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31.1.    Definitions.
31.2.    Open-records officers.
31.3.    Cooperation.

§ 31.1. Definitions.

 The following words and terms, when used in this chapter, have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

   Appeals officer—The individual responsible, under section 503(c)(1) of the law (65 P. S. §  67.503(c)(1)), for appeals from determinations of an open-records officer.

   Bureau—The Legislative Reference Bureau.

   Law—The Right-to-Know Law (65 P. S. § §  67.101—67.3104).

   Legislative agency—Any of the following:

     (i)   The Senate.

     (ii)   The House of Representatives.

     (iii)   The Bureau.

     (iv)   The Capitol Preservation Committee.

     (v)   The Center for Rural Pennsylvania.

     (vi)   The Joint Legislative Air and Water Pollution Control and Conservation Committee.

     (vii)   The Joint State Government Commission.

     (viii)   The Legislative Budget and Finance Committee.

     (ix)   The Legislative Data Processing Committee.

     (x)   The Independent Regulatory Review Commission.

     (xi)   The Local Government Commission.

     (xii)   The Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing.

     (xiii)   The Legislative Reapportionment Commission.

     (xiv)   The Legislative Office for Research Liaison.

     (xv)   The Legislative Audit Advisory Commission.

   Legislative service agency record—A legislative record of a legislative service agency.

   Legislative record—As defined in section 102 of the law (65 P. S. §  67.102).

   Legislative service agency—A legislative agency other than the Senate or the House of Representatives.

   Mass request—A number of requests under the law to which all of the following apply:

     (i)   Each request is for the same legislative record.

     (ii)   Each request is to the same legislative service agency.

     (iii)   The number exceeds the daily average number of requests to the legislative service agency by at least 200%.

     (iv)   The requests are substantially identical in format and language.

     (v)   The open-records officer is able to trace the requests to a common source.

   Nonadjudicative legislative service agency—A legislative service agency other than the Bureau or the Legislative Reapportionment Commission.

   Office of Open Records—The Office of Open Records established in section 1310 of the law (65 P. S. §  67.1310).

   Open-records officer—The individual responsible for access to the information of a legislative service agency under section 502(a)(2) of the law (65 P. S. §  67.502(a)(2)).

   Requester—A person that makes a request for information from a legislative service agency under the law.

§ 31.2. Open-records officers.

 (a)  Designation.

   (1)  Under section 502(a)(2) of the law (65 P.S. §  67.502(a)(2)), the Bureau will coordinate with each nonadjudicative legislative service agency to do one of the following:

     (i)   Accept the nonadjudicative legislative service agency’s designation of the open-records officer.

     (ii)   Designate the head of the nonadjudicative legislative service agency as the open-records officer.

   (2)  The designations under paragraph (1) are as follows:

     (i)   The Bureau’s designation is set forth in §  31.12 (relating to contact information).

     (ii)   The Capitol Preservation Committee:

     Open-Records Officer Capitol Preservation Committee Room 630, Main Capitol Building Harrisburg, PA 17120 Fax: (717) 772-0742 E-mail:

     (iii)   The Center for Rural Pennsylvania:

     Open-Records Officer The Center for Rural Pennsylvania 625 Forster Street Room 902 Harrisburg, PA 17120 Fax: (717) 772-3587 E-mail:

     (iv)   (Reserved).

     (v)   The Joint State Government Commission:

     Open-Records Officer Joint State Government Commission 108 Finance Building Harrisburg, PA 17120 Fax: (717) 783-9380 E-mail:

     (vi)   The Legislative Budget and Finance Committee:

     Open-Records Officer Legislative Budget and Finance Committee 400 Finance Building P. O. Box 8737 Harrisburg, PA 17105-8737 Fax: (717) 787-5487 E-mail:

     (vii)   The Legislative Data Processing Center:

     Open-Records Officer Legislative Data Processing Center G-27 North Office Building Harrisburg, PA 17120 Fax: (717) 772-1652 E-mail:

     (viii)   The Independent Regulatory Review Commission:

     Open-Records Officer Independent Regulatory Review Commission 333 Market Street, 14th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17101 Fax: (717) 783-2664 E-mail:

     (ix)   The Local Government Commission:

     Open-Records Officer Local Government Commission Senate Box 203078 Harrisburg, PA 17120-3078 Fax: (717) 772-4524 E-mail:

     (x)   The Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing:

     Open-Records Officer Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing P. O. Box 1045 Harrisburg, PA 17108-1045 Fax: (717) 772-8892

     (xi)   The Legislative Audit Advisory Commission:

     Open-Records Officer Legislative Audit Advisory Commission 211 Ryan Office Building P.O. Box 202099 Harrisburg, PA 17120-2099 Fax: (717) 705-1986 E-mail:

   (3)  The Legislative Reapportionment Commission:

     Open-Records Officer Legislative Data Processing Center G-27 North Office Building Harrisburg, PA 17120 Fax: (717) 772-1652 E-mail:

   (4)  The Independent Fiscal Office:

     Open-Records Officer Independent Fiscal Office Second Floor, Rachel Carson Building Harrisburg, PA 17105 Telephone: (717) 230-8293 E-mail:

 (b)  Notice. As soon as possible after the designation under subsection (a)(2) and (3), the Bureau will publish the designations in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.


   The provisions of this §  31.2 amended September 2, 2011, effective September 3, 2011, 41 Pa.B. 4775; amended January 6, 2012, effective January 7, 2012, 42 Pa.B. 29; amended April 24, 2015, effective April 25, 2015, 45 Pa.B. 2051; amended March 18, 2022, effective March 19, 2022, 52 Pa.B. 1642. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (392506), (376661) to (376662) and (406803).

Cross References

   This section cited in 101 Pa. Code §  303.2 (relating to open-records officer); and 101 Pa. Code §  701.4 (relating to open-records officer).

§ 31.3. Cooperation.

 The Bureau will assist nonadjudicative legislative service agencies with all of the following:

   (1)  Request entries under section 502(b)(2)(i) of the law (65 P. S. §  67.502(b)(2)(i)).

   (2)  Time periods under section 502(b)(2)(ii) of the law.

   (3)  Interim responses under section 502(b)(1) of the law.

   (4)  Final responses under section 502(b)(1) of the law.

   (5)  Dispositions under section 502(b)(2)(iii) of the law.

   (6)  Implementation of Subchapter C (relating to appellate procedure).

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