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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 14-1395


Availability of Technical Guidance

[44 Pa.B. 4224]
[Saturday, July 5, 2014]

 Technical guidance documents are available on the Department of Environmental Protection's (Department) web site at The ''Technical Guidance Final Documents'' heading is the link to a menu of the various Department bureaus where each bureau's final technical guidance documents are posted. The ''Technical Guidance Draft Documents'' heading is the link to the Department's draft technical guidance documents.

Ordering Paper Copies of Department Technical Guidance

 The Department encourages the use of the Internet to view and download technical guidance documents. When this option is not available, persons can order a paper copy of any of the Department's draft or final technical guidance documents by contacting the Department at (717) 783-8727.

 In addition, bound copies of some of the Department's documents are available as Department publications. Check with the appropriate bureau for more information about the availability of a particular document as a publication.

Changes to Technical Guidance Documents

 Following is the current list of recent changes. Persons who have questions or comments about a particular document should call the contact person whose name and phone number is listed with each document.

Final Technical Guidance Document—Minor Revisions

DEP ID: Refer to the list as follows. Title: Refer to the list as follows. Description: These Technical Guidance Documents relate to various activities in the Bureau of Mining Programs, specifically coal mining, industrial mineral mining and explosives storage, handling and use. As a result of the reorganization of the Department, the Bureau of Mining and Reclamation name was changed to the Bureau of Mining Programs. These Technical Guidance Documents were updated to change the bureau name throughout each document. References to other bureaus and divisions within the Department whose names have changed were also made. In addition, references to forms were updated to reflect the new bureau name. The location on the Department's web site for these documents has also been updated.

Contact: Questions regarding this action should be directed to William Allen at (717) 787-5103 or

Effective Date: July 5, 2014

Document Number Title
562-2000-703 Changes to Licenses, Bonds & Permits
562-2000-705 Mining Contract Operator Approval
562-3000-102 Coal & Industrial Mineral Mining Inspections
562-4000-102 Increased Operation & Maintenance Costs of Replacement Water Supplies (on All Coal & Surface Noncoal Sites)
563-2000-610 Validating Abandoned Underground Mine Maps and Establishing Barrier Pillars
563-2000-655 Surface Water Protection—Underground Bituminous Coal Mining Operations
563-2112-101 Aboveground Storage Tanks on Coal Mine Permit Areas
563-2504-002 Land Maintenance Financial Guarantees
563-2504-201 Blanket Bond Program for Coal Surface Mine Sites
560-0700-302 Review of Surface Mine Permit Applications by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
560-0700-303 Review of Surface Mine Permit Applications by the Pennsylvania Game Commission
560-5000-001 Mine Drainage Treatment Trust Real Property Disposition Guidelines
561-2305-201 Small Operator Assistance Program (SOAP) and Remining Operator's Assistance Program (ROAP) Application Processing and Preassignment Field Conference
561-2305-203 Small Operator Assistance Program (SOAP) and Remining Operator's Assistance Program (ROAP) Report Review
561-2305-601 Small Operator Assistance Program (SOAP) and Remining Operator's Assistance Program (ROAP) Applicant Liability and Reimbursement Procedure
561-5300-101 Insurance Sales Guidance
561-5300-201 Damage Claim Processing
562-2000-001 Environmental Good Samaritan Projects
562-2100-001 Blasting Activity Permits and Permits-by-Rule
562-2100-002 Alternative Peak Particle Velocity or Airblast Level
562-2100-704 Municipal Mining Licenses, Permits, and Bonds
562-2112-315 Prompt Closure of Abandoned Underground Mine Openings
562-2112-316 Sealing Bituminous Underground Mine Openings
562-2112-317 Sealing Anthracite Underground Mine Openings
562-2112-503 Blasting Near Utility Lines on Mining and Construction Sites and Bituminous Coal Mining Within the Right-of-Way or Easement of Utility Lines
562-2112-504 Blasting Complaint Protocol
562-2402-501 Blaster's License Suspension & Revocation Procedure
562-2500-702 Insurance Requirements and Water Supply Replacement Assurance
562-2504-312 Surety Reclamation of Bond Forfeiture Sites
562-3000-105 Field Evaluations of Pit Size Variances
562-3000-110 Applicant Violator System (AVS) Inspections
562-3000-802 Coal Mining Applicant Violator System (AVS) Compliance Manual
562-3200-203 Fixing Water Samples
562-3200-205 Normal/Favorable Planting Season
562-3900-402 Citizens' Requests: Receiving, Tracking, Investigating, Appealing, and Filing
562-4000-101 Water Supply Replacement and Compliance
562-4100-301 Compliance/Enforcement Procedures
562-4100-307 Alternative Enforcement
562-4100-311 Explosives Program Compliance/Enforcement Procedures
562-4170-308 Bond Forfeiture
562-4180-101 Noncoal Civil Penalty Assessments
562-4180-102 Noncoal Compliance/Enforcement Procedures
562-4180-306 Civil Penalty Assessments
562-4180-309 Reclamation in Lieu of Cash Payment for Civil Penalties
562-4180-310 Bankrupt Surety Company Bond Replacement Requirements and Civil Penalty Calculations
562-4180-311 Civil Penalty Collections
563-0300-101 Engineering Manual for Mining Operations
563-2000-001 Government-Financed Construction Contracts
563-2000-003 Incidental Coal Extraction for Government-Financed Construction Projects or Government-Financed Reclamation Projects
563-2000-102 Coal Exploration
563-2000-203 Noncoal Underground Mine Permit Applications
563-2000-204 Homeowner Notification of Right to Pre-Blast Survey
563-2000-208 Right of Entry
563-2000-223 Review Process for Approval of a Bituminous Coal Blast Plan
563-2000-602 Beneficial Use of Sewage Sludge at Active Mine Sites
563-2000-609 Roads Associated with Coal Mining Activities
563-2100-216 Permit Renewals
563-2111-101 Noncommercial Exemption from Requirements of the Noncoal SMCRA
563-2111-102 Building Construction Exemption from Requirements of the Noncoal SMCRA
563-2111-111 Stabilizing Pre-Act Highwalls, Noncoal Operations
563-2111-112 Highwall Stability In Long-Term, Multiple Bench Quarries
563-2111-115 Borrow Pits for Oil and Gas Well Development Activities
563-2112-203 Boundary Changes to Mining Permits
563-2112-205 Review Guide and Written Findings
563-2112-211 Completeness Review for Acceptance of Coal Mining Activity Permit Applications
563-2112-212 Evaluation and Approval of Land Use Changes for Surface Coal Mine Operations
563-2112-214 Coal Surface Mining Activity Permit Pre-Application Review
563-2112-215 Review of Accepted Coal Mining Activity Permit Applications
563-2112-217 Alkaline Addition for Surface Coal Mines
563-2112-218 Permits Transfers
563-2112-219 Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessments (CHIAs)
563-2112-222 Coal Surface Mining—Oil and Gas Well Barriers
563-2112-603 Evaluation and Approval of Innovative Mining and Reclamation Techniques
563-2112-604 Auger Mining
563-2112-605 Water Supply Replacement and Permitting
563-2112-606 Procedures for Establishing the Quantity of Water in Low-Yield Wells
563-2112-607 Marketing of Anthracite Coal Reject Materials
563-2112-608 Constructed Wetlands for Mine Drainage Treatment
563-2112-610 Determining Eligibility of Pre-existing Pollutional Discharges under Subchapter F of 25 Pa. Code Chapter 87, Subchapter G of 25 Pa. Code Chapter 88
563-2112-611 Permitting Pre-existing Pollutional Discharges under Subchapter F of 25 Pa. Code Chapter 87, Subchapter G of 25 Pa. Code Chapter 88
563-2112-652 Underground Mining Near Oil and Gas Wells
563-2112-653 Permitting Ventilation Boreholes for Underground Coal Mines
563-2112-654 Technical Review, Mine Stability
563-2112-656 Liners—Impoundments, Stockpiles, and Coal Refuse Disposal Areas
563-2112-657 Underground Mining—Delineating Protection Zones for Public Water Supplies
563-2112-658 Imminent Hazards Associated with Subsidence from Active Mining
563-2113-660 Coal Refuse Disposal—Site Selection
563-2500-401 Noncoal Surface Mining Payment in Lieu of Bond
563-2504-405 Anthracite Mine Operator's Emergency Bond Loan (A.E.B.L.) Program
563-2504-101 Procedures for calculating mine subsidence bonds
563-2504-407 Bonding Direct-Submittal of Bonds
563-2504-409 Phased Deposit of Collateral Coal and Noncoal Mining
563-2504-411 Processing Completion Reports
563-2504-412 Evaluating Postmining Discharges
563-2504-451 Bonding, Anthracite Underground Mines
563-2504-501 Qualifying, Processing, and Tracking Financial Guarantees and Bond Credits
563-2504-612 Monitoring, Compliance and Bond Release for Subchapter F or G Permits


[Pa.B. Doc. No. 14-1395. Filed for public inspection July 3, 2014, 9:00 a.m.]

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