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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 99-147

Contract Awards

January 23, 1999

   The following awards have been made by the Department of General Services, Bureau of Purchases:

Contract #
ToIn the
Amount Of
2420-01 RIP No. 1 and SUP No. 101/11/99Hollinger's, Inc.16,000.00
2420-01 RIP No. 1 and SUP No. 101/11/99L. B. Smith, Inc.8,000.00
2420-01 RIP No. 1 and SUP No. 101/11/99Finch Turf4,000.00
2420-01 RIP No. 1 and SUP No. 101/11/99Gravely International4,000.00
2420-01 RIP No. 1 and SUP No. 101/11/99Deweze Manufacturing, Inc.2,000.00
2420-01 RIP No. 1 and SUP No. 101/11/99Melroe Co.4,000.00
2420-01 RIP No. 1 and SUP No. 101/11/99Niemeyer Corporation-West16,000.00
2420-01 RIP No. 1 and SUP No. 101/11/99R & W Equipment Co.4,000.00
3610-0101/11/99Ikon Office Solutions150,000.00
3610-0101/11/99Danka Office Imaging Company500,000.00
3610-0101/11/99Konica Business Technologies, Inc.100,000.00
3610-0101/11/99Lanier Worldwide600,000.00
3610-0101/11/99OCE-USA Business Systems, Inc.950,000.00
3610-0101/11/99Ricoh Corp.100,000.00
3610-0101/11/99G. E. Richards, Inc.950,000.00
3610-0101/11/99Sharp Electronics Corp.150,000.00
3610-0101/11/99Engle Business Equipment, Inc.100,000.00
6810-09 01/07/99Manley-Regan Chemicals Div.15,190.00
1223118-0101/11/99ATD-American Co.41,055.00
1225138-0101/11/99Wolfington Body Co., Inc.45,194.00
1241218-0101/11/99General Cubicle Co., Inc.8,968.00
1241218-0201/11/99Mamaux Supply Company, Inc.10,467.60
1265118-0101/11/99Associated Supply Co., Inc.14,686.32
1267228-0101/11/99Whiteside's of Cambridge, Inc.44,063.00
1272138-0101/11/99Northern Video Systems, Inc.18,249.00
1275118-0101/11/99Allied Fence Manufacturing Co.43,122.12
1276138-0101/11/99Griffin Motor Co.21,766.00
1277118-0101/11/99Olympic Steel14,356.00
1278218-0101/11/99Cumberland Truck Equipment Co.26,322.00
1287118-0101/11/99Wacor Electronics Systems41,851.85
1300118-0101/11/99Trew Company, Inc.4,200.00
1319218-0101/11/99Rohrer Bus Sales35,987.00
1326168-0101/11/99Clearview Printing Co., Inc.2,200.00
1333208-0101/11/99A & J Manufacturing Co.17,256.90
1350208-0101/11/99Inframetrics, Inc.126,990.00
1373138-0101/11/99Tri State Restaurant Equipment, Inc.10,488.00
1393188-0101/11/99American Business Printing, Inc.6,886.00
7314170-0101/11/99Progressive Forms & Label Systems, Inc.32,450.00
8084870-0101/11/99Aspen Marketing21,375.00
8249720-0101/11/99Airgas Mid Atlantic8,740.00



[Pa.B. Doc. No. 99-147. Filed for public inspection January 22, 1999, 9:00 a.m.]