Pennsylvania Code & Bulletin

• No statutes or acts will be found at this website.

The Pennsylvania Bulletin website includes the following: Rulemakings by State agencies; Proposed Rulemakings by State agencies; State agency notices; the Governor’s Proclamations and Executive Orders; Actions by the General Assembly; and Statewide and local court rules.

List of agencies for the Pennsylvania Bulletin.
Agency Description
Aging Department of Aging
Agriculture Department of Agriculture
Allegheny County Allegheny County
AOPC Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
APHC Arbitration Panels for Health Care
Athletic Commission State Athletic Commission
ATNCA Area Transportation Authority of North Central Pennsylvania
Auditor General Department of the Auditor General
Auto Theft Prevention Automobile Theft Prevention Authority
Banking & Securities Department of Banking & Securities
Bd of Claims Board of Claims
BGDF Bureau of Government Donated Food
BLCE Bureau of Legislation, Commissions and Elections
Board of Coal Mine Safety Board of Coal Mine Safety
BPOA Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs
Budget Office of the Budget
Bureau of Land Records Bureau of Land Records
Canine Health Board Canine Health Board
Capitol Preservation Capitol Preservation Committee
CCAC Community College of Allegheny County
Charitable Organizations Commission on Charitable Organizations
Ches Adv Comm Chesapeake Bay Advisory Committee to the State Conservation Commission
Civil Service Civil Service Commission
CJDRP Court of Judicial Discipline Rules of Procedure
CLEBoard Continuing Legal Education Board
Coal and Clay Subsidence Coal and Clay Mine Subsidence Insurance Board
Comm Ref Res Gov Pennsylvania Commission to Reform and Restructure Government
Commerce Department of Commerce
Commission for Women Pennsylvania Commission for Women
Commission on Crime & Delinq Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency
Community & Economic Dev Department of Community and Economic Development
Comwlth Ct Commonwealth Court
Conservation Commission State Conservation Commission
Consumer Protection Bureau of Consumer Protection
Convention Authority Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority
Coroners Education Coroners Education Board
Corporation Bureau Corporation Bureau
Corrections Department of Corrections
Council on Aging Council on Aging
Crime Commission Pennsylvania Crime Commision
Crime Victims Compensation Crime Victims Compensation Board
CSTJEC Conference of State Trial Judges Ethics Committee
DCA Department of Community Affairs
DCNR Department of Conservation and Natural Resource
DDAP Department of Drug And Alcohol Programs
Delaware Port Auth Delaware River Port Authority
DEP Department of Environmental Protection
Developmental Disabilities Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
DGS Department of General Services
DHS Department of Human Services
Disc Bd R Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court
District Justices District Justices
DOT Department of Transportation
DPW Department of Public Welfare
DRBC Delaware River Basin Commission
Education Department of Education
EHB Environmental Hearing Board
Energy Pennsylvania Energy Office
EQB Environmental Quality Board
Ethics State Ethics Commission
Exec Bd Executive Board
Finance Board of Finance and Revenue
Financing Authority Commonwealth Financing Authority
Fish and Boat Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
GA General Assembly
Game Pennsylvania Game Commission
Gov Advisory on Education Governor's Advisory Commission on Postsecondary Education
Gov Alzheimers Disease Comm Governor's Alzheimer's Disease Planning Committee
Gov Marcellus Shale Commission Governor's Marcellus Shale Advisory Commission
Governor Council Privatization Governor's Advistory Council on Privatization and Innovation
Governors Health Care Reform Governors Office of Health Care Reform
Governors Office Governors Office
Harness Racing State Harness Racing Commision
HCCCC Health Care Cost Containment Council
Health Department of Health
Horse Racing State Horse Racing Commision
House of Representatives House of Representatives of Pennsylvania
HRIC Human Resources Investment Council
Human Relations Human Relations Commission
Ins Insurance Department
Ins Fraud Prevention Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority
Inter Gov Coop for Harrisburg Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority for the City of Harrisburg
Interbranch Interbranch Commission for Gender, Racial and Ethnic Fairness
IRRC Independent Regulatory Review Commission
JCB Judicial Conduct Board
JCD Joint Committee on Documents
JCJC Juvenile Court Judges Commission
JIRB Judicial Inquiry and Review Board
Jud Coun R Judicial Council of PA
Jud Sys Gen Pro Judicial System General Provisions
Judicial Conduct Judicial Conduct
L&I Department of Labor and Industry
Labor Relations Labor Relations Board
Lawyer Trust Acct Bd Lawyer Trust Account Board
LCB Liquor Control Board
Lobbying Disclosure Lobbying Disclosure Committee
Local Gov Commission Local Government Commission
Local Rules Local Court Rules
Local Rules - Adams Local Rules - Adams County
Local Rules - Allegheny Local Rules - Allegheny County
Local Rules - Armstrong Local Rules - Armstrong County
Local Rules - Beaver Local Rules - Beaver County
Local Rules - Bedford Local Rules - Bedford County
Local Rules - Berks Local Rules - Berks County
Local Rules - Blair Local Rules - Blair County
Local Rules - Bradford Local Rules - Bradford County
Local Rules - Bucks Local Rules - Bucks County
Local Rules - Butler Local Rules - Butler County
Local Rules - Cambria Local Rules - Cambria County
Local Rules - Cameron Local Rules - Cameron
Local Rules - Cameron & Elk Local Rules - Cameron & Elk
Local Rules - Carbon Local Rules - Carbon County
Local Rules - Centre Local Rules - Centre County
Local Rules - Chester Local Rules - Chester County
Local Rules - Clarion Local Rules - Clarion County
Local Rules - Clearfield Local Rules - Clearfield County
Local Rules - Clinton Local Rules - Clinton County
Local Rules - Columbia Local Rules - Columbia County
Local Rules - Columbia & Montour Local Rules - Columbia & Montour
Local Rules - Crawford Local Rules - Crawford County
Local Rules - Cumberland Local Rules - Cumberland County
Local Rules - Dauphin Local Rules - Dauphin County
Local Rules - Delaware Local Rules - Delaware County
Local Rules - Elk Local Rules - Elk County
Local Rules - Erie Local Rules - Erie County
Local Rules - Fayette Local Rules - Fayette County
Local Rules - Forest Local Rules - Forest County
Local Rules - Forest & Warren Local Rules - Forest & Warren
Local Rules - Franklin Local Rules - Franklin County
Local Rules - Franklin & Fulton Local Rules - Franklin and Fulton Counties
Local Rules - Fulton Local Rules - Fulton County
Local Rules - Greene Local Rules - Greene County
Local Rules - Huntingdon Local Rules - Huntingdon
Local Rules - Indiana Local Rules - Indiana County
Local Rules - Jefferson Local Rules - Jefferson County
Local Rules - Juniata Local Rules - Juniata County
Local Rules - Lackawanna Local Rules - Lackawanna County
Local Rules - Lancaster Local Rules - Lancaster County
Local Rules - Lawrence Local Rules - Lawrence County
Local Rules - Lebanon Local Rules - Lebanon County
Local Rules - Lehigh Local Rules - Lehigh County
Local Rules - Luzerne Local Rules - Luzerne County
Local Rules - Lycoming Local Rules - Lycoming County
Local Rules - McKean Local Rules - McKean County
Local Rules - Mercer Local Rules - Mercer County
Local Rules - Mifflin Local Rules - Mifflin County
Local Rules - Monroe Local Rules - Monroe County
Local Rules - Montgomery Local Rules - Montgomery County
Local Rules - Montour Local Rules - Montour County
Local Rules - Northampton Local Rules - Northampton County
Local Rules - Northumberland Local Rules - Northumberland County
Local Rules - Perry Local Rules - Perry
Local Rules - Perry & Juniata Local Rules - Perry & Juniata
Local Rules - Pike Local Rules - Pike County
Local Rules - Potter Local Rules - Potter County
Local Rules - Schuylkill Local Rules - Schuylkill County
Local Rules - Snyder Local Rules - Snyder County
Local Rules - Snyder & Union Local Rules - Snyder & Union
Local Rules - Somerset Local Rules - Somerset County
Local Rules - Sullivan Local Rules - Sullivan County
Local Rules - Sullivan & Wyoming Local Rules - Sullivan & Wyoming
Local Rules - Susquehanna Local Rules - Susquehanna County
Local Rules - Tioga Local Rules - Tioga County
Local Rules - Union Local Rules - Union County
Local Rules - Venango Local Rules - Venango
Local Rules - Warren Local Rules - Warren County
Local Rules - Washington Local Rules - Washington County
Local Rules - Wayne Local Rules - Wayne County
Local Rules - Westmoreland Local Rules - Westmoreland County
Local Rules - Wyoming Local Rules - Wyoming County
Local Rules - York Local Rules - York County
LRB Legislative Reference Bureau
Lt Gov Lieutenant Governor
MCR Minor Court Rules
Mgt & Cost Force Improve Management Performance and Cost Control Task Force
Military & Veterans Affairs Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Milk Marketing Milk Marketing Board
Minor Court Minor Court Civil Rules
MPLCLFund Medical Professional Liability Catastrophe Loss Fund
Mun Off Tr Comm Muncipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission
Municipal Ret Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement Board
Nav Com Del R Navigation Commission for the Delaware River and its Navigable Tributaries
NCPRPDC North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission
OA Office of Administration
OAG Office of Attorney General
Office of Fire Commissioner Office of the State Fire Commissioner
OGC Office of General Council
OOR Office of Open Records
Orphans Court Pennsylvania Orphans Court
OVA Office of the Victim Advocate
OVS Office of Victim's Services
PA eHealth Partnership Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority
PA Inter Coop Auth Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority
PA Minority Bus Dev Auth Pennsylvania Minority Business Development Authority
PaBAR Pennsylvania Bar Admission Rules
PaGCB Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
PaIOLTCB Pennsylvania Interest On Lawyers Trust Account Board
PANG Pennsylvania National Guard
PaRAP Rules of Appellate Procedure
PaRCLE Pennsylvania Rules for Continuing Legal Education
PaRCP Rules of Civil Procedure
PaRCPDJ Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure District Justices
PaRCrimP Rules of Criminal Procedure
PaRDE Pennsylvania Disciplinary Enforcement Rules
Pardons Board of Pardons
PaRE Rules of Evidence
PaRJA Pennsylvania Rules of Judicial Administration
PaRJCP Pennsylvania Rules of Juvenile Court Procedure
Patient Safety Authority Patient Safety Authority
PEDA Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority
PEDFA Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority
PEMA Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
PennVest Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PennVest)
PHEAA Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency
PHFA Housing Finance Agency
Phila Port Auth Philadelphia Regional Port Authority
Phila Rules Philadelphia Rules
PHMC Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
PIDA Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority
PLE Pennsylvania Board of Law Examiners
Port of Pittsburgh Port of Pittsburgh Commission
PPA Philadelphia Parking Authority
Prevailing Wage Prevailing Wage Appeals Board
Probation & Parole Board of Probation and Parole
Professional Stds & Practices Comm Professional Standards And Practices Commission
PSERB Public School Employees Retirement Board
PSERS Public School Employees Retirement System
PSOC Pennsylvania Stimulus Oversight Commission
PUC Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
Real Estate Commission State Real Estate Commission
Revenue Department of Revenue
RHRCA Rural Health Redesign Center Authority
RuralPa Center For Rural Pennsylvania
Senate Senate of Pennsylvania
Sentencing Commission on Sentencing
SERB State Employees Retirement Board
Sewage Enforcement Officers State Board for Certification of Sewage Enforcement Officers
Sewage Treat. Plant & Wtrwks State Board for Certification of Sewage Treatment Plant and Waterworks Operators
SHFHB State Health Facility Hearing Board
SRBC Susquehanna River Basin Commission
SSHE State System of Higher Education
St Charter School Appeal Bd State Charter School Appeal Board
St Trans Adv Com State Transportation Advisory Committee
St Trans Comm State Transportation Commission
State Department of State
State Police Pennsylvania State Police
StBd- Accountancy State Board of Accountancy
StBd- Architects State Architects Licensure Board
StBd- Auctioneer Examiners State Board of Auctioneer Examiners
StBd- Barber Examiners State Board of Barber Examiners
StBd- Chiropractic State Board of Chiropractic
StBd- Cosmetology State Board of Cosmetology
StBd- Crane Operators State Board of Crane Operators
StBd- Dentistry State Board of Dentistry
StBd- Education State Board of Education
StBd- Engineers State Registration Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists
StBd- Funeral State Board of Funeral Directors
StBd- Landscape State Board of Landscape Architects
StBd- Massage Therapy State Board of Massage Therapy
StBd- Medicine State Board of Medicine
StBd- Nursing State Board of Nursing
StBd- Nursing Home State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators
StBd- Occupational Therapy State Board of Occupational Therapy Education and Licensure
StBd- Optometry State Board of Optometry
StBd- Osteopathic Medicine State Board of Osteopathic Medicine
StBd- Pharmacy State Board of Pharmacy
StBd- Physical Therapy State Board of Physical Therapy
StBd- Podiatry State Board of Podiatry
StBd- Private Lic. Schools State Board of Private Licensed Schools
StBd- Psychology State Board of Psychology
StBd- Real Estate State Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers
StBd- Sewage State Board For Certification Of Sewage Enforcement Officers
StBd- Social Work State Board of Social Work Examiners
StBd- Speech State Board of Examiners in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
StBd- Vehicle Manufacturers State Board of Vehicle Manufacturers
StBd- Veterinary State Board of Veterinary Medicine
StBd- Vocational Rehab State Board of Vocational Rehab
StBd- Water State Board For Certification Of Water And Wastewater Systems Operators
Superior Court Superior Court
Supreme Court Supreme Court
SWITF Sustainable Water Infrastructure Task Force
Tax Equalization Board State Tax Equalization Board
Township of Edgmont Township of Edgmont
Treasury Treasury Department
TSCT Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Turnpike Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
Unemployment Comp Review Bd Unemployment Compensation Review Board
Unified Judicial System Unified Judicial System
USTIB Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Board
Weights & Measures Bureau of Weights and Measures
Wild Resource Conserve Fd Wild Resource Conservation Fund