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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 98-1869

Contract Awards

November 7, 1998

   The following awards have been made by the Department of General Services, Bureau of Purchases:

Contract #
ToIn the
Amount Of
1052388-01-110/27/98Cook's Equipment, Inc.112,400.00
1072118-01-110/27/98Gurtler Chemicals, Inc.13,365.00
1138118-0110/27/98ATD American Co.55,800.00
1154138-0110/04/98Curran Taylor, Inc.17,700.00
3930-0111/02/98Modern Handling Equipment Co.184,000.00
3930-0111/02/98Manchester Industries, Inc.184,000.00
6810-0310/30/98Tetra Technologies, Inc.43,928.00
6810-0310/30/98Flor-Dri Supply Company, Inc.9,224.00
6810-0310/30/98Milazzo Industries, Inc.2,320.00
6810-0310/30/98Sal Chemical Company, Inc.16,220.00
6810-0310/30/98General Chemical Corp.7,792.00
7220-0111/04/98Eagle Janitorial Supply Co.57,832.25
7370-0111/01/98Interboro Packaging Corp.29,079.00
7370-0111/01/98Calico Industries Inc./Bid Dept.69,283.20
7370-0111/01/98XPEDX/Harrisburg Division65,290.65
7485-01 Supp No. 1 and Rebid No. 111/02/98Educational Marketing System50,357.90
7485-01 Supp No. 1 and Rebid No. 111/02/98Alling & Cory Company505,263.69
7485-01 Supp No. 1 and Rebid No. 111/02/98Matrix Data Corporation2,122.44
7485-01 Supp No. 1 and Rebid No. 111/02/98Westrex International7,644.00
7490-03 RIP No. 211/02/98Hamilton Sorter Company, Inc.5,000.00
8183820-0110/27/98Moore USA, Inc.368,000.00
8217410-0110/27/98Halsted Corporation16,660.00
8430-0411/02/98Goaltex Corp.38,209.90
8430-0411/02/98Double Sales Corporation4,545.00
8430-0411/02/98Esposito's, Inc.6,653.75
8430-0411/02/98Henry Frank Wholesale Ltd.205.00
9130-0311/02/98Erie Petroleum, Inc.115,824.75
9130-0311/02/98Carlos R. Leffler, Inc.269,259.75
9130-0311/02/98Witter Gas and Oil Co., Inc.35,069.80
9130-0311/02/98Texas Liquids LLC73,130.25
9130-0311/02/98Agway Petroleum Corp.1,581,854.05
9130-0311/02/98BP Oil Co.144,779.50
9130-0311/02/98Bedford Valley Petroleum Corp.124,201.70
9130-0311/02/98Glassmere Fuel Serv, Inc.207,964.14
9130-0311/02/98J. J. Powell, Inc.115,242.30
9130-0311/02/98Klasen Oil Co., Inc.40,910.00
9130-0311/02/98Montour Oil Serv Co.219,460.80
9130-0311/02/98Export Fuel Co., Inc.207,905.29
9130-0311/02/98Farm and Home Oil Co.195,365.77
9130-0311/02/98Pipeline Petroleum, Inc.48,074.80
9130-0311/02/98Orris Fuel Service121,601.97
9130-0311/02/98Pickelner Fuel Co., Inc.5,000.00
9130-0311/02/98Reed Oil Co.35,200.00
9130-0311/02/98Petroleum Traders Corp.274,602.28
9130-0311/02/98Phoenix Petroleum Co.69,562.68
9130-0311/02/98Petron Oil Corp.11,461.23



[Pa.B. Doc. No. 98-1869. Filed for public inspection November 6, 1998, 9:00 a.m.]