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58 Pa. Code § 668a.3. Dice; shaker; procedure for completion of each round of play.

§ 668a.3. Dice; shaker; procedure for completion of each round of play.

 (a)  Props & Hops shall be played with two dice that comply with §  603a.12(b) (relating to dice; physical characteristics) and the receipt and inspection requirements in §  603a.13 (relating to dice; receipt, storage, inspection and removal from use).

 (b)  Props & Hops shall be played with a dice shaker, approved in accordance with §  601a.10(a) (relating to approval of table game layouts, signage and equipment), which shall be used to shake the two dice to arrive at the winning combinations. The dice shaker shall be designed and constructed to maintain the integrity of the game and must:

   (1)  Be capable of housing two dice that when not being shaken must be maintained in the shaker. Dice that have been placed in a dice shaker for use in gaming may not remain on a table for more than 24 hours.

   (2)  Be designed to prevent the dice from being seen while being shaken.

   (3)  Have the name or logo of the certificate holder imprinted or impressed thereon.

 (c)  The dice shaker shall be the responsibility of the dealer and may not be left unattended while at the table.

 (d)  A shaker and two dice shall be presented at the Props & Hops table for gaming. The floorperson, in the presence of the dealer, shall place the dice in the shaker. Prior to the commencement of play at the table and after each round of play, the dealer shall shake the covered shaker.

 (e)  After all players have placed their wagers, the dealer shall announce ‘‘no more bets.’’ If any players placed a Six Eight Shake Wager, beginning with the player to the dealer’s right, and continuing counterclockwise around the table, the dealer shall place the player’s wager in the first designated Six Eight Shake circle on the dealer’s right located at the top of the table layout. After all Six Eight Shake Wagers have been placed in the designated circles, the dealer shall then place a red lammer button on each two-dice combination of 6 and 8 (1-5, 2-4, 3-3, 2-6, 3-5 and 4-4).

 (f)  The dealer shall then offer the covered dice shaker to the player farthest to the dealer’s left. The player shall shake the covered shaker at least three times to cause a random mixture of the dice. Once the player has shaken the dice, the player shall return the covered shaker to the layout. If the player shaking the dice removes the lid, the shaker shall be recovered and shaken again.

 (g)  The dealer shall then remove the lid and place the uncovered shaker in the designated circle on the table layout. The shaker shall remain uncovered in the designated area until all wagers have been settled. If the dealer uncovers the shaker and a die falls out of the shaker, the dealer shall call a ‘‘no roll.’’ The dice shall then be shaken again in accordance with subsection (f).

 (h)  The dealer shall then announce the numbers on the uppermost or skyward sides of the two dice and place a pointer marker on the corresponding area of the layout. If one die comes to rest on top of the other or if the dice do not land flat on the bottom of the shaker after being tossed, the dealer shall call a ‘‘no roll.’’ The dice shall be shaken again in accordance with subsection (f).

 (i)  After a valid roll, the dealer shall then collect all losing wagers before paying out winning wagers in accordance with §  668a.4 (relating to payout odds) provided that if any player placed a Six Eight Shake Wager and if the number rolled corresponds to one of the boxes on the table layout that contains a lammer button, the dealer shall remove the lammer button and place it in the Six Eight Shake circle on the table layout furthest to the dealer’s right. Each time one of the preselected numbers containing a lammer is rolled, the lammer will be collected and placed on the Six Eight Shake circle next to the previous lammer. If there is a wager in the Six Eight Shake circle, the lammer shall be placed on top of the wager. If all six combinations of dice are thrown and all six lammer buttons are placed on the designated Six Eight Shake circles before a 7 is thrown, the dealer shall pay each winning Six Eight Shake Wager in accordance with §  668a.4.

 (j)  After all losing wagers have been collected and all winning wagers have been paid, the dealer shall cover and shake the shaker.

 (k)  The same player who shook the dice shall continue to shake the dice during each subsequent round of play until the player shakes a 7. Once the total of the dice is a 7, the dice shaker will be passed to the next player to the left at the next round of play.

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