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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 98-207



Revisions to Schedule of Prices and Charges for State Recreation Areas

[28 Pa.B. 613]

A.  Summary

   In accordance with section 313 of the Conservation and Natural Resources Act (71 P. S. § 1340.313) the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR or Department) proposed a schedule of prices for State Park activities, uses, and privileges and published the schedule in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on November 22, 1997 for a 30-day comment period. In accordance with 17 Pa. Code § 11.164 (relating to fees) the Department establishes the price schedule as contained in Section D.

   DCNR Secretary John C. Oliver approved the revisions to the price schedule on January 20, 1998.

B.  Contact Person

   For further information, the DCNR's contact person is Roger Fickes, Director, Bureau of State Parks, Rachel Carson State Office Building, P. O. Box 8551, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8551, (717) 787-6640. Persons with a disability may use the AT&T Relay Service by calling (800) 654-5984 (TDD users) or (800) 654-5988 (voice users).

C.  Effective Date

   The revised price schedule will be effective on January 31, 1998, after publication as a notice in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.


D.  Price Schedule

Price TitleUnitResidentNon-resident
Modern Cabins
Cabin-A--Sleep 10/12--WeekPer Week390.57464.15
Friday--SaturdayPer Night98.11116.04
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night58.4969.81
Cabin-A--Sleep 7/9--WeekPer Week371.69445.28
Friday--SaturdayPer Night93.39111.32
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night55.6666.98
Cabin-A--Sleep 6--WeekPer Week298.11359.43
Friday--SaturdayPer Night74.5289.62
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night44.3453.77
Rustic Cabins
Cabin-C--Sleep 2/3--WeekPer Week119.81143.39
Friday--SaturdayPer Night30.1835.84
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night17.9221.69
Cabin-C--Sleep 4/5--WeekPer Week162.26192.45
Friday--SaturdayPer Night40.5648.11
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night24.5229.24
Cabin-C--Sleep 6/7--WeekPer Week200.94239.62
Friday--SaturdayPer Night50.0060.37
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night30.1835.84
Cabin-C--Sleep 8/9--WeekPer Week239.62290.65
Friday--SaturdayPer Night60.3772.64
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night35.8443.39
Cabin-C--Sleep 10/11--WeekPer Week282.08340.65
Friday--SaturdayPer Night70.7584.90
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night42.4550.94
Rustic Cabins S. B. Elliott
Cabin-C--Sleep 4/5--S. B. Elliott--WeekPer Week86.79105.66
Friday--SaturdayPer Night21.6926.41
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night13.2016.04
Cabin-C--Sleep 6/7--S. B. Elliott--WeekPer Week113.20135.85
Friday--SaturdayPer Night28.3033.96
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night16.9820.75
Cabin-C--Sleep 8/9--S. B. Elliott--WeekPer Week139.62169.81
Friday--SaturdayPer Night34.9042.45
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night20.7525.47
Camping Class A--Without ElectricityPer Week72.0084.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night14.0016.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night11.0013.00
Camping Class A--With Electricity > 30 ampPer Week90.00102.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night17.0019.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night14.0016.00
Camping Class A--With Electricity <=30 ampPer Week84.0096.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night16.0018.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night13.0015.00
Camping Class B--Without ElectricityPer Week58.0070.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night11.0013.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night9.0011.00
Camping Class B--With Electricity > 30 ampPer Week76.0088.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night14.0016.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night12.0014.00
Camping Class B--With Electricity <= 30 ampPer Week70.0082.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night13.0015.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night11.0013.00
Camping Shelter Provided
Camping Class C Sleep 2 HutPer Week116.00134.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night20.0023.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night19.0022.00
Camping Class C Sleep 4 HutPer Week126.00152.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night23.0026.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night20.0025.00
Camping Class C Walled Tent >200 sq. ft.Per Week168.00194.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night32.0035.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night26.0031.00
Camping Class C Walled Tent =<200 sq. ft.Per Week152.00178.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night28.0031.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night24.0029.00
Camping Class C YurtPer Week172.00204.00
Friday--SaturdayPer Night35.0038.00
Sunday--ThursdayPer Night26.0031.00
Camping Miscellaneous
Camping Backpack Laurel Ridge and Oil CreekPer Site Per Night Per Person3.004.00
Camping Backpack Laurel Ridge and Oil CreekMaximum Per Night Per Group11.0013.00
Camping Extra VehiclePer Night3.003.00
Camping Reduction (Class A and Class B
Family) Campground Sites only) For Senior Citizens and/or Persons With Disabilities
Per Night3.003.00
Camping Reduction (Class A and Class B
Family Campground Sites only) For Senior Citizens and/or Persons With Disabilities
Per Week18.0018.00
Camping Unit StoragePer Day2.502.50
Camping Unit StoragePer Week8.009.00
Camping EquestrianPer Night15.0019.00
Camper Dump StationPer Use for Non Registered Campers8.009.00
Group Tenting and Group Camps
Class A Group Tent AreaCapacity <=20 Per Night25.0035.00
Capacity 21 to 40 Per Night35.0045.00
Capacity 41 to 60 Per Night45.0055.00
Capacity 61 to 100 Per Night55.0065.00
Capacity 101 and Over Per Night100.00120.00
Sleeping Trailer In Group Area Per Night in addition to area charge5.005.00
Class B Group Tent AreaCapacity <=20 Per Night20.0030.00
Capacity 21 to 40 Per Night30.0040.00
Capacity 41 to 60 Per Night40.0050.00
Capacity 61 to 100 Per Night50.0060.00
Capacity 101 and Over Per Night90.00100.00
Sleeping Trailer in Group Area Per Night in addition to area charge5.005.00
Organized Group Camps Capacity <=50 PersonsPer Night Minimum Without Utilities62.0097.00
Organized Group Camps Capacity 51 to 125 PersonsPer Night Minimum Without Utilities77.00118.00
Organized Group Camps Capacity 126 Persons and GreaterPer Night Minimum Without Utilities92.00138.00
Marina Costs Neshaminy
Cost Per Foot of BoatPer Season Starting in 199850.00100.00
Cost Per Foot of BoatPer Day0.501.00
Marina Costs Presque Isle
Cost Per Foot of StallPer Day With Utilities0.551.10
Cost Per Foot of StallPer Season Without Utilities33.0066.00
Cost Per Foot of StallPer Day Without Utilities0.450.90
Cost Per Foot of StallPer Season With Utilities37.0074.00
Cost For BascombPer Season315.00630.00
Cost For Cradle Summer StoragePer Season35.0070.00
Cost For Travel LiftPer Lift Per Foot of Boat4.008.00
Winter Boat Storage Per Foot of Boat Includes LiftPer Season14.0028.00
Marina Costs M. K. Goddard
''A'' DocksPer Foot of Boat Per Season17.0025.00
''B'' DocksPer Foot of Boat Per Season15.0023.00
''C'' DocksPer Foot of Boat Per Season10.0018.00
Marina Costs Moraine
Fingerless DockPer Foot of Boat Per Season21.0028.00
Regular Finger DockPer Foot of Boat Per Season23.0030.00
Large Finger DockPer Foot of Boat Per Season26.0033.00
Off Shore MooringPer Foot of Boat Per Season16.0023.00
Dry MooringPer Season130.00150.00
Rack SpacesPer Season58.0070.00
Regular Winter StoragePer Season130.00150.00
Rack Winter StoragePer Season58.0070.00
Dock SpacePer Foot of Boat Per Day0.450.65
Offshore MooringPer Foot of Boat Per Day0.200.40
All Other State Park Marinas
Cost Per FootPer Season19.0030.00
Daily TransientPer Foot Per Day $5.00 Minimum0.300.50
Daily Transient Nockamixon 16 Feet and GreaterPer Foot Per Day $5.00 Minimum0.450.75
Daily Transient Dry StoragePer Day $5.00 Minimum2.003.00
Daily Transient Winter StoragePer Day $5.00 Minimum2.003.00
Mooring Offshore PymatuningPer Season65.0065.0
Other Boating
All Marina Waiting ListsPer List10.0010.00
Mooring <=7` ShorelinePer Season35.00 to 85.0040.00 to 105.00
Mooring <=7` ShorelinePer Day $5.00 Minimum2.003.00
Mooring >7` ShorelinePer Season70.00 to 155.0080.00 to 205.00
Mooring >7` ShorelinePer Day $5.00 Minimum4.005.00
Boat Docks--PrivatePer Season40.0050.00
Boat Launching PermitPer Season10.0015.00
Boat Launching PermitPer Two Seasons18.0028.00
Boat Winter StoragePer Season110.00120.00
Boating Canoe RacksPer Season50.0055.00
Boating Dry StoragePer Season110.00115.00
Boating WhitewaterPer Reservation2.502.50
Boating WhitewaterSeason Pass15.0015.00
Abandoned PropertyBase Charge30.0030.00
Abandoned PropertyPer Day Above Base5.005.00
Firewood PermitPer Cord10.0010.00
Non Overnight Shower UnmeteredPer Person2.002.00
Non Overnight Shower MeteredPer Person0.500.50
Meeting Room/ClassroomPer Day51.00 to 179.0056.00 to 205.00
Picnic Pavilions and Groves
Pavilion-A With ElectricMin. + $10./500 sq. ft. per day51.0072.00
Pavilion-B No ElectricMin. + $10./500 sq. ft. per day46.0062.00
Discount for pavilion rentalsMonday to Friday--Summer holidays excluded20.0020.00
Picnic GrovesMin. + $15. for Every 10 Tables Above the Initial 10 Tables36.0051.00
State Operated Swimming Pools
Swimming Pools Park OperatedUser Per Day1.75 to 3.752.00 to 3.75
Swimming Pools Park OperatedSenior Citizen1.50 to 2.751.50 to 2.75
Swimming Pools Park OperatedAfter 4 PM Daily1.00 to 2.251.00 to 2.25
Swimming Pools Park OperatedChildren Under 38" Free0.000.00
Swimming Pools Park OperatedBook Of 20 Tickets25.00 to 35.0025.00 to 40.00
Swimming Pools Park OperatedSeason Pass Adult40.00 to 50.0045.00 to 55.00
Swimming Pools Park OperatedSeason Pass Under 12 Years Old20.00 to 30.0025.00 to 35.00
Swimming Pools Park OperatedSeason Pass Senior Citizen30.00 to 35.0030.00 to 45.00
Swimming Pools Park OperatedYearly Family Pass120.00 to 135.00135.00 to 150.00
Swimming Pools Park OperatedGroup 15 Or More People1.50 to 2.251.50 to 2.25
Swimming Pools Park OperatedPark Camper Or Cabin Occupant W/Receipt1.00 to 2.501.00 to 2.50
Swimming Pools Park OperatedNon-Swimming Adult Free0.000.00
[Pa.B. Doc. No. 98-207. Filed for public inspection January 30, 1998, 9:00 a.m.]

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