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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 98-917

Contract Awards

June 6, 1998

   The following awards have been made by the Department of General Services, Bureau of Purchases:

Contract #
ToIn the
Amount Of
3830-0106/01/98Valk Manufacturing Co.1,251,271.50
7510-0706/01/98Systematic Filing Products, Inc.184,131.00
3830-0106/01/98Kennametal, Inc.106,290.00
8920-0606/01/98Karetas Foods, Inc.750,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Mon Valley Bakery Supply Co.100,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Edu Care Services, Inc.100,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Deaktor/Sysco Food Service Co.750,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Sysco Food Service of Central PA750,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Weis Markets, Inc. d/b/a Weis Food Service750,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Feeser's, Inc.750,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Tova Industries, Inc.500,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Lance, Inc.300,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Kellogg Sales Co.500,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Gage Food Products Co.100,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Bernard Food Industries, Inc.100,000.00
8920-0606/01/98Keebler Co.500,000.00
1972117-0105/27/98Kitchen Specialties12,894.00
8169140-0105/27/98Brocker Rebar Company, Inc.14,499.46
1857117-0105/27/98Taylor Security and Lock Co., Inc.7,794.00
1940117-0105/27/98Reich Supply Company, Inc.10,974.30
7314000-0105/27/98Xomox Corp.22,047.00
1910117-0105/27/98PA Police Supply49,729.68
1843117-0105/27/98Hudson Machinery Corp.9,750.00
6358118-0105/27/98Lindgren Corp.117,750.00
1971357-0105/27/98Advanced Pollution Instrumentation, Inc.105,300.00
8171540-0105/27/98A. C. Miller Concrete Prod., Inc.62,412.00
8171530-0105/27/98A. C. Miller Concrete Prod. Inc.42,428.00
8161200-0105/27/98Terre Hill Silo dba80,498.00
1637047-0105/27/98Micromass, Inc.716,561.75
1847357-0105/27/98Beta Star Corporation18,530.00
1658387-0105/27/98National Fire Fighter Corp.25,940.00
7314010-0105/27/98Stone Container Corp. (S & G Pack)478,200.00
8504410-0105/27/98A. C Miller Concrete Prod., Inc.40,217.00
1856387-0105/27/98Rorabaugh Lumber Co.111,380.00
8206690-0105/27/98Marc Fruchter Aviation, Inc.21,500.00
8504280-0105/27/98American Decal and Mfg. Co.475,200.00
1925157-0105/27/98Summit Machine Tool Mfg. Corp.15,080.00
8504380-0105/27/98Terre Hill Silo Co.32,099.00



[Pa.B. Doc. No. 98-917. Filed for public inspection June 5, 1998, 9:00 a.m.]