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Pennsylvania Code



 PART I. Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services
    Chapter 1. Meat Hygiene   
    Chapter 3. Health Requirements for Importation and Intrastate Transportation of Animals   
    Chapter 3a. Temporary Guidelines for the Importation and Intrastate Transportation of Cervids and Camelids—Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 5. Animal Markets   
    Chapter 7. Brucellosis Regulations   
    Chapter 8. Appraisal and Indemnity for Diseased Animals   
    Chapter 9. Control and Eradication of Tuberculosis of Livestock   
    Chapter 10. Pseudorabies Disease   
    Chapter 11. Johne’s Disease   
    Chapter 12. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 13. Poultry Hygiene   
    Chapter 15. Control and Eradication of Pullorum Disease   
    Chapter 16. Rabies Prevention and Control   
    Chapter 17. Miscellaneous Provisions   
    Chapter 17a. Interim Guidelines for Approval of Optional Training Programs for Humane Society Police Officers—Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 19. Poultry Haulers and Dealers   
    Chapter 20. Conditions and Requirements Under Which Domestic Animals May be Offered as Prizes   
 PART II. Dog Law Enforcement Bureau
    Chapter 21. General Provisions; Kennels; Licensure; Dog-Caused Damages   
    Chapter 23. Funding for Local Dog Control Programs   
    Chapter 25. Reimbursement for Humane Disposition of Dogs and Reimbursement for Losses   
    Chapter 27. Dangerous Dogs   
    Chapter 28. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 28a. Commercial Kennel Canine Health Regulations   
    Chapter 28b. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 28c. Commercial Kennel Ventilation Requirements for Areas Where Puppies Are Housed in Primary Enclosures with a Dam or Foster Dam—Statement of Policy    
 PART III. Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services
  Subpart A. Solid Foods
    Chapter 31. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 35. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 37. Frozen Foods   
    Chapter 39. Frozen Desserts Standards   
    Chapter 41. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 43. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 45. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 46. Food Code   
    Chapter 47. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 49. Shellfish   
  Subpart B. Liquid Foods
    Chapter 53. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 55. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 57. Milk and Dairy Products—General Provisions   
    Chapter 59. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 59a. Milk Sanitation   
    Chapter 61. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 63. [Reserved]   
  Subpart C. Miscellaneous Provisions
    Chapter 71. Commercial Feed   
    Chapter 72. Pet Food   
    Chapter 73. Fertilizers   
    Chapter 75. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 76. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 77. Sale and Manufacture of Whey   
    Chapter 78. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 79. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 80. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 81. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 82. Seasonal Farm Labor Camps   
 PART IV. Bureau of Market Development
    Chapter 83. Preparation of Frozen and Liquid Eggs   
    Chapter 85. Egg Certification   
    Chapter 87. Standards for Grading and Marketing Eggs   
    Chapter 88. Egg Refrigeration Requirements   
    Chapter 93. Controlled Atmosphere Storage for Apples   
    Chapter 95. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 96. Standards of Quality for Grading and Classifying Grapes, Potatoes, Apples and Peaches   
    Chapter 97. Container Standards   
    Chapter 99. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 100. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 101. Standards for Grading Veal Calves   
    Chapter 102. Pennsylvania Agricultural Fair Program   
    Chapter 103. Referendums   
    Chapter 104. Enforcement of Marketing Programs   
    Chapter 105. Pennsylvania Agricultural Product Promotion Matching Grant Program—Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 106. Aquaculture Development Plan   
 PART V. Bureau of Plant Industry
    Chapter 108. Agricultural Liming Materials   
    Chapter 110. Noxious Weeds   
    Chapter 111. Seed Testing, Labeling and Standards   
    Chapter 113. General Provisions for Seed Certification   
    Chapter 115. Standards for Seed Certification   
    Chapter 117. Bee Shipments   
    Chapter 118. Nurserymen, Dealers and Nursery Agents   
    Chapter 119. Inspection and Certification of Nursery Stock   
    Chapter 120. Fruit Tree Improvement Program   
    Chapter 122. Certification of Virus-Tested Geraniums   
    Chapter 123. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 125. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 127. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 128. Pesticides   
    Chapter 128a. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 128b. CHEMSWEEP Pesticide Disposal Program   
    Chapter 129. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 130a. Soil Conditioners and Plant Growth Substances   
    Chapter 130b. Nutrient Management Certification   
    Chapter 130c. Sustainable Agriculture Programs   
    Chapter 130d. Application of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated with Agricultural Chemicals to Agricultural Lands   
    Chapter 130e. Commercial Manure Hauler and Broker Certification   
    Chapter 130f. Odor Management Certification   
 PART V-A. Rules of Procedure
    Chapter 131. Rules of Practice and Procedure   
    Chapter 133. New or Amended Pari-Mutual License Applications—Statement of Policy   
 PART V-B. Bureau of Rural Affairs
    Chapter 135. [Reserved]   
 PART V-C. Farmland and Forest Land
    Chapter 136. Sewer and Water Line Assessment Exemption   
    Chapter 137. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 137a. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 137b. Preferential Assessment of Farmland and Forest Land under the Clean and Green Act   
    Chapter 138. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 138a. Family Farm Development Program   
    Chapter 138b. Agricultural Entrepreneur Development Program— Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 138c. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 138d. Agricultural Technology Loan Program— Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 138e. Agricultural Conservation Easement Purchase Program   
    Chapter 138f. Agricultural and Rural Youth Organization Grant Program Guidelines—Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 138g. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 138h. Agricultural Land Conservation Assistance Grant Program   
    Chapter 138i. Farm Safety and Occupational Health Tuition Assistance Program   
    Chapter 138j. Farm Safety and Occupational Health Developmental and Instructional Program Grants   
    Chapter 138k. Farm Safety and Occupational Health Grant Program   
    Chapter 138l. Agricultural Security Area Program.   
 PART V-D. Amusement Rides and Amusement Attractions
    Chapter 139. Amusement Rides and Attractions Erected Permanently or Temporarily at Carnivals, Fairs and Amusement Parks   
    Chapter 139a. Safety Standards for Bungee Jumping   
 PART VI. Milk Marketing Board
    Chapter 141. Preliminary Provisions   
    Chapter 143. Transactions between Dealers and Producers   
    Chapter 144. Electronic Methods for Testing Milk for Fat and Component Content   
    Chapter 145. [Reserved].   
    Chapter 146. Transactions Between Dealers and Customers   
    Chapter 147. Records and Reports   
    Chapter 149. Uniform System of Accounts   
    Chapter 150. Milk Marketing Fees   
    Chapter 151. Security Funds, Bonding and Alternative Security   
 PART VII. Bureau of Government Donated Food
    Chapter 160. State Food Purchase Program   
 PART VIII. State Horse Racing Commission
  Subpart A. General Provisions
    Chapter 171. Preliminary Provisions—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 173. Commission Operations and Organization—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 175. Bureau of Standardbred Horse Racing—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 177. Bureau of Thoroughbred Horse Racing—Temporary Regu- lations   
    Chapter 179. Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure— Temporary Regulations   
  Subpart B. Licensing
    Chapter 181. Licensed Racing Entities—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 183. Secondary Pari-Mutuel Organizations—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 185. Occupational Licenses—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 187. Racing Vendors and Totalisators—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 189. Nonprimary Locations—Temporary Regulations   
  Subpart C. Pari-Mutuel Wagering
    Chapter 191. General Provisions—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 193. Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Tickets—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 195. Simulcasting—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 197. Advance Deposit Account Wagering—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 199. Common Pool Wagering—Temporary Regulations   
  Subpart D. Standardbred Rules of Racing (Harness)
    Chapter 201. General Provisions—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 203. Licensing, Duties and Responsibilities of Standardbred Occupational Licensees—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 205. Rules of Standardbred Racing—Temporary Regulations   
  Subpart E. Thoroughbred Rules of Racing (Horse)
    Chapter 301. General Provisions—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 303. Licensing, Duties and Responsibilities of Thoroughbred Occupational Licensees—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 305. Rules of Thoroughbred Racing—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 307. Pennsylvania Breeders’ Fund Program—Temporary Regulations   
  Subpart F. Foreign Substances, Medications, Drugs and Equine Veterinary Practices
    Chapter 401. Prohibited and Unlawful Practices—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 403. Equine Veterinary Practices—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 405. Out-of-Competition Testing Program—Temporary Regulations   
    Chapter 407. Physical Inspection of Horses—Temporary Regulations   

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