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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 01-1878



Retention of a Consulting Firm/Team

[31 Pa.B. 5771]

Value Pricing Study/Implementation/Pilot Project
Western, Central and Eastern Regions

Reference No. 3-142

   The Turnpike Commission (Commission) will retain a consulting team for a contract to perform a Value Pricing Study and Implementation of a Pilot Program. The consulting team should include the necessary engineering, financial, market research and public involvement skills to perform all project tasks. This contract will be initiated with a 12 month basic study and evaluation phase. Upon a joint agency approval, authorization to be given to begin the second 12 month phase; implementation of short-term pilot variable pricing programs for both commercial and passenger vehicles. If the pilot program sufficiently meets the operational and revenue needs of the Commission, authorization will be given to begin the third phase, implementation of a long term value-pricing program on designated Turnpike facilities.

   The proposed study will build upon the results of a preliminary variable pricing analysis performed for the Commission by Wilbur Smith Associates (WSA). Preliminary analysis of congestion pricing alternates for Turnpike facilities was part of an overall traffic, revenue and operations study performed by WSA. This study involved a limited number of motorist surveys, analysis of four variable pricing scenarios and an evaluation of traffic and revenue impacts. This study did not involve any analysis of social and economic impacts or local road impacts. The results of the prestudy showed the potential to reduce traffic during peak hours by an average 10% to 30%, depending on scenario and peak period surcharge.

   The WSA prestudy will be used as a basis for the Phase 1 value pricing study, with congestion management as a basic goal of the study. The concept of pricing differentials will be evaluated throughout the study and implementation phases to assist in congestion management by: (1) providing an economic incentive for traffic to move away from peak period; (2) providing an economic marketing incentive to customers who use electronic toll collection (ETC), which maximizes lane capacity at toll plazas and minimizes traffic queues at the points where commuter traffic enters and exits; (3) promote the safe and efficient movement of traffic; and (4) enhance traffic and revenue growth without compromising existing and projected revenue levels.

   The Variable Pricing Study will place emphasis on the development and adoption of Phase 2 piloting strategies that will provide significant relief at congestion points along the system. The three phases are summarized as follows:

Phase 1--Basic Study and Evaluation

   This details the general scope of work, budget and schedule for Phase 1 of the Value Pricing Pilot Project. The detailed scope of work prepared by the consultant will be subject to approval by the Commission, the Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The initial stage of work will consist of a 12-month study to determine the baseline operating conditions along the Turnpike, at the interchanges and at nearby off-Turnpike locations. Phase 1 will also include a refinement of the previously studied variable pricing scenarios and programs to analyze and estimate impacts based on more detailed inputs from market research studies, including stated preference surveys and focus group surveys. The evaluation of the passenger vehicle component will include a separate review of the motorcycle subset. Phase 1 will include a program of outreach and marketing to promote the goals of congestion management and more efficient processing of traffic through ETC. Phase 1 will also include coordination with the appropriate municipal planning organizations and with the Wilmington-Harrisburg Freight Study being conducted by the Lancaster County Planning Commission. There will be provisions for an ongoing interagency review process. The Phase 1 work plan should include a task for evaluating the capability of the Commission's ETC system to support the value pricing scenarios being evaluated for potential implementation. The specific pricing pilot projects, outreach approach and scope of monitoring and evaluation for Phase 2, will be developed as important Phase 1 activities. These will be subject to joint agency approval by the Commission, PennDOT and FHWA. A report will be prepared to document Phase 1 conclusions and recommendations.

Phase 2--Pilot Implementation Programs

   This phase will involve implementation of short-term (approximately 12 months) pilot variable pricing programs for both commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, with emphasis on congestion management in the highly congested Philadelphia region. The Commission has in place an existing discounted commercial hauler fare collection system for most major trucking firms that utilize the Turnpike system on a recurring basis. Consideration of preservation of this discount system will need to be a part of the evaluation of commercial vehicle pilot scenarios. E-Z Pass has not yet been implemented for commercial vehicles, but will be implemented during the life of this value pricing project.

   The passenger vehicle pilot implementation program will be based on the existing E-Z Pass system now operating between the Harrisburg and Philadelphia regions. It will also utilize a larger number of E-Z Pass lanes at the interchange toll plazas, which are scheduled for completion by January 2002, under an ongoing program of ETC improvements and expansions on the Turnpike system.

   The short-term pilot implementation programs will be preceded by a program of public outreach and marketing and will involve the collection of operating information similar to that gathered during the baseline data gathering process of Phase 1. The pilot programs will be monitored and evaluated for effectiveness and for achievement of congestion management and forecasted revenue neutrality goals, and the results will be compared with the baseline data. Revealed preference surveys will be conducted on those persons interviewed as part of the stated preference surveys and focus groups.

   A task is to be incorporated into the Phase 1 Work Plan for the consultant team to develop a specific Phase 2 monitoring and evaluation plan for approval by the Commission, PennDOT and FHWA prior to undertaking the pilot phase.

Phase 3--Decision Mechanism

   Phase 2 activities will include the preparation of a scope of work for Phase 3 and a report including conclusions and recommendations from Phase 2. Information gathered as part of Phase 2 will allow the Commission to determine: whether the pilot program sufficiently meets operational and revenue needs; whether modifications are necessary; and whether value pricing should be implemented along the Turnpike on a long term basis.

Phase 3--Implement Value Pricing Program on Designated Turnpike Facilities

   Phase 2 provides an opportunity for the Commission to make an informed decision as to whether to implement value pricing on a permanent basis on designated Turnpike facilities. A schedule and budget would need to be developed for Phase 3 if a decision to implement is made.

   The specific facilities to be studied are as follows:

Philadelphia Region

   (1)  Turnpike Mainline (I-76 and I-276) from Downingtown Interchange to Delaware River Bridge Interchange--Length 47.0 miles

   (2)  Northeast Extension (I-476) from Mid-County Interchange to Lehigh Valley Interchange--Length 37.2 miles

Pittsburgh Region

   Turnpike Mainline (I-76) from Cranberry Interchange to New Stanton Interchange--Length 39.0 miles

Lancaster Region

   Congestion on Parallel Route (US 30) Study by Lancaster County. The Commission will cooperate with the Lancaster County study of the Wilmington-Harrisburg freight corridor and evaluate the potential for use of excess Turnpike Mainline (I-76) capacity from Harrisburg East Interchange to Downingtown Interchange--Length 64.6 miles.

   The following factors will be considered by the Commission during the evaluation of the firms submitting Statements of Interest:

   a.  Specialized experience and technical competence with similar projects and their ability to provide innovative solutions to complex technical problems. The Team must clearly demonstrate an ability to analyze available data to make decisions and develop documents to complete the project in a timely and cost effective manner.

   b.  Past record of performance with respect to cost control, work quality, ability to meet schedules and previous experience on similar projects. The consultant should identify similar projects that have been completed by that firm as the prime, the magnitude of the project and the client.

   c.  Project team management including subconsultants and how the project manager will manage several disciplines and interact successfully with the Commission.

   d.  Resource availability to meet multiple assignments in a timely manner.

   e.  Ability of team to communicate and report project status to the Commission in an effective manner.

   Address these items and any necessary further details in a brief yet comprehensive manner in the Statement of Interest.

   The Commission is committed to the inclusion of disadvantaged, minority and woman firms in contracting opportunities. The minimum participation level for DBE/MBE/WBEs in this contract will be 10% of the total contract amount. Responding firms shall clearly identify DBE/MBE/WBE firms, expected to participate in this contract, in their statement of interest. If the selected firm does not meet the minimum requirement for DBE/MBE/WBE participation, they will be required to demonstrate good faith efforts to achieve the required level. Proposed DBE/MBE/WBE firms must be certified by PennDOT at the time of the submission of the statement of interest. If further information is desired concerning DBE/MBE/WBE participation, direct inquiries to the Contracts Administration Department, (717) 939-9551 Ext. 4241.

   Questions and inquiries concerning this project should be directed to Timothy M. Scanlon, PE at (717) 939-9551 x 5590 or by e-mail at; direct contractual questions to George M. Hatalowich at (717) 986-8737 or by e-mail at

General Requirements and Information

   Firms interested in providing the previous work and services are invited to submit a Statement of Interest with the required information. The Statements of Interest must include the following:

   1.  One page transmittal letter clearly identifying the project reference number, brief description of the project from the advertisement, the firm's Federal identification number, the firm's legal name, contact person or project manager, address of corporate office and project office. (If the firm has multiple offices, the location of the office performing the work must be identified).

   2.  A three page Statement of Interest on the advertised project. Each firm should demonstrate their ability to accomplish the tasks previously outlined and provide the services as detailed.

   3.  An organization chart for the project, identifying key personnel and any subconsultants and their roles. Any deviation from the subconsultant's listed in the Statement of Interest will require written approval from the Commission.

   4.  Tabulation or listing of workload for the prime consultant and all subconsultants for all PennDOT and Commission projects. Do not submit the firms workload represented graphically.

   5.  An Annual Qualification Package containing, at a minimum, the following information for the prime consultant and all subconsultants and should be attached to the back of the Statement of Interest (subs to follow primes):

   *  Standard Form (SF) 254--Architect-Engineer and Related Services Questionnaire in its entirety, not more than 1 year old as of the date of the advertisement.

   *  Resumes of key personnel expected to be involved in the project. (Limit to one 8 1/2 x 11 page, one side, per person). Only resumes of key personnel should be included.

   *  Copy of the firm's registration to do business in this Commonwealth as provided by the Department of State for firms with out-of-state headquarters or corporations not incorporated in this Commonwealth.

   *  A copy of the Department's DBE/WBE Certification, if applicable.

   If a Joint Venture responds to a project advertisement, the Commission will not accept separate statements of interest from joint venture constituents. A firm will not be permitted to submit a statement of interest on more than one joint venture for the same project reference number. Also, a firm that responds to a project as a prime may not be included as a designated subconsultant to another firm that responds to the same project advertisement. Multiple responses under any of the foregoing situations will cause the rejection of all responses of the firm or firms involved. This does not preclude a firm from being set forth as a designated subconsultant to more than one prime consultant responding to the project advertisement.

   Firms interested in performing the previous services are invited to submit a statement of interest and required information to George M. Hatalowich, Engineering Contract Manager, Turnpike Commission Administration Building, 700 South Eisenhower Boulevard, Middletown, PA 17057 (Street address). Our mailing address is P. O. Box 67676, Harrisburg, PA 17106-7676.

   The Statement of Interest and required information must be received by 12 p.m., Friday, November 2, 2001. Any Statements of Interest received after this date and time will be time-stamped and returned.

   The Commission reserves the right to reject all Statements of Interest, to cancel solicitation requested under this notice and/or to readvertise solicitation for the work and services.


[Pa.B. Doc. No. 01-1878. Filed for public inspection October 12, 2001, 9:00 a.m.]

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