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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 04-1429


Recent Actions during the 2004 Regular Session of the General Assembly

[34 Pa.B. 4102]

   The following is a summary of recent actions of the General Assembly during the 2004 Regular Session.

Doc. Date of Bill Printer's Effective Subject Matter
No. Action Number Number Date
2004 GENERAL ACTS ENACTED--ACT 052 through 095
052 Jul 2 HB1488 PN1878 immediately Repeal--law pertaining to salaries and compensation of officers, clerks and employees in office of recorder of deeds in certain counties
053 Jul 2 HB2042 PN4058 60 days Game Code (34 Pa.C.S.)--wild turkey hunting
054 Jul 2 SB0319 PN1030 immediately* Interstate Compact for Juveniles Act--enactment
055 Jul 2 SB0751 PN1432 60 days Medical Practice Act of 1985--respiratory care practitioners and continuing respiratory care education
056 Jul 2 SB0752 PN1545 60 days Osteopathic Medical Practice Act--licensing of physician assistants, respiratory care permits and continuing education
057 Jul 2 HB0445 PN4198 60 days Sign Language Interpreter and Transliterator State Registration Act--enactment
058 Jul 2 HB0550 PN4101 immediately Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)--standing and parking prohibitions
059 Jul 2 HB1937 PN2533 immediately Edward A. Silk Memorial Bridge--designation
060 Jul 2 HB2268 PN3119 immediately Repeals--laws pertaining to permanent centennial exposition building in Philadelphia
061 Jul 2 HB2378 PN3356 60 days Jack E. Kuhn Memorial Highway--designation
062 Jul 2 HB2649 PN3944 60 days Dr. Charles F. Taylor Memorial Highway and The Last Raft Memorial Bridge--designations
063 Jul 4 SB0200PN1765 immediately Education (24 Pa.C.S.)--termination of annuities
064 Jul 4 HB1965 PN2564 immediately Repeal--law pertaining to Pennsylvania Post-War Planning Commission
065 Jul 4 HB2081 PN3424 60 days Military and Veterans Code (51 Pa.C.S.)--early termination of housing rental agreement by military personnel and penalties
066 Jul 4 HB2512 PN4229 immediately Milk Producers' Security Act--passage of title to milk, security bonds, new licenses, trusteeship, prohibitions and violations, etc.
067 Jul 4 HB2472 PN4320 immediately Capital Facilities Debt Enabling Act--borrowing limitations, bond terms and conditions, Capital Debt Fund, etc.
068 Jul 4 HB2726 PN4321 immediately Library Code--fiscal year waiver of standards and State aid for 2004-2005
069 Jul 4 HB1039 PN4230 immediately Public Welfare Code--Medicaid, managed care organization assessments and intermediate care facilities for mentally retarded persons assessments
070 Jul 4 HB0564 PN4325 immediately* Public School Code of 1949--background checks of prospective employees, reports to Secretary of Education, withholding of State appropriations, Pennsylvania Athletic Oversight Committee, etc.
071 Jul 5 HB2330 PN4272 immediately Amusements (4 Pa.C.S.)--Pennsylvania Race Horse Development and Gaming Act
072 Jul 5 SB0100 PN1789 60 days Homeowner Tax Relief Act--enactment
073 Jul 13 SB0922 PN1438 60 days Health and Safety (35 Pa.C.S.)--custodial care facilities
074 Jul 15 HB1117 PN4319 60 days Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)--railroad protection, railroad vandalism, interference with transportation facilities and railroad civil immunity
075 Jul 15 HB1130 PN4139 60 days Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)--learners' permits, drivers of emergency vehicles, Child Passenger Restraint Fund, oral hazard warnings and civil immunity for lenders of child passenger restraint systems
076 Jul 15 HB1912 PN4143 60 days Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)--person with disability plate and placard, physical examinations, reports on mental or physical disabilities or disorders and determination of incompetency
077 Jul 15 HB1996 PN4282 60 days Procurement (62 Pa.C.S.)--cooperative purchasing, legislative reports and guaranteed energy savings and contracts
078 Jul 15 HB2230 PN3040 immediately Emergency Medical Services Act--support of emergency medical services
079 Jul 15 HB2351 PN3279 60 days Borough Code--retirement benefits of employees transferred to wastewater authorities
080 Jul 15 HB2433 PN4246 immediately Volunteer Fire Company and Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Act--award of grants, expenses incurred by Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and allocation of appropriated funds
081 Jul 15 HB2467 PN3519 60 days Municipal Pension Plan Funding Standard and Recovery Act--contents of actuarial valuation report
082 Jul 16 HB2654 PN4249 immediately* General Local Government Code (53 Pa.C.S.)--parking authorities and taxicabs and limousines in cities of the first class
083 Jul 15 SB0157 PN1766 immediately* Public School Code of 1949--firefighter and emergency service training as creditable high school courses, education empowerment districts and credit card marketing on college or university campus
084 Jul 15 SB0508 PN1727 60 days Municipal Claim and Tax Lien Law--redemption of property and challenging foreclosure sales
085 Jul 15 SB0679 PN1549 60 days Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act--possession or transporting of liquefied ammonia gas, possession of certain precursors and chemicals used in manufacture of controlled substances and clandestine drug laboratories
086 Jul 15 SB0769 PN1654 90 days Elderly Immunization Act--enactment
087 Jul 15 SB0971 PN1340 60 days Public Employee Pension Forfeiture Act--definition of ''crimes related to public office or public employment''
088 Jul 15 SB0979 PN1779 immediately Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)--child victims and witnesses
089 Jul 15 SB1039 PN1791 immediately Public Officers (65 Pa.C.S.)--definition of ''agency''
090 Jul 15 SB1092 PN1557 60 days Fred Jaindl Memorial Highway--designation
091 Jul 15 SB1095 PN1565 60 days Chuck Mattei Interchange--designation
092 Jul 15 SB1100 PN1573 60 days General County Assessment Law--valuation of property
093 Jul 15 SB1139 PN1784 immediately Pennsylvania Construction Code Act--application of act, adoption of regulations, administration and enforcement, changes in Uniform Construction Code and exemptions
094 Jul 15 SB1184 PN1734 60 days Project 70 lands--release and imposition of restrictions on land in Scranton, Lackawanna County
095 Jul 20 HB0147 PN4323 immediately Tax Reform Code of 1971--film production tax credit
001A Jul 2 HB2522 PN3665 immediately Office of Consumer Advocate--operation
002A Jul 2 HB2523 PN3666 immediately Office of Small Business Advocate--operation
003A Jul 2 HB2524 PN4196 immediately State Employees' Retirement Board--expenses and payment of bills incurred and remaining unpaid at end of fiscal year ending June 30, 2004
004A Jul 2 HB2525 PN3668 immediately Public School Employees' Retirement Board--expenses and payment of bills incurred and remaining unpaid at end of fiscal year ending June 30, 2004
005A Jul 2 HB2526 PN3669 immediately Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs--support of professional licensure boards
006A Jul 2 HB2527 PN4197 immediately Department of Labor and Industry--administrative expenses and operation of Office of Small Business Advocate
007A Jul 4 HB2579 PN4326 immediately General Appropriation Act of 2004--enactment
008A Jul 4 HB2521 PN4192 immediately Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission--operation
009A Jul 12 HB2529 PN4318 immediately Pennsylvania State University--operation, instruction, medical education, children's hospital, agricultural research and extension services, etc.
010A Jul 12 HB2531 PN4298 immediately University of Pittsburgh--operation, maintenance, education, doctor of medicine instruction, veterinary activities and cardiovascular studies, etc.
011A Jul 12 HB2532 PN4299 immediately Temple University--operation, doctor of medicine instruction, dental clinics, podiatric medicine, Richard J. Fox Bio-Medical Center, etc.
012A Jul 12 HB2533 PN4300 immediately Lincoln University--operation, instruction, etc.
013A Jul 12 HB2535 PN4302 immediately University of Pennsylvania--dental clinics, doctor of medicine program, veterinary activities and cardiovascular studies
014A Jul 12 HB2536 PN4303 immediately Philadelphia Health and Education Corporation--colleges of medicine, public health, nursing and health professions, operation, maintenance, etc.
015A Jul 12 HB2537 PN4304 immediately Thomas Jefferson University--Doctor of Medicine program, maintenance, College of Allied Health Sciences, student aid, Children's Heart Hospital and Tay-Sachs disease program
016A Jul 12 HB2538 PN4305 immediately Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine--instruction
017A Jul 12 HB2539 PN4306 immediately Pennsylvania College of Optometry--instruction
018A Jul 12 HB2540 PN4307 immediately University of the Arts--instruction and student aid
019A Jul 12 HB2541 PN4308 immediately Berean Training and Industrial School--operation, maintenance and payment of debt service
020A Jul 12 HB2542 PN4309 immediately Johnson Technical Institute of Scranton--operation and maintenance
021A Jul 12 HB2543 PN4310 immediately Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades--operation and maintenance
022A Jul 12 HB2544 PN3686 immediately Fox Chase Institute for Cancer Research--operation and maintenance and cancer research program
023A Jul 12 HB2545 PN3687 immediately Wistar Institute--operation and maintenance expenses and research
024A Jul 12 HB2546 PN3688 immediately Central Penn Oncology Group--operation
025A Jul 12 HB2547 PN3689 immediately Lancaster Cleft Palate--outpatient-inpatient treatment
026A Jul 12 HB2548 PN3690 immediately Pittsburgh Cleft Palate--outpatient-inpatient treatment
027A Jul 12 HB2549 PN3691 immediately Burn Foundation--outpatient and inpatient treatment
028A Jul 12 HB2550 PN4311 immediately Children's Institute--treatment and rehabilitation of young persons with disabling diseases
029A Jul 12 HB2551PN3693 immediately Children's Hospital of Philadelphia--comprehensive patient care for children and general maintenance and operation of hospital
030A Jul 12 HB2552 PN3694 immediately Beacon Lodge Camp--services to the blind
031A Jul 12 HB2553 PN4312 immediately Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh--Carnegie Museum of Natural History maintenance and purchases and Carnegie Science Center Planetarium and center operation
032A Jul 12 HB2555 PN4314 immediately Academy of Natural Sciences--maintenance expenses
033A Jul 12 HB2556 PN4322 immediately African-American Museum--operating expenses
034A Jul 12 HB2557 PN3699 immediately Everhart Museum--operating expenses
035A Jul 12 HB2558 PN4315immediately Mercer Museum--operating expenses
036A Jul 12HB2559 PN4316 immediately Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts--operating expenses
037A Jul 15 HB2534 PN4301 immediately Drexel University--instruction and student aid
038A Jul 15 HB2554 PN4313 immediately Franklin Institute Science Museum--maintenance expenses
039A Jul 15 HB2590 PN4317 immediately Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine--instruction in Doctor of Osteopathy program
2004 VETOES OF BILLS--VETO 003 through 004
003 Jul 1 HB2128 PN3290Public School Code of 1949--regulation of expelled students, Emergency Basic Education Subsidy Fund and basic education subsidy continuation funding
004 Jul 21 HB2758 PN4224 General Local Government Code (53 Pa.C.S.)--fire company reduction and closure provisions for cities of the first class

   * denotes an effective date with exceptions

Effective Dates of Statutes

   The effective dates specified above for laws and appropriation acts were contained in the applicable law or appropriation act. Where no date is specified or where the effective date specified is prior to the date of enactment, the effective date is 60 days after final enactment except for statutes making appropriations or affecting budgets of political subdivisions. See 1 Pa.C.S. §§ 1701--1704 (relating to effective dates of statutes).

Advance Copies of Statutes

   Section 1106 of Title 1 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes provides that the prothonotaries of each county shall file advance copies of statutes in their offices for public inspection until the Laws of Pennsylvania are generally available. Section 2406(h) of The Administrative Code of 1929 provides that the Department of General Services shall distribute advance sheets of the Laws of Pennsylvania to each law judge of the courts, to every county and public library of this Commonwealth and to each member of the General Assembly. These copies shall be furnished without charge. The Department shall also mail one copy of each law enacted during any legislative session to any person who pays to it the sum of $20.

   Requests for annual subscriptions for advance copies of statutes should be sent to the State Bookstore, State Records Center Building, 1825 Stanley Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17103, accompanied by a check or money order in the sum of $20, payable to the ''Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.''

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