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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 05-1493j

[35 Pa.B. 4383]

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Office of Child Development--Contact: Robert Frein (717) 346-9323


Year Code
Subject Date
1995 Certified Childcare Professional Credential 11/01/95 3001-95-01
1996 Supervision of Children 07/17/96 3001-96-01
1996 Posting DPW Inspections Summaries 07/17/96 3001-96-02
1996 Inaccessibility of Above-Ground Swimming Pools 07/17/96 3001-96-03
1997 Exemption from Immunization Requirements 03/29/97 3001-97-01
1997 Ground Surface Requirements 06/01/97 3001-97-02
1999 Release of Children 09/07/99 3001-99-01
2000 Overpopulation of Indoor Child Care Space 06/01/00 3001-00-01
2003 Emergency Plan 12/27/03 3001-03-01

*  Waivers of Child Day Care Service Regulations
*  Megan's Law, Directions for Distributing/Administering Information Regarding Sexually Violent Predators
*  Licensing Indicator System for Child Day Care Centers
*  Licensing Indicator System for Group Day Care Homes

*  Application of Child Day Care Service Regulations
*  Procedures for the Regulation of Child Day care Facilities



BUREAU OF ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, TAX FORMS SERVICE UNIT, 711 GIBSON BLVD., HARRISBURG, PA 17104-3200 OR TELEPHONE: 1-800-362-2050 (Toll-free number), or FAX requests to (717) 985-3234.

*  PA-100 PA Enterprise Registration Forms and Instructions Booklet

*  PA-40 Personal Income Tax Inst. Book-Resident/Nonresident/Part-year Res. (order by year needed)

*  PAFASTFILE--PIT Electronic Book for TeleFile/ e-file (2001 and later-order by year needed)

*  PA-40EZ Personal Income Tax Instruction Book (order by year needed--prior to 1998)

*  PA-40NR Personal Income Tax Instruction Book/Nonresidents (1995 and prior--order by year needed)

*  PA-40T Personal Income Tax TeleFile Book (1998-2000-order by year needed--includes EZ single)

*  PA-40EZ KOZ--Keystone Opportunity Zone Tax Return (order by year needed--after 1999)

*  PA-40KOZ--Keystone Opportunity Zone Tax Return (order by year needed--after 1999)

*  PAKOZ--SCHEDULE KOZ--Keystone Opportunity Zone Schedule (order by year needed--after 1999)

*  PAKOZ P-S Schedule for Partnerships/Shareholders (Keystone Opportunity Zone) (order by year needed--after 1999)

*  PAKOZPSI--Information for Schedule P-S

*  PA-20S/PA-65 Partnership/PA S Corporation Information Return

*  PA-65I Partnership/S Corp Information Book (order by year needed)

*  PA-41 Fiduciary Income Tax Instruction Book (order by year needed)

*  PA-1000 Property Tax/Rent Rebate Instruction Book (order by year needed)

*  PA971 Innocent Spouse Relief

*  PA8379 Injured Spouse Claim and Allocation

*  PA8857 Request for Innocent Spouse Relief

*  PA8453 Declaration of Electronic Filing/PIT

*  PA12507 Innocent Spouse Statement

*  PA12508 Non-requesting Spouse Information

*  PA12510 Innocent Spouse Information Request

*  PA20S-I S Corporation Tax Instruction Book (order by year needed-prior to 1997--was part of REV1200 book-beginning year 2002 will be part of PA65I book)

*  PA-4R Public Transportation Assistance Fund Taxes/Fees Replacement Coupon/Inst.

*  PA-501R Employer Tax Deposit Statement Replacement Coupon/Instructions

*  PA-W3R Employer Quarterly Reconciliation Return Replacement Coupon/Instructions

*  PA-40ESR(I) Estimated PIT Replacement Coupon for Individuals

*  PA-40ESR(F/C) Estimated PIT Replacement Coupon for Fiduciaries/Corporations

*  PA-1 Use Tax Return

*  RCT-101D--Declaration of de minimis PA Activity

*  RCT-101KOZ--Keystone Opportunity Zone Instruction Book

*  REV-23 Board of Appeals Practices and Procedures Brochure

*  REV-181 Application for Tax Clearance

*  REV-183 Affidavit of Value Realty Transfer Tax

*  REV-221 Sales and Use Tax Rate Chart

*  REV-227 Sales and Use Tax Credit Chart

*  REV-229 Estate Tax General Information

*  REV-238 Out of Existence/Withdrawal Affidavit/Corp Tax

*  REV-251 Tax Bulletin 53B and 53F Instructions Foreign Corp Clearance Cert./Withdrawal

*  REV-252 Tax Bulletin 53C and 53E Security Clearance Cert./Domestic Out of Existence

*  REV-253 Tax Bulletin 53D Instructions for Filing Corp Tax Reports

*  REV-260 Petition for Refund Bd. of Finance and Revenue

*  REV-276 Application for Extension of Time to File (PIT)

*  REV-330 Electronic Filing Program Guide

*  REV-331A Authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement

*  REV-346 Estate Information Sheet

*  REV-413I Instructions for Estimated Tax/PIT (Individuals)

*  REV-413F Instructions for Estimated Tax/PIT (Fiduciaries)

*  REV-413P/S Instructions for Estimated Tax/PIT (Partnership/Shareholders)

*  REV-414I Worksheet for Estimated Tax/PIT (Individuals)

*  REV-414F Worksheet for Estimated Tax/PIT (Fiduciaries)

*  REV-414P/S Worksheet for Estimated Tax/PIT (Partnership/Shareholders)

*  REV-415 General Information for Withholding PIT (for Employers)

*  REV-440 Corp Tax Bulletin 116/Act 48 Changes

*  REV-440D Corp Tax Bulletin 117/Act 21 Changes

*  REV-443 IFTA Compliance Manual

*  REV-459B Consent to Transfer PA Estimated Tax Account

*  REV-460 Information Concerning Time Limitations for Filing Refund Petitions

*  REV-467 Authorization for Release of Tax Records

*  REV-489 Article XI Safe Deposit Box

*  REV-502 FACT Line Brochure/ PATAXES

*  REV-527 Taxpayer's Bill of Rights Brochure

*  REV-552 TeleFile/E-File Information Insert

*  REV-554 Disclosure Statement/Taxpayer Rights Advocate

*  REV-555I Inheritance Tax General Information

*  REV-556 Taxpayer Request for Assistance

*  REV-573 CAQ-Property Tax/Rent Rebate Brochure

*  REV-577 CAQ-Estimated Tax Payments Brochure

*  REV-580 CAQ-Employer Withholding Brochure

*  REV-581 CAQ-Personal Income Tax Brochure

*  REV-582 CAQ-Corporation Taxes Brochure

*  REV-584 CAQ-Inheritance Tax Brochure

*  REV-585 CAQ-Sales and Use Tax Brochure

*  REV-588 Starting a Business in PA (A Beginner's Guide)

*  REV-591 CAQ-IFTA/Motor Fuel Tax Brochure

*  REV-610 CAQ-Voluntary Disclosure Program Guidelines Brochure

*  REV-611 CAQ-Determining Residency for PA PIT Purposes Brochure

*  REV-612 CAQ-Military Pay for PA PIT Purposes Brochure

*  REV-617 CAQ-Hiring Household Workers Brochure

*  REV-618 CAQ-PA Realty Transfer Tax and New Home Construction Brochure

*  REV-625 CAQ-Sale of Principal Residence for PA PIT Purposes Brochure

*  REV-627 CAQ-Construction Contracts Brochure

*  REV-631 CAQ-Tax Forgiveness for Personal Income Tax

*  REV-634 CAQ-Employee Fringe Benefits/Wage & Salary Supplements Brochure

*  REV-635 CAQ-S Corp Brochure

*  REV-636 CAQ-Roth IRAs Brochure

*  REV-637 CAQ-Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses Brochure

*  REV-670 Instructions for Fuel Use Bond

*  REV-671 KOZ Brochure-The Benefits of Living in a KOZ

*  REV-672 KOZ Brochure-How They Effect Business Owners

*  REV-695 KOZ Brochure-How Property Owners Benefit

*  REV-696 CAQ-The Difference Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor Brochure

*  REV-705 Strategic Planning Update 2000 Brochure

*  REV-717 Retailer's Information Booklet

*  REV-721 Corp Tax Bulletin 121/Estimated Settlement

*  REV-745 Electronic Tax Filing Brochure

*  REV-748 Electronic Services for PA Businesses Brochure

*  REV-750 Limited Liability Companies Brochure

*  REV-758 PA PIT for College Students Brochure

*  REV-775 Credit Card Payment Stuffer

*  REV-778 PA Tax Obligations for Out-of-State Vendors Brochure

*  REV-791 Consumer Cig. Excise Floor Tax Return

*  REV-816G Corp Tax Bulletin #92, Act 90 of December 1983

*  REV-816I Corp Tax Bulletin #94, Shares Tax-Banks and Title Insurance Co.

*  REV-816M Corp Tax Bulletin #108, Act 21, 1989 Shares Tax Base Rate

*  REV-816N Corp Tax Bulletin #95 Credits/Gross Premiums Tax Liability

*  REV-851F PA Inheritance & Estate Tax Act

*  REV-853R Corp Tax Annual Payment/Extension Replacement Coupon

*  REV-854R Corp Tax Filing Period/EIN/Address Change Form Replacement Coupon

*  REV-857R Corp Tax Estimated Payment Replacement Coupon

*  REV-860 Schedule L, M, N, C-5 and OA

*  REV-861 Schedule DA Disposition of Assets

*  REV-883 Application for Film Production Tax Credit

*  REV-915 PA Small Games of Chance/Game Approval Form

*  REV-1026 Information on Motor Carriers Road Tax and IFTA

*  REV-1026A Information on Motor Carriers Road Tax-PA Only

*  REV-1076 Tax Bulletin 53A Instructions for Securing Bulk Sales Certificate

*  REV-1200 CT-1 Corporation Tax Instruction Book (order by year needed)

*  REV-1220 Certificate of Exemption for Sales and Use Tax

*  REV-1250 Realty Tax Act and Regulation

*  REV-1501 Instruction Book Inheritance Tax Resident

*  REV-1501B Inheritance Tax Life Estate Booklet

*  REV-1611 Notice of Interest Rate and Calculation Changes

*  REV-1633 PIT Pamphlet No. 2, Taxation of Shareholders

*  REV-1640 Shareholders Consent Statement

*  REV-1643 Listing of Tax Exempt PIT Obligations

*  REV-1716 Employer Withholding Period Ending Due Dates

*  REV-1729 Tax Information for Farmers Booklet

*  REV-1730 PA Realty Transfer Tax General Information

*  REV-1736 Instruction Book/Inheritance Tax Nonresident

*  REV-1737 Nonresident Inheritance Tax Returns/Schedules

*  REV-1742 PIT Pamphlet No. 3, Gain or Loss on Property Acquired prior to June 1, 1971/Sch. D-71

*  REV-1748 Use Tax and You Brochure

*  REV-1799 Information Concerning Appeals/Time Limitations


All regulations and revenue pronouncements issued by the Department of Revenue are published in Title 61 of the Pennsylvania Code. The Department does not reprint all of these documents. If you need to review a regulation or revenue pronouncement that is not included in this list, please consult Title 61 of the Pennsylvania Code.

*  SEC05.1-05.7 Payments by Electronic Funds Transfer

*  SEC06.01-06.22 Tax Amnesty

*  SEC08A.1-8A.11 Enforcement

*  SEC09.13 Pronouncement/S Corporation Election

*  SEC09.17 Pronouncement/Research & Development Tax Credit Implementation Issues

*  SEC31.04 Rentals or Leases of Tangible Personal Property

*  SEC3l.05 Persons Rendering Taxable Services

*  SEC31.06 Persons Rendering Nontaxable Services

*  SEC31.07 Use Tax

*  SEC31.1-31.3 Scope of Taxable and Exempt Transactions

*  SEC31.11-31.16 Construction Contractors

*  SEC31.21 Advertising Agencies

*  SEC31.22 Duplicating

*  SEC31.23 Auctioneers

*  SEC31.24 Florists

*  SEC31.25 Licensing of Club Plan Secretaries

*  SEC31.26 Financial Institutions

*  SEC31.27 Morticians and Funeral Directors

*  SEC31.28 Vending Machines

*  SEC31.29 Books, Publications, and Advertising Materials

*  SEC31.30 House Trailers and Mobile Homes

*  SEC31.41-31.50 Vehicles

*  SEC32.02 Exemption Certificates

*  SEC32.03 Sales for Resale

*  SEC32.04 Isolated Sales

*  SEC32.05 Multi-State Sales

*  SEC32.06 Wrapping Supplies

*  SEC32.21 Charitable, Volunteer Firemen's, Religious Org/Nonprofit Education Inst.

*  SEC32.22 Sales to the US Government

*  SEC32.23 Sales to Comm. of PA and Political Subdivisions and Sales By Commonwealth

*  SEC32.24 Sales to Ambassadors, Ministers

*  SEC32.25 Steam, Gas, Electricity, Fuel Oil, Kerosene

*  SEC32.31 Dairying

*  SEC32.32 Manufacturing/Processing

*  SEC32.33 Farming

*  SEC32.34 Public Utilities

*  SEC32.35 Mining

*  SEC32.36 Printing

*  SEC32.37 Photographers and Photofinishers

*  SEC32.38 Commercial Motion Pictures

*  SEC33.02 Purchase Price

*  SEC33.03 Cancellations, Returns, Allowances and Exchanges

*  SEC33.04 Credit and Layaway Sales

*  SEC34.01 Registration

*  SEC34.02 Keeping of Records

*  SEC34.03 Tax Returns

*  SEC34.04 Direct Payment Permit

*  SEC35.01 Tax Examinations and Assessments

*  SEC35.02 Interest/Additions/Penalties/Crimes and Offenses

*  SEC35.03 Lien for Taxes

*  SEC36.11 Board of Finance and Revenue

*  SEC38.01 Hotel Occupancy/Imposition and Computation of Tax

*  SEC38.02 Hotel Occupancy/ Exemptions

*  SEC38.03 Hotel Occupancy/Definition

*  SEC39.01-39.13 Transient Vendors

*  SEC41.02 Concrete Transit Mixing Unit

*  SEC41.03 Dry Ice for Packaging Ice Cream

*  SEC41.04 Gas Used by a Manufacturer

*  SEC41.05 Integrated Plants

*  SEC41.06 Processing for Wholesale Distribution

*  SEC41.07 Pump Used for Conveying Water Prior to Production Process

*  SEC41.08 Recapping and Retreading of Tires

*  SEC41.09 Research Exemption

*  SEC42.1-42.5 Broadcasting

*  SEC43.00 Water Well Drillers

*  SEC44.01 Dairy Farm Paper Towels

*  SEC44.02 Cooperative Agricultural Associations

*  SEC44.03 Farm Water Heaters

*  SEC44.04 Guns and Ammunition

*  SEC45.01 Exemption of Electric Co-op Corp.

*  SEC45.02 Automobiles for Attorneys

*  SEC45.03 Street Repairs

*  SEC46.01 Construction Contractor Cutting or Bending Steel Beam

*  SEC46.02 Construction of Exempt Public Utility

*  SEC46.03 Contractors Installing Stained Glass Windows

*  SEC46.04 Fixed Price Construction Contract

*  SEC46.05 Outdoor Advertising Signs

*  SEC46.06 Contractor Renting Equipment to Others

*  SEC46.07 Nonresident Contractors

*  SEC46.08 Industrialized Housing

*  SEC46.09 Financial Institutions Security Equipment

*  SEC47.01 Coin Operated Amusement Devices

*  SEC47.02 Films for Commercial Exhibitions

*  SEC47.03 Frozen Food Lockers

*  SEC47.04 Golf Bag Carts and Lockers

*  SEC47.06 Miniature Golf Course

*  SEC47.10 Riding Academies and Stables

*  SEC47.11 Saws and Blades to Butchers

*  SEC47.12 Soda Fountains

*  SEC47.16 Rental of Equipment Between Affiliated Interests

*  SEC47.17 Lease or Rental of Vehicles and Rolling Stock

*  SEC47.18 Totalizator Equipment

*  SEC47.19 Public Transportation Assistance Fund Taxes and Fees

*  SEC47.20 Vehicle Rental Tax

*  SEC48.01 Utility Services Used by Exempt Organizations

*  SEC48.04 Credit Unions

*  SEC49.02 Game, Fish, Animals and Birds

*  SEC50.01 Purchases and Sales by Wholesalers

*  SEC51.01 Purchases of Replacement Parts

*  SEC51.02 Use of Automobile Other than for Resale

*  SEC51.04 Remittances for Payment of Sales Tax on Certain Vehicles

*  SEC52.01 Purchases of Medicines/Med Supplies, Equipment, Devices, etc.

*  SEC52.02 Fabrication of Dental Prothesis

*  SEC52.04 Sellers and Repairers of Eyeglasses

*  SEC53.01 Clothing

*  SEC53.02 Footwear, Footwear Accessories and Footwear Repairs

*  SEC54.01 Delivery Charges

*  SEC54.02 Sign Painters

*  SEC55.01 Automobile Towing Services

*  SEC55.04 Taxidermy Service

*  SEC55.05 Cleaning of Animals

*  SEC55.06 Lawn Care Services

*  SEC56.01 Maintaining Place of Business within Commonwealth

*  SEC57.01 Carbonator for Soda Fountains

*  SEC57.02 Gas Used by Restaurants

*  SEC57.03 Icemaking Equipment

*  SEC57.04 Merchandising Equipment

*  SEC57.05 Sale of Equipment to Restaurants

*  SEC57.06 Sales Order Books

*  SEC57.07 Purchase of Soft Drinks by Liquor Licensees

*  SEC58.01-58.02 Taxable and Exempt Personal Property

*  SEC58.03 Timbering Operations

*  SEC58.04 Commission Vendors

*  SEC58.05 Decorated Cottage Cheese Containers

*  SEC58.06 Barbers and Beauticians Supplies, Materials, Tools and Equipment

*  SEC58.07 Trading Stamps

*  SEC58.08 Commercial Airport and Aircraft Operators

*  SEC58.09 School Textbook Exemption

*  SEC58.10 Water Softeners and Conditioners

*  SEC58.11 Taxes Paid/Purchases Resold

*  SEC58.12 Flags

*  SEC58.13 Carpeting and Other Floor Coverings

*  SEC60.01 Pronouncement/Bldg. Maintenance or Bldg. Cleaning Services

*  SEC60.03 Pronouncement/Disinfecting or Pest Control Services

*  SEC60.04 Pronouncement/Help Supply Services

*  SEC60.05 Pronouncement/Employment Agency Services

*  SEC60.06 Pronouncement/Lobbying Services

*  SEC60.07 Pronouncement/Sale and Preparation of Food & Beverages

*  SEC60.08 Pronouncement/Secretarial and Editing Services

*  SEC60.09 Pronouncement/Premium Cable Services

*  SEC60.10 Pronouncement/Adjustment and Collection Services

*  SEC60.11 Pronouncement/Credit Reporting Services

*  SEC60.12 Pronouncement/Self Storage Services

*  SEC60.13 Pronouncement/Computer Services

*  SEC60.14 Pronouncement/Zero Emission Vehicles

*  SEC60.15 Pronouncement/Sales Tax Refund Procedures Regarding Contracts

*  SEC60.16 Pronouncement/Local Sale Use and Hotel Occupancy Tax

*  SEC60.17 Pronouncement/Sale of Food/Beverages Sold to Nonprofit Associations

*  SEC60.18 Pronouncement/ Sale and Installation of Prefabricated Housing

*  SEC60.19 Pronouncement/Computer Software, Hardware and Related Transactions

*  SEC60.20 Pronouncement/Telecommunications Service

*  SEC60.21 Pronouncement/Commercial Racing Activities

*  SEC60.23 Pronouncement/Electric Utility Services

*  SEC71.04 Cigarette Tax


*  E69 Important 1967 Legislative Changes

*  E70 Important 1969 Legislative Changes

*  E71 Important 1970 Legislative Changes

*  E72 Important 1970 Legislative Changes

*  E73 Important 1971 Legislative Changes--Tentative Tax-Reports and Payments

*  F74 Important 1971 Legislative Changes

*  F75 1972 Disaster Relief Policy with respect to CNI/CIT

*  F76 1973 CNI/CIT

*  F77 1974 CNI/CIT

*  F78 1974 Tentative Tax-Reports and Payments Rates/CNI/CIT

*  F79 1975 CNI/CIT

*  F81 1976 Recycling Process

*  F82 1977 New Address for Mailing Tax Reports and Remittances

*  F83 1978 Important 1977 Legislative Changes Tax Rate

*  F84 1979 Addressing Report and Remittances

*  REV-816 Corp Tax Bulletin F-85 1982 CNI/CIT

*  REV-816A Corp Tax Bulletin F-86 1982 CNI Tax, Delays application of depreciation changes in 1981 Federal Economic Recovery Tax Act

*  REV-816B Corp Tax Bulletin F-87 1982 Gilbert Asso. Inc. v. Commonwealth

*  REV-816C Corp Tax Bulletin 88 1983 CNI/Interest Rate/Oil Franchise Rate/Installment Payment of Tentative CNI Tax/Mutual Thrift Inst./PURTA/Employment Incentive Payments Credits

*  REV-816D Corp Tax Bulletin 89 1983 Tentative CNI/Method 2 Election

*  REV-816E Corp Tax Bulletin 90 1983 CNI Tax

*  REV-816F Corp Tax Bulletin 91 1984 Act No. 90/Election to be Taxed as a PA S Corp.

*  REV-816H Corp Tax Bulletin 93 1984 Act No. 29/Reporting and Payment of Public Utility Realty Tax Liability

*  REV-816J Corp Tax Bulletin 96 Fixed Formula-Valuation of Capital Stock/Domestic and Foreign Corporations

*  T-CT-1 Corp Tax Bulletin 98 1985 Gross Premiums Tax-Foreign Fire Insurance Co.

*  T-CT-2 Corp Tax Bulletin 99 1985 Economic Revitalization Tax Credit

*  T-CT-3 Corp Tax Bulletin 100 1985 Estimated CNI System

*  T-CT-4 Corp Tax Bulletin 101 1986 Capital Stock/Franchise Tax Regulated Investment Co.

*  T-CT-5 Corp Tax Bulletin 102 1986 Act No. 77-Reduction in rates for CNI/$50,000 Deduction Capital Stock Value/Change in Definition of Net Worth

*  T-CT-6 Corp Tax Bulletin 103 1987 Act No. 58-Reduction in Capital Stock/Foreign Franchise/Tentative Capital Stock/Tentative Franchise Tax Rates

*  T-CT-7 Corp Tax Bulletin 104 1988 Notice to Mutual Thrift Institution Taxpayers

*  REV-1743 Corp Tax Bulletin 105 1988 Tentative Capital Stock/Franchise Tax Method 2 Election

*  DCT09 Corp Tax Bulletin 106 Notice to Mutual Thrift Institution Taxpayers

*  REV-816L Corp Tax Bulletin 107 1989 Shares Tax-Banks, Bank and Trust Co., Trust Co.

*  DCT13 Corp Tax Bulletin 109 Notice to Mutual Thrifts Inst./ Change in Base Rate

*  DCT18 Corp Tax Bulletin 110 Major Filing Changes for 1991

*  REV-176 Corp Tax Bulletin 111 1991 Major Changes on or after January 1, 1991

*  REV-173 Corp Tax Bulletin 112A Notice regarding Recomputation of Safe Harbor and Recovery Payments

*  REV-174 Corp Tax Bulletin 112B Notice of PA Corporations Fiscal Years beginning in July 1991 through and including December 1991

*  DCT27 Corp Tax Bulletin 113 1991 Utilities Gross Receipts/PURTA

*  DCT28 Corp Tax Bulletin 115 1991 Tax for Financial Inst. for Shares Tax/Mutual Thrift

*  DCT29 Corp Tax Bulletin 114 1991 Annuities for Gross Premiums Tax Retroactive to July 1, 1991

*  REV-440 Corp Tax Bulletin 116A 1994 Act 48 Changes

*  REV-440A Corp Tax Bulletin 116B 1994 Act 48 Amended Shares Tax/Allowing Apportionment

*  REV-440C Corp Tax Bulletin 116C 1995 Act 48 Concerning Business Trusts

*  REV-440D Corp Tax Bulletin 117 1995 Double Weighted Sales Factor, Tax Rate
Changes Fixed Formula, Processing Exemptions, Insurance Gross Premiums Tax, Utilities Gross Receipts Tax Commercial Printers and Tax Amnesty

*  REV-440E Corp Tax Bulletin 118, Limited Liability Companies (LLC's) Reporting Requirements

*  REV-525 Corp Tax Bulletin 119, Motor Vehicle Gross Receipts/Ambulance Services

*  REV-545 PA Research and Development Tax Credit

*  DCT52 PURTA Brochure

*  DCT53 Corp Tax Bulletin 120/Purta Compensating Adjustment

*  DCT54 Corp Tax Bulletin 122/Tax Transition Impact Limitations


*  DCI02 Guide to Cigarette Law Enforcement

PRESS OFFICE, PO BOX 281100, HARRISBURG, PA 17128-1100, TELEPHONE (717) 787-6960

*  DPO22 Brochure/Working Together

BUREAU OF RESEARCH, PO BOX 281100, HARRISBURG, PA 17128-1100, TELEPHONE (717) 787-6300

*  DOP3 Compendium of Revenue

*  DOP4 Personal Income Tax Statistics

*  DOP7 Statistical Supplemental to Tax Compendium

*  DOP9--Statistical Report-Capital Stock/Franchise Tax/CNI Tax

*  DOP11 Strategic Planning Update


*  DEX42 Property Tax Statistical Report

*  PA1345 Handbook for Electronic Filers

*  PA1346 Electronic Return Filing Specifications for Individual Tax Forms

*  PA1436 Electronic Filing Test Package


*  OCCPLR Office of Chief Counsel Private Letter Rulings (Fee Charged)

PA STATE LOTTERY, 2850 TURNPIKE INDUSTRIAL PARK, MIDDLETOWN, PA, 17057, TELEPHONE (717) 986-4714 (*Or from Lottery Retailer Outlets)

*  *All-Game Guide Brochure

*  *Winning Numbers Lists

*  Retailer Connection--Retailer Newsletter

*  PA Lottery Game Guide

*  Compulsive Gambling Brochure

*  Benefits and Rights for Older Pennsylvanians Booklet

*  *RSL-3 Lottery Retailer License Application

*  *RSL-209 Standard Claim Form

*  *RSL-355 Beneficiary Statement

*  *RSL-400 Lottery Fund Benefits Programs Brochure Comparative Statement of Income and Expenditures

*  *RSL-438 Game Odds Card



*  Compendium of Commission and Staff Positions, Summary of Significant Commission Orders and Compilations of Staff No-Action Letters

*  Small Company Offering Registration (SCOR) In Pennsylvania

*  Coordinated Equity Review Notebook

*  Publication: Raising Small Business Capital

*  Website:
Contact: Michael J. Byrne, (717) 783-5130


Sexually Violent Predator--Treatment and Management Standards
Contact: Diane Dombach (717) 787-5430



Secretary of the Commonwealth

*  Use of Public Areas Outside the Capitol Complex, 49 Pa. Code, Chapter 61

*  Returned Check Fee, 49 Pa. Code, Chapter 63
Contact: Patricia Ventrone (717) 787-3945

State Athletic Commission

*  Athletic Agents, 58 Pa. Code §§ 41.1--41.3
Contact: Gregory Sirb (717) 787-5720

Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

Commissioner of Professional and Occupational Affairs

*  Schedule of Civil Penalties--Certified Real Estate Appraisers, 49 Pa. Code § 43.b.15

*  Schedule of Civil Penalties--Audiologists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Teachers of the Hearing Impaired, 49 Pa. Code § 43b.16

*  Schedule of Civil Penalties--Nursing Home Administrators, 49 Pa. Code § 43b.17

*  Schedule of Civil Penalties--Nurses, 49 Pa. Code § 43b.18

*  Schedule of Civil Penalties--Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants, 49 Pa. Code § 43b.19

*  Schedule of Civil Penalties--Physicians and Other Board Regulated Practitioners, 49 Pa. Code § 43b.20
Contact: Cynthia Montgomery (717) 783-7200

State Board of Dentistry

*  Replacement of Dental Amalgams, 49 Pa. Code § 33.213

*  Disclosure of Financial or Ownership Interest, 49 Pa. Code § 33.214

*  Use of Lasers in the Dental Office, 49 Pa. Code § 33.215

*  Requirement of Anesthesia Permit for Nonparenteral Premedication of Dental Patients, 49 Pa. Code § 33.344
Contact: Lisa Burns (717) 783-7162

State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators

*  Temporary Permits, 49 Pa. Code § 39.17

*  Subordinate Supervision, 49 Pa. Code § 39.18
Contact: Chris Stuckey (717) 783-7155

State Board of Examiners in Speech-Language and Hearing

*  Disclosure of Financial or Ownership Interest, 49 Pa. Code § 45.3
Contact: Cindy Warner (717) 783-1389

State Board of Medicine

*  Disciplinary Guidelines for Use of Anabolic Steroids, 49 Pa. Code § 16.97
Contact: Joanne Troutman (717) 783-1400

State Board of Nursing

*  Scope of Practice Interpretations, 49 Pa. Code § 21.401

*  General Functions of Registered Nurses, 49 Pa. Code § 21.411

*  Venipuncture, Intravenous Fluids, Resuscitation and Respiration, 49 Pa. Code § 21.412

*  Administration of Drugs, 49 Pa. Code § 21.413

*  Functions of Licensed Practical Nurses, 49 Pa. Code § 21.414
Contact: Ann Steffanic (717) 783-7142

State Board of Optometry

*  Disclosure of Financial or Ownership Interest, 49 Pa. Code § 23.101
Contact: Deb Smith (717) 783-7155

State Board of Osteopathic Medicine

*  Disclosure of Financial or Ownership Interest, 49 Pa. Code § 25.291
Contact: Gina Bittner (717) 783-4858

State Board of Pharmacy

*  Radiopharmaceutical Prescriptions, 49 Pa. Code § 27.101

*  Return to Stock of Undelivered Medication, 49 Pa. Code § 27.102
Contact: Melanie Zimmerman (717) 783-7156

State Board of Physical Therapy

*  Disclosure of Financial or Ownership Interest, 49 Pa. Code § 40.54
Contact: Robert Kline (717) 783-7134

State Board of Psychology

*  Qualified Members of Other Recognized Professions, 49 Pa. Code § 41.7

*  Department of Health Licensing of Substance Abuse Services Provided by Psychology Practices, 49 Pa. Code § 41.8
Contact: Chris Stuckey (717) 783-7155

State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors

*  Department of Health Licensing of Substance Abuse Services Provided by Professional Counseling Practices, 49 Pa. Code § 49.17
Contact: Cindy Warner (717) 783-1389

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