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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 05-1493k

[35 Pa.B. 4383]

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Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

*  Case Management Guidelines Manual for Professional Health Monitoring Programs
Contact: Kevin Knipe (717) 783-4857

State Board of Barber Examiners

*  Policy Manual
Contact: Hilarene Staller (717) 783-3402

State Board of Cosmetology

*  Policy Manual
Contact: Hilarene Staller (717) 783-7130

State Board of Medicine

*  Policy Manual

*  Guideline for the Use of Controlled Substances in the Treatment of Pain (1998)
Contact: Joanne Troutman (717) 783-1400

State Board of Nursing

*  Staff Suggestions for Nursing Education Curriculum Proposals (2000)

*  Curriculum Guidelines for the Approval of a CRNP Program (1993)

*  LPN and Central Venous Lines (1999)

*  Complying with Pennsylvania Continued Competency Regulations (2003)

*  Nursing Practice Guide RN/LPN (1999)

*  Alternative/Complementary Therapies (1997)

*  Criteria for a Pennsylvania Board Approved Intravenous Therapy Education Program for the Student/Graduate/Licensed Practical Nurse (1995)
Contact: Ann Steffanic (717) 783-7142

State Board of Physical Therapy

*  Policy Manual
Contact: Robert Kline (717) 783-7134

State Board of Psychology

*  Guidance Manual

*  Guideline: Education Requirements

*  Guideline: Persons Licensed in Other States
Contact: Chris Stuckey (717) 783-7155

State Real Estate Commission

*  Guideline: Real Estate Assistants

*  Guideline: Home Offices

*  Guideline: Team Advertising

*  Guideline: Relationship Between Educational Providers and Real Estate Companies and Brokers

*  Guideline: Continuing Education

*  Guideline: Internet Advertising Policy

*  Policy Manual
Contact: Deborah Mischeck (717) 783-3658

Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation

*  The Pennsylvania Voter Registration Implementation Manual for County Election Officials
Contact: Harry VanSickle (717) 783-2053

*  A Guide to Agency-Based Voter Registration Programs
Contact: Allison Deibert (717) 787-5280


Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

State Architects Licensure Board

*  Architect/Engineer Joint Advisory Committee
Contact: Linda Dinger (717) 783-3397

State Board of Dentistry

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee
Contact: Lisa Burns (717) 783-7162

State Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators

*  Guidelines for Continuing Education Audit
Contact: Chris Stuckey (717) 783-7155

State Board of Medicine

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee

*  Mcare Triage Guidelines
Contact: Joanne Troutman (717) 783-1400

State Board of Optometry

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee
Contact: Deb Smith (717) 783-7155

State Board of Osteopathic Medicine

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee
Contact: Gina Bittner (717) 783-4858

State Board of Psychology

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee
Contact: Chris Stuckey (717) 783-7155

State Board of Veterinary Medicine

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee
Contact: Robert Kline (717) 783-7134

State Real Estate Commission

*  Internal Operating Guidelines

*  Probable Cause Screening Committee
Contact: Deborah Mischeck (717) 783-3658


Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation

*  Secretary's Advisories to County Election and Voter Registration Officials

*  Election Calendars

*  Becoming a Notary Public in Pennsylvania

*  Instructions for Filing as a Candidate of a Minor Political Party

*  Instructions for Filing as an Independent Candidate

*  Nomination Petitions

*  Nomination Papers

*  Notice on What Constitutes a Vote
Contact: Harry VanSickle (717) 783-2053

*  Campaign Finance Reporting Law Pamphlet
Contact: Mary Heinlen (717) 787-5280

*  Voter Registration Mail Application (English and Spanish)

*  2003 Report to the General Assembly--The Administration of Voter Registration in Pennsylvania

*  Your Vote is Your Voice
Contact: Allison Deibert (717) 787-5280

*  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Plan (as required by the Help America Vote Act of 2002)

*  Elections News Poster (English and Spanish)
Contact: Gail Borger (717) 787-5280

Bureau of Charitable Organizations

*  Registration Packets for Charitable Organizations, Professional Solicitors and Professional Fundraising Counsels
Contact: Elissa Brown (717) 783-1720

Corporation Bureau

*  A Guide to Business Registration in Pennsylvania
Contact: Travis Blouch (717) 783-9210

Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs

State Board of Nursing

*  List of Approved Programs for RN, CRNP and LPN Education (updated as needed)

*  List of Approved LPN Intravenous Therapy Education Programs (updated as needed)

*  NCLEX Jurisdiction Program Summary of All First Time Candidates (updated quarterly)
Contact: Ann Steffanic (717) 783-7142

State Real Estate Commission

*  Applications: Experience Requirements and Point System for Applicants for Broker's Licenses

*  List of States Willing/Not Willing to Enter Into Reciprocal Agreements

*  List of Board Approved Continuing Education Providers

*  2004-2006 Approved Continuing Education Courses
Contact: Deborah Mischeck (717) 783-3658


Pursuant to Executive Order 1996-1 (Regulatory Review and Promulgation), the State Employees' Retirement System (SERS) submits for publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin the following list of the agency's non-regulatory public documents. For additional information on the listed items, contact the SERS Public Information Officer by calling (717) 787-9657.

Eric Henry   
Executive Director

*  SERS Board of Trustees Adjudications by Topic:

   o  Cost of Living Increase
o  Change of Benefit Option
o  Transfer to Alternate Retirement Plan
o  Credited Years of Service
o  Death Benefit
o  Disability
o  Effective Date of Retirement
o  Final Average Salary
o  Fraternal Order of Police
o  Frozen Present Value
o  Membership Eligibility
o  Military Service
o  Multiple Service Credit
o  Overpayment
o  Payment of Interest
o  Pension Forfeiture
o  Purchase of Service
o  Reinstatement
o  Retirement-Covered Compensation
o  Miscellaneous

*  SERS Member Handbook (2005 edition)

*  SERS Guide for Retiring Members (2005 edition)

*  SERS pamphlets

   o  Information for Retirees (SERS-149)--11/30/04
o  Classes of Membership (SERS-150)--10/30/04
o  Social Security Integration Coverage for SERS Members (SERS-151)--10/28/04
o  How to Apply for a Disability Retirement (SERS-152)--11/04/04
o  Retirement Benefits available to Pennsylvania State Police (SERS-153)--11/3/04
o  Retirement Options for SERS Members (SERS-154)--10/28/04
o  Provisions for the Purchase of Service (SERS-155)--3/8/05
o  Domestic Relations and Support Orders (SERS-157)--11/3/04
o  Frozen Present Value: Its Impact on State Pensions (SERS-158)--10/28/04
o  Refund Procedures for those Leaving State Service (SERS-159)--10/28/04
o  Information on Tax Form 1099-R for Tax Year 2004
o  Vesting in the State Employees' Retirement System (SERS 162)--11/30/04

*  SERS Flyers:

   o  SERS Monthly Annuity Payment Dates (2005)
o  Custom Retirement Calculator Special Notice (April 2003)

*  Management Directives and Administrative Circulars issued by SERS

*  SERS Mission Statement

*  SERS Statement of Investment Policy

   o  SERS Real Estate Statement of Investment Policy
o  SERS Alternative Investments Statement of Investment Policy

*  SERS Public Markets Investment Advisor Retention Guidelines

*  SERS current Five-Year Investment Plan (''2005 Annual Five-Year Investment Plan'')

*  SERS Proxy Voting Policy

*  SERS Right-to-Know-Law Policy dated November 3, 2004

*  The FOP Decision: The resolution of the SERS Board of Trustees dated September 26, 1990, implementing the arbitration award issued February 17, 1988, in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Police Lodges, American Arbitration Association Case No. 14 390 1611 87 J (Thomas J. DiLauro, Chair)

*  The ''SERSNews'' member newsletter

*  SERS Information Bulletins

*  SERS 2004 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

*  Sample Domestic Relations Order and Instruction Letter

*  Power of Attorney form

*  SERS Board Minutes and Resolutions

*  Actuarial Reports (annual and five-year)

*  Actuarial Tables

*  Memoranda of Understanding currently in effect

*  SERS Appeals Committee Guidelines for Informal Appeals



Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Heritage Affairs Office
Cultural Awareness Brochure (SP5-344)

Bureau of Human Resources
Enlisted Employment Information
   Application for State Police Cadet
   General Cadet Information (SP5-349)
   Pennsylvania State Police: A Challenging Career That Makes a Difference
   Pennsylvania State Police General Information SP3-313 (7-2001)

Liquor Enforcement Employment Information
   Application for Liquor Enforcement Officer Trainee
   General Information Brochure (SP5-348)

Civilian Employment Information
   General Information Pamphlet (SP5-346)
   Police Communicators Operator Pamphlet (SP5-347)
   Personal Data Sheet for Employment (STD-300)
   Civil Service Application

Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement
Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement Brochure
Choices Program Brochure

Bureau of Patrol
Emergency Vehicle Designation (SP6-115)
Child Safety Seat Identification Decal (SP6-153)

Bureau of Professional Responsibility
Complaint Verification Form (SP1-108)

Bureau of Records and Identification
Information for Pennsylvania Firearms Purchasers and Basic Firearm Safety (SP4-135)
Request for Criminal Record Check (SP4-164)
Notice of Crash Investigation and Application to Obtain Copy of Police Crash Reporting Form (SP7-0015)

Bureau of Research and Development
Pennsylvania State Police Overview of Department Activities (2-01)
Pennsylvania State Police CALEA Facts About Accreditation (3-98)
Pennsylvania Annual Police Pursuit Report (2002)
Pennsylvania State Police Annual Report (2002)
Crime in Pennsylvania: Uniform Crime Executive Summary (2002)
Pennsylvania State Police Historical Facts and Highlights

Bureau of Training and Education
Youngster Protect Yourself from Attacks and Accidents (SP5-330)
Stop Burglary Brochure (SP5-331)
Crimes of Fraud: ''The Con-Artist'' (SP5-332)
Lady Beware (SP5-333)
Understanding Crime Prevention (SP5-334)
Accessing Your Pennsylvania State Police (SP5-335)
Protect Your Child (SP5-336)
Preventing Child Abduction and Child Runaway (SP5-337)
Drugs Aren't Part of Anyone's Future (SP5-342)
Child Identification Kit (SP5-342)

Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission--Lethal Weapons
Application for Agent Certification--LWTA (SP8-200)
Physical Examination--LWTA (SP8-200A)
Police Officer Exemption Application--LWTA (SP8-200C)
Active Municipal Office LWTA Verification Procedure for Training Waiver (SP8204)

Equal Employment Opportunity Office
Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, Statement of Management Commitment (1-02)
Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (1-02)

All of the non-regulatory compliance-related documents listed above are available from the Pennsylvania State Police by contacting the Department at the following address or phone number:

Pennsylvania State Police
Bureau of Research and Development
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, PA 17110
(717) 783-5536

Documents are also available from the State Library, Government Publication Section at 219 Forum Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120 and may be obtained through inter-library loan.



Bureau of Equal Opportunity

*  Disability-Related Employment Policy for Applicants/Employees with Disabilities, 6/23/2004

*  EEO Policy Statement, 6/23/2004

*  Harassment/Hostile Work Environment Policy, 6/23/2004

*  Sexual Harassment Policy Statement, 6/23/2004

*  DBE Policy Statement, 5/21/2004

*  Equal Opportunity Title VI Statement of Policy, 7/15/2002 (included in Title VI Compliance and Implementation Plan at pg. 9)

*  External Contract Compliance Policy Statement, 2/2/2005

*  MBE/WBE Policy 100% State Funded Construction Contracts, 9/21/1999 (This program and document is currently being reviewed by the Department)

Bureau of Design

*  Standards for Hardware Glulam Bridge Design (Pub. 6M)

*  Design Manual Part 1: Transportation Project Development Process (Pub. 10)

*  Design Manual Part 1A: Transportation Engineering Procedures (Pub. 10A)

*  Design Manual Part 2: Highway Design, Dual Units (Pub. 13M)

*  Design Manual Part 3: Plans Presentation, Dual Units (Pub. 14M)

*  Pile Load Test Summaries (Pub. 15A)

*  Design Manual Part 4: Structures, Dual Units (Pub. 15M)

*  Design Manual Part 5: Metric (Pub. 16M)

*  Guidelines for Design of Local Roads and Streets, Dual Units (Pub. 70M)

*  Roadway Construction Standards, Dual Units (Pub. 72M)

*  Standards for Bridge Design, Dual Units (Pub. 218M)

*  Standards for Bridge Construction, Dual Units (Pub. 219M)

*  Right-of-Way Encroachments and Outdoor Advertising Sign Control (Pub. 266)

*  Roadway Specifications (Pub. 408/2000)

Bureau of Maintenance and Operations

*  Pavement Policy Manual (Pub 242)

Bureau of Construction and Materials

*  Geo-technical Engineering Manual (Pub. 293, 1/97)

Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering

*  Traffic Signing Standards, TC-8700 Series (Pub. 111M)

*  Traffic Signal Standards, TC-7800 Series (Pub. 148)

*  Traffic Signal Design Handbook (Pub. 149)

*  Guidelines for the Maintenance of Traffic Signal Systems (Pub. 191)

*  Engineering and Traffic Studies (metric) (Pub. 201M)

*  Work Zone Traffic Control (dual units edition) (Pub. 203M)

*  Flagging Handbook (Pub. 234)

*  Handbook of Approved Signs (Pub. 236M)

*  Sign Blank Specifications (Pub. 306M)

*  Statewide Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

*  Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver's Manual (Pub. 380)

Center for Program Development and Management

*  PennPlan MOVES

*  PennPlan MOVES--Report of Achievement 2000

*  PennPlan MOVES--Report of Achievement 2001

*  PennPlan MOVES--Report of Achievement 2002

*  PennPlan MOVES--Report of Achievement 2003

*  Action Plan Resulting from the 2003 Conference on Transportation and Land Use for Economic Development

Bureau of Municipal Services

*  Mileage Addition Guidelines (Policies concerning adding local road mileage to a municipalities Liquid Fuels Road Inventory.)

*  Liquid Fuels Allowable Expenditures (Expenditures that a municipality may make utilizing Liquid Fuels Funds.)

*  Policies and Procedures for the Administration of Liquid Fuels Funds (Pub. 9)

Strategic Environmental Management Program (SEMP) Office

*  Waste Site Evaluation Procedures for the Highway Project Development Process (Pub. 281)


Bureau of Driver Licensing

*  Pennsylvania Driver's Manual (Pub 95) (Updated January 2004)

*  Commercial Driver's Manual (Pub 233) (Updated December 2003)

*  Motorcycle Operator Manual (Pub 147) (Updated May 2004)

*  New Driver's License and Identification Cards

*  A Guide to Obtaining a Pennsylvania Junior Learner's Permit and Junior Driver's License (Pub 178) (Updated October 2004)

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

*  Apportioned Manual (Pub 181) (Updated April 2004)

*  Dealer Manual (Pub 458) (Updated January 2005)

*  Salvor Manual (Pub 460) (Updated August 2003)

*  Messenger Manual (Updated 2000)

Bureau of Equal Opportunity

*  Minority/Female Resource Guide, 5/2005

*  OJT--Training Manual, 3/1995

*  Highway and Bridge Subcontractor's Manual (Pub. 412), 2/2001

*  Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, Federal/State (This Program is currently under review)

*  Title VI Compliance and Implementation Plan, 7/15/2002

*  Contract Compliance Plan (This Program is currently under review)

*  Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program 2004

Bureau of Municipal Services

*  Liquid Fuels Annual Qualifying Package (Yearly forms a municipality must complete to receive their annual Liquid Fuels Allocation.)

*  Transfer of State Highways Program (Pub. 310)

*  Procedures for Administration of Municipal Projects (Pub. 39)

*  Dirt & Gravel Roads Manual

*  Quality Assurance and Inspection Manual for Timber Bridges

*  Municipal Services Guide for Road Construction (Pub 372)

*  Approved Products for Lower Volume Local Roads (Pub 447)

Bureau of Office Services

*  Conducting Business with the PA Department of Transportation (Pub 4) (3/2003)

Bureau of Design

*  Contract Proposal Preparation Guide, Dual Units (Pub. 51M)

*  When Your Land Is Needed for Highway Use (Pub. 83)

*  Local Public Agency Project Guidelines (Pub. 98)

*  Surveying and Mapping Manual (Pub. 122M)

*  Estimating Manual (Pub. 352)

*  Guide to Roundabouts (Pub. 414)

*  Specifications for Consultant Engineering Agreements (Form 442)

Bureau of Maintenance and Operations

*  Trucker's Handbook (Pub. 194)

*  Posting and Bonding Procedures for Municipal Highways (Pub. 221)

*  Highway Occupancy Permit Handbook (Pub. 282)

*  Guide for Obtaining Minimum Use Driveway Permits (Pub. 312)

*  Oversize/Overweight Application for Special Hauling Permit M-936A

*  How to Complete General Application Form M-936A Oversize/Overweight Application for Special Hauling Permit)

*  Supplemental Application for Overweight Special Hauling Permit (M-936AS)

*  How to Complete Supplemental Application Form M-936A, Excessively Overweight Movement (Supplemental Application for Overweight Special Hauling Permit)

*  How to Complete an Application for a PA Super Load Permit

*  Pennsylvania STAA Truck Routes (Pub. 411)

*  Trucker's Guide to Pennsylvania

Bureau of Construction and Materials

*  Procedures for Administration for Municipal Projects (Pub. 39)

Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering

*  Pennsylvania's Traffic Calming Handbook (Pub. 383)

*  Guidelines to Implement Act 229 of 2002; Additional Traffic-Control Devices in Highway Work Zones; Statement of Policy

*  Bicycling Directory of Pennsylvania (Pub 316)

Center for Program Development and Management

*  Congestion Management System (CMS) Planning Guidance

*  Transportation Enhancements Program Guidance

*  State Transportation Program Guidance

*  PENNDOT User's Guide to Transportation Planning and Programming

*  Public Involvement Program for Transportation Planning and Programming

*  Transportation Management Association Assistance Program Guidelines

*  PA Infrastructure Bank Handbook

*  Pennsylvania's Transportation Program--Executive Summary, September 2001

*  Sound Land Use Planning for Your Community

*  PennDOT's Sound Land Use Implementation Plan

*  Home Town Street & Safe Routes To School General Information and Program Guidance

*  Access Management Model Ordinances For Pennsylvania Municipalities Handbook

*  Pennsylvania Infrastructure Bank Handbook

*  Pennsylvania Byways . . . A Guide

*  Pennsylvania Byways Program--Pamphlet

*  State Transportation Commission Guidelines for Public Participation in the 2007 Transportation Program Development Process

Office of the Deputy Secretary for Planning

*  Transportation Partnerships Guidelines Manual

Bureau of Aviation

*  Aviation Development Airport Sponsor's Guide (Pub 405)

*  Environmental Evaluation Forms A, B and C for Airport Development Projects


Bureau of Driver Licensing

*  Physician Reporting Fact Sheet (Pub 7212) (Updated March 2005)

Bureau of Equal Opportunity

*  DBE Plan, 9/1999

*  PENNDOT Title VI Assurances, 7/15/2002 (Included in Title VI Compliance and Implementation Plan at pg. 77)

*  State Assurances with Regard to Equal Opportunity as required by the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1968, 2/2/2005

*  Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program Procedures Manual, 5/2004

Bureau of Design

*  Administration of Consultant Agreements (Pub. 93)

*  Project Level Highway Traffic Noise Handbook (Pub. 24)

*  Environmental Impact Statement Handbook (Pub. 278)

*  Categorical Exclusion Evaluation Handbook (Pub. 294)

*  Public Involvement Handbook (Pub. 295)

*  Needs Study Handbook (Pub. 319)

*  PennDOT Project Level Air Quality Handbook (Pub. 321)

*  Agriculture Resources Handbook (Pub. 324)

*  Wetlands Resource Handbook (Pub. 325)

*  Environmental Assessment Handbook (Pub. 362)

Bureau of Maintenance and Operations

*  Maintenance Manual (Pub. 23) (Updated 8/2004)

*  Engineering District and County Maintenance Offices Location Maps and Mailing Addresses (Pub. 22)

Bureau of Construction and Materials

*  Finals Unit Manual (Pub. 11) (Guidance for Highway Construction Project Closeouts) (Pub. 11)

*  Field Computation Guidebook (Guidance for Highway Construction Projects) (Pub. 21)

*  Contract Documentation System Field Operations Manual (Pub. 320)

*  Producers of Ready Mix Concrete (Pub 42)

*  Producers of Bituminous Mixtures (Pub 41) Approved Aggregate Producers (Pub 34)

Bureau of Planning and Research

*  Conduct of Research at PennDOT

*  2002 PA Traffic Data Book

*  2002 PA Highway Statistics Book

Center for Program Development and Management

*  Single Occupancy Vehicle Capacity Adding Project (SOVCAP) Guidance

*  Rail-Highway Grade Crossing Safety Program Guidance

*  HOP\Land Use Questionnaire

Bureau of Municipal Services

*  Abandonment/Vacation/Deletions Procedure Letter (Policies and procedures governing the abandonment, vacation, and deletion of roads from the state road system and their return to local jurisdiction.)

*  Transfer of State Highways Program (Pub 310)

*  Procedures for Administration of Municipal Projects (Pub 39)

*  Dirt & Gravel Roads Manual

*  Quality Assurance and Inspection Manual for Timber Bridges


Bureau of Office Services

*  Price List, Maps and Publications (Pub. 12) (12/2004)

Bureau of Design

*  Construction Items Catalog (Pub. 7)

*  Construction Items Catalog (metric edition) (Pub. 7M)

*  Construction Cost Catalog of Standard Construction Items (Pub. 287)

*  Getting Involved Brochure (Pub. 304)

Bureau of Construction and Materials

*  Aggregate Producers (Pub. 34)

*  Approved Construction Materials (Pub. 35)

*  Producers of Bituminous Mixtures (Pub. 41)

*  Producers of Redi-Mixed Concrete (Pub. 42)

*  Subsurface Boring, Sampling and Testing Contract (Pub. 222)

*  Slope Stability Program, PASTABL (Metricated) (Pub. 318)

Center for Program Development and Management

*  Transportation Conformity State Implementation Plan

Bureau of Municipal Services

*  Liquid Fuels Calendar (Tool for municipalities highlighting policies, procedures and information to assist with road and street maintenance.) (updated yearly)

*  Treasurer's Account Book (Accounting system for local governments.)

*  PENNDOT Keeping you Connected--CD (a production that's designed to educate the public about PENNDOT's business.)

*  Building Relationships for better Government (Pub 454)

*  Bureau of Municipal Services Information and Forms CD (updated yearly)

Bureau of Public Transportation

*  PA Urban Transit Statistical Report 2003/2004 (Statistics for urban public transportation providers.)

*  Pennsylvania Operating Assistance Programs Statistical Report (Rural Intercity Bus & Intercity Rail), Fiscal Years 2002-03 and 2003-04

*  Shared-Ride Service Statistical Report 2002-03 and 2003-04, April 2005

Bureau of Equal Opportunity

*  Sexual Harassment Prevention (Pub. 109) (Currently under review for revision)

*  BEO Brochure (Pub 317) (Currently under review for revision)

Bureau of Human Resources

*  ADA Brochure (Pub. 359)

   Many of the non-regulatory compliance-related documents listed above, specifically those containing a publication number, are available from the PENNDOT Sales Store. Please contact the Sales Store, PO Box 2028, Commonwealth Keystone Building 5th floor, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2028; telephone number (717) 787-6746; or the PENNDOT website at, for more information. In some cases, printing or duplicating fees will be charged. Documents are also available from the State Library, Government Publications Section, at 219 Forum Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120 and are available through inter-library loan.

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