inc
   Gameco Holdings, Inc.License Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Jacobs Entertainment, Inc.License Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Jacobs Family Control Trust dated 9/27/05, Stanley
    R. Gorom III, Trustee
License Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Jacobs Family Economic Trust dated 9/27/05,
    Stanley R. Gorom III, Trustee
License Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Jacobs Investments, Inc.License Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   MTR Gaming Group, Inc.License Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
Facility-Category 1
   Presque Isle Downs, IncLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
Key Employee
   Barry RiceApproved for Licensure11/22/201111/21/2014
   Brian StaafApproved for Licensure2/8/20122/7/2015
   Daniel Eugene WestonApproved for Licensure11/22/201111/21/2014
   Erick Conrad FriedmanApproved for Licensure6/28/20116/27/2014
   Kevin John RyanApproved for Licensure6/28/20116/27/2014
   Lisa Ann YounkinsApproved for Licensure1/26/20111/25/2014
   Mark Joseph WaldingerApproved for Licensure11/22/201111/21/2014
   Joseph Leonard Smith JrInactive-Approved for Licensure12/14/201211/21/2014
   Karl Thomas LewisInactive-Approved for Licensure7/13/20116/20/2013
   Mariana SkonieczkaInactive-Approved for Licensure3/28/20116/20/2013
   Patrick John SmithInactive-Approved for Licensure5/23/201211/21/2014
   Richard A. O'LearyInactive-Approved for Licensure6/30/20116/27/2014
   Stuart M. HoffmanInactive-Renewed11/18/20106/20/2013
   Thomas William MooreInactive-Renewed8/16/201211/21/2014
   Daniel Terry CuicLicense Renewed6/21/20106/20/2013
   David Allen BatesLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Mark S. VommaroLicense Renewed6/21/20106/20/2013
   Matthew C. EnnisLicense Renewed5/2/20125/1/2015
   Rita D. SmithLicense Renewed11/22/201111/21/2014
   Stephen Paul DanowskiLicense Renewed2/10/20112/9/2014
   Stephen Paul WagnerLicense Renewed6/28/20116/27/2014
   Erica Marie PietrantonPending8/13/2012
   Larry Bruce Honeycutt JrPending10/15/2012
   Michael TamburelliPending2/17/2012
   Wendy Lyn YoungPending3/29/2012
   Jennifer A. SeeRenewal App Pending1/27/2012
   Roseane Law PaligoRenewal App Pending8/6/2012
   Scott StollerRenewal App Pending2/8/2012
   Shayne MorrowRenewal App Pending9/11/2012
   Fred Anthony BuroApproved for Licensure5/23/20125/22/2015
   Narciso Alejandro Rodriguez-CayroApproved for Licensure1/6/20111/5/2014
   Raymond K LeeApproved for Licensure7/20/20117/19/2014
   Vincent James AzzarelloApproved for Licensure7/20/20117/19/2014
   Jeffrey Jay DahlInactive-Approved for Licensure6/7/20137/10/2015
   Caroline M. JacobsLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Claire L. JacobsLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Edson R. ArneaultLicense Renewed11/18/201011/17/2013
   Hanna R. JacobsLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   James V. StantonLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Jeffrey P. JacobsLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Jeffrey P. Jacobs IILicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   John W. BittnerLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Lynda L. JacobsLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Renee E. JacobsLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Richard JacobsLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Richard F. DelatoreLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Robert A. BlattLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Rose M. WilliamsLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Stanley R. Gorom IIILicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Steven Michael BillickLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Thomas F. TrygarLicense Renewed7/20/20117/19/2014
   Joseph Larry BillhimerPending11/29/2011
Principal Entity
   Jeffrey P. Jacobs Revocable Trust, under Declaration
    of Trust dated July 10, 2000. Jeffrey P. Jacobs,
Approved for Licensure7/20/20117/19/2014
   Arbiter Partners QP, LPNotification Received3/18/2011
   Brigade Capital Management, LLCNotification Received6/17/2011
   Fort Hoosac Management LLC (DBA Arbiter
    Partners QP LP)
Notification Received3/18/2011
   Lafitte Capital Management, LPNotification Received4/6/2012
   PAR Capital Management, Inc. (investment advisor
    to PAR Investment Partners LP)
Notification Received12/29/2011
   PAR Investment Partners, L.P.Notification Received3/21/2012
Washington Trotting Association, Inc.
   Bareage Pty LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Cairnton Holdings LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Cairnton Pty LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Consolidated Custodians International LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Consolidated Press Financial Services PTY LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Consolidated Press Holdings LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Consolidated Press International Holdings LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Consolidated Press International LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Crown CCR Group Holdings One Pty LtdApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Crown CCR Group Holdings Two Pty LtdApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Crown CCR Group Investments One, LLCApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Crown CCR Group Investments Two, LLCApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Crown CCR Holdings General PartnershipApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Crown CCR Holdings, LLCApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Crown Entertainment Group Holdings Pty LtdApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Crown Group Finance LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Crown LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Northkom Pty LimitedApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Cannery Casino Resorts, LLCLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Millennium Gaming, Inc.License Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Mountain Laurel Racing, Inc.License Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   OCM AcquisitionCo, LLCLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   OCM Blocker, LLCLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   OCM HoldCo, LLCLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   OCM VoteCo, LLCLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   PA Meadows, LLCLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   PA MezzCo, LLCLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
Facility-Category 1
   Washington Trotting Association, Inc.License Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
Key Employee
   Bradley Michael SimpsonApproved for Licensure10/13/201110/12/2014
   Camille Renae KobrysApproved for Licensure5/15/20135/14/2016
   David Gerard WiegmannApproved for Licensure8/1/20127/31/2015
   Elliott Anthony FrazierApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Frances A ScharfApproved for Licensure9/16/20109/15/2013
   George Brian BeinhauerApproved for Licensure10/13/201110/12/2014
   Jamie Ellen WrightApproved for Licensure1/6/20111/5/2014
   Janet Nicole DensonApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Jerri Lynn Corfont-AnesettiApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   John SchusslerApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Kathleen Louise PrietoApproved for Licensure10/13/201110/12/2014
   Lance Brady YoungApproved for Licensure10/13/201110/12/2014
   Mark Jonathon PetersApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Martin Louis KolovichApproved for Licensure10/13/201110/12/2014
   Monique Lanae StewartApproved for Licensure11/22/201111/21/2014
   Nicole Newlon ZimmermanApproved for Licensure11/22/201111/21/2014
   Peggy L BattistellaApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Phillip Eugene BarnettApproved for Licensure11/22/201111/21/2014
   Rose A EgerApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Sandra L DavidsonApproved for Licensure9/16/20109/15/2013
   Sean SullivanApproved for Licensure5/25/20115/24/2014
   Steven William HartmannApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Susan Marie ProApproved for Licensure1/26/20111/25/2014
   Tanya Kay KashApproved for Licensure6/13/20126/12/2015
   Timothy BedillionApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Todd A WagnerApproved for Licensure7/29/20107/28/2013
   Jennifer M SillerInactive-Approved for Licensure3/9/20116/20/2013
   Tracy M MihalekInactive-Approved for Licensure5/29/20131/5/2014
   Karen E BaughmanLicense Renewed6/21/20106/20/2013
   Kery Lee ChaseLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Sherry F. SalisburyLicense Renewed2/24/20112/23/2014
   Timothy TimkoLicense Renewed10/13/201110/12/2014
   Jennifer R ZarambaPending8/4/2011
   Kevin Patrick BroganPending6/10/2013
   Adrian Richard AshmoreRenewal App Pending1/19/2012
   Alannah Jeanne TaylorRenewal App Pending11/26/2012
   Catherine MorgantiRenewal App Pending7/10/2012
   Deborah L. HauserRenewal App Pending8/27/2012
   Jill M EdenRenewal App Pending1/9/2013
   Karen E BaughmanRenewal App Pending4/29/2013
   Kelly C. HarvisonRenewal App Pending8/22/2012
   Kevin Michael SaloRenewal App Pending1/5/2012
   Mary C. McGrathRenewal App Pending6/27/2012
   Michael E. JeannotRenewal App Pending1/3/2013
   Michael J. JankoviakRenewal App Pending1/23/2012
   Michael Steven KeelonRenewal App Pending1/3/2013
   Pamela M ReuterRenewal App Pending1/3/2013
   Steven William HartmannRenewal App Pending5/28/2013
   Virginia M. SchusslerRenewal App Pending8/27/2012
   Ashok P. JacobApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Benjamin Alexander BrazilApproved for Licensure6/5/20136/4/2016
   Brenda Lorraine DeckerApproved for Licensure5/15/20135/14/2016
   Gretel PackerApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   James D. PackerApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   John H. AlexanderApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Kenneth McRae BartonApproved for Licensure8/18/20118/17/2014
   Michael J. NeilsonApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Michael R. JohnstonApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Rowen B. CraigieApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Rowena DanzigerApproved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   Bruce A. KarshLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Carl StixLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   David M. KirchheimerLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Guy T. HillyerLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Howard S. MarksLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   John B. FrankLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Ronald N. BeckLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Ryan S. TolandLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Sheldon M. StoneLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Stephen A. KaplanLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Thomas A. LetteroLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   William C. WortmanLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   William Joseph PaulosLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Xavier Bernard WalshLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Thomas J. GallagherPending7/12/2012
   Michael A. DayRenewal App Pending4/9/2013
   Gilbert Victor CohenRequest for Withdrawal Pending6/11/2013
   Heidi June HamersRequest to Surrender License6/11/20131/17/2015
Principal Entity
   Cannery Casino Resorts Finance CorporationApproved for Licensure5/11/20115/10/2014
   Custodians Settlement (No.8)Approved for Licensure2/24/20112/23/2014
   TSG Developments US Financing IncApproved for Licensure5/15/20135/14/2016
   CCR Pennsylvania Food Service, Inc.License Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   CCR Pennsylvania Racing, Inc.License Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   CCR Racing ManagementLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   Magna Entertainment CorporationLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014
   OCM InvestCo, LLCLicense Renewed8/18/20118/17/2014

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