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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 19-1228



Recent Actions during the 2019 Regular Session of the General Assembly

[49 Pa.B. 4539]
[Saturday, August 17, 2019]

 The following is a summary of recent actions of the General Assembly during the 2019 Regular Session:

Doc.  Date of  BillPrinter's Effective
No. Action Number  Number DateSubject Matter
2019 General Acts of Regular Session Enacted—Act 032 through 072
032 Jul 1 H1324 PN2179 Immediately* Military and Veterans Code (51 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
033 Jul 1 H0370 PN0360 60 days Agricultural Area Security Law—purchase of
agricultural conservation easements
034 Jul 1 H1514 PN1910 60 days Agriculture Code (3 Pa.C.S.)—Farm-to-School Program
035 Jul 1 H1516 PN2124 60 days Agriculture Code (3 Pa.C.S.)—Agriculture Rapid Response Disaster Readiness Account
036 Jul 1 H1520 PN2212 60 days Agriculture Code (3 Pa.C.S.)—Pennsylvania Preferred® Trademark Licensing Fund, military veterans and grant programs
037 Jul 1 H1526 PN2126 60 days Agriculture Code (3 Pa.C.S.)—Agriculture-Linked Investment Program
038 Jul 1 H1590 PN2213 Immediately Public Authorities and Quasi-Public Corporations (64 Pa.C.S.)—Dairy Investment Program and Dairy Investment Program Account
039 Jul 1 S0634 PN1035 60 days Agriculture Code (3 Pa.C.S.)—soil and conservation and Conservation Excellence Grant Program
040 Jul 1 S0661 PN1075 60 days Agriculture Code (3 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
041 Jul 1 H1172 PN1989 60 days Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs—Duties—licensure by endorsement
042 Jul 2 H0003 PN2211 Immediately Insurance (40 Pa.C.S.)—health insurance markets oversights and Pennsylvania Health Insurance Exchange Fund
043 Jul 2 H0024 PN1735 Immediately Capital Facilities Debt Enabling Act—bonds, issue of bonds and notes, maturity and interest
044 Jul 2 H0065 PN2240 60 days Multiple designations in multiple counties—designation
045 Jul 2 H0131 PN2264 Immediately* Liquor Code—omnibus amendments
046 Jul 2 H0195 PN0167 365 days Insurance (40 Pa.C.S.)—medication synchronization
047 Jul 2 H0235 PN2265 Immediately* Domestic Relations (23 Pa.C.S.)—consents necessary to adoption, costs and fees, State disbursement unit, employees having contact with children, adoptive and foster parents and volunteers having contact with children
048 Jul 2 H0423 PN2175 60 days Liquor Code—local option
049 Jul 2 H0448 PN2181 60 days Pennsylvania Commission for the United States Semiquincentennial Act—establishment, composition and report to the Governor and the General Assembly
050 Jul 2 H0547 PN0886 60 days First Class Township Code—ordinances and resolutions, tax levies and tax rates to be expressed in dollars and cents
051 Jul 2 H0548 PN0887 60 days Boroughs and Incorporated Towns (8 Pa.C.S.) and Cities (11 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
052 Jul 2 H0615 PN1784 60 days State Government (71 Pa.C.S.)—installment payments
053 Jul 2 H0751 PN0876 60 days Public Utilities (66 Pa.C.S.)—power of commission to order acquisition of small water and sewer utilities, service of complaints on parties and computation of income tax expense for ratemaking purposes
054 Jul 2 H0786 PN2242 Immediately Health and Safety (35 Pa.C.S.)—Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation, accreditation of trauma centers, submission of list, funding, notification of trauma center closure, reporting and certification and financial report
055 Jul 2 H0807 PN0900 Immediately* Military and Veterans Code (51 Pa.C.S.)—compensation of division commander or equivalent
056 Jul 2 H0826 PN2085 30 days Sports Raffle Charities Act—enactment
057 Jul 2 H1524 PN2066 60 days Liquor Code—limiting number of retail licenses to be issued in each county and licenses not assignable and transfers
058 Jul 2 H1614 PN2214 Immediately* Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Judicial Code
(42 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
059 Jul 2 S0117 PN1034 60 days Multiple designations in multiple counties—designation
060 Jul 2 S0128 PN1045 60 days Military and Veterans Code (51 Pa.C.S.) and Transportation (74 Pa.C.S.)—Civil Air Patrol and authority of department
061 Jul 2 S0130 PN1054 Immediately Conveyance—Commonwealth property in multiple townships and counties
062 Jul 2 S0298 PN0260 60 days Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Military and Veterans Code (51 Pa.C.S.)—wearing of uniforms and insignia and misrepresentation of military service or honors and Veterans' Trust Fund
063 Jul 2 S0321 PN0996 Immediately Municipalities (53 Pa.C.S.)—option to prohibit the location of an establishment license within a municipality
064 Jul 2 S0440 PN1029 60 days Public School Code of 1949—flexible
instructional days
065 Jul 2 S0478 PN1067 60 days Tax Reform Code of 1971—beginning farmer tax credit
066 Jul 2 S0585 PN0946 30 days Agriculture Code (3 Pa.C.S.)—Pennsylvania Dairy Future Commission
067 Jul 2 S0621 PN1081 60 days Public School Code of 1949—school security and duties of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency
068 Jul 2 S0698 PN1026 30 days Medical Practice Act of 1985—physician assistants and physician assistant license
069 Jul 2 S0699 PN1027 30 days Osteopathic Medical Practice Act—physician
070 Jul 2 S0700 PN1074 Immediately* Public School Code of 1949—Public Higher Education Funding Commission, construction and renovation of buildings by school entities and grant program for maintenance projects
071 Jul 2 S0701 PN1025 Immediately Conveyance—Commonwealth property in the City of Allentown and the City of Bethlehem, Lehigh County, through a competitive solicitation process
072 Jul 2 S0724 PN1046 60 days Education (24 Pa.C.S.) and State Government
(71 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
2019 Vetoes of Regular Session of Bills—Veto 002 through 003
002 Jul 2 H0915 PN1487 Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—permit for movement during course of manufacture and power of Governor during emergency
003 Jul 5 S0048 PN1080 Pennsylvania Election Code—omnibus amendments

 * denotes an effective date with exceptions

Effective Dates of Statutes

 The effective dates specified for laws and appropriation acts were contained in the applicable law or appropriation act. Where no date is specified or where the effective date specified is prior to the date of enactment, the effective date is 60 days after final enactment except for statutes making appropriations or affecting budgets of political subdivisions. See 1 Pa.C.S. §§ 1701—1704 (relating to effective date of statutes).

Advance Copies of Statutes

 Section 1106 of 1 Pa.C.S. (relating to prothonotaries to keep files of advance copies of statutes) provides that the prothonotaries of each county shall file advance copies of statutes in their offices for public inspection until the Laws of Pennsylvania are generally available.

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