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209.1.    Purpose and application.
209.2.    Application for access.
209.3.    Approval of applications.
209.4.    Review.


   The provisions of this Chapter 209 issued under the Vehicle Code, 75 Pa.C.S. §  6103, unless otherwise noted.


   The provisions of this Chapter 209 adopted October 28, 1977, effective October 29, 1977, 7 Pa.B. 3207, unless otherwise noted.

Notes of Decisions

   This chapter which governs requests for reasonable access to a designated highway network did not apply because the request by the trucking company was for permission to obtain wide-vehicle access to National network of highways and this chapter only applies to requests to operate a tractor trailer combination with two trailers or to exceed the length limitation for truck trailer combinations. Pleasant Trucking Inc., v. Department of Transportation, 636 A.2d 1284 (Pa. Cmwlth. 1994).

§ 209.1. Purpose and application.

 Combinations authorized by 75 Pa.C.S. §  4904(e) (relating to limits on numbers of towed vehicles) to have two trailers, or by 75 Pa.C.S. §  4923(b)(6) (relating to length of vehicles) to exceed the length limitation for combinations may be granted reasonable access to utilize highways between the highway network designated under 75 Pa.C.S. §  4908(a)(1) (relating to operation of certain combinations on interstate and certain primary highways) and terminals or points of loading or unloading of household goods, as provided by 75 Pa.C.S. §  4908(a)(2)(ii) and (b)(2), if the terminals or points may be accessed safely and reasonably.


   The provisions of this §  209.1 adopted October 28, 1977, effective October 29, 1977, 7 Pa.B. 3207; reserved October 16, 1981, effective October 17, 1981, 11 Pa.B. 3559; amended December 27, 1985, effective December 28, 1985, 15 Pa.B. 4586. Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (82515).

§ 209.2. Application for access.

 An application for access to terminals or loading or unloading points shall be made in writing to either the Department of Transportation, or a city or municipal highway department under 75 Pa.C.S. §  4908(d) (relating to operation of certain combinations on interstate and certain primary highways). The application shall designate the route for which access is requested and note restrictions upon operation appropriate to assure safe and reasonable access.


   The provisions of this §  209.2 adopted October 28, 1977, effective October 29, 1977, 7 Pa.B. 3207; reserved October 16, 1981, effective October 17, 1981, 11 Pa.B. 3559; amended December 27, 1985, effective December 28, 1985, 15 Pa.B. 4586. Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (82515).

§ 209.3. Approval of applications.

 (a)  A request for route approval under this chapter will be either approved as submitted, approved with additional listed restrictions upon operation, or disapproved in writing within 30 days of receipt of the request by the Department of Transportation, or the relevant city or municipal highway department. In the event the requested route requires the approval of the Department and one or more municipalities, the 30-day period for review by a municipality shall commence upon receipt of the request by the municipality. The 30-day period for review by the Department will commence upon receipt of approval or disapproval from all municipalities involved, or expiration of the municipalities’ 30-day period for review, whichever comes first. In no event will this process take longer than 90 days without the consent of the applicant.

 (b)  The period of time provided for review of applications may be extended by written notice to the applicant for a period of time agreed upon by the applicant and the Department or the relevant city or municipal highway department, or for 15 days without agreement of the applicant for good cause stated in the notice to the applicant.

 (c)  An application not approved or disapproved within the time periods stated in this section will be deemed approved by the Department or the relevant city or municipal highway department.

 (d)  Disapprovals or restricted approvals of applications shall be in writing and explain the reasons for the disapproval or restricted approval of the application.


   The provisions of this §  209.3 adopted October 28, 1977, effective October 29, 1977, 7 Pa.B. 3207; reserved October 16, 1981, effective October 17, 1981, 11 Pa.B. 3559; amended December 27, 1985, effective December 28, 1985, 15 Pa.B. 4586. Immediately preceding text appears at serial page (82515).

§ 209.4. Review.

 The decision of the Department of Transportation or of the relevant city or municipal highway department may be reviewed by filing a request with the agency to conduct a hearing and issue an adjudication under 2 Pa.C.S. § §  501—508 and 701—704 (relating to the Administrative Agency Law) or 2 Pa.C.S. § §  551—555 and 751—754 (relating to the Local Agency Law). Adjudication is subject to judicial review under 2 Pa.C.S. § §  701—754 (relating to judicial review).


   The provisions of this §  209.4 adopted December 27, 1985, effective December 28, 1985, 15 Pa.B. 4586.


   (Editor’s Note: Lists were codified under 1 Pa. Code §  3.1(a)(9) (relating to contents of Code) as documents which the Legislative Reference Bureau finds to be general and permanent in nature. The lists are updated through December 31, 1994.)


   Routes available for 102-inch wide single trailer, Maxi Cubes, and two trailer combinations. Maximum trailer length for single trailer combinations is 53 feet. Maximum trailer length for trailers in two trailer combinations is 28 1/2 feet each. Access approval is necessary to leave these approved routes.

US 1From the MD State Line to the NJ State Line. (Bucks, Chester, Delaware & Philadelphia)79.1
US 6From PA 8 in Union City to Shady Ave. in Corry. (Erie)12.9
US 6From PA 321 in Kane to US 219. (McKean)7.5
US 6From US 219 to Business US 15. (McKean, Potter, & Tioga)101.8
US 6From US 220 to PA 9. (Bradford, Lackawanna & Wyoming)64.2
US 6From Farview State Correctional Facility to PA 402. (Pike & Wayne)25.2
US 6From I-81 (exit 57) to the US 6 and US 11 split. (NORTHBOUND I-81 ONLY) (Lackawanna)0.4
US 6From I-84 (exit 11) to the PA/NY State Line. (Pike)1.7
US 11From I-81 (Exit 2) to Derbyshire Street in Chambersburg. (Franklin)13.0
US 11From PA 465 to Kinney Corporation. (Cumberland)1.6
US 11From US 22/322 in Amity Hall to PA 147. (Juniata, Northumberland, Perry & Snyder)37.4
US 11South Second Street - (One Way Northbound) From Derbyshire Street to US 30 - Lincolnway West (One Way Westbound). (Franklin)0.8
US 11South Main Street - (One Way Southbound) From US 30 to Derbyshire Street. (Franklin)0.7
US 11From Railroad Street to PA 42. (Columbia)0.9
US 11From I-80 (Exit 36) to PA 29. (Columbia & Luzerne)41.7
US 11From Spruce & Jefferson St. in Scranton to PA 171. (Lackawanna, Susquehanna & Wyoming)46.0
US 13Post Road - From DE State Line to PA 452 (Market Street. (Delaware)1.0
US 15From US 22/322 in Amity Hall to NY State Line. (Juniata, Lycoming, Perry, Snyder, Tioga & Union)136.7
US 19From I-76 (exit 3) to US 422. (Butler)20.0
US 19From I-76 (exit 3) to I-79. (Allegheny)1.0
US 19From PA 97 in Waterford to I-90 (Exit 6). (Erie)9.4
US 20From PA 832 to I-79 (Exit 43). (Erie)0.7
US 22From WV state line to I-81 (Exit 23). (Allegheny, Blair, Cambria, Dauphin, Huntingdon, Indiana, Juniata, Mifflin, Perry, Washington & Westmoreland)249.8
US 22From SR 3019 to the I-78 junction. (Dauphin & Lebanon)24.6
US 30From US 219 to SR 1007. (Somerset)7.2
US 30From US 220 to I-76 (Exit 12) in Breezewood. (Bedford)18.7
US 30From PA 75 to Borough Line at the US 30 one way split. (Franklin)12.9
US 30From PA 41 to US 202. (Chester & Lancaster)25.1
US 30Lincolnway West (One Way Westbound)—From US 11 to Borough Line at US 30. (Franklin)0.9
US 30Loudon & West Queen Streets (One Way Eastbound). From US 30 split at Borough Line to US 11. (Franklin)0.9
US 62From US 322 to PA 157. (Venango)11.4
US 62From PA 36 to PA 127. (Forest)15.0
US 119From PA 56 to US 422. (Indiana)3.0
US 202From PA 611 to PA 313. (Bucks)2.8
US 219From SR 3041 in Somerset to Carrolltown. (Cambria & Somerset)46.3
US 219From PA 255 to NY State Line. (Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson & McKean)75.0
US 220From US 30 to I-80 (Exit 23). (Bedford, Blair & Centre)108.9
US 220From I-80 (Exit 26) to I-180. (Clinton & Lycoming)32.0
US 220From PA 414 to NY State Line. (Bradford)22.0
US 220From SR 4008 to US 220, near I-70/76 (Exit 11). Bus. (Bedford)6.1
US 222From US 30 in Lancaster to I-76 (Exit 21). (Berks & Lancaster)15.0
US 322From PA 285 to I-80 (Exit 11). (Clarion, Crawford, Mercer & Venango)50.2
US 322From PA 970 to Kephart Terminal. (Clearfield)1.7
US 322From US 220 to I-81 (Exit 23). (Centre, Dauphin, Juniata, Mifflin & Perry)96.0
US 322From PA 72 to PA 743. (Dauphin & Lebanon)11.7
US 322From SR 2011 to the PA 39/US 322/US 422 interchange. (Dauphin)1.7
US 322From Jct. I-83/I-283 to US 422. (Dauphin)7.0
US 422From PA 60 to PA 66. (Armstrong, Butler & Lawrence)55.0
US 422 Bus.From US 119 to PA 286. (Indiana)2.0
US 422 Bus.From PA 562 to SR 2039. (Berks)1.3
US 522From US 22 in Mt. Union to US 22 in Lewistown. (Huntingdon & Mifflin)24.9
US 522From US I-76 (Exit 13) to Old US 30. (Fulton)13.0
PA 8From PA 97 in Union City to US 6 in Union City. (Erie)0.2
PA 8From I-76 (Exit 4) to 1101 William Flynn Highway. (Allegheny)6.5
PA 8From PA 58 in Harrisville to PA 89 in Wattsburg. (Butler, Crawford & Venango)74.0
PA 10From I-176 (Exit 1) to I-76 (Exit 22). (Berks)0.9
PA 14From US 15 in Trout Run to PA 414 in Canton. (Bradford, Lycoming & Tioga)25.9
PA 17From I-90 (Exit 10A) to NY State Line. (Erie)7.4
PA 18From PA 60 to the Arco Plant. (Beaver)2.0
PA 26From US 322 to I-80 (Exit 24). (Centre)12.9
PA 27From PA 8 in Titusville to Oil Creek Plastic Drive. (Crawford)1.7
PA 28From US 422 to I-80 (Exit 13). (Armstrong, Clarion & Jefferson)38.0
PA 29From East Greenville Borough/Upper Hanover Township line to I-78 (Exit 17). (Berks, Lehigh & Montgomery)14.8
PA 29From PA 309 in Bowman Creek to US 6. (Wyoming)10.4
PA 31From SR 3089 to US 119. (Westmoreland)3.0
PA 34From US 22/322 to Newport. (Perry)2.0
PA 35From SR 2017 to US 11/15. (Snyder)0.2
PA 38From I-80 (Exit 5) to US 322. (Butler, Clarion & Venango)11.4
PA 39From SR 2016 to I-81 (Exit 27). (Dauphin)6.0
PA 41From DE State Line to US 30. (Chester & Lancaster)22.1
PA 44From Allegheny Street in Jersey Shore to US 220. (Lycoming)0.7
PA 44From Tiadaghton Avenue in Avis to US 220 (Pine Creek Exit). (Clinton)0.1
PA 45From US 322 to the Hanover Cannery. (Centre)7.4
PA 45From SR 3007, Buffalo Street in Mifflinburg to US 15. (Union)8.2
PA 51From SR 3104 to the Fleming Park Bridge and SR 3095. (Allegheny)1.5
PA 54From PA 309 to US 209. (Carbon & Schuylkill)9.0
PA 56From SR 2024 to US 119. (Indiana)12.0
PA 58From PA 208 in Grove City to PA 8. (Butler & Mercer)5.6
PA 58From PA 268 to Main Street in Foxburg. (Armstrong & Clarion)0.3
PA 61From US 222 in Reading to I-81 (Exit 36). (Berks & Schuylkill)36.0
PA 63From PA 9 (Exit 31) to PA 463. (Montgomery)2.1
PA 65From I-79 (Exit 19) to Ferry St. (Allegheny)6.3
PA 66From PA 28 to I-80 (Exit 10). (Clarion)15.0
PA 66From US 119 to US 22. (Westmoreland)7.6
PA 66From I-80 (Exit 8) to US 322. (Clarion)4.0
PA 68From I-79 to US 19. (Butler)1.5
PA 68From I-80 (Exit 9) to US 322. (Clarion)2.5
PA 68From I-79 (Exit 27) to SR 2004. (Butler)16.5
PA 72From US 22 to the Lebanon City Line. (Lebanon)6.0
PA 72From I-76 (Exit 20) to US 322. (Lancaster & Lebanon)1.8
PA 73From PA 663 to PA 100. (Montgomery)3.0
PA 75From US 30 to US 22/322. (Juniata)57.3
PA 87From Proctor & Gamble Paper Products Manufacturing in Mehoopany to US 6. (Wyoming)2.4
PA 88From I-70 (Exit 17) to 1st Street in Charleroi. (Washington)1.0
PA 88McKean Avenue - From 1st Street to 10th Street in Charleroi. NORTHBOUND ONLY. (Washington)1.0
PA 88Fallowfield Avenue - From 10th Street to 1st Street in Charleroi. SOUTHBOUND ONLY. (Washington)1.0
PA 89From PA 8 to I-90 (Exit 11). (Erie)11.5
PA 93From US 11 to I-80 (Exit 38). (Columbia & Luzerne)9.4
PA 97From US 19 in Waterford to PA 8 in Union City. (Erie)7.6
PA 97From PA 194 to US 15. (Adams)7.6
PA 100From SR 2023 to PA 29. (Berks, Chester & Montgomery)45.3
PA 114From US 11 in Hogestown to I-81 (Exit 18). (Cumberland)1.0
PA 114From US 11 to Heinz Street (Heinz Distribution Center). (Cumberland)2.6
PA 115From I-81 (Exit 44) to the Luzerne County Maintenance Office. SOUTHBOUND ONLY. (Luzerne)4.6
PA 115From PA 9 (Exit 36) to the Luzerne County Maintenance Office. (Luzerne)0.1
PA 127From US 62 to SR 3009. (Forest & Warren)0.2
PA 144From US 322 to PA 45. (Centre)3.9
PA 147From US 11 to I-80 (Exit 31). (Northumberland)12.8
PA 171From US 11 to I-81 (Exit 68). (Susquehanna)0.1
PA 173From the Frito-Lay Terminal to PA 58. (Mercer)3.2
PA 181From I-83 (Exit 10) to Sunset Road. (York)4.0
PA 183From SR 3055 to I-78 (Exit 7). (Berks)14.6
PA 191From SR 2025 to SR 1005. (Northampton)0.8
PA 191From I-84 (Exit 5) to the PA/NY State Line. (Wayne)51.5
PA 194From the MD State Line to PA 97. (Adams)3.0
PA 208From I-79 (Exit 31) to PA 58 in Grove City. (Mercer)3.9
PA 230From SR 3032 to Wilson Street in Middletown. (Dauphin)1.2
PA 230From SR 2023 to Zeager Road T-863. (Dauphin & Lancaster)3.4
PA 234From US 15 to Inland Container Corp. (Adams)6.1
PA 238From T-839 to the intersection of PA 23 and T-839. (York)0.2
PA 254From PA 147 to the ABF terminal. (Northumberland)2.4
PA 257From US 322 to US 62. (Venango)4.0
PA 268From PA 58 to PA 38. (Armstrong, Butler & Venango)3.8
PA 272From SR 1050 to SR 1040. (Lancaster)1.6
PA 281From SR 4055 to US 219. (Somerset)1.8
PA 286From US 422 to the Speciality Tires of America terminal. (Indiana)1.5
PA 288From US 19 to Grandview Blvd. (Butler)1.0
PA 307From US 11 to SR 3011. (Lackawanna)0.1
PA 309From PA 152 in Philadelphia to Ridgeview Drive in Allentown. (Bucks, Lehigh & Montgomery)45.5
PA 309From I-80 (Exit 39) to I-81 (Exit 45). (Luzerne)7.5
PA 309From I-81 (Exit 47) to PA 29 in Bowman Creek. (Luzerne & Wyoming).18.2
PA 309From I-81 (Exit 39) to PA 54. (Schuylkill)4.6
PA 309From SR 3026 to I-80 (Exit 39). (Luzerne)5.3
PA 309From PA 663 to the Lehigh County Line. (Bucks)4.3
PA 309 Bus.From I-81 (Exit 45) to PA 309. (Luzerne)1.0
PA 315From SR 2017 to I-81 (Exit 48). (Luzerne)1.6
PA 315From PA 309 (Exit 1) to SR 2020. (Luzerne)1.3
PA 315From PA 29/309 to SR 2017. (Luzerne)3.2
PA 316Wayne Ave.—From Derbyshire Street to I-81 (Exit 5). (Franklin)1.4
PA 321From US 219 to US 6. (Elk & McKean)9.0
PA 363From Sunneytown Pike to Allentown Road. (Montgomery)0.9
PA 366From PA 28 to SR 1001 in Tarentum. (Allegheny)0.6
PA 372From PA 41 to Servistar. (Chester)2.6
PA 402From US 6 to I-84. (Pike)4.7
PA 403From US 22 to PA 56. (Cambria & Indiana)9.8
PA 413From I-95 to US 13. (Bucks)1.2
PA 414From PA 14 to US 220. (Bradford)22.0
PA 441From US 30 to Ann Street in Middletown. (Dauphin & Lancaster)18.4
PA 452From US 13 to I-95 (Exit 2). (Delaware)1.1
PA 463From US 611 to PA 63. (Montgomery)12.9
PA 465From Allen Street in South Middleton Township to US 11. (Cumberland)0.9
PA 488From I-79 (Exit 28) to US 19. (Butler)1.0
PA 492From US 11 to I-81 (Exit 67). (Susquehanna)0.6
PA 512From PA 33 to SR 1005. (Northampton)0.2
PA 562From US 422 Bus. to the Antietam Shopping Center. (Berks)0.2
PA 601From I-76 (Exit 10) to US 219. (Somerset)2.6
PA 611From US 202 to PA 313. (Bucks)2.0
PA 641From SR 2029 to PA 581. (Cumberland)0.3
PA 663From PA 73 to PA 309. (Bucks & Montgomery)15.2
PA 666From US 62 to Industrial Timber & Land. (Forest)1.0
PA 706From Susquehanna County Maintenance Office at Montrose to US 11. (Susquehanna)4.8
PA 718From SR 3004 to SR 3015. (Mercer)0.3
PA 724From Kenhorst Plaza in Reading to I-176 (Exit 3) in Reading. (Berks)2.5
PA 743From SR 2012 to termination at SR 2025. (Dauphin)0.3
PA 743From US 322 to Hershey Chocolate USA. (Dauphin)0.9
PA 743From PA 283 to SR 2011/Truck PA 743. (Dauphin & Lancaster)7.0
PA 832From West 16th Street to PA 20. (Erie)0.7
PA 895From Wright’s Knitwear Corp. in Auburn to PA 61. (Schuylkill)2.9
PA 901From I-81 (Exit 35) to SR 2035. (Northumberland Schuylkill)11.4
PA 910From PA 28 to SR 1001. (Allegheny)1.0
PA 921From PA 181 to Walnut Street. (York)0.5
PA 924From I-81 (Exit 40) to PA 93. (Luzerne)1.0
PA 970From US 322 to I-80 (Exit 20). (Clearfield)1.6
PA 999From PA 441 to Lancaster Container at Mill Street. (Lancaster)0.2
SR 1001Freeport Road—From PA 910 to I-76 (Exit 5).0.6
SR 1001West Seventh Avenue - From PA 366 to terminal.2.5
SR 1008Gulf Lab Road - From PA 910 to Terminal.1.3
SR 3104McKees Rock Bridge - From PA 51 to Helen Street.0.2
Avenue ’B’ - From Ferry St. to Terminal.0.3
Ferry Street—From PA 65 to Avenue ’B’.0.3
Fleming Park Bridge—From PA 51 to Neville Rd.0.2
Graham Street—From Helen Street to Terminal.0.1
Grand Avenue—From I-79 (Exits 17 & 18) to Neville Road.3.0
Helen Street—From SR 3104 to Graham St.0.1
Neville Road—From Grand Ave. to Fleming Park Br.2.9
SR 2009From US 422 to PA 28.0.5
SR 1001Sunnyside Road - From US 220 Bus. to TNT Terminal.0.8
SR 4008Penn Street—From US 220 Bus. to SR 4010.1.7
SR 4010Pitt Street - From US 220 Bus. to US 30.1.7
SR 2039Neversink Road—From US 422 to US 422 Bus.0.6
SR 1001From US 22 to 17th St. in Altoona.5.3
SR 1002From SR 1001 to US 22.1.2
SR 4013Third Avenue—From 8th Street to Frito-Lay.0.1
SR 4016Greenwood Road—From SR 4019 to US 220.0.8
SR 4019Sixth Avenue Road—From SR 4016 to 8th Street.0.1
Eighth Street—From SR 4013 to SR 4019.0.2
SR 2027From US 220 to US 6.1.8
SR 2036Patterson Boulevard—From US 220 to US 6.0.3
SR 2073From US 1 to the American Transfreight terminal.1.5
SR 1011From SR 2004 to SR 1025.1.1
SR 1025From SR 1011 to US 422.0.1
SR 2004From PA 68 to SR1011.2.6
Grandview Blvd.—From PA 288 to the MHF Warehouse.0.1
Fairchild Avenue—From PA 56 to Falcon Street.2.0
Falcon Street—From Fairchild Avenue to Frito-Lay.0.1
SR 1007From Hedrick Street to US 322.0.8
Penn Street—From PA 66 to the H.B. Deviney Company0.8
T-457Fifth Street—From T-438 in South Avis to T-566.0.4
T-438Henry Street—From the warehouse in South Avis to T-457.0.3
T-566Tiadaghton Avenue—From T-457 to PA 44.0.1
Railroad Street—From West Fifth Street to US 11.0.3
South Poplar Street—From Susquehanna Ave. to US 11 in Berwick.0.3
Susquehanna Avenue—From South Poplar Street to Coughlin St. in Berwick.0.7
West Fifth Street—From West Sixth Street to Railroad Street.0.3
West Sixth Street—From Magee Carpet to West Fifth Street.0.2
T-510Airport Road—From US 6/322 to terminal.0.3
SR 1010Carlisle Pike—From PA 581 to SR 2029.1.0
SR 2014Simpson Ferry Road—From SR 2029 to US 15.0.6
SR 2029St. John’s Church Road—From SR 2027 to SR1010.1.8
Brackbill Blvd.—From Silver Spring Road to Dauphin Distribution.0.6
Hempt Road—From Silver Springs Industrial Park to US 11.1.3
Industrial Road—From SR 2029 to Terminal St.1.0
Silver Spring Road—From US 11 to Brackbill Blvd.1.5
Terminal Street—From street terminus to Industrial Road.0.2
SR 2011/Truck PA 743From PA 743 to US 322.0.6
SR 2023From PA 283 to PA 230.0.4
SR 2025From PA 743 at US 22 to T-525.0.3
T-525From SR 2025 to I-81 (Exit 28).0.4
Ann Street—From Grant Street to PA 441.0.4
Grant Street—From Wilson Street to Ann Street.0.1
Wilson Street—From PA 230 to Grant Street.0.1
SR 3007Concord Road—From Bethel Road to McDonald Drive.0.8
SR 3010Bethel Road—From I-95 to SR 3007.0.7
McDonald Drive—From Frito-Lay Distribution Center to SR 3007.0.3
T-751West Sixteenth Street—From PA 832 to Hilborn St.0.1
T-826Hilborn Street—From West 16th St. to terminal.0.1
Shady Avenue—From US 6 to Foamex Products in Corry.0.8
SR 1037Pittsburgh Street—From McCormick Ave. in South Connellsville to US 119.2.6
T-541Oliver Road—From PA 51 to T-694.0.1
T-694D & M Road—From terminal to T-541.0.1
McCormick Avenue—From terminal to SR 1037 in South Connellsville.0.1
Derbyshire Street—From US 11 to PA 316.0.2
SR 2024From US 22 to US 22.2.5
SR 3011From PA 307 to Stauffer Industrial Park Road.2.8
SR 4026From PA 307 to US 6.1.1
Stauffer Industrial Park Road—From SR 3011 to SR 3012.1.5
SR 1040From PA 272 to US 222.0.4
SR 1051From 4th Street to PA 272.1.6
4th Street—From Washington Street to SR 1051.0.2
Washington Street—From Quinlan Pretzel to 4th Street.0.2
PA 729th & 10th Streets—From Lebanon City Line to Lehman Street.0.6
8th Street—From Lehman Street to Hershey Pasta at Guilford Street.0.2
Lehman Street—From PA 72 (9th & 10th Streets) to 8th Street.0.2
Crackersport Road—From Jamison Plastic Corp. to Hausman Rd.0.4
Hausman Road—From Crackersport Rd. to Ridgeview Drive.0.4
Ridgeview Drive—From Hausman Rd. to PA 309.0.1
SR 2005Blackman Street—From I-81 (Exit 45) to New Frederick Street.0.6
SR 2010From Hanover Street to entrance ramp "P" for PA 29 southbound.0.2
SR 2017Yatesville Road—From Valley Distribution and Storage Co. to PA 315.0.5
SR 2020From PA 315 to Tamarac Road.0.2
SR 3026From PA 93 to PA 309.2.4
Crestwood Industrial Park Drive—From PA 309 to various terminals.1.0
Hanover Street—From PA 29 (Exit 1) to Sears Distribution Center.1.5
Tamarac Road—From SR 2020 to MS Carriers Terminal.0.1
SR 0015From Roosevelt Avenue to US 15.2.9
SR 2016From US 15 to Roosevelt Avenue.0.1
SR 2070 Via BellaFrom Hepburn Street to Basin Street.0.8
SR 3003Main Street—From Porter Twp. Line to Allegheny Street in Jersey Shore.0.5
SR 3028Allegheny Street—From Tomb Jersey Shore east to PA 44.0.3
T-312Pioneer Drive—From T-317 to T-356.0.5
T-313Samuel Drive—From Tiadaghton Warehouse to T-317.0.1
T-317Tiadaghton Drive—From T-312 to the Jersey Shore Borough Line.0.7
T-356Oliver Street—From Woolrich Inc’s. Terminal to T-312.0.2
Reach Road—From US 220 to Arch Street in Williamsport.0.8
Tomb Avenue—From SR 3028 to Washington Avenue in Jersey Shore.0.2
Washington Avenue—From Wylie Street to Tomb Avenue in Jersey Shore.0.2
West Reach Road—From US 220 to the end in Williamsport.1.2
Wylie Street—From Washington Avenue to Packaging Specialties Unlimited in Jersey Shore.0.1
T-301Spring Street—From terminal to PA 321.0.4
SR 3004From PA 60 to PA 718.1.9
SR 3015From PA 718 to Church Street.1.4
Church Street—From SR 3015 to Steel Trucking terminal.0.1
SR 2004Green Street—From Kishacoquillas Street to terminal.6.0
T-772Industrial Drive—From Mifflin County Industrial Park to US 22/522.0.8
Kishacoquillas Street—From US 22/522 to SR 2004.0.1
SR 1001Allentown Road—From PA 363 to Lehigh Valley Dairy.0.6
SR 2027Pennsylvania Avenue—From I-276 (Exit 26) to Commerce Drive.0.2
SR 3023Flint Hill Road—From Herzog Blvd. to Church Road.0.3
SR 3029Henderson Road—From Church Road to US 202.0.7
T-218From T-474 to PA 29.1.1
T-233From PA 663 to T-474.0.6
T-401Privet Road—From U.S. Can Company to PA 463.0.3
T-474From T-233 to T-218.0.7
T-801Church Road—From SR 3029 to Flint Hill Road.1.2
Commerce Drive—From State Road to Frito-Lay Mini Warehouse.0.5
Commerce Drive—From Delaware Drive to Pennsylvania Avenue.0.7
Delaware Drive—From Commerce Drive to Johanna Dairy.0.4
Herzog Boulevard—From Frito-Lay to Flint Hill Road.0.2
Sunneytown Pike—From PA 63 to PA 363.1.6
SR 3009From PA 54 to PennDOT Stockpile.0.2
SR 1002Uhler Road—From Tatamy Road to SR 2025.1.0
SR 1005 & SR 2025Sullivans Trail—From SR 1002 to PA 512.7.2
SR 2017Tatamy Road—From Danforth Drive to SR 1002.0.5
Danforth Drive—From terminal in Palmer Twp. to SR 2017.0.5
SR 2035From PA 901 to SR 2038.0.3
SR 2038From SR 2035 to Mt Carmel Borough Line.1.6
SR 3004From Passyunk Avenue to Greenway Avenue.1.3
SR 3013From Woodland Avenue to Enterprise Avenue.1.7
66th Street—From Woodland Avenue to Upland Avenue.0.2
Enterprise Avenue—From Island Avenue to I-95.1.7
Greenway Avenue—From SR 3004 to 66th Street.0.2
Passyunk Avenue—From I-76 to 63rd Street.1.3
Upland Steet—From 66th Street to Wise Foods/ Borden Inc.0.1
Woodland Avenue—From 66th Street to Island Avenue.0.7
T-690Manheim Road—From PA 61 to Lehigh Valley Dairy.0.1
SR 2017Market Street—From PA 35 to Sand Hill Road.0.3
Sand Hill Road—From Snyder County Maintenance Office to SR 2017 in Selinsgrove.0.2
SR 4055From I-76 (Exit 10) to PA 281.0.6
SR 0015Business 15—From US 15; south of Mansfield to to US 15; north of Mansfield.3.6
SR 1008From US 15 to SR 1011.0.3
SR 1010From US 15 at White Deer to SR 1011.0.1
SR 1011From US 15 at West Milton to US 15 at White Deer.4.5
SR 3007Buffalo Street—From PA 45 to Walnut Street in Mifflinburg.0.1
Walnut Street—From Second Street to SR 3007 in Mifflinburg.0.2
West First Street—From US 62 to the Continental Can Company Terminal.1.3
SR 3009From PA 127 to Shannon Lumber.1.4
Eighth Street—From PA 88 (Southbound) to terminal in Charleroi.0.1
First Street—From PA 88 (Southbound) to PA 88 in Charleroi.0.1
Tenth Street—From PA 88 (Southbound) to terminal in Charleroi.0.1
Erie Street—From SJ Bailey & Sons to PA 191.0.3
SR 3089Old US 119—From PA 31 to terminal in Hunker.2.2
SR 0092From US 6 to Campo’s Express terminal.0.5
SR 4005From US 30 to the intersection of PA 238 & T-839.2.3
Devco Drive—From Air Products Terminal to Sunset Road.0.1
Sunset Road—From PA 181 to Devco Drive.0.1
Walnut Street—From PA 921 to Georgia Pacific.0.1


    Routes available for 102-inch wide single trailer, and two trailer combinations. Maximum trailer length for single trailer combinations is 48 feet. Maximum trailer length for trailers in two trailer combinations is 28 1/2 feet each. Access approval is necessary to leave these approved routes.

US 1 Bus.From US 1 to Oxford Valley Road. (Bucks)4.9
US 6From SR 2037 to PA 198. (Crawford)2.8
US 6From PA 9 to US 11. (Lackawanna)2.4
US 6NFrom I-79 (Exit 38) to US 6/19. (Erie)9.9
US 11From the MD State Line to PA 163. (Frankin)0.1
US 11From PA 581 to 21st Street in Camp Hill. (Cumberland)1.8
US 11From PA 147 (King & Water Sts.) in Northumberland to PA 54 in Danville. (Montour & Northumberland)11.3
US 11From Main Street in Moosic to I-81 (Exit 50). (Lackawanna)0.3
US 11From PA 9 to US 6. (Lackawanna)2.4
US 13From PA 132 to PA 413. (Bucks)3.4
US 19From PA 121 to SR 3038 (Conner Rd.). (Allegheny)2.4
US 19From Highland Avenue to Rochester Road. (Allegheny)0.3
US 19From I-80 (Exit 2) to G.T.I. Corp. (Mercer)12.8
US 19From SR 2037 to PA 198. (Crawford)2.8
US 19From US 6N to PA 99. (Erie)3.0
US 30From Crown Road to I-76 (Exit 7). (Westmoreland)4.5
US 30From SR 4019 to Crown Road (EASTBOUND ONLY). (Westmoreland)0.5
US 30From Crown Road to the Allegheny/Westmoreland County Line. (Westmoreland)1.7
US 30From Greensburg By-pass to the I-76 interchange. (Westmoreland)6.0
US 30From SR 4006, Agnew Road to SR 4002. (Westmoreland)1.2
US 30From SR 3030 to PA 217. (Westmoreland)10.0
US 30From 7th Street in Chambersburg to I-81 (Exit 6). (Franklin)0.1
US 30From US 15 to the terminal. (Adams)0.3
US 30From Beverage Transportation Inc. to PA 462. (York)4.8
US 30From PA 462 in Lancaster to Delinger Terminal. (Lancaster)6.6
US 30From US 1 to 59th Street. (Philadelphia)0.9
US 30 Bus.From PA 113 to US 30. (Chester)1.2
US 40From I-79 to US 119. (Fayette & Washington)32.6
US 40From the MD State Line to US 119. (Fayette & Somerset)41.7
US 62From the OH State Line to PA 18. (Mercer)4.2
US 62From New Process Plant in Irvine to the NY State Line. (Warren)17.6
US 119From US 22 to US 219 in DuBois. (Clearfield, Indiana & Jefferson)58.1
US 202From SR 3029 to PA 611. (Bucks & Montgomery)21.0
US 202From PA 313 to the NJ State Line. (Bucks)13.0
US 209From PA 147 in Millersburg to I-81 (Exit 33). (Dauphin & Schuylkill)29.4
US 209From PA 443 to PA 9 (Exit 34). (Carbon)2.1
US 209From PA 115 to PA 33. (Monroe)9.2
US 209 Bus.From SR 3023 to T-414 (Beaver Valley Rd.). (Monroe)0.9
US 219From the MD State Line to SR 3041. (Somerset)29.0
US 219From US 22 to PA 255 in DuBois. (Cambria & Clearfield)29.0
US 220From the MD State Line to US 30. (Bedford)25.0
US 222From SR 2026 in Reading to I-78 (Exit 16). (Berks & Lehigh)27.7
US 224From the OH State Line to PA 60. (Lawrence)7.5
US 322Horseshoe Pike - From US 30 to the Glenmoore Transportation Terminal. (Chester)6.5
US 322From PA 879 to US 220. (Centre & Clearfield)27.7
US 322From US 1 to I-95. (Delaware)7.0
US 322 Bus.From Oak Hall to PA 45. (Centre)0.7
US 422From PA 66 to US 219. (Armstrong, Cambria, & Indiana)54.0
US 422From I-176 (Exit 4) to Stowe. (Berks)14.0
US 522From I-76 (Exit 13) to US 22. (Fulton & Huntingdon).27.0
US 522From US 322 to SR 2001. (Mifflin)4.3
PA 5From PA 832 to I-79 (Exit 44). (Erie)2.1
PA 8From Armco Plant to US 422. (Butler)4.5
PA 10From PA 896 to US 30 in Parkesburg. (Chester)11.0
PA 10From I-76 (Exit 22) to Orrton Avenue in Reading. (Berks)13.3
PA 10From PA 372 to the Berks/Lancaster County Line. (Chester & Lancaster)15.7
PA 14From PA 414 to the NY State Line. (Bradford)27.6
PA 16From I-81 to the PA/MD State Line. (Adams & Franklin)21.8
PA 18From I-70 (Exit 6) to SR 4020 (Oak Grove Rd.). (Washington)2.1
PA 18From SR 4008 (Langeloth Rd.) to US 22. (Washington)4.7
PA 18From PA 168 to PA 60. (Beaver)6.2
PA 18From PA 551 to PA 288 in Wampum. (Beaver & Lawrence).6.5
PA 18From I-80 (Exit 1) to SR 3004 (Victor Posner Blvd.). (Mercer)0.5
PA 18From US 62 to T-472 (Crestview Dr.). (Mercer)9.9
PA 23From US 30 to PA 113. (Berks, Chester & Lancaster)40.0
PA 23From US 422 to US 202. (Montgomery)5.1
PA 26From Spearing Street in Howard to PA 150. (Centre)0.9
PA 26From US 30 at Everett to PA 913 in Saxton. (Bedford)19.2
PA 27From PA 36 to US 6 in Pittsfield. (Venango & Warren)21.7
PA 28From Hawthorn to US 219 in Brockway. (Clarion & Jefferson)31.8
PA 29From US 11 in Nanticoke to the Calex Terminal. (Luzerne)7.9
PA 30From PA 31 to US 220. (Bedford)3.6
PA 31From I-70 (Exit 24) to US 119. (Westmoreland)5.1
PA 31From PA 601 to US 30. (Bedford & Somerset)34.2
PA 31From SR 4007 to PA State Police Barracks. (Somerset)2.5
PA 34From Westinghouse, north of Gettysburg, to SR 1020 in Idaville. (Adams)12.5
PA 35From terminal to US 22. (Juniata)7.8
PA 36From PA 26 at Yellow Creek to US 220. (Bedford & Blair)18.5
PA 36From Cloe to US 119. (Jefferson)1.5
PA 36From US 119 to PA 27. (Clarion, Forest, Jefferson & Venango)66.4
PA 43From SR 3029 to US 40/US 119. (Fayette)3.9
PA 44From PA 405 in Dewart to US 15 in Allenwood. (Northumberland & Union)1.0
PA 45From US 322 Bus. to US 322. (Centre)0.4
PA 46From US 6 in Smethport to Quaker State Oil Refinery. (McKean)4.0
PA 48From PA 148 to PA 130. (Allegheny)7.5
PA 49From PA 349 in Westfield to US 15 in Lawrenceville. (Tioga)23.4
PA 49From US 6 to the Ulysses Woodcraft Mill. (Potter)17.3
PA 50From SR 3058 to Hope Hollow Road. (Allegheny)1.0
PA 51From the OH State Line to PA 60. (Beaver)9.4
PA 51From PA 837 to SR 2040. (Allegheny)12.1
PA 51Elizabeth Exit - From PA 51 to SR 2015 in Elizabeth. (Allegheny)0.1
PA 53From US 322; south on Front Street to Presqueisle Street; east on Presqueisle Street to US 322. EASTBOUND ONLY. (Centre)0.4
PA 54From US 15 to Brouse Road near Montgomery. (Lycoming)2.8
PA 54From US 11 in Danville to PA 61 at Strong. (Montour & Northumberland)17.1
PA 56From PA 356 to SR 4093. (Westmoreland)0.4
PA 56From US 219 to US 220. (Bedford, Cambria, Somerset)25.4
PA 61From PA 487 to US 11/15. (Northumberland)12.2
PA 61From PA 54 to K-Mart; just north of PA 901. (Northumberland)4.8
PA 63From PA 9 (Exit 31) to PA 29. (Montgomery)8.7
PA 63From SR 2050 (Pine Rd.) to PA 463. (Montgomery)17.6
PA 65From PA 288 in Frisco to US 422. (Beaver & Lawrence)10.8
PA 66From US 22 to PA 366. (Westmoreland)6.8
PA 66From SR 2065 in Leechburg to US 422. (Armstrong)15.0
PA 66From US 322 to US 6. (Clarion, Elk, Forest & McKean)50.0
PA 68From SR 4043 (10th St.) in Midland to PA 18 at Rochester. (Beaver)10.4
PA 68From the OH State Line to SR 4043 (10th Street) in Midland. (Beaver)5.0
PA 68From US 19 to the ABF Terminal at 647 Evans City Road. (Butler)13.0
PA 68From PA 268 to I-80 (Exit 9). (Armstrong, Butler & Clarion)24.0
PA 72From I-76 (Exit 20) to I-80 (Exit 30). (Lancaster & Lebanon)31.0
PA 72From Prince St. to Loop Rd. in Lancaster. (Lancaster)0.6
PA 73From PA 100 to the Phila. City Line. (Montgomery)34.0
PA 73From PA 61 to PA 662. (Berks)10.6
PA 74From the MD State Line to SR 2045. (York)2.4
PA 85From SR 1042 in Yatesboro to US 119. (Armstrong & Indiana)23.9
PA 92From US 11 in W. Pittston to the Straight and Narrow Terminal in Harding. (Luzerne)6.1
PA 92From Campo Express Terminal to US 6. (Wyoming)0.5
PA 94From Elm Street in Hanover to US 15. (Adams & York)14.5
PA 97From US 15 to the MD State Line. (Adams)10.0
PA 99From SR 4010 to US 19. (Erie)1.9
PA 100From T-568 (Snowdrift Rd.) to SR 1002. (Lehigh)1.4
PA 110From SR 4005 to US 119. (Indiana)1.0
PA 113From US 30 Bus. to PA 23. (Chester)12.8
PA 114From I-83 (Exit 18) to Old York Road. (York)0.8
PA 115From US 209 to I-80 (Exit 43). (Monroe)15.5
PA 118From PA 487 to PA 415. (Columbia & Luzerene)18.7
PA 120From US 219 at Ridgway to PA 155 in Emporium. (Cameron & Elk)31.3
PA 120From PA 144 in Renovo to US 220. (Clinton)28.6
PA 121From SR 3052 to US 19. (Allegheny)0.8
PA 121Poplar Street—From SR 3062 to I-279 (Exit 3). (Allegheny)0.2
PA 128From 17th Street in Ford City to PA 66. (Armstrong)0.1
PA 130From PA 48 to terminal. (Allegheny)1.5
PA 136From T-640 (Woodward Drive) to US 30. (Westmoreland)1.0
PA 144From PA Avenue in S. Renovo to PA 120 in Renovo. (Clinton)0.3
PA 147Front Street - From Gerringer Street to PA 61. (Northumberland)0.1
PA 147Second Street—From Weis Markets in Sunbury to to PA 61. (Northumberland)0.3
PA 147From PA 61 (Veterans Memorial Br.) in Sunbury to US 11 in Northumberland. (Northumberland)3.0
PA 147From US 322 to US 209. (Dauphin)13.3
PA 150From SR 1005 to US 220. (Clinton)3.2
PA 150From I-80 (Exit 23) to SR 2015 in Mill Hall. (Centre & Clinton)19.8
PA 151From PA 60 to the AAA Trucking Terminal. (Beaver)2.0
PA 152From Emlen Way to SR 4013 in Sellerville. (Bucks & Montgomery)25.4
PA 153From I-80 (Exit 18) to PA 255 in Penfield. (Clearfield)7.9
PA 155From PA 120 to PA 446. (Cameron, McKean, & Potter)29.3
PA 157From US 62 to PA 208. (Clarion & Venango)13.6
PA 163From US 11 to I-81 (Exit 1). (Franklin)0.6
PA 164From US 220 to PA 36 in Leamersville. (Blair)0.3
PA 168From the Shippingport Plant to PA 18. (Beaver)2.9
PA 168From PA 51 to PA 551. (Beaver)0.7
PA 183From US 222 to T-560 (Van Reed Rd.) in Reading. (Berks)2.6
PA 192From Playworld to US 15 in Lewisburg. (Union)1.7
PA 198From US 6/19 to the Lord Corp. Plant in Saegertown. (Crawford)0.2
PA 208From PA 338 to PA 36. (Clarion)16.9
PA 210From US 422 to PA 85. (Armstrong & Indiana)7.6
PA 217From US 30 to SR 2002. (Indiana & Westmoreland)10.3
PA 227From PA 8 in Rouseville to PA 27 in Pleasantville. (Venango)14.0
PA 228From the CDL site to PA 356. (Butler)8.5
PA 228From US 19 to the Roadway Express Terminal. (Butler)5.5
PA 230From Gibson Blvd. to I-81 (Exit 23). (Dauphin)3.8
PA 230From White House Lane to Decauller. (Dauphin)7.0
PA 232From Blake Avenue to PA 413. (Bucks & Montgomery)15.9
PA 234From PA 34 to PA 462 in York. (Adams & York)25.0
PA 238From I-83 (Exit 11) to Board Road. (York)0.2
PA 249From Arbor Entech Corp. to PA 287. (Tioga)7.7
PA 255From US 219 in DuBois to US 219 in Johnsonburg. (Clearfield & Elk)39.4
PA 263From PA 611 to US 202. (Bucks & Montgomery)14.0
PA 268From US 422 to Petroia. (Armstrong & Butler)20.0
PA 281From PA 523 to SR 4055. (Somerset)24.2
PA 286From US 22 to Pine Valley Drive. (Allegheny)2.3
PA 286From junction with PA 954 to US 119. (Indiana)1.6
PA 286From SR 4032 to McCreary Drive. (Indiana)1.0
PA 286From US 422 to Trader Horn Plaza. (Indiana)0.5
PA 286From US 119 to US 219. (Clearfield & Indiana)26.2
PA 287From US 220 to Transcontinental Pipeline. (Lycoming)2.8
PA 287From US 6 to US 15. (Tioga)15.9
PA 288From PA 65 to PA 65 (Mercer Road). (Beaver)0.6
PA 291From the Delaware County Line to SR 3013 (Island Road). (Philadelphia)1.5
PA 291From Penn Street to Stewart Avenue. (Delaware)3.2
PA 309 Bus.From I-81 (Exit 45) to Coal Street Ext. (Luzerne)2.2
PA 310From US 119 to Harmony. (Jefferson)1.3
PA 313From PA 263 to PA 309. (Bucks)18.0
PA 315From I-81 (Exit 47) to SR 2017. (Luzerne)2.9
PA 315From I-81 (Exit 48) to Main Street in DuPont. (Luzerne)1.5
PA 316From Derbyshire Street to I-81 (Exit 5). (Franklin)1.4
PA 333From SR 3002 to US 22/322. (Juniata)0.2
PA 338From I-80 (Exit 7) to US 322. (Clarion)8.1
PA 340From US 30 to the C.B. Hoover & Son Terminal. (Lancaster)7.1
PA 341From PA 230 to PA 283. (Dauphin)0.6
PA 347From I-81 (Exit 55) to Keystone Industrial Park Drive. (Lackawanna)0.5
PA 347North Blakely Street—From SR 2020 to I-81 (Exit 55). (Lackawanna)0.8
PA 349From US 6 in Gaines to PA 49 in Westfield. (Tioga)13.4
PA 350From US 322 to US 220. (Blair & Clearfield)13.9
PA 356From PA 56 to SR 2010. (Butler & Westmoreland)19.8
PA 363From US 422 to PA 63. (Montgomery)12.0
PA 363Trooper Road—From Ridge Pike to Industry Lane. (Montgomery)1.1
PA 366From Linder Avenue in New Kensington to PA 66. (Westmoreland)10.7
PA 372From Valley Avenue to the American Hardware Terminal. (Chester)3.6
PA 403From PA 286 to SR 1012 (Laing Ave.). (Indiana)3.2
PA 403From SR 1012 (Laing Ave.) to US 119. VALID 6/1 TO 11/30 ONLY. (Indiana)5.1
PA 405From SR 1031 (Housel Run Rd.) to PA 44 in Dewart. (Northumberland)8.7
PA 405From Brouse Road in Montgomery to PA 442 and SR 2044. (Lycoming)6.0
PA 413From US 1 to US 1 Bus.. (Bucks)0.6
PA 413From US 13 to the Rohm and Haas Corp. (Bucks)0.2
PA 413From the Newtown Bypass to PA 611. (Bucks)16.0
PA 414From AI’s Leasing to PA 14. (Bradford)0.2
PA 415From PA 309 to PA 118. (Luzerne)2.2
PA 419From T-721 (Old US 22) to I-78 (Exit 6). WESTBOUND ONLY. (Berks)0.5
PA 436From Monther Street to PA 36 in Punxsutawney. (Jefferson)0.5
PA 443From PA 902 to US 209. (Carbon)1.0
PA 446From PA 155 to the NY State Line. (McKean)8.0
PA 452Pennel Rd. - From Concord Rd. to US 1. (Delaware)3.2
PA 462From US 30 to PA 234. (York)1.5
PA 462From I-83 (Exit 8) to North Hills. SOUTHBOUND ONLY. (York)0.1
PA 478From I-80 (Exit 6) to PA 38. (Clarion & Venango)0.2
PA 487From PA 61 to PA 54 in Elysburg. (Northumberland)2.3
PA 487From the Benton Foundry to PA 118. (Columbia)2.6
PA 501From T-721 (Old US 22) to I-78 (Exit 3). (Berks)0.2
PA 501From US 30 to Airport Road. (Lancaster)3.3
PA 501From US 30 to SR 4040. (Lancaster)6.5
PA 512From US 22 to PA 33. (Northampton)15.8
PA 523From Addison to PA 281. (Somerset)5.1
PA 528From US 19 to I-79 (Exit 26). (Butler)0.3
PA 536From PA 28 to PA 36. (Armstrong & Jefferson)17.0
PA 551From PA 168 to PA 18. (Beaver)5.1
PA 562From PA 662 to the terminal. (Berks)5.6
PA 563From PA 309 to PA 313. (Bucks)5.9
PA 601From PA 31 to I-76 (Exit 10). (Somerset)1.0
PA 611From PA 309 to County Line Road. (Montgomery)11.1
PA 611From the CDL Site to I-80 (Exit 46). (Monroe)1.0
PA 641From SR 2029 to Railroad Avenue. (Cumberland)1.4
PA 642From PA 405 in Milton to Ferry Lane. (Northumberland)0.3
PA 645From Wolber Road to I-78 (Exit 2). (Berks & Lebanon)3.3
PA 660From SR 3020 in Wellsboro to US 6. (Tioga)0.7
PA 662From PA 562 to PA 73. (Berks)4.5
PA 696From I-81 (Exit 8) to PA 997. (Franklin)0.1
PA 724From PA 422 to PA 23. (Chester)7.7
PA 7646th Ave.—From US 22 to US 220 in Altoona. (Blair)6.8
PA 819From SR 3036 (Pittsburgh St.) to US 119 in Scottdale. (Westmoreland)2.6
PA 832From West 17th Street to PA 5. (Erie)0.6
PA 839From PA 85 to SR 1023. (Armstrong)6.5
PA 857From the WV State Line to US 119. (Fayette)10.1
PA 872From the Buckler Transport Terminal to US 6. (Potter)7.8
PA 879From PA 970 to SR 1011. (Clearfield)15.6
PA 879From US 219 to I-80 (Exit 19). (Clearfield)14.1
PA 899From PA 36 to PA 66. (Forest & Jefferson)10.7
PA 901From SR 2035 to PA 61. (Northumberland)4.7
PA 902From PA 443 to the Carbon County Stockpile. (Carbon)3.2
PA 913From PA 26 to Saxon. (Bedford)2.1
PA 934From US 22 to I-81 (Exit 29). (Lebanon)0.7
PA 940From I-380 (Exit 8) to T-2401 (Industrial Park Drive). (Monroe)1.8
PA 948From US 219 to Gillis Avenue in Ridgeway. (Elk)0.5
PA 954From PA 56 to the junction with PA 286 at Sixth Street. (Indiana)6.3
PA 970From I-80 (Exit 20) to PA 879. (Clearfield)3.7
PA 987From US 22 to SR 1004 in Bethlehem. (Lehigh)1.5
PA 997From PA 696 to T-605. (Franklin)3.0
SR 1020From PA 34 in Idaville to Knouse Foods in Peach Glen.1.5
SR 2007From PA 16 to the D.L. George & Sons terminal.1.0
SR 4003From PA 34 to Motts USA.1.0
Bletner Avenue—From Shultz Food Terminal to PA 194.0.5
East Lakeview Drive—From PA 97 to Keystone St.0.5
Keystone Street—From East Lakeview Drive to Lumber Street.0.5
Lumber Street—From the terminal to Keystone Street.0.3
SR 1001Freeport Road—From I-76 (Exit 5) to SR 2082.1.5
SR 2015Third Avenue—From PA 51 to Marrallini Market in Elizabeth.0.3
SR 2040Curry Hollow Road—From SR 2040 (Broughton Rd.) to PA 51.1.5
SR 2040Curry Hollow Road—From PA 51 to Manor House.0.5
SR 2040Broughton Road—From SR 3009 to SR 2040.1.7
SR 2058Park Street—From Swissvale Avenue to Montier Street.0.1
SR 2058Robinson Boulevard—From SR 2058 (Montier St.) to Douglass Drive.0.6
SR 2058Swissvale Avenue - From PA 8 to Park Street.0.3
SR 2075Logans Ferry Road—From SR 2082 to PA 366.0.8
SR 2082Coxcomb Hill Road—From SR 2082 to SR 2075.3.5
SR 2082Hulton Bridge & Hulton Road—From SR 1001 to Eastern Avenue.2.7
SR 2082Hulton Road—From SR 1001 to SR 2082.1.8
SR 2128Tenth Street Bypass—From Fort Pitt Bridge to 11th Street.0.7
SR 3009Baptist Road—From PA 88 to SR 2040 (Broughton Rd.).0.6
SR 3009South Park Road—From PA 88 to Industrial Blvd.0.9
SR 3038Connor Road—From US 19 to PA 88.1.2
SR 3052Greentree Road—From Hope Hollow Road to PA 121.0.5
SR 3058Lydia Street—From I-279 (Exit 3) to PA 50.0.5
SR 3062Mansfield Avenue—From Trumbull Drive to PA 121.0.5
SR 3089Flaugherty Run Road—From PA 60 to the terminal.2.5
SR 3097Academy Road—From PA 50 to I-279 (Exit 3).0.4
SR 4009Evergreen Road—From PA 28 to SR 4011.1.3
SR 4011Babcock Road—From SR 4009 to Church Road.1.2
SR 4012Highland Road—From Union Avenue to US 19.0.7
SR 4012Rochester Road—From US 19 to SR 4011.1.3
SR 4012Union Avenue—From the terminal to Highland Road.1.4
Babcock Boulevard—From SR 4012 to Church Road.1.8
Eastern Avenue—From Hulton Road to the terminal.0.3
Eleventh Street—From SR 2128 to Smallman Street.0.2
Neville Road—From Grand Avenue to the Smith Transfer Corporation Terminal.0.1
Northway Mall Drive—From US 19 TRUCK to the Value City Store.0.1
Pine Valley Drive—From PA 286 to the terminal at 780-B Pine Valley Drive.0.2
Smallman Street—From 11th Street to 29th Street.1.3
Trumbull Drive—From the terminal to SR 3062.0.8
Twenty Ninth Street—From Smallman Street to Liberty Avenue.0.2
SR 1023From PA 839 to the Pittsburgh Perllert Company Terminal in Dayton.0.4
SR 2062From T-301 to PA 66.3.7
SR 2065From the Westmoreland County Line to PA 66 in Leechburg.0.1
T-301From SR 2062 to the Main Gate in Schenley.0.1
McKean Street—From Walnut Street to Mulberry Street in Kittanning.0.1
Mulberry Street—From McKean Street to the terminal in Kittanning.0.1
Seventeenth Street—From Third Avenue in Ford City to PA 128.0.1
Third Avenue—From the Eljens Plumbingware Plant in Ford City to 17th Street.0.2
Walnut Street—From Water Street to McKean Street in Kittanning.0.2
Water Street—From US 422 to Walnut Street in Kittanning.0.5
SR 4018Market Street—From PA 68 to 4th Street.0.1
SR 4043Tenth Street—From Reinsfelder’s Terminal to PA 68 in Midland.0.1
SR 4051Buffalo Street—From PA 68 to 4th Street Ext.0.2
Channelton Road—From PA 51 to Greif Brothers Industrial Park.1.3
Fair Avenue—From 4th Street to the terminal.0.1
Fourth Street—From SR 4018 to Fair Avenue.0.1
Fourth Street Extension—From Buffalo Street to Georgetown Lane.0.2
Georgetown Lane—From 4th Street Ext. to the terminal.0.2
Mecklam Lane—From PA 65 to the Cycle II Corp..0.2
T-405Pheasant Road—From Penske Trucking to PA 10.0.1
T-521Stinson Drive—From T-938 to the ABF Terminal.0.3
T-545Water Street—From the Berks County Maintenance Office to US 222.0.1
T-560Van Reed Road—From PA 183 to T-938.0.6
T-938Leisz’s Bridge Road—From T-560 to T-521.0.1
Orrton Avenue—From International Foundry Supply in Reading to PA 10.0.2
SR 4003Logan Boulevard—From Beale Avenue to PA 764 in Altoona.0.6
SR 4016Greenwood Road—From East 6th Avenue to 2nd Avenue at the Ward Trucking Corporation Terminal.0.2
Beale Avenue—From Bell of PA in Altoona to Logan Blvd.0.4
Broad Avenue—From Manganet Avenue to 24th Street in Altoona.0.5
Cayuga Avenue—From Hall’s Motor Terminal to US 220.0.1
East Sixth Avenue—From PA 764 in Altoona to SR 4016.0.9
Logan Boulevard & Beale Avenue—From PA 764 to Broad Avenue in Altoona.1.7
Manganet Avenue—From 17th Street to Board Avenue in Altoona.0.2
Second Avenue—From Greenwood Road to the Ward Trucking Company Terminal.0.2
Union Avenue—From Beale Avenue to Manganet Avenue in Altoona.0.1
SR 1041From US 6 to Hawes Street.0.3
SR 2032Masonite Road - From both ends of SR 2034 to US 6.0.9
SR 2034From SR 2032 to SR 2032.1.1
T-568Dunn Road—From Load Cell Central to T-569.0.1
T-569From T-568 to US 220.0.1
Hawes Street—From G.T.E. Sylvania in Towanda to SR 1041.0.4
SR 1009Bustleton Avenue—From SR 2009 to Cottman Avenue.0.7
SR 1010Stump Road—From PA 611 to T-404.0.8
SR 2009Harbison Avenue—From Torresdale Avenue to US 1.1.7
SR 2020From US 1 to SR 2073.5.9
SR 2029Oxford Valley Road—From US 1 BUS. to US 1.1.7
SR 2038County Line Road—From PA 263 to PA 309.10.0
SR 2079Edison Furlouy Road—From PA 611 to PA 263.2.6
SR 4033Lawn Avenue—From PA 563 to PA 309.0.2
SR 8055Rockhill Road—From Old Trevose Road to US 1 BUS..0.4
T-404Potters Road—From SR 1010 to Plumsteadville Industrial Park.0.4
Airport Road—From Wright’s Lane to Ward Avenue.0.2
Clymer Avenue—From PA 152 to Diamond Street.0.2
Emlen Way—From PA 152 to the Cul-de-sac.0.2
Forth Street—From PA 313 to W R Grace Co.0.3
Harbison Avenue—From US 1 to SR 1009.0.2
Keystone Drive—From PA 152 to the terminal.0.3
New Street—From the CDL test site to Old Trevose Road.0.1
Old Trevose Road—From New Street to US 1.0.8
Tyburn Road—From US 1 to US 13.1.5
SR 3025From US 19 to I-79 (Exit 27).0.8
SR 3016Scalp Avenue—From US 219 to Schmidt Baking Co.0.7
T-319From US 219 to Industrial Park Road.0.4
Airport Interchange—From T-319 to US 219.0.2
Galleria Drive—From US 219 to Industrial Park Drive.1.1
Industrial Park Drive—From PA 756 to Pepsi Cola Bottling Works.0.7
Industrial Park Drive—From Galleria Drive to PA 756 and Richland Industrial Park.2.0
Triumph Street—From US 219 to Bell of PA in Edensburg.0.1
Barton Street—From Plant #2 Driveway to Broad Street in Emporium.0.2
Broad Street—From Barton Street to PA 120 in Emporium.0.6
SR 3014From US 322 to the entrance to Wal-Mart Plaza.2.1
T-380Struble Road—From PA 26 to Clyde Avenue.0.1
T-969Stewart Road—From Decibel Road to Basic Skill Test Site.0.1
Center Hall Street—From US 322 BUS. to US 322 in Oak Hall.0.2
Canolean Industrial Drive—From T-380 to the UPS Terminal.0.4
Decibel Road—From T-969 to PA 26.0.1
Eagleville Road—From the Factory to Liberty Street.0.1
Liberty Street—From Eagleville Road to PA 150.0.5
Spearing Street—From Woolrich Factory to PA 26.0.2
Ackworth Station Road—From US 30 Bus. to Boot Rd.1.1
Airport Road—From Wrights Lane to Ward Avenue.0.2
Automall Boulevard—From Westtown Rd to Bolmar St.0.3
Bolman Street—From Automall Blvd. to the terminal.0.1
Boot Road—From Ackworth Station Rd. to Pepperidge Farm Terminal.1.0
Bridge Street Extension—From PA 23 to Scout Trucking in Spring City.2.3
Pottstown Pike—From I-76 (Exit 23) to Byers Road.0.7
Westtown Road—From US 202 to Automall Blvd.0.2
SR 1007From I-80 (Exit 10) to Hedrick Street in Clarion.2.8
T-580From PA 66 to the terminal.0.1
Grand Avenue—From Hedrick Street to the terminal.0.1
Hedrick Street—From PA 66 to Grand Avenue.0.2
SR 1011From PA 879 to the Quehanna Industrial Complex.4.6
T-303From the entrance to Wal-Mart Plaza to PA 970.0.3
Beaver Drive—From Shaffer Road to the terminal in DuBois.0.3
SR 1005From US 220 (McElhatten Exit) to SR 1008.1.7
SR 1008From SR 1005 to T-568.0.3
SR 1016Central Avenue—From PA 150 to US 220 in Avis.1.8
SR 2015From US 220 to PA 150.0.4
T-410From T-568 to the Woolrich Plant.0.4
T-568From PA 150 to T-410.2.0
T-598From PA 150 to the Champion Parts Rebuilders Plant.0.1
Fox Street—From SR 1016 to the Woolrich Plant.0.1
Pennsylvania Avenue—From Fourth Street to the Dramel Printing Facility in South Renovo.0.4
Rich Street—From SR 1016 to the Susquehanna Transit Garage.0.2
T-506Keifer’s Lane—From Yellow Drive to US 11.0.1
Yellow Drive—From the Yellow Freight Terminal to Keifer’s Lane.0.5
Mead Avenue—From US 19 to Sycamore Place in Meadville.0.1
Sycamore Place—From Mead Avenue to the terminal.0.1
SR 1010Carlisle Pike—From 4205 Carlisle Pike to US 11.1.5
Baseshore Road—From Silver Springs Road to the terminal.0.2
Freight Street—From Industrial Park Road to the street terminus.0.1
Harvey Taylor Bridge & Forster Street—From 21st Street in Camp Hill to 7th Street in Harrisburg.2.7
Roadway Drive—From US 11 to the Roadway Terminal.0.5
Sterling Street—From Industrial Park Road to the street terminus.0.1
SR 2003Vine Street Extention—From PA 283 to Swatara Creek Road.0.5
SR 3001Eisenhower Boulevard—From I-76/283 to SR 3002.1.0
SR 3002Fulling Mill Road—From PA 283 to PA 441.0.2
SR 3002Fulling Mill Road—From SR 3001 to the Convenco Terminal.0.2
SR 3002Fulling Mill Road—From Industrial Park Drive to PA 283.0.9
SR 3008Gibson Boulevard—From PA 230 to the UPS terminal.0.6
SR 3010Paxton Street—From I-83 (Exit 23) to I-83 (Exit 24).0.5
T-390Union Street—From PA 441 to PA 283.0.7
Airport Drive—From SR 3032 to Third Street.1.0
Callowhill Street—From the terminal in Elizabethville to US 209.0.1
Grubb Street—From Swatara Street to the Borough Line.0.2
Harvey Taylor Bridge & Forster Street—From 21st Street in Camp Hill to 7th Street in Harrisburg.2.7
Industrial Road—From I-81 (Exit 23) to the Conrail Mail Yard.2.0
Industrial Park Drive—From Fulling Mill Road to Area.0.5
Seventh Street—From Forster Street to the Brenner & Son Terminal.1.6
Swatara Street—From SR 2002 to Vine Street Ext.0.3
Swatara Street—From Grubb Street to Ulrich Street.0.1
Third Street—From the Runway Gate at HIA to Airport Drive.0.1
White House Lane—From the Storage Area to PA 230.0.1
SR 2033Stewart Avenue—From I-95 to PA 291.0.5
Concord Road—From PA 452 to McDonald Way.1.5
SR 1003Washington Street—From PA 255 to Windfall Road.3.0
SR 1005Fillmore Road—From PA 120 to Airco Carbon Plant in St. Mary’s.0.2
SR 2003From US 219 to the Greentree Landfill.1.3
Access Road—From Windfall Road to the terminal.0.1
Bark Street—From Louisiana Pacific Co. to US 219 in Ridgeway.
Gillis Avenue—From PA 948 to Motion Control Plant & Allegheny Chemical Plant in Ridgeway.0.2
Windfall Road—From Washington Street to Access Road.0.3
SR 4010Hershey Road—From PA 99 to US 19.1.2
Pittsburgh Avenue—From the terminal to PA 5.0.8
West Seventeenth Street—From the TNT Terminal to PA 832.0.2
SR 3014From SR 3029 to PA 43.0.1
SR 3029From PA 857 to SR 3014.1.0
T-605Green Valley Road—From Ward’s Trucking to PA 997.3.0
Seventh Street—From US 30 in Chambersburg to the hospital.0.1
SR 2005South Forest Street—From PA 66 to the IKL Industrial Park in Marienville.0.1
Eighth Street—From Penn Street to Mifflin Street. INBOUND ONLY.0.2
Fifteenth Street—From Penn Street to Mifflin Street. INBOUND ONLY.0.2
Fourteenth Street—From Penn Street to Washington Street. OUTBOUND ONLY.0.1
Mifflin Street—From Eighth Street to 15th Street. INBOUND ONLY.0.4
Penn Street—From 3rd Street to US 22. OUTBOUND ONLY.0.6
Portstown Arch & Penn Street—From Ridge Avenue to East 8th Street. INBOUND ONLY.0.3
Ridge Avenue—From US 22 to Portstown Arch. INBOUND ONLY.0.2
Third Street—From Penn Street to Washington Street. OUTBOUND ONLY.0.1
Washington Street—From 14th Street to Third Street. OUTBOUND ONLY.0.7
SR 1006From PA 286 to the Bell of PA Terminal.0.1
SR 1012From Greensteel Plant to PA 403.0.3
SR 2002Old US 22—From US 22 to PA 217.1.3
SR 3011From SR 3013 to US 119.0.5
SR 3013From SR 3011 to SR 3017.3.0
SR 3017From SR 3013 to Goshell’s Gardens.2.2
SR 4005From PA 286 to PA 110.2.7
SR 4005From South Thirteenth Street Extension to PA 954.1.9
SR 4032From US 422 to PA 286 at Ninth Street.2.0
Fisher Drive—From Maple Street to the parking lot.0.1
Maple Street—From South Thirteenth Street Extension to Fisher Drive.0.2
South Thirteenth Street Extension—From PA 286 to SR 4005.1.0
SR 3001From PA 356 to Eurofresh.3.0
Martha Street—From PA 436 to Trumbull Supply Inc. in Punxsutawney.0.5
South Park Street—From US 119 to Symmco Terminal in Sykesville.0.2
SR 2005From SR 3002 to Treen Box & Pallet Corp.0.3
SR 3002From US 22 to PA 333.12.2
SR 1008Chestnut Street—From SR 2023 to the Gentex Terminal in Mayfield.0.2
SR 1010Betty Street—From US 6 to SR 1023 in Archbald.0.5
SR 1012Kennedy Drive—From SR 1023 to the Gentex Terminal in Archbald.1.1
SR 1023Main Street—From SR 1010 to SR 1012 in Archbald.0.3
SR 2020South Blakely Street—From SR 6011 to PA 347.0.2
SR 2023Plank Road—From SR 1008 in Mayfield to US 6.0.5
SR 3015From US 11 to the TNT Pilot Terminal in Moosic.0.4
SR 6011From the terminal to SR 2020.0.1
Keystone Industrial Park Drive—From PA 347 to the Train Co. Terminal.0.3
Township Road—From US 11 to I-81 (Exit 50) in Moosic.0.3
SR 4011Fruitville Pike—From N. Prince Street to US 30 in Lancaster.1.3
SR 4020Harrisburg Pike—From Esbenshade Road to the J. C. Shavely Terminal.1.3
SR 4040From PA 501 to the Warner-Lambert Company.0.6
Abraso Road—From Loop Road to the Armstrong Terminal in Lancaster.0.1
Airport Road—From Frito-Lay, Inc. to PA 501.0.2
Centerville Road—From US 30 to Old Tree Drive.0.6
East Greenfield Road—From US 30 to Hempstead Road.0.4
Esbenshade Road—From SR 4020 to PA 283.0.8
Hempstead Road—From E. Greenfield Road to Old Homestead Lane.0.2
Jackson Avenue—From Prince Street to the Armstrong Terminal in Lancaster.0.2
Lincoln Avenue—From the terminal to N. Prince Street in Lancaster.0.2
Plane Tree Drive—From Old Tree Drive to the terminal.0.4
Prince Street—From Jackson Avenue to PA 72 in Lancaster.0.2
Old Homestead Lane—From Hempstead Road to Greenfield Industrial Park.0.1
Old Tree Drive—From Centerville Road to Plane Tree Drive.0.4
Spooky Nook—From PA 283 to the Armstrong Terminal.0.2
Steigel Street—From PA 72 to the Raymark Plant in Manheim.0.1
Witmer Road—From US 30 to PA 340.1.2
Park Avenue—From PA 65/288 to Alsy Mfg. in Ellwood.0.1
Wolber Road—From PA 645 to the terminal.0.2
SR 1002Old Route 22—From PA 100 to US 22.2.9
SR 1004Race Street—From Bear, Inc. & SKF to PA 987 in Bethlehem.0.8
SR 2002Emmaus Avenue—From US 309 to 26th Street.0.3
SR 2005Lehigh Street—From I-78 (Exit 18A) to the Lehigh Maintenance Office.1.0
SR 3017Schoenersville Road—From US 22 to City Line Road in Bethlehem.0.5
T-527Schantz Spring Road—From PA 100 to T-568.0.4
T-568Snowdrift Road—From PA 100 to T-527.0.5
T-568Snowdrift Road—From SR 1002 to T-574.0.6
T-574Hickory Lane—From T-568 to Hedgewood.0.4
Avenue A—From PA 987 to Avenue B.0.3
Avenue B—From Industrial Drive to Avenue A.0.3
City Line Road—From PA 987 to Schoenersville Road in Bethlehem.0.8
Industrial Drive—From Avenue B to SR 3017.0.6
Mitchell Avenue—From 26th Street to the Terminal.0.1
Twenty Sixth Street—From SR 2002 to Mitchell Ave.0.2
SR 1027Tunkhannock Avenue—From Stevens Lane Terminal to PA 92.0.2
SR 2005Northampton Street—From North Penn Transfer Terminal to PA 309 Bus..0.3
SR 2009From North Main Street to Wilkes-Barre Boulevard.0.4
SR 2012From the Times Leader to East Market Street.0.1
SR 2035East Main Street - From US 11 to PA 315.0.4
Coal Street Extension—From PA 309 Bus. to Lord and Taylor Distribution Center.0.7
East Market Street—From SR 2012 to Wilkes-Barre Boulevard.0.2
North Main Street—From the Times Leader to SR 2009.0.7
Wilkes-Barre Boulevard—From East Market Street to PA 309 (Exit 2).1.8
SR 2014Broad Street—From Dist. 3-0 Driveway to SR 2045 in Montoursville.1.4
SR 2014East Third Street—From SR 2029 to I-180.1.7
SR 2014From I-180 to SR 2049.5.0
SR 2014West Fourth Street—From United Parcel Service Drive in Williamsport to US 15.1.6
SR 2029Northway Road—From I-180 to SR 2014.0.3
SR 2036From SR 2014 to I-180 (Hall’s interchange).0.6
SR 2044From Brytogles to PA 405/442.0.9
SR 2045Fairfield Road—From SR 2014 to I-180.1.0
SR 2049Lycoming Mall Road—From SR 2014 to I-180.0.7
SR 2058Jordan Avenue—From Lycoming County Maintenance Office to Dist. 3-0 Driveway.0.1
SR 3007From the CDL Site to US 220.0.2
Arch Street—From Reach Road to W. 3rd Street.0.4
Dix Street—From Portion Pack’s Terminal to Rose Street in Williamsport.0.2
Maynard Street—From I-180 to W. 3rd Street.0.5
Poplar Street—From W. 3rd Street to SR 2014.0.3
Reading Lane—From SR 2014 (Broad St.) to Schnading Corp. in Montoursville.0.2
Rose Street—From Dix Street to W. 3rd Street.0.3
South Russel Avenue—From Yellow Freight’s Terminal to SR 2014 (E. Third Street).0.1
Streibeigh Lane—From SR 2014 (Broad St.) to Schnading Corp. in Montoursville.0.2
West Third Street—From Poplar Street in Williamsport to Maynard Street.2.0
Mill Street—From US 6 to Railroad Street.0.1
Railroad Street—From Mill Street to the terminal.0.1
SR 2001From US 522 to SR 2002.2.0
SR 2002From SR 2001 to American Hickory Corp.3.6
T-840Royal Street—From T-856 to the terminal.0.1
T-856Windy Way—From Progress Place to T-840.0.1
Progress Place—From T-856 to US 322.0.3
Washington Street—From US 22 to Main Street.0.3
SR 2010Manor Drive—From SR 3023 to PA 33.0.2
SR 3023Middle East Belmont Park Road—From SR 2010 to US 209.0.7
T-414Beaver Valley Road—From US 209 to US 209 BUS.0.1
T-2401ndustrial Park Drive—From PA 940 to Dead End.1.8
T-2402Park Court—From T-2401 to Dead End.0.1
T-2403One Ritz Way—From T-2401 to Dead End.0.1
SR 2007Norristown Road—From PA 463 to PA 309.4.8
SR 2024Drechertown Road—From PA 152 to PA 63.1.6
SR 2026Bethlehem Pike—From Stenton Avenue to PA 309.8.0
SR 2026Blair Mill Road—From PA 63 to SR 2038.3.5
SR 2038County Line Road—From PA 236 to PA 309.10.8
SR 3021Schuylkill Parkway—From the CDL Test Site to PA 23.0.2
SR 3029Henderson Road—From PA 23 to SR 3039.2.2
SR 3039North Gulph Road—From US 202 to PA 23.2.2
SR 3039South Gulph Road—From I-76 to SR 3029.0.9
Allendale Road—From Geerdes Blvd. to First Avenue.0.5
Allendale Road—From Wills Blvd. to US 202.0.3
American Avenue—From First Ave. to Cul-de-sac.0.2
Armistead Avenue—From General Arnold Blvd. to General Washington Avenue.0.2
Babylon Road—From PA 463 to Sheehy Drive.0.2
Boulevard of the Generals—From PA 363 to General Arnold Blvd.0.5
Butler Pike—From Ridge Pike to PA 63.8.0
Clark Avenue—From First Avenue to Cul-de-sac.0.3
Commerce Avenue—From SR 2026 to Maryland Road.0.4
Computer Avenue—From PA 63 to Maryland Road.0.5
Cross Keys Road—From Ridge Pike to the terminal.0.1
Dresher Road—From PA 63 to PA 611.3.4
East Eight Avenue—From Moore Road to Cul-de-sac.0.2
Egypt Road—From Longford Road to US 422.1.5
First Avenue—From Allendale Road to SR 3039.1.3
Foundry Lane—From Industry Lane to E. Norriton Twp. Line.0.2
General Arnold Boulevard—From Armistead Avenue to the Blvd. of the Generals.0.1
General Washington Avenue—From Armistead Avenue to the Blvd. of the Generals.0.1
General Washington Avenue—From Blvd. of the Generals to Cul-de-sac.0.2
Germantown Pike—From Ridge Pike in Collegeville to Philadelphia City Line.14.5
Goddard Boulevard—From SR 3039 to US 202. (EXCEPT no turns onto Court Blvd. and no right turn onto Wills Blvd.).1.1
Green Tree Road—From the Roadway Express Terminal to Egypt Road.2.0
Industry Lane—From PA 363 to Cul-de-sac.0.6
Layfayette Street—From Mill Street to US 202.0.1
Longford Road—From the Yellow Freight terminal to Egypt Road.0.7
Main Street—From US 202 to Mill Street.0.1
Maryland Road—From Commerce Avenue to PA 611.0.9
Mill Street—From Main Street to Layfayette Street.0.1
Moore Road—From First Avenue to Valley Forge Road.0.6
Ninth Avenue—From Moore Road to First Cul-de-sac.0.2
Park Avenue—From First Avenue to Cul-de-sac.0.2
Precision Road—From PA 463 to End.0.3
Pulaski Drive—From Goddard Blvd. to General Electric Co.0.2
Ridge Pike—From Germantown Pike in Collegeville to Philadelphia City Line.19.5
Third Avenue—From Allendale Road to Cul-de-sac.0.2
West Eighth Avenue—From Moore Road to Cul-de-sac.0.2
Wills Boulevard—From Goddard Blvd. to Allendale Road.0.3
Mill Street—From US 11 to Spruce Street in Danville.0.1
Spruce Street—From PA 54 to Mill Street in Danville.0.1
SR 2012Twentyfifth Street—From SR 2018 to US 22.0.9
SR 2018Freemansburg Avenue—From the Northhampton County Maintenance Office to SR 2012.0.9
SR 2024Wood Street—From US 22 (25th St. Exit) to US 22 (13th St. Exit) in Easton.1.5
SR 3017Schoenersville Road—From US 22 to City Line Road in Bethlehem.0.5
T-783Chrisphalt Drive—From PA 512 to terminal.0.2
City Line Road—From PA 987 to SR 3017 in Bethlehem.0.8
SR 1003Matthews Street—From SR 1006 to Masonite Ind. in Watsontown.0.3
SR 1006Eighth Street—From PA 405 to SR 1003 in Watsontown.0.2
SR 1007From PA 405 to I-180 (Watsontown Exit).1.2
SR 1031Housel Run Road—From Sodom Road to PA 405.0.4
SR 4004 & SR 4008Shickellamy Avenue—From PA 147 to the Yellow Freight Terminal in Sunbury.0.4
SR 4009From PA 61 to SR 4012.1.0
SR 4011From Dewart Street to PA 61.0.1
SR 4012From PA 487 to SR 2008.1.8
SR 4012From Reed Industrial Park to SR 2008.0.2
SR 4012Snydertown Road—From SR 4009 to T-722.2.6
T-722Anthracite Road—From PA 61 to SR 4012.1.4
T-772From Fleetwood Motor Homes of PA to PA 487.0.1
T-774From Fleetwood Motor Homes of PA to PA 487.0.1
Cherry Street—From American Home Foods to Ferry Lane in Milton.0.1
Dewart Street—From SR 4011 to the Northumberland County Maintenance Office.0.1
Ferry Lane—From PA 405 to PA 642 in Milton.0.4
Gerringer Street—From Front Street to 2nd Street.0.1
Industrial Park Road—From Sodom Road to PA 147.1.1
Matthews Street—From 7th Street to 8th Street in Watsontown.0.1
Oaklyn Street—From Beck Electric to PA 61.0.1
Race Street—From PA 405 South to PA 405 North.0.1
Second Street—From the Weis Markets Terminal to PA 61 in Sunbury.0.3
Sodom Road—From SR 1031 to Consolidated Freightways.0.3
SR 1001Rising Sun Avenue—From 2nd Street to AAA Trucking Corporation (4355 Rising Sun Ave.).0.1
SR 1004Erie Avenue—From 2nd Street to SR 1004.1.9
SR 1004Torresdale Avenue—From SR 1004 to Adams Avenue.0.4
SR 1005Caster Avenue—From SR 2009 to SR 2001.1.0
SR 1007Tacony Street—From Adams Avenue to Church Street.0.2
SR 1007Tacony Street—From SR 2009 to SR 1009.0.2
SR 1009Bridge Street—From SR 2009 to Richmond Street.0.6
SR 2001Delaware Avenue—From SR 2016 to SR 1005.0.8
SR 2001Oregon Avenue—From Front Street to SR 2001.0.6
SR 2009Aramingo Avenue—From SR 1005 to SR 1009.2.2
SR 2009Thompson Street—From SR 1005 to Preston Trucking Co.0.1
SR 2016Allegheny Avenue—From I-95 to SR 2001.0.3
SR 3001Broad Street—From I-95 (Exit 14) to I-76 (Exit 45).0.9
SR 3003Thirtyfourth Street—From I-76 to Wharton Street.0.3
Adams Avenue—From SR 1004 to SR 1007.0.1
Bath Street—From Westmoreland Street to SR 2016.0.1
Church Street—From SR 1007 to SR 2009.0.4
Enterprise Avenue—From the Penrose Connector to I-95 (Exit 13).0.6
Front Street—From Packer Avenue to Oregon Avenue.0.5
Harbison Avenue—From US 1 to Bustleton Avenue.0.2
Orthodox Street—From Richmond Street to Hall’s Motor Transit.0.4
Packer Avenue—From SR 3001 to Front Street.1.1
Penrose Connector—From PA 291 to Enterprise Avenue.0.8
Richmond Street—From SR 1009 to Orthodox Street.0.6
Rising Sun Avenue—From US 1 to Second Street.0.7
Second Street—From Rising Sun Avenue to CF Motor Freight terminal.0.5
Second Street—From SR 1004 to SR 1001.0.6
Vare Avenue—From Warfield Street to I-76.0.2
Warfield Street—From Wharton Street to Vare Avenue.0.4
Westmoreland Street—From I-95 to Bath Street.0.1
Wharton Street—From SR 3003 to Warfield Street.0.1
West Street—From US 6 to the Terminal in Galeton.0.8
SR 1021Lincoln Drive—From T-922 to PA 309.0.6
SR 2008Manheim Road—From the Schuylkill County Maintenance Office to PA 61.0.3
T-922From the Yellow Freight Terminal to SR 1021.0.1
SR 3041From US 219 to PA 281.2.2
SR 4055Gilmore Bypass—From PA 281 to PA 601.0.5
SR 3020Berwart Street—From the Tioga County Maintenance Office to PA 660.0.2
Cone Street—From US 6 to Austin Street in Wellsboro.0.1
Austin Street—From Cone Street to GTE Corporation in Wellsboro.0.4
SR 2007Fairground Road—From PA 45 to PA 192.0.7
T-685Atlantic Avenue—From Grant Street to US 322.1.3
Sugar Creek—From the Yellow Freight Teminal to US 322.0.1
Whylie Avenue—From PA 18 to I-70 (Exit 6).0.2
SR 1016Old US 22—From US 22 to PA 217.1.3
SR 1053Georgia Station Road—From US 30 to Westmoreland Industrial Park 1 Access Road.0.6
SR 4019Leger Road—From US 30 to Carolina and Roadway Express Terminals.0.2
SR 4093From PA 56 to the Armstrong County Line.1.0
T-374Woodward Drive Ext.—From T-784 to the terminal.0.1
T-640Woodward Drive—From PA 136 to T-784.0.2
T-784Charley Brothers Road—From T-374 to T-640.0.1
Avenue A—From the terminal in Youngwood to US 119.0.3
Crown Road—From US 30 to Mack Avenue.0.1
Mack Avenue—From Crown Road to SR 4019.0.2
Westmoreland Industrial Park 1 Access Road—From SR 1053 to the terminal.0.2
T-941CWillow Spring Lane—From Board Road to Smith Transfer Corporation.0.5
Bletner Avenue—From the Shultz Food Terminal to PA 194.0.5
Board Road—From PA 238 to T-941C.1.5
Broad Street—From Philadelphia Street to Market Street.0.7
Chestnut Street—From Broad Street to the terminal in York.0.3
Eleventh Street—From N. George Street to Tremont Vending.0.1
Market Street—From Broad Street to I-83 (Exit 8).1.1
North George Street—From 11th Street to Service America.1.7
North Hills Road—From PA 462 to US 30.0.6
Sherman Street—From US 30 to the PA&S Terminal.0.2
Old York Road—From PA 114 to the New Cumberland Army Depot.1.1


    Routes available for 102-inch wide two trailer combinations. Maximum trailer length for trailers in two trailer combinations is 28 1/2 feet each. Access approval is necessary to leave these approved routes.

US 6From US 11 to PA 171 in Carbondale. (Lackawanna)12.5
US 11From PA 433 to PA 997. (Franklin)1.3
US 11From Derbyshire Street to Industrial Drive in Chambersburg. (Franklin)0.2
US 11From PA 502 to Rocky Glen Road in Moosic. (Lackawanna)0.8
US 11Pittston Bypass—From SR 2035 in DuPont to Main Street in Pittston City. (Luzerne)2.9
US 15 Bus.From the UPS Terminal to PA 394. (Adams)3.5
US 19From Reedsdale Street to PA 65 in Pittsburgh. (Allegheny)0.4
US 20From PA 505 to PA 8 in Erie. (Erie)0.5
US 20Twenty-Sixth Street—From PA 98 in Fairview to PA 832. (Erie)8.2
US 22 Bus.From PA 48 to I-76 (Exit 6). (Allegheny)0.2
US 30From I-76 (Exit 7) to SR 3077. (Westmoreland)1.3
US 119From US 30 to PA 66. (Westmoreland)0.4
US 202From PA 309 to County Line Road. (Montgomery)1.6
US 209From PA 125 to PA 901. (Schuylkill)8.5
US 209From PA 9 (Exit 34) to PA 115. (Carbon & Monroe)16.0
US 209From T-700 (Rockdale Rd.) to I-80 (Exit 48). (Monroe)1.5
US 322From US 219 to PA 879. (Clearfield)16.9
US 422From the west end of Hershey to West Lawn. (Dauphin & Lebanon)40.0
PA 5West Twelfth Street—From Greengarden Blvd. to the terminal in Erie. (Erie)4.3
PA 8From I-376 to PA 380. (Allegheny)2.6
PA 8From I-76 (Exit 4) to PA 58 in Harrisville. (Allegheny & Butler)40.0
PA 8Robert D. Fleming Bridge—From SR 2122 in Pittsburgh to SR 1001 (Bridge St.) in Etna. (Allegheny)1.9
PA 8From I-90 (Exit 8) to US 20 in Erie. (Erie)3.5
PA 8/380Penn Avenue—From Penn Circle to City Line. (6:00 PM to 6:00 AM ONLY). (Allegheny)2.7
PA 18From SR 4012 (Mitchell Rd.) to the UPS Terminal. (Lawrence)2.7
PA 24From PA 462 to US 30. (York)0.7
PA 38From PA 68 to the UPS Terminal. (Butler)0.2
PA 51From McKees Rock Bridge to Thompson Avenue. (Allegheny)0.7
PA 54From PA 254 to I-80 (Exit 33). SOUTHBOUND ONLY. (Montour)4.7
PA 54From SR 4003 to I-180. NORTHBOUND ONLY. (Montour & Northumberland)6.1
PA 54From SR 4003 south to SR 1002. SOUTHBOUND ONLY. (Montour)2.7
PA 56From the Armstong County Line to SR 4093. (Westmoreland)3.8
PA 56From PA 66 to the Westmoreland County Line. (Armstrong)0.1
PA 58From PA 258 to SR 2014 in Mercer. (Mercer)0.5
PA 63Welsh Road—From Computer Avenue to Blair Mill Road. (Montgomery)0.3
PA 65From I-279 to SR 3104 in Pittsburgh. (Allegheny)2.0
PA 65From Ferry Street to PA 989. (Allegheny & Beaver)2.2
PA 66From PA 366 to Leechburg. (Armstrong & Westmoreland)14.3
PA 66From SR 2064 to PA 56. (Armstrong)5.5
PA 68From US 422 to the UPS terminal. (Butler)0.2
PA 72From the Transcon terminal to PA 283. (Lancaster)2.5
PA 82From US 422 (eastbound) to US 422 (westbound). (Berks)0.3
PA 97From I-90 (Exit 7) to PA 505. (Erie)1.2
PA 98From I-90 (Exit 4) to US 20. (Erie)2.1
PA 100From I-78 (Exit 14B) to PA 309. (Lehigh)8.5
PA 125From I-81 (Exit 32) to US 209. (Schuylkill)3.8
PA 130Sandy Creek Road—From SR 2073 to the Verona Terminal. (Allegheny)0.6
PA 136From SR 3099 (Willow Crossing Rd.) to T-374 (Woodward Drive). (Westmoreland)0.3
PA 145From US 22 to PA 248. (Lehigh & Northampton)15.1
PA 153From US 322 to I-80 (Exit 18). (Clearfield)2.4
PA 171From US 6 to Gentex Corporation. (Lackawanna)1.5
PA 181North George Street - From US 30 to I-83 (Exit 10). (York)0.7
PA 187From US 6 in Wysox to the NY State Line. (Bradford)18.9
PA 191From US 22 to T-551 (Lonat Dr.). (Northampton)2.1
PA 194From Moulstown Rd. in Hanover to PA 234. (Adams & York)8.0
PA 248From US 209 to PA 145. (Carbon & Northampton)7.0
PA 254From SR 1003 to PA 54. WESTBOUND ONLY. (Montour)0.6
PA 258From Butler Street to PA 58 in Mercer. (Mercer)0.1
PA 271From Park Hill to US 22. (Cambria)6.5
PA 272From W. Church Road to SR 1040. (Lancaster)2.0
PA 299From US 20 to Roadway Express. (Erie)0.3
PA 309From US 22 to PA 100. (Lehigh)10.8
PA 309From PA 443 to SR 1021. (Schuylkill)6.2
PA 309From PA 54 to SR 3022. (Carbon, Luzerne & Schuylkill)8.2
PA 309 Bus.From Coal Street to PA 315. (Luzerne)0.8
PA 318From PA 60 to the Preston terminal. (Mercer)1.6
PA 332Newtown-Yardley Road—From PA 532 to I-95. (Bucks)3.0
PA 347From I-81 (Exit 55A) to SR 2008. (Lackawanna)0.7
PA 356From US 422 to PA 68. (Butler)1.8
PA 363From Ridge Pike to Industry Lane. (Montgomery)1.3
PA 380From PA 8 to City Line. (Allegheny)3.9
PA 380From 21st Street to 2701 Railroad Street. (Allegheny)0.1
PA 394From US 15 BUS. to US 15. (Adams)0.5
PA 403From US 219, near Davidsville, to PA 56. (Cambria & Somerset)6.5
PA 405From PA 44 in Dewart to Brouse Road in Montgomery. (Lycoming & Northumberland)5.6
PA 413New Rodger’s Road—From I-95 (Exit 28) to New Falls Road. (Bucks)1.4
PA 413Durham Road—From Geerling’s Florist to PA 532. (Bucks).0.5
PA 433From US 11 to PA 997. (Franklin)1.5
PA 441From Paxton Street to 28th Street in Harrisburg. (Dauphin)0.5
PA 443From PA 309 to PA 902. (Carbon & Schuylkill)11.8
PA 443From the Roadway terminal to PA 61. (Schuylkill)2.0
PA 452Market Street—From I-95 (Exit 2) to Duttons Mill Road. (Delaware)1.6
PA 487From the Kawneer Terminal to I-80 (Exit 35). (Columbia)3.1
PA 502From US 11 to Rocky Glen Road in Moosic. (Lackawanna)1.1
PA 505Glennwood Park Avenue - From PA 97 to US 20. (Erie)2.6
PA 641Trindle Road—From SR 2029 to SR 1021. (Cumberland)0.2
PA 662From US 422 to Precision Technology. (Berks)1.2
PA 715From the Roadway terminal to I-80 (Exit 45). (Monroe)1.0
PA 741From Enterprise Road to PA 283. (Lancaster)0.8
PA 743From Park Avenue to Academy Drive. (Dauphin)0.4
PA 756From US 219 to T-312. (Cambria)0.3
PA 764From US 22 in Duncansville to US 220 in Altoona. (Blair)8.6
PA 772From PA 283 to Old Market Street (Mount Joy VoTech). (Lancaster)2.1
PA 819From US 119 to Fairview Avenue. (Westmoreland)0.8
PA 830From Preston Way in Falls Creek to US 219. (Clearfield & Jefferson).1.5
PA 869From US 219 in Sidman to T-330. (Cambria)2.2
PA 901From US 209 to Dowdentown Road. (Schuylkill)0.6
PA 910Indianola Road—From PA 28 to SR 1001 (Freeport Road). (Allegheny)0.6
PA 940From 28th Street to Garland Industries. (Luzerne)6.1
PA 954From US 422 to the UPS terminal. (Indiana)0.1
PA 997From PA 433 to I-76 (Exit 15). (Franklin)13.0
PA 989From PA 65 to the Waste Management of Pittsburgh terminal. (Beaver)1.4
SR 1001Bridge Street—From SR 4015 in Etna to PA 8.0.2
SR 2057Haymaker Road—From US 22 BUS. to Seco Road.0.6
SR 2073Allegheny Avenue and Allegheny River Boulevard—From SR 2082 to PA 130.3.2
SR 2082Hulton Bridge—From SR 1001 (Freeport Rd.) to SR 2073.0.5
SR 2122Butler Street—From PA 8 to 51st Street in Pittsburgh.1.2
SR 3063Oakdale Road—From T-875 to US 22/30.1.0
SR 3104McKees Rocks Bridge—From PA 65 to PA 51 in Pittsburgh.1.1
SR 4015Butler Street—From PA 8 to SR 1001 in Etna.0.3
T-875Robb Hill Road—From SR 3063 to the Terminal.0.2
Beaver Avenue—From PA 65 to Reedsdale Street. SOUTHEAST-BOUND ONLY.1.5
Centre Avenue—From 5879 Centre Avenue to PA 380. 6 PM to 6 AM ONLY.0.1
Chateau Street—From Ridge Avenue to PA 65. NORTHWEST-BOUND ONLY.0.2
Fifty First Street—From SR 2122 to the Terminal.0.2
Fort Pitt Boulevard—From I-279 to Wood Street.0.2
George Street—From Helen Street to SR 3104.0.1
Heinz Street—From PA 28 to River Street in Pittsburgh.0.1
Helen Street—From SR 3104 to George Street.0.1
Lorish Road—From PA 60 to McKees Rock Road.0.1
McCandless Avenue—From SR 2122 to the Terminal in Pittsburgh.0.2
McCandless Street—From SR 2122 to end.0.2
McKees Rocks Road—From Lorish Road to the terminal.1.0
Nichols Avenue—From Helen Street and SR 3104 to the Roadway Services Terminal.0.6
Reedsdale Street—From the Fort Duquesne Bridge to Ridge Avenue.0.3
Reedsdale Steet—From the Three Rivers Stadium Ramps to US 19.0.6
Ridge Avenue—From Reedsdale Street to US 19.0.4
River Street—From Heinz Street to the terminal.0.2
Thompson Avenue—From PA 51 to the Roadway Express Terminal.0.5
Three Rivers Stadium Ramps—From I-279 (Exit 11A) to Reedsdale Street.0.4
Twenty First Street—From Smallman Street to Railroad Street.0.1
Twenty Seventh Street—From Smallman Street to 2701 Railroad Street.0.1
Woodmere Drive—From PA 60 to the Terminal.0.2
Br. # 24Brick Yard Bridge—From PA 51 to Colonial Street.0.2
Ingrich Road—From 24th Street to the Beaver Falls Terminal.0.5
Twenty Fourth Street—From Ingrich Road to PA 18.0.5
North Street—From SR 4009 to the Consolidated Terminal.0.2
Sunnyside Road—From US 220 BUS. to the Hedstrom Plant.0.8
SR 2077River Bridge Road—From PA 724 to US 422.0.5
T-437Crushe Road—From the Yellow Freight Systems Terminal to PA 724.0.1
T-586Reading Crest Avenue—From T-547 to the UPS Terminal.0.2
T-938Leisz’s Bridge Road—From T-521 (Stinson Dr.) to the Roadway Terminal.0.2
T-547Tuckerton Road—From T-586 to PA 61.0.5
Seventh Street—From PA 100 to the Great American Mall in Bally.0.2
SR 1002From PA 764 to T-388.0.2
SR 3012Old US 22—From Roadway’s terminal to US 22/PA 764 in Duncansville.1.0
T-388Old Sixth Street—From SR 1002 to the Consolidated Terminal.
Eighth Street—From 6th Avenue to 4th Avenue.
Fourth Avenue—From 8th Street to Galliker Dairy.
SR 2002State Road—From the Yellow Freight Systems Terminal to SR 2007.0.5
SR 2007Street Road—From Dunksferry Road to Dunksferry Road.0.2
SR 2048Newton Bypass—From PA 332 to PA 413.0.8
Dunksferry Road—From SR 2007 to Marshall Lane.0.3
Marshall Lane—From Dunksferry Road to the Roadway Express Terminal.0.6
New Falls Road—From PA 413 to Zimmerman Lane.0.4
Swamp Road—From PA 332 to PA 413.0.6
Zimmerman Lane—From New Falls Road to the Terminal.0.1
Cunningham Street—From McKean Street to the Terminal.0.5
SR 3041Copper Avenue—From PA 403 to Ward Trucking Co.0.5
T-312Theatre Drive—From T-745 to PA 756.0.5
T-330From the W.C. McQuaide Terminal to PA 869.0.2
T-745Eisenhower Boulevard—From T-312 to the Terminals.0.8
Donald Lane—From Industrial Park Drive to the UPS Terminal.0.1
Industrial Park Drive—From PA 256 to Donald Lane.0.1
T-380Struble Road—From T-905 (Carolean Dr.) to PA 26.0.3
T-905Carolean Drive—From T-380 to the Roadway Express Terminal.0.1
Airport Road—From Wilson Drive to Ward Avenue.0.1
Boot Road—From US 202 to Wilson Drive.0.6
Pot House Road—From PA 113 to the Conway Central Express Terminal.0.8
Ward Avenue—From Airport Road to the Terminal.0.1
Whiteford Road—From US 30 to Oaklands Corp. Center.0.1
Wilson Drive—From Boot Road to Airport Road.0.1
SR 1001Washington Avenue—From T-792 to PA 879.1.6
T-788Faulkner Avenue—From SR 1001 to Target Sportsware.0.1
T-792Graham Street—From SR 1001 to TAFCO.0.1
Beaver Drive—From Shaffer Road to Hoover Avenue in DuBois.1.3
Hoover Avenue—From Beaver Drive to the Rola Building in DuBois.0.1
Rockton Road—From Shaffer Road to the Terminal.0.5
Shaffer Road—From PA 255 to Rockton Road.0.6
T-482Baco Road—From US 322 to the UPS Terminal.0.2
SR 1021Central Boulevard—From PA 641 to PA 581.0.1
Appleton Street—From Slate Hill Road to 2800 Appleton Street.0.3
Hartzdale Drive—From Old Slate Hill Road to Slate Hill Road.0.1
Old Slate Hill Road—From US 15 to Hartzdale Drive.0.3
Slate Hill Road—From US 15 to Appleton Street.0.3
SR 2011Hershey Park Drive—From PA 39 to PA 743.1.0
SR 3001Eisenhower Boulevard—From PA 441 to I-83 (Exit 27).1.2
SR 3006Chambers Hill Road—From the Consolidated Freightway Terminal to SR 3030.0.2
SR 3010Paxton St.—From 17th Street east to PA 441.0.5
SR 3012Derry Street—From I-83 (Exit 27) to Elder Street.1.8
SR 3012Derry Street—From the Terminal to Milroy Road.0.5
SR 3030Pen-Har Street—From SR 3006 to Old Paxton Street.0.3
Old Paxton Street—From SR 3030 to US 322.0.3
Quarry Road—From Preston Trucking Co. to SR 3001.0.1
Elder Street—From the terminal to SR 3012.0.1
Grayson Road—From Mushroom Hill Road to Milroy Road.1.2
Industrial Road—From N. Cameron Street to 3500 Industrial Road.1.2
Milroy Road—From Grayson Road to SR 3012.0.5
Mushroom Hill Road—From US 322 to Grayson Road.0.2
Nineteenth Street—From Paxton Street to I-83 (Exit 25).0.2
Seventeenth Street—From Paxton Street to I-83 (Exit 25).0.2
T-352Conchester Road—From US 1/322 to T-360.0.2
T-360LaCrue Avenue—From T-352 to Roadway Express Inc.0.4
Bailey Road—From Lansdowne Avenue to Industrial Drive.0.6
Duttons Mill Road—From Market Street to Turner Industrial Road.0.1
Industrial Drive—From Bailey Road to the UPS Terminal.0.2
Lansdowne Avenue—From Bailey Road to US 1.2.9
Turner Industrial Road—From Duttons Mill Road to the Terminal.0.1
Greengarden Boulevard—From PA 5 to the Consolidated Freight Terminal.0.1
Parade Street—From E. 26th Street to PA 5.0.9
Payne Avenue—From PA 5 to 10th Street & the Preston Trucking Terminal.0.5
SR 1020Gallatin Avenue—From the Terminal to SR 1051.0.2
SR 1051Bute Road—From SR 1020 to US 119.0.5
Constitution Street—From Preston Trucking in Perryopolis to PA 51.0.1
Industrial Drive—From US 11 to the UPS Terminal in Chambersburg.0.3
Preston Way—From the Terminals in Falls Creek to PA 830.0.3
SR 2008Marshwood Road—From PA 347 to the Terminal.0.7
SR 3011Keyser Avenue—From Old Forge to SR 3027.4.7
SR 3015Moosic Road—From 3rd Street to US 11.0.2
SR 3029Providence Road—From US 11 to the Terminal.0.3
SR 3031Rocky Glen Road—From US 11 to PA 502.1.6
SR 6011Green Ridge Street—From N. Main Street to Nay Aug Avenue.0.1
SR 6011North Main Avenue—From Green Ridge Street to I-81 (Exit 56).1.0
Third Street—From SR 3015 to AAA Trucking.0.2
Dunham Road—From Reeves Street to Tigue Street.0.1
Monahan Avenue—From I-81 (Exit 55) to Reeves Street.0.1
Nay Aug Avenue—From SR 6011 to the Terminal.0.3
Reeves Street—From Monahan Avenue to Dunham Drive.0.1
Tigue Street—From Dunham Drive to I-84 & I-380 Exit 1).0.1
SR 1040From PA 272 to US 222.1.0
SR 4009Dillerville Road—From Consolidated Freight to PA 72.0.5
T-408Centerville Road—From T-413 to US 30.0.2
T-413Hempland Road—From Roadway Express Inc. to T-408.0.3
Cloverleaf Road—From PA 283 to New England Motor Freight.0.7
Enterprise Road—From PA 41 to the UPS Terminal.0.2
Loop Road—From Manheim Pike to Steelway Drive.0.1
Steelway Drive—From Loop Road to the Terminal.0.1
West Church Road—From Weaver Road to PA 272.1.0
Weaver Road—From F.W. Woolsworth to W. Church Road.0.5
SR 4022Mitchell Road—From US 422 to PA 18.1.0
SR 1002Tilghman Street—From SR 3009 to US 22.0.1
SR 1003Airport Road—From E. Congress Street to US 22.1.2
SR 1005North Irving Street—From E. Congress Street to the APA Terminal.0.3
SR 3009Blue Barn Road—From T-572 to SR 1002.0.1
T-572Blue Barn Road—From T-574 to SR 3009.0.1
T-574Oakview Drive—From the Puralator Terminal to T-572.0.3
T-576Farm Bureau Road—From SR 1002 to the terminal.0.2
T-633Postal Road—From T-636 to PA 987.0.7
T-636Marcom Boulevard—From Roble Road to T-633.0.9
East Congress Street—From SR 1005 to SR 1003.0.2
Grammes Road—From Vultee Street to Roadway Express.0.1
Roble Road—From the Roadway Terminal to T-636.0.4
Vultee Street—From Grammes Road to Lehigh Street in Allentown.0.3
SR 2019Oak Street—From Brown Street to PA 315.0.5
SR 2020Fox Hill Road—From PA 315 to the Terminal.0.5
SR 2024Main Street—From SR 2021 to Rutledge Drive in Jenkins Twp.2.5
SR 2035Main Street—From PA 315 to US 11 in DuPont.0.9
SR 2059From Main Street in DuPont to I-81 (Exit 49).1.2
SR 3017Poplar Street—From SR 3032 to Roadway Express.0.1
SR 3022From PA 309 to 85 E. South Street in Freeland.3.5
SR 3032Greater Hazleton Beltway—From PA 309 to SR 3077.1.1
Armstrong Road—From PA 315 to the UPS Terminal.1.2
Brown Street—From Transcon Terminal to SR 2019.0.5
Johnson Street—From PA 315 to Roadway Express.0.5
Kiwanis Boulevard—From SR 3026 to Rotary Drive.0.2
Rotary Drive—From Kiwanis Blvd. to the ABF Freight Systems terminal.0.2
28th Street—From PA 309 to PA 940.0.3
Broad Street—From Montgomery Sportswear to Thomas Avenue in Montgomery.0.1
Dewey Avenue—From Foy Avenue to Marydale Avenue.0.1
Foy Avenue—From Dewey Avenue to US 15.0.1
Marydale Avenue—From the UPS Terminal to Dewey Avenue.0.1
Miller Avenue—From Lending Textiles to Brodart in Montgomery.0.2
Thomas Avenue—From Broad Street in Montgomery to PA 405.0.2
SR 2014Market Street—From PA 58 to the Reznor Plant in Mercer.0.4
T-419Stefanack Drive—From Preston Trucking to PA 318.0.1
Butler Street—From US 19 to PA 258 in Mercer.0.1
T-840Royal Street—From US 322 to the UPS Terminal.0.2
Washington Avenue—From US 22/322 to the Noer Terminal.0.1
T-700Rockdale Road—From UPS Drive to US 209 BUS.0.2
Old Reading Pike—From Roadway Express to US 422.0.1
Commerce Avenue—From Maryland Avenue to Blair Mill Road.0.2
Foundry Lane—From Germantown Pike to Industry Lane.0.7
Germantown Pike—From I-279 (Exit 25) to the UPS Terminal.6.1
Industry Lane—From PA 363 to Terminal.0.3
Maryland Avenue—From PA 611 to Computer Avenue.0.6
Morris Road—From US 202 to PA 301.1.6
SR 1002Washingtonville Bypass—From PA 54 to SR 1003. EASTBOUND ONLY.0.9
SR 1003Washingtonville Bypass—From SR 1002 to PA 254. SOUTHBOUND ONLY.1.0
SR 4003From the Strick Plant to PA 54. NORTHEASTBOUND ONLY.0.6
SR 2012Twenty Fifth Street—From US 22 to SR 2018.0.8
SR 2018Freemansburg Avenue—From SR 2012 to T-462.0.1
T-453Highland Avenue—From PA 512 to the Terminal.0.9
T-462Twenty Seventh Street—From SR 2018 to Terminal Drive.0.1
T-551Lonat Drive—From PA 191 to the Terminal.0.2
Dearborn Street—From SR 2012 to Terminal Drive.0.1
Riverside Drive—From the Terminal to 3rd Street.0.4
Third Street—From Riverside Drive to PA 378.0.2
SR 1007Tacony Street—From I-95 (Exit 21) to SR 1009.0.2
SR 1009Bridge Street—From SR 2001 to SR 2009.0.7
SR 2001Richmond Street—From SR 1005 to SR 2016.0.8
SR 2009From SR 1005 to US 1.3.5
Fifty Forth Street—From US 1 to Upland Way (Acme Distribution Center).1.1
Wheatsheaf Lane—From SR 2009 to Thompson Street.0.3
SR 1001South Second Street—From Industrial Park Road to SR 1027.0.2
SR 1021Lincoln Drive—From PA 309 to UPS Terminal Drive.0.7
SR 1027Russell Street—From PA 61 to SR 1001.0.1
SR 3013From I-81 (Exit 32) to PA 125.0.4
T-703Pinedale Industrial Park Road—From Clima Glaze Structures to T-725.0.5
T-725Pheasant Run Road—From PA 61 to T-703.0.3
Dowdentown Road—From Terminal Drive to PA 901.0.2
Industrial Park Road—From the Terminal to SR 1001.1.3
SR 1001Center Street—From PA 8 to Spring Street.0.2
SR 1003Spring Street—From Center Street to Colbert Avenue.0.2
T-675Quaker Drive—From PA 257 to the UPS Terminal.0.2
Colbert Avenue—From Spring Street to Industrial Park Access Road.1.1
SR 1009Pike Street—From SR 1041 to SR 4049.0.4
SR 1041Race Track Road—From SR 1009 to US 19.0.6
SR 4020Oak Grove Road—From PA 18 to SR 4049.0.5
SR 4049Country Club Road—From SR 1009 to the Consolidated Freightways Terminal.0.2
SR 4049Main Street—From SR 4020 to the UPS Terminal.0.2
Meadowlands Boulevard—From SR 1041 to the Terminal.0.9
SR 1026Donahue Road—From US 30 to T-675.0.4
SR 3077Edna Road—From the StJohnsbury Terminal to US 30.0.3
SR 3099Willow Crossing Road—From PA 136 to US 119.2.1
SR 4093From PA 56 to SR 2065 at the Armstrong County Line.1.0
T-675Hugh Black Road—From SR 1026 to the Terminal.0.2
Center Avenue—From I-70 (Exit 26) to the UPS Terminal in New Stanton.0.8
Fairview Avenue—From US 119 to PA 819.0.4
Garvin Avenue—From Jamison Avenue to PA 819.0.2
Jamison Avenue—From the Consolidated Freight Terminal to PA 819.0.1
SR 3029Loucks Mill Road—From Windsor Street to US 30.0.5
T-482Bowman Road—From US 30 to Roadway Express.0.2
T-956Susquehanna Trail—From Church Road to I-83 (Exit 12).4.7
State Street—From Windsor Street to Township Limit.0.2
Windsor Street—From SR 3029 to State Street.0.3
Country Club Road—From Richland Avenue to S. George Street.1.0
Lamont Road—From the Terminal to Limekiln Road.0.1
Limekiln Road—From I-83 (Exit 18A) to Lamont Road.0.5
Moulstown Road—From PA 194 to Pillontex Terminal in Hanover.0.6
Richland Avenue—From Country Club Road to Zinns Quarry Road.0.1
South George Street—From I-83 (Exit 5) to Country Club Road.2.0
Zinns Quarry Road—From Roadway Services to Richland Avenue.0.1


    Routes available for 102-inch wide single trailer with maximum trailer length for single trailer combinations of 53 feet. NO TWIN TRAILERS PERMITTED ON THESE ROUTES. Access approval is necessary to leave these approved routes.

PA 29From PA 63 to 8th Street in Red Hill Borough. (Montgomery)3.3
PA 34From I-81 (exit 14) to the Ahlstrom Filtration Plant at the junction of PA 34 & PA 94. (Cumberland)6.4
SR 1007From I-80 to Hedrick Street.2.5
Grand Avenue—From Hedrick Street to Owens-Brockway Glass Container Plant.0.1
Hedrick Street—From SR 1007 to Grand Avenue.0.2
SR 1025Market Street—From US 11 South to Ninth Street.0.4
Columbia Avenue—From Vine Street to Mulberry Street.0.1
Mulberry Street—From Columbia Avenue to US 11 South.0.8
Ninth Street—From Market Street to Mulberry Street.0.2
Pine Street—From US 11 North to US 11 South.0.1
Vine Street—From US 11 North to Columbia Avenue.0.1
Butler Street—From PA 34 to the Ahlstrom Filtration Plant.0.1
7th Street—From PA 29 to Washington Street.0.1
8th Street—From PA 29 to Washington Street.0.1
Washington Street—From 7th to 8th Streets.0.2


    Routes available for 102-inch wide single trailer with maximum trailer length for single trailer combinations of 48 feet. Access approval is necessary to leave these approved routes.

US 6From US 15 at Mansfield to US 220. (Bradford & Tioga)33.3
US 19 TruckFrom PA 51 to I-279. (Allegheny)0.4
US 30From I-81 (Exit 6) to Beverage Transportation Inc. (Adams & York)43.5
PA 18From PA 358 to Crestview Drive. (Mercer)3.7
PA 29From PA 63 to SR 1036 (Sixth Street). (Montgomery)9.6
PA 34From SR 1020 in Idaville to I-81. (Adams & Cumberland)10.4
PA 34From I-81 (Exit 14) to the Masland Terminal. (Cumberland)1.6
PA 51From SR 2040 (Curry Hollow Rd.) to US 19 TRUCK. (Allegheny)8.4
PA 87From US 220 to PA 487. (Sullivan)0.3
PA 194From PA 234 to Beaver Creek Storage. (Adams)4.4
PA 209From SR 2013 to US 6. (Pike)0.4
PA 358From PA 18 to T-352. (Mercer)1.7
PA 426From US 6 to PA 27. (Erie & Warren)15.0
PA 487From PA 87 to Materials Process Plant. (Sullivan)4.5
PA 796From PA 41 to Chester County Plastics. (Chester)4.4
SR 3011From US 30 to Knouse Foods—Orrtanna terminal.3.7
Fifty Eight Street—From PA 764 to Industrial Avenue.0.2
Industrial Avenue—From 58th Street to Schmidt Baking Co.0.2
County Line Road—From PA 611 to Titus Avenue.0.6
Titus Avenue—From County Line Road to Bearing’s Terminal.0.1
Cypress Street—From Washington Street to US 1.1.4
Newark Road—From US 1 to Modern Mushroom Plant.0.2
State Street—From US 1 to Washington Street in Kennett Square.1.4
Washington Street—From State Street to N.V.F. Co.0.3
Worthington Street—From Market Street to Gay Street.0.1
SR 2003From PA 34 to 211 Mill Street (PPG Plant).0.9
Railroad Avenue—From PA 641 to Terminal Drive.0.2
East North Street—From PA 34 to Ettinger Terminal.0.6
Penn Street—From PA 291 to Scott Paper Co. in Chester.0.2
SR 2003From US 219 to BFI Landfill.1.4
Shady Avenue—From the Foamex Terminal in Corry to PA 426.0.1
SR 1020Gallatin Avenue—From W. Kerr Street to SR 1051 (Bute Road).1.0
Meason Street—From 7th Street to N. 4th Street in Connellsville.0.2
Monroe Street—From the Terminal in Uniontown to W. Kerr Street.0.1
North Fourth Street—From Meason Street to the Terminal in Connellsville.0.1
Seventh Street—From US 119 to Meason Street in Connellsville.0.1
West Kerr Street—From Gallatin Avenue to Monroe Street in Uniontown.0.1
Dick Street—From Main Street to Wood Street in Old Forge.0.1
Wood Street—From the TOPPS Plant in Old Forge to Dick Street.0.3
SR 1023West Sixth Street—From Valley Distribution Terminal to US 11.0.3
SR 2009Kidder Street—From Conyngham Avenue to PA 309 BUS.0.2
SR 2017Yatesville Road—From City Delivery’s Terminal to Valley Distribution and Storage Co.0.1
SR 2022North Main Street—From Johnson Street to Biscontini Warehouse and Distribution Center.0.8
SR 2035Laurel Street—From Rock Street to Main Street.0.3
Bombay Lane—From US 11 to Berwick Industries.0.3
Conyngham Avenue—From Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilkes-Barre to SR 2009.0.3
Division Street—From E.R. Trucking in Kingston to US 11.0.4
Johnson Street—From N. Main Street in Wilkes-Barre to Pennsylvania Avenue.0.2
Maplewood Drive—From the Terminal to PA 924.0.3
Pennsylvania Avenue—From Conyngham Avenue to Johnson Street in Wilkes-Barre.0.4
Rock Street—From Scranton Litho Terminal to SR 2035.0.9
Welles Street—From US 11 in Forty Fort to the Acme Distribution Center.0.4
SR 2016Washington Boulevard—From 240 ft. west of Pennsylvania Avenue; east to Shiffler Avenue.0.2
SR 2056Shiffler Avenue—From I-180 to SR 2016.0.1
Hadtner Street—From Neece Paper Co. to Pennsylvania Avenue.0.1
Pennsylvania Avenue—From Washington Blvd. to Hadtner Street.0.1
SR 3004Victor Posner Boulevard—From PA 18 to Freedland Road.1.2
Freedland Road—From SR 3004 to the Bell of PA Terminal in Hermitage.0.3
South Main Street—From US 522 to W. Water Street in Lewistown.0.2
West Water Street—From Juniata Street to S. Main Street in Lewistown.0.1
SR 1036From PA 29 to Railroad Street.0.3
Gerryville Pike—From PA 663 to James Road.1.6
James Road—From Gerryville Pike to Sixth Street.0.7
Railroad Street—From SR 1036 to Laminations Inc. Plant.0.1
Sixth Street—From James Road to Railroad Street.0.1
State Street—From Water Street to Pillsbury’s Terminal in E. Greenville.0.6
Water Street—From PA 29 to State Street in E. Greenville.0.6
Adams Avenue—From US 1 to Whitaker Avenue.0.1
Aramingo Avenue—From I-95 to SR 1004.0.6
Blue Grass Avenue—From Grant Avenue to US 1.0.3
Bridge Street—From Aramingo Avenue to I-95.0.2
Erie Avenue—From "G" Street to Torresdale Avenue.1.1
Fifty Ninth Street—From Lancaster Avenue to Upland Way.0.2
Front Street—From Pattison Avenue to Oregon Avenue.0.8
Grant Avenue—From US 1 to Blue Grass Road.0.3
Harrison Avenue—From Whitaker Avenue to Mrs. Paul’s Driveway.0.1
Packer Avenue—From 7th Street to Front Street.0.6
Pattison Avenue—From 7th Street to Front Street.0.6
Seventh Street—From Pattison Avenue to I-76.0.5
Torresdale Avenue—From Erie Avenue to Armingo Avenue.1.0
Whitaker Avenue—From US 1 to Harrison Avenue.0.3
Atlantic Avenue—From Liberty Street to City Line.1.3
Bully Hill Road—From 3rd Street to City Line.0.4
Main Street—From PA 257 to Mong’s Dairy.1.2
Third Street—From Liberty Street to Bully Hill Road in Franklin.0.2
Lexington Avenue—From Parker Avenue to the GTE Terminal in Warren.0.1
Parker Avenue—From Lexington Avenue to US 6 in Warren.0.1
SR 4008Langeloth Road—From the Terminal to PA 18.0.9
SR 3036Pittsburgh Street—From PA 819 to the Terminal in Scottsdale.0.1
SR 3101Thomas School Road—From T-784 to PA 136.0.3
SR 4006Agnew Road—From US 30 to the Terminal.2.2
T-784Charlie Bros. Road—From T-374 (Woodward Dr. Ext.) to Garden Street.0.5
T-784Garden Street—From Charlie Bros. Road to SR 3101.0.2
Bridge Street—From the Terminal in Scottdale to SR 3036.0.1
Finley Road—From the Terminal to I-70 (Exit 21).1.2
Linden Avenue—From the Terminal in New Kensington to PA 366.0.1
Mt. Pleasant Road—From PA 819 to the Terminal in Scottdale.0.1
T-468From Northern Pallet Co. to US 6.0.8
T-601From SR 2045 to the Peach Bottom Plant.1.5


    Routes available for the size trailer identified in the following PARTS. Access approval is necessary to leave any of these approved routes.
102-inch wide Maxi Cubes:

US 1 Bus.Lincoln Highway—From US 1 to Oxford Valley Mall. (Bucks)4.9
US 322From US 222 to E. Earl Road. (Lancaster)8.0
PA 10From PA 23 to I-76 (Exit 22). (Berks)1.0
PA 65From Ferry Street to PA 989. (Allegheny & Beaver)2.2
PA 194From PA 97 to Bletner Avenue. (Adams & York)7.0
PA 209From SR 2013 to US 6. (Pike)0.4
PA 443From PA 902 to US 209. (Carbon)1.0
Bletner Avenue—From Shultz Food Terminal to PA 194.0.5
SR 1010Carlisle Pike—From 4205 Carlisle Pike to US 11.1.5
East Earl Road—From Rank Road to US 322.2.0
Rank Road—From PA 23 to E. Earl Road.0.5
PA 940From 28th Street to Garland Industries.6.1
Kiwanis Boulevard—From SR 3026 to Rotary Drive.0.2
Rotary Drive—From Kiwanis Blvd. to ABF Freight Systems Terminal.0.2
28th Street—From PA 309 to PA 940.0.3
Bletner Avenue—From Shultz Foods to PA 194.0.5

102-inch wide 45-foot long trailers

US 11From Kinney Corp. to Parker Street (Borough of Carlisle). (Cumberland)0.6
US 322From US 222 to PA 272. (Lancaster)2.6
PA 272From US 322 to Ephrata Community Hospital. (Lancaster)0.4
Belvedere Street—From US 11 (High Street) to South Street.0.2
Parker Street—From the Carlisle Hospital to US 11 (High Street).0.3
South Street—Between Belvedere Street and Parker Street.0.2


   102-inch wide 48-foot long trailers with a 60 foot
maximum overall combination length:

US 220From I-180 at Halls to Picture Rocks. (Lycoming)8.5
US 220From S & K Pallet Inc. to PA 414. (Bradford, Lycoming & Sullivan)43.2
PA 8From I-376 to Dahlem Street. (Allegheny)3.0
PA 54From PA 254 to I-80 (Exit 33). SOUTHBOUND ONLY. (Montour)4.7
PA 54From SR 4003 to I-180. NORTHBOUND ONLY. (Montour & Northumberland)6.1
PA 54From SR 4003 to SR 1002. SOUTHBOUND ONLY. (Montour)2.7
PA 65From California Avenue to SR 3104. (Allegheny)1.1
PA 88From SR 3038 (Connor Rd.) to SR 3009 (S. Park Rd.). (Allegheny)2.1
PA 148From Ninth Avenue to PA 48. (Allegheny)2.3
PA 187From US 6 in Wysox to the NY State Line. (Bedford)18.9
PA 254From SR 1003 to PA 54. WESTBOUND ONLY. (Montour)0.6
PA 405From PA 44 in Dewart to Brouse Road in Montgomery. (Lycoming & Northumberland)5.6
PA 405From PA 442 to US 220 in Hughesville. (Lycoming)3.2
Andrews Drive—From Douglas Drive to the terminal.0.1
California Avenue—From PA 65 to the terminal.0.8
Church Road—From SR 4009 (Babcock Blvd.) to the terminal.1.2
Dahlem Street—From PA 380 to the terminal.0.2
Douglas Drive—From Robinson Blvd. to Andrews Drive.0.1
Hope Hollow Road—From PA 50 to PA 121 (Greentree Road).0.8
Industrial Boulevard—From SR 3009 to the terminal.0.4
Market Street—From Ninth Avenue to PA 148.0.6
Monter Street—From Park Street to Robinson Blvd.0.4
Ninth Avenue—From PA 148 to Market Street.0.1
SR 4007Matthews Road—From US 224 to the terminal.0.1
T-853 & T-858Village Road—From US 220 to Linear Dynamics.0.4
Broad Street—From Montgomery Sportswear to Thomas Avenue in Montgomery.0.1
Miller Avenue—From Thomas Avenue to Brodart in Montgomery.0.1
Miller Avenue—From Lending Textiles to Thomas Avenue in Montgomery.0.1
Thomas Avenue—From Broad Street in Montgomery to PA 405.0.2
SR 1002Washingtonville Bypass—From PA 54 to SR 1003. EASTBOUND ONLY.0.9
SR 1003Washingtonville Bypass—From SR 1002 to PA 254. SOUTHBOUND ONLY.1.0
SR 4003From the Strick Plant to PA 54. NORTHEASTBOUND ONLY.0.6

96-inch wide 53-foot long trailers:

PA 286From US 22 to Pine Valley Drive.2.3
Pine Valley Drive—From PA 286 to the terminal.0.2

96-inch wide 48-foot long trailers greater than
60-foot overall combination length:

SR 1006Old US 222—From US 222 to SR 1006.0.5
SR 1006Crystal Cave Road - From US 222 to SR 1006.0.1
T-750Halls Road - From SR 1006 to the terminal.0.1

96-inch wide 28 1/2-foot long twin trailers combinations

Graham Road—From Helen Street to Sexton Road.0.3
Maryland Road—From SR 2073 to Cedar Avenue.0.2
Poplar Street—From Bridge Street to the end.0.5
Sexton Road—From Graham Road to the LTL Terminal.0.1
SR 1006Old US 222—From US 222 to SR 1006.0.5
SR 1006Crystal Cave Road - From US 222 to SR 1006.0.1
T-750Halls Road—From SR 1006 to the terminal.0.1
SR 2020William Penn Highway—From Farmersville Road to 25th Street.3.6
Farmersville Road—From SR 2020 to the terminal.0.2
PA 443From I-81 (Exit 31) to the Roadway Terminal.14.6
SR 2016From the UPS Terminal in Arnot to US 15.1.7

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