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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 97-244

Contract Awards

February 15, 1997

   The following awards have been made by the Department of General Services, Bureau of Purchases:

Contract #
ToIn the
Amount Of
0050-0802/01/97Advanced Communications Agency52,170.24
1315216-0101/29/97Cumberland Truck Equip. Co.34,499.00
1381216-0102/05/97Wolfington Body Co.58,840.00
1403226-0102/05/97Griffin Motors Co.42,144.00
1403226-0202/05/97Manheim Chrysler Plymouth25,443.00
1403226-0302/05/97Babe Charapp Ford18,999.00
1422216-0101/29/97Cumberland Truck Equipment Co.35,020.00
1424216-0101/29/97Rohrer Bus Sales37,559.00
1442116-0101/29/97The Donald H. Kaiser Co.25,996.18
1451226-0102/05/97Safety League, Inc.26,906.25
1459116-0101/29/97Wesco Distribution13,100.00
1461116-0102/05/97Grims Glass and Glazing, Inc.24,970.00
1497216-0101/29/97Twin Medical Company14,352.00
1536116-0102/05/97Security Fence Co.32,062.50
1541216-0102/05/97Holt Ramsey Pump and Equipment Co.11,500.00
1553046-0102/05/97Ketchum Manufacturing Co.8,992.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97F&S Supply Co., Inc.25,000.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97Wenner Ford Tractor, Inc.20,000.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97Hollingers Lawn and Garden Equip.22,500.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97ABC Groff, Inc.5,000.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97Bull International7,500.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97Bandit Industries, Inc.15,000.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97Cleveland Bros. Equipment Co., Inc.7,500.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97Kut-Kwick Corp.5,000.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97Tiger Corp.5,000.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97Micro-Mower Co./R. L. Parsons & Son ECI2,500.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97Alamo Sales Corp.60,000.00
2420-01 (Rebid in Part No. 1)02/06/97Walsh Equipment, Inc.22,500.00
5680-0202/05/97Morgan Welding Co.15,123.00
5680-0202/05/97Continental Concrete Products, Inc.6,349.00
5680-0202/05/97Terre Hill Concr. Pre Cast67,240.28
5680-0202/05/97Janet McCarroll29,775.00
5680-0202/05/97Syracuse Castings Sales Corp.151,488.58
5810-0502/06/97Onix Networking Corp.300,000.00
6810-0402/15/97Mercer Lime and Stone Co.33,373.20
6810-0402/15/97Tarmac America39,215.00
8010-0702/05/97Gateway Paint and Chemical Co.10,000.00
8010-0702/05/97PA Paint, Inc.10,000.00
8010-0702/05/97Finnaren & Haley, Inc.10,000.00
8010-0702/05/97Bob's Ace Hardware10,000.00
8010-0702/05/97Birk Paint Manufacturers, Inc.10,000.00
8010-0702/05/97Glidden Co.10,000.00
8010-0702/05/97Duron, Inc.10,000.00
8010-0702/05/97M. A. Bruder & Sons, Inc.10,000.00
8010-0702/05/97Sherwin Williams Co.20,000.00
8084760-0102/05/97Southern Emblem Co., Inc.87,500.00
8205470-0101/29/97Fashion Star, Inc.80,608.75
The Uniform Co.



[Pa.B. Doc. No. 97-244. Filed for public inspection February 14, 1997, 9:00 a.m.]