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25 Pa. Code § 93.8e. Special criteria for the Great Lakes System.

§ 93.8e. Special criteria for the Great Lakes System.

 (a)  Special criteria. The special provisions in this section apply for the Great Lakes System, which includes the streams, rivers, lakes and other bodies of surface water within the drainage basin of the Great Lakes in this Commonwealth.

 (b)  Water quality criteria for the Great Lakes System. Human health and aquatic life criteria for the Great Lakes System are contained in Table 6 (relating to Great Lakes aquatic life and human health criteria). For any pollutant not listed in the table, criteria in Table 5 may be used to protect existing and designated uses, or criteria will be developed by the Department, as needed, in accordance with this chapter and §  16.61 (relating to special provisions for the Great Lakes System).



   Fish and Aquatic Life CriteriaHuman
PP NO Chemical Name CAS Number Criteria Continuous
Concentrations (ug/L)
Criteria Maximum
Concentration (ug/L)
2M Arsenic 07440382 *148 (As3+) *340 (As3+) N/A-
4M Cadmium 07440439 *{1.101672-(ln[H]x0.041838)}x Exp(0.7852xln[H]-2.715)
(ex: @H=100, CCC=2.24)
*{1.136672-(ln[H]x0.041838)}x Exp(1.128xln[H]-3.6867)
(ex: @H=100, CMC=4.26)
5M Chromium, III 16065831 *0.860xExp(0.819xln[H]+0.6848) *0.316xExp(0.819xln[H]+3.7256) N/A-
(ex: @H=100, CCC=74) (ex: @H=100, CMC=570)
5M Chromium, VI 18540299 *10.56 *15.73 N/A -
6M Copper 07440508 *0.960xExp(0.8545xln[H]-1.702) *(0.960xExp(0.9422xln[H]-1.700) N/A
(ex: @H=100, CCC=8.96) (ex: @H=100, CMC=13.44)
8M Mercury 07439976 *0.77 *1.44 0.0031 H
9M Nickel 07440020 *0.997xExp(0.846xln[H]+0.0584 *[0.998xExp(0.846xln[H]+2.255) N/A H
(ex: @H=100, CCC=52.01) (ex: @H=100, CMC=468.24)
10M Selenium 07782492 *4.61 N/A N/A -
13M Zinc 07440666 *0.986xExp(0.8473xln[H]+0.884) *0.978xExp(0.8473xln[H]+0.884) N/A
(ex: @H=100, CCC=118.14) (ex: @H=100, CMC=117.18)
14M Cyanide, Free 00057125 5.2 22 600 H
3A 2,4-Dimethyl-phenol 00105679 N/A N/A 450 H
5A 2,4-Dinitro-phenol 00051285 N/A N/A 55 H
9A Pentachlorophenol 00087865 Exp(1.005[pH]-5.134) Exp (1.005[pH]-4.869) N/A-
@pH= 6.5 7.8 9.0 @pH = 6.5 7.8 9.0
Crit = 4.05 14.95 49.95 Crit = 5.28 19.49 65.10
3V Benzene 00071432 N/A N/A 1.2 CRL
7V Chloro-benzene 00108907 N/A N/A 470 H
22V Methylene Chloride 00075092 N/A N/A 4.7 CRL
25V Toluene 00108883 N/A N/A 5600 H
29V Trichloro-ethylene 00079016 N/A N/A 2.9 CRL
33B Hexachloro-benzene 00118741 N/A N/A 0.000045 CRL
36B Hexachloro-ethane 00067721 N/A N/A 0.53 CRL
4P gamma-BHC (Lindane) 00058899 N/A 0.95 0.47 H
6P Chlordane 00057749 N/A N/A 0.000025 CRL
7P 4,4-DDT 00050293 N/A N/A 0.000015 CRL
10P Dieldrin 00060571 0.056 0.24 0.00000065 CRL
14P Endrin 00072208 0.036 0.086 N/A-
18P PCBs N/A N/A 0.00000039 CRL
25P Toxaphene 08001352 N/A N/A 0.0000068 CRL
PP 2,3,7,8-TCDD 01746016 N/A N/A 8.6 E-10 CRL
Parathion 00056382 0.013 0.065 N/A-

Acronyms and Footnotes to Table 6

 * Indicates dissolved metal criterion; others are total recoverable metals. Each listed dissolved criterion in Table 6 is equal to the corresponding total recoverable criterion before rounding (from the EPA National Ambient Water Quality Criteria Documents) multiplied by the conversion factor (from the Conversion Factors Table); a criterion that is expressed as a hardness (H)-based equation is shown in Table 6 as the conversion factor (listed) multiplied by the hardness criterion equation; an example criterion at hardness=100mg/L is included.

 CAS—Chemical Abstract Service number

 CRL—Cancer risk level at 1 x 10-6

 H—Threshold effect human health criterion; incorporates additional uncertainty factor for some Group C carcinogens.

 ln [H]—Natural Logarithm of the Hardness of stream as mg/l CaCO3

 ug/L—Micrograms per liter

 N/A—Criterion not developed

 PP NO—Priority Pollutant Number

 (c)  Wildlife criteria. Wildlife criteria will be developed for the bioaccumulative chemicals of concern (BCCs) in the Great Lakes System using methodologies contained in the Great Lakes guidance in 40 CFR Part 132, Appendix D (relating to Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative methodology for the development of wildlife criteria). The wildlife criteria are contained in the following table:



PP Chemical Criterion
NO Name (ug/L)
7-9P DDT & METABOLITES 0.000011
8M MERCURY 0.0013
18-24P PCBs (TOTAL) 0.00012
PP 2,3,7,8-TCDD 3.1 E-9


   The provisions of this §  93.8e amended under sections 5(b)(1) and 402 of The Clean Streams Law (35 P.S. § §  691.5(b)(1) and 691.402); and section 1920-A of The Administrative Code of 1929 (71 P.S. §  510-20).


   The provisions of this §  93.8e adopted May 15, 2009, effective May 16, 2009, 39 Pa.B. 2523; amended July 10, 2020, effective July 11, 2020, 50 Pa.B. 3426. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (367563) to (367564) and (343973) to (343974).

Cross References

   This section cited in 25 Pa. Code §  61.51 (relating to human health and aquatic life criteria); 25 Pa. Code §  16.61 (relating to special provisions for the Great Lakes system); and 25 Pa. Code §  93.8c (relating to human health and aquatic life criteria for toxic substances). 

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