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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 09-1389i

[39 Pa.B. 4501]
[Saturday, August 1, 2009]

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*  Planning Permanent Families for Children Residing in Mental Retardation Residential Facilities
*  Audit Clause Language for Use in All County Child Welfare Service Provider Contracts
*  Indirect Costs Under the County Cost Allocation Plan Guidelines
*  Reporting of Indirect Costs--County Children and Youth Services
*  Instruction for Completing the Revised Child Protective Services Investigation Report
*  PA Adoption Cooperative Exchange Standard Operating Procedures Manual
*  Local Management Agency Policy and Procedures Manual
*  PA Standards for Child Welfare Practice
*  Protective Services Regulations as Related to Act 33
*  Model Petitions and Court Orders
*  Foster Care Visitation Manual
*  Statewide Adoption Network (SWAN) Adoption Manual
*  SWAN Adoption Technical Guide
*  Safety Assessment and Management Process Reference Manual (last updated 12/22/08)
*  Special Transmittal on Safe Sleep Environment Recommendations for Infants One Year of Age and Under (10/28/08)


*  Youth Development Center/Youth Forestry Camp Policy Manual
*  Report on Recommended Best Practices for IV-E & TANF Programs

Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services/Mental Retardation--Contact: Nora Campanella (717) 772-7926


Code Year Citation Date Subject Bulletin Issued Number
1981 Collecting of Tuition Expenses 9/2/81 199-81-01
for School-Age Residents
in MR & MH Residential
1982 Ch. 4000 Respon. for Collection of 03/17/82 199-82-01
Tuition Exp. Under Act 199 of
1980 for Out-of-State Residents
Ch. 4000 Notice of Assessments 04/16/82 99-82-15
(Joint MH/MR Bulletin)
1985 Ch. 4000 County Indirect Cost 8/22/85 99-85-17
Allocation Plan Guideline
Update--Maintenance In Lieu
of Rent as a Direct Cost
(Joint MH/MR Bulletin)
1986 Ch. 6000 Procedures for Review of 01/17/86 99-86-01
Service Eligibility and
Termination Decisions
1987 Ch. 4305 Community MH/MR Liability 05/21/87 4305-87-2
1988 Ch. 4305 Quarterly Liability Summaries 01/29/88 4305-88-01
2000 Guidelines for Identifying Persons 5/15/00 00-00-04
with Mental Retardation and Mental
Illness for State Mental Health
Hospital Discharge
Ch. 4300 The Roles and Responsibilities of 10/04/00 OMHSAS-
County Mental Health/Mental 00-04
Retardation Programs in the
Development of a Child's Individual
Education Program
2002 Coordination of treatment and 00-02-16
support for people with a diagnosis
of serious mental illness who also
have a diagnosis of mental retardation

Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services--Contact: Nora Campanella (717) 772-7926


Code Year Citation Date Subject Bulletin Issued Number
1983 Ch. 5001 Expiration of 4th Provisional 12/15/83 99-83-49
Cert. of Compliance
1984 Ch. 5250 Guidelines for Delivery of MH 08/27/84 99-84-38
Forensic Svs. to Persons in Co.
Jails & Persons on Prob. or Parole
1985 Ch. 4210 Readmission from Community 05/30/85 99-85-21
Placement Within 30 Days of
Ch. 5001 Administration of Psychotropic 03/11/85 99-85-10
Medication to Protesting Patients
1986 Ch. 5001 Implementation of Act 33 of 1985 03/19/86 99-86-11
Ch. 5100Involuntary Outpatient 05/08/86 99-86-14
1987 Ch. 4210 Dis. Plan. Response. for SMH 01/16/87 99-87-10
Child/Adolescent Program &
County MH/MR Program
Ch. 5100 Guidelines for Assessing & 01/16/87 99-87-07
Documenting the Dangerousness
of Mentally Ill Adults
Ch. 5100 Notice of Grievance & Appeal 09/08/87 99-87-23
Proc. Involuntary Outpatient
1993 Ch. 5221 Intensive Case Management 09/21/93 5221-93-01
Record Requirements
1998 Reporting Requirements for 02/17/98 OMH-98-01
services funded through county
base and CHIPP funds.
Ch. 5310 Licensing Compliance Prediction 08/01/98 OMH-98-02
Instrument Application in the
Licensing of Community
Residential Rehabilitation Services
1999 Ch. 4300 Revised Procedure for Waiver of 10/01/99 OMHSAS-
Office of Mental Health and 99-08
Substance Abuse Services
(OMHSAS) Program Regulations
Eerich v. Philadelphia Center for 09/15/99 OMHSAS-
Human Development 720 A.2d 99-09
1032 (Pa. 1998) (Duty to Ward
Third Parties--Tarasoff in
2001 Nursing Home Reform Implementation 02/01/01 OMHSAS-
Ch. 5100 Age of Consent for Voluntary 06/18/01 OMHSAS-
Outpatient Mental Health Treatment 01-04
Accessibility of Community Mental 10/01/01 OMHSAS
Health and Substance Abuse Services 01-06
For Persons Who are Deaf, Hard of
Hearing, Late Deafened, or Deaf-Blind
Ch. 5100 Procedures for Client Rights, 8/10/01 SMH-01-03
Grievances and Appeals
Accessibility of State Mental Health 6/18/01 SMH-01-01
Facilities for Persons who are Deaf,
Hard of Hearing, or Deaf-Blind
2002 Ch. 5100 Interpretation of Pennsylvania 9/12/02 OMHSAS
Law Related to 402(b) Commitment 02-04
The Use of Seclusion and Restraint in 04/08/02 OMHSAS
Mental Health Facilities and Programs 02-01
Performance Expectations and 06/06/02 OMHSAS-
Recommended Guidelines for the 02-02
County Child and Adolescent Service
System Program (CASSP)
Generic Drugs 4/1/02 SMH-02-01
2005 Ch. 5100 Unscheduled Use of Medication in the 2/28/05 SMH-05-1
State Hospital System PRN & STAT
Medication Orders
Ch. 5100 Transporting Patients 2/28/05 SMH-05-02
Ch. 5100 Administrative Transfers between 4/29/05 SMH-05-04
State Mental Hospitals Civil
Ch. 4300 Cost Settlement Policy and 8/15/05 OMHSAS-
Procedures for Community-Based 05-01
Medicaid Initiatives
Integrated Children's Services 6/9/05 00-05-05
Quality at the End of Life for 9/16/05 SMH-05-05
Consumers and Residents
2006 Memorandum of Understanding 2/1/06 OMHSAS-
Between the Office of Mental Health 06-01
and Substance Abuse Services and
the Pennsylvania Department of
Service Priority For: Older Adult 2/1/06 OMHSAS-
Population 06-02
Co-Occurring Disorder Competency 2/10/06 OMHSAS-
Approval Criteria for All Facilities 06-03
Licensed by the Department of Health
Division of Drug and Alcohol Program,
License or the Department of Public
Welfare, Office of Mental Health and
Substance Abuse Services
Writing of Orders by Administrators 2/13/06 SMH-06-01
Ch. 5100 Use of Restraints, Seclusion, and 2/13/06 SMH-06-02
Exclusion in State Mental Hospitals
and the Restoration Center
Ch. 5200 Mobile Mental Health Treatment 11/30/06 08-06-18
Ch. 5100 Community Incident Management 7/18/06 OHMSAS-
& Reporting System 06-04
Ch. 1151 BH-FFS Transfer from OMAP to 8/15/06 OMHSAS-
Ch. 1153 OMHSAS 06-07
Ch. 1223
Ch. 1101 Peer Support Services 5/22/07 08-07-09,
Ch. 1150 11-07-03,
Ch. 1153 21-07-01
2007 Ch. 5100 Clarification on the Authorization 7/13/07 SMH-07-01
of Restraints and Seclusion in the
Forensic Units
Ch. 5100 Clarification of Act 169, also known 8/2/07 OMHSAS-
as the Older Adult Protective Services 07-01
Act (OAPSA), in regards to hiring
practices for inpatient and residential
2008 Ch. 5310 Guidelines for Interagency Planning 1/4/08 OMHSAS-
Ch. 5320 for Children in Need of Behavioral 08-01
Health Rehabilitation Services or
Partial Hospitalization on Services
during the School Day
pecial Pharmaceutical Benefits 4/22/08 OMHSAS-
Program Mental Health component 08-02
will transition from Office of
Medical Assistance Program to
Office of Mental Health and Substance
Abuse Services
Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) 9/2/08 OMHSAS-
Ch. 63 Implementation of Act 179 of 2006 6/27/08 3490-08-03
& Act 73 of 2007 Amending The Child
Protective Services Law
2009 Guidance for Conducting Functional 1/9/09 OMHSAS-
Behavioral Assessment in the 09-01
Development of Treatment Plans for
Services Delivered to Children with
Behavioral Health Needs Compounded by
Developmental Disorders
Ch. 5221 Blended Case Management (BCM) 3/3/09 OMHSAS-
Ch. 1223 Requirements for Clinics Supervisory 4/18/09 OMHSAS-
Physician Reviews and Reevaluations 09-03
of Diagnoses, Treatment Plans and
Ch. 31 Best Practice for Family Involvement 6/15/09 OMHSAS-
with Youth who are in Residential 09-04
Treatment Facilities (RTFs)


*  County Mental Health Plan Guidelines
*  Community Mental Health Services Block Grant

Office of Developmental Programs--Contact: Kelly Svalbonas (717) 783-1003


Code Year Citation Date Subject Bulletin Issued Number
1981 Ch. 6000 Policies and Procedures 12/01/81 99-81-51
Governing Admissions,
Commitment, Transfers,
and Discharges at State-Operated
Mental Retardation Facilities
1987 Ch. 6000 Conversion of Comm. Res. 10/23/87 99-87-17
MR Facilities to ICF/MR
1988 Ch. 6000 Mandatory Child Abuse and 05/31/88 6000-88-02
Criminal History Clearances
Ch. 6000 Licensing Policy & Procedure Manual 08/30/88 6000-88-03
Ch. 6000 Administration and Management 10/05/88 6000-88-08
f Client Funds
1989 Ch. 6000 Guidelines for Enhancing and 10/16/89 6000-89-01
Conducting Direct and
Independent Assessment
Ch. 6000 Abatement of Liability for 9/14/89 00-89-17
Psychological Evaluations
1990 Ch. 6000 Policy on Employment for Persons 12/26/09 6000-90-06
with Mental Retardation
1994 Ch. 6000 Closure of Admissions of Children 12/14/94 SC-94-01
to State-Operated Intermediate Care
Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
1996 Ch. 6000 Criteria for Approval of New 04/06/96 6000-96-01
Intermediate Care Facilities
for People with Mental
1998 Ch. 6000 Guidelines To Supporting People 03/27/98 00-98-03
Moving From State Centers Into
The Community
002 Clarifying Eligibility for Mental 05/31/02 4210-02-05
Retardation Services and Supports
Ch. 6000 Need for ICF/MR Level of Care 8/7/02 00-02-13
2004 Ch. 6000.901-- Incident Management 2/18/04 6000-04-01


*  Obtaining Criminal Clearances on Prospective Employees
*  Substitute Decision-Making for Medical Treatment
*  Positive Approaches
*  Licensing Policies and Procedures for ICFs/MR
*  Applicability of OMB Circular A-133 for Non-State ICFs/MR
*  County Responsibilities for Waiver Funded Habilitation in a Private Home
*  Supporting People in the Community
*  Amendments to Licensing Policy and Procedure Manual
*  Licensing Weighting System for Community Homes for Individuals with Mental Retardation
*  Domiciliary Care for Persons with Mental Retardation
*  Licensing Weighting System for Family Living Homes
*  Targeted Service Management and Third Party Liability
*  Assessments: Lifetime Medical Histories
*  Educational and Vocational Training in ICFs/MR
*  Licensing Inspection Instrument for Family Living Homes Regulations
*  Licensing Inspection Instrument for Community Homes Regulations
*  Licensing Inspection Instrument for Adult Training Facilities Regulations
*  Licensing Inspection Instrument for Vocational Facilities Regulations
*  Office of Mental Retardation's Monitoring of Counties
*  Principles for the Mental Retardation System
*  Accessing Public Transportation for Individuals Enrolled in the Consolidated or Person/Family Directed Support Waivers
*  Foster Care Tax Reform as it Relates to the Lifesharing/Family Living Program
*  Announcement: Step-By-Step Guide to Ready Providers for the Reporting of Incidents through HCSIS
*  Revision of Definition of Conflict Free Providers for Targeted Service Management
*  OBRA Time Limited Determinations
*  Clarifying Waiver Funding and Domiciliary Care Payments
*  Passage of Act 171 relating to the Older Adults Protective Services Act (OAPSA) Coordination of treatment and support for people with a diagnosis of serious mental illness who also have a diagnosis of mental retardation
*  Guidelines Concerning Sexuality
*  Regulation Interpretation--Family Living Medication Administration Training
*  Survey Guidelines and Procedures Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded (ICFs/MR)
*  Regulation Interpretation Unobstructed Egress
*  Claiming Federal Reimbursement for Targeted Service Management Administration Costs
*  Revised Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded (ICF/MR) Guidelines
*  Licensing Weighting System for Adult Training Facilities
*  Clarifying the ''30 Hour Rule''
*  Payments for Psychological Testing to Diagnose Mental Retardation in Children and Adults
*  Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities in the Community Mental Retardation Program
*  Intermediary Service Organizations (ISOs)
*  County MH/MR Programs
*  Determining Medical Assistance Eligibility for Individuals Age Three and Older Who Apply for Supports and Services Authorized By a County Mental Health/Mental Retardation Program
*  Certified Investigations
*  Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
*  Alternative Sanction Guidelines For ICF/MR Medical Assistance Certification
*  Issuance of Audit Guide for Non-State Operated Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded
*  Lifesharing through Family Living
*  Office of Mental Retardation Policy On Employment
*  Home and Community Based Service Eligibility/Ineligibility Change Form
*  County to County Relocations
*  Employment for Individuals in ICFs/MR
*  Elimination of Restraints through Positive Practices
*  Payment for Sign Language Interpreters and/or Transliterators
*  Provider and County Incident Management Analysis Report
*  Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) Manual
*  Provider Billing Documentation Requirements for Waiver Services
*  Overview of the Supports Intensity Scale|Pc and the PA Plus
*  Agency with Choice Financial Management Services (AWC FMS)
*  Due Process and Fair Hearing Procedures for Individuals with Mental Retardation
*  Provider Profiles for Mental Retardation Providers
*  Process for Qualification and Disqualification of Waiver Providers
*  Administrative Entity and Provider Contracts
*  Microboards|Pc
*  Providers Billing Documentation Requirements for Waiver Services
*  Provider Dispute Resolution Protocol
*  Service Review Protocol for Individuals in the Consolidated and Person Family Directed Support Waivers ? Incident Management
*  Personal Care Homes Licensing Measurement Instrument (LMI)
*  Personal Care Homes Sale or Change of Legal Entity Policy and Procedures
*  Licensing Protocols and Procedures
*  Procedures for Service Delivery Preference
*  Individual Eligibility for Medicaid Waiver Services
*  Supports Intensity ScaleTM (SISTM)) and PA Plus Users Manual
*  Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent Financial Management Services (VF/EA FMS)
*  Disability Rights Network Access to Records and Joint Investigations
*  Clarification of Payment Source for Representative Payee Function
*  Service Definitions
*  Communication Supports and Services
*  Consolidated and Person/Family Directed Support Waivers Provider Appeals Process
*  2008-2009 Person/Family Directed Support Waiver Cap
*  Amendment to the Person/Family Directed Support Waiver Effective July 1, 2009
*  Amendment to the Consolidated Waiver Effective July 1, 2009
*  Social Security Economic Recovery One-Time Payment
*  Pennsylvania's Guide to Participant-Directed Services


*  Choking Prevention and Management
*  Search of Visitors and Residents at State Centers and Mental Retardation Units
*  Model Bylaws for State Center Boards of Trustees
*  Guardianship Petitioning Process at State Centers
*  Guidelines for State Center Boards of Trustees-Revision
*  Amendments to Licensing Policy and Procedure Manual
*  Pro Re Nata Medication Usage for Psychiatric Treatment--Clarification of Interpretation


*  New Federal ICF/MR Regulations
*  Joint Statement by the Department of Public Welfare and the Department of Aging
*  Opportunities and Supports for Older Persons with Mental Retardation
*  Providing Services to Persons with Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorder
*  Act 28 of 1995
*  Guidelines for Identifying Persons with Mental Retardation and Mental Illness for State Mental Health Hospital Discharge
*  Implementation of Act 170 of 2006 and Act 73 of 2007 Amending the Child Protective Services Law

Office of Administration--Contact: Kathy Martofel (717) 772-6253


Code Year Citation Date Subject Bulletin Issued Number
1998 Ch. 259.1 Statement of Claim, 07/11/98
Managed Care Organization-- (effective 2/1/97)
statement of policy
2007 Ch. 259.2 Claims against moneys for which 09/07/07
Amended third parties are liable as a result (eff. 09/08/07)
2008 of a tort claim allocation of tort Amended 10/31/08
proceeds in actions filed before (eff. 11/01/08)
September 2, 2008--statement of policy
Ch. 259.3 Claims against moneys for which 10/31/08
third-parties are liable as a result (eff. 11/01/08)
of a tort claim allocation of tort
proceeds in actions filed on or after
September 2, 2008--statement of
2008 Ch. 259.4 Settlements without litigation-- 10/31/08
statement of policy (eff. 11/01/08)
2008 Ch. 259.5 Cooperation in obtaining payment 10/31/08
from third parties-statement of (eff. 11/01/08)
2008 Ch. 259.6 Civil money penalties--statement 10/31/08
of policy (eff. 11/01/08)

Office of Child Development--Contact: Linda Warren (717) 346-4036

Bureau of Certification Services


Code Year Citation Date Subject Bulletin Issued Number
2007 Ch. 3270- Certification of Party Day Program for School- 9/15/07 3001-07-
3280 Age Children 01
2009 Ch. 3270 Reporting Lost Child 02/21/09 3001-08-02
Ch. 3280
Ch. 3290
2009 Ch. 3270 Playground Protective Surface Covering 02/21/09 3001-09-01
Ch. 3280
Ch. 3290


2008 C-08 #03--Child Care Provider Survey 05/19/08
2008 C-08 #05--Impact of Change in Equivalencies 08/13/08
of CDA and CCP Credentials
2008 C-08 #06--Approved Child Service Report Form 09/02/08
2008 C-08 #07--Compliance with Regulations Relating 09/15/08
to Recalled Toys and Equipment

Bureau of Early Intervention Services

2006 ELS-EI-06 #02--Informing Early Intervention 05/22/06
Providers of Plans to Develop a Common
Process for Measuring Child Progress
2006 ELS-EI-06 #03--Early Intervention Reporting 06/22/06
System Roles and Responsibilities
2006 ELS-EI-06 #04--Natural Environments 07/24/06
2006 ELS-EI-06 #05--Common Process for 06/13/06
Measuring Child Progress--Additional Tools
2006 ELS-EI-06 #06--Guidance on the Individuals 07/24/06
with Disabilities Education Act Amendment
of 2004
2006 ELS-EI-06 #07--Clarification of Waiver of 4300 08/15/06
Fiscal Regulations
2006 ELS-EI-06 #09--Childhood Lead Poisoning 08/24/06
Prevention Program
2006 ELS-EI-06 #10--Acceptable Signers of the 09/05/06
Beneficiary Choice Form for the Infants, Toddlers
And Families Medicaid Waiver
2006 ELS-EI-06 #11--EIRS/PENNDATA Transition 10/06/06
Data Transfer Protocol
2006 ELS-EI-06 #12--Medicaid Waiver for Infants, 10/03/06
Toddlers and Families Renewal
2007 EI-07 #02--Service Coordination 01/04/07
2007 EI-07 #03--Medication Procedures for EI, Part C 01/26/07
2007 EI-07 #04--OCDEL Operating Agreement, ITF 04/03/07
Provider Agreement, Provider/County Agreement
2007 EI-07 #06--IEP and IFSP Submission & Review 05/08/07
2007 EI-07 #07--EI Service Coordination Support Plan 06/01/07
2007 EI-07 #08--EI Provider & Service Coordination 06/29/07
Monitoring Tools
2007 EI-07 #09--ECAP Common Process for Measuring 07/13/07
Child Progress
2007 EI-07#10--FY 07-08 Infants, Toddlers and Families 07/01/07
Medicaid Waiver Fee Schedule, Medical Assistance/
Early Intervention (MA/EI) Fee Schedule and State and
County Funded EI Services Schedules
2007 EI-07 #12--PA Pre-K Counts and Early Intervention 10/24/07
working Together
2007 EI-07 #13--Third Party Insurance Denials and 11/20/07
Leader Services
2008 EI-08 #01--FY 2007-2008 Revised Allocation 1st 02/22/08
Re-Budget, FY 2008-2009 EI Allocations for
Planning Purposes and MA Fee Schedules
2008 EI-08 #02--Reportable Incidents 03/07/08
2008 EI-08 #03--Extent and Duration of Early 04/16/08
Intervention Programs for Preschoolers, Including
Services During Scheduled Breaks in Their Programs
2008 EI-08 #04--Early Intervention Management 07/01/08
Verification Tool
2008 EI-08 #05--Issuance of Two New Forms--the 06/30/08
Evaluation Report (ER) and the Individualized
Family Service Plan (IFSP) Individualized
Educational Program (IEP)
2008 EI-08 #06--IDEA Early Intervention Complaint 06/30/08
2008 EI-08 #07--Early Intervention Audit & Fiscal 08/18/08
Reporting Requirements
2008 EI-08 #10--Eligibility for Infants Toddlers Families 9/22/08
Medicaid Waiver
2008 EI-08 #12--Update on Preschool Child Outcome 12/17/08
Reporting for OCDEL Program
2009 EI-09 #01--Recommendations for Children Who 01/02/09
are Deaf and Hard of Hearing
2009 EI-09 #02--Behavior Supports for Young Children 01/15/09
2009 EI-09 #04--Common Process for Measuring Child 02/16/09
Progress-Using the WSS/Ounce Online Data
Collection System
2009 EI-09 #05--Provider Monitoring Tool and Service 02/16/09
Coordination Monitoring Tool
2009 EI-09 #06--Local Determination Process and the 03/24/09
Performance Improvement Process
2009 EI-09 #08--Early Head Start Expansion in 04/14/09
Pennsylvania and Informational Sessions for PA
Early Learning Organizations on Early Head Start,
''Early Head Start: What's it all about?''
2009 EI-09 #09--Early Head Start Expansion in 05/14/09
Pennsylvania Grant Opportunity Posted with
Deadline of July 9, 2009
2009 EI-09 #10--Transition of Toddlers to Preschool 05/18/09
or Other Community Services

Bureau of Early Learning Services

2005 ELS-05 #19--Keystone STARS Logo Usage 10/24/05
2006 ELS-06 #06--Emergency Management 01/20/06
Preparedness Training--Distribution of Training
2006 ELS-06 #16--Clarification of the Roles Between 10/04/08
Child Care Information Services Agencies, the
PA Key, the Regional Keys, and Community
Engagement Groups
2006 ELS-06 #21--STARS TA Manual and Forms 12/29/06
2006 ELS-06 #22--Certification Referral to the 12/29/06
Regional Key
2007 ELS-07 #03--Keystone STARS Facility 03/09/07
Promotional Materials & STAR Certificates
2007 ELS-07 #12--Head Start Worksheets for FY 07-08 08/02/07
2007 ELS-07 #15--2007-08 STAR Designation 08/17/07
2007 ELS-07 #17--STARS Status Review, Suspension 08/30/07
and Removal Process
2007 ELS-07 #19--Keystone STARS funding for 11/21/07
STARS facilities participating in PA Pre-K Counts
2007 ELS-07 #22--Facility Professional Development 11/29/07
(FPD) Form
2008 ELS/KS-08 #07--Facility Professional 04/10/08
Development (FPD) Database
2008 ELS/KS-08 #09--Keystone STARS Optional 06/10/08
Tools for 2008-2009
2008 ELS/KS-08 #10--Funds Management of Keystone 07/02/08
STARS Provider Grant Awards
2008 ELS/KS-08 #11--2008-09 Community 07/03/08
Engagement Agreement
2008 ELS/KS-08 #12--Pennsylvania Director Credential7/21/08
for Keystone STARS
2008 ELS/KS-08 #13--2008-2009 Keystone STARS 07/22/08
Worksheets for School Age Child Care
2008 ELS/KS-08 #14--Environmental Rating Scale (ERS) 07/22/08
Intranet Communication Tool
2008 ELS/KS-08 #15--Keystone STARS Tiered 07/30/08
2008 ELS/KS-08 #16--2008-2009 Start with STARS, 07/30/08
Support Grant Requests and MERA Awards
2008 ELS/KS-08 #17--2008-09 STARS Merit and 08/11/08
Education & Retention Award
2008 ELS/KS-08 #18--Keystone STARS Enrollment 08/11/08
Calculation Too: Full-time Equivalency (FTE)
2008 ELS/KS-08 #19--2008-2009 Start with STARS 08/11/09
and Support Grant Requests
2008 ELS/KS-08 #20--Revised Keystone STARS Exit 08/18/08
2008 ELS/KS-08 #22--Support PA Pre-K Counts STAR 08/21/08
2 Child Card Program Movement to STAR 3
2008 ELS/KS-08 #24--Changes in Certification Regarding 08/29/08
Kindergarten Definition and Keystone STARS
2008 LS/KS-08 #25--Child Care Works STAR Level 09/12/08
Trouble Ticket
2008 ELS/KS-08 #26--Procedure for Closing Grants in 09/12/08
the Keystone STARS Information Data System
2008 ELS/KS-08 #27--Preparation for KIDS Data 09/12/08
Conversation into PELICAN-Keys to Quality
2008 ELS/KS-08 #28--Verification of Communication 09/12/08
2008 ELS/KS-08 #29--2008-2009 STAR Designation 09/17/08
Renewal Process
2008 ELS/KS-08 #30--Keystone STARS School-Age 10/27/08
Optional Tools for 2008-2009
2008 ELS/KS-08 #32--Keystone STARS Technical 11/19/08
Assistance Data Collection
2008 FAP-08 #2--Update on Preschool Child Outcome 12/17/08
Reporting for OCDEL Programs
2009 ELS/KS-09 #01--Alternate Pathways for Meeting 01/09/09
2009 ELS/KS-09 #02--STARS Staff Qualifications Action 01/16/09
Plan (SQAP) Process
2009 ELS/KS-09 #03--Regional Key Program Review 02/12/09
Instrument and Monitoring Documents for
Fiscal Year 2009-2010
2009 ELS/KS-09 #04--Canceling or Refusing ERS 02/12/09
Assessment Windows and Refusing a
Scheduled Assessment
2009 ELS/KS-09 #05--Community Engagement Request 02/18/09
for Proposals Announcement for Fiscal Year
2009 ELS/KS-09 #06--Creation of STAR 3--Accreditation 02/20/09
2009 ELS/KS-09 #07--2009-2010 Keystone STARS 03/10/09
Performance Standards for Centers
2009 ELS/KS-09 #08--2009-2010 Keystone STARS 03/13/09
Performance Standards for Group Homes 06/11/09
2009 ELS/KS-09 #09--National Early Childhood Program 03/20/09
Accreditation (NECPA): Suspension of NECPA as
Qualifying for a Level in Keystone STARS
2009 ELS/KS-09 #10--Keys to Quality Security Roles 03/30/09
2009 ELS/KS-09 #11--Star Level of Facilities Operated 04/14/09
by Regional Key, Technical Assistance and
Professional Development Contractors/
2009 ELS/KS-09 #12--Early Head Start Expansion in 04/14/09
Pennsylvania and informational Sessions for PA
Early Learning Organizations on Early Head Start,
''Early Head Start: What's It All About?''
2009 ELS/KS-09 #13--Early Head Start Expansion in 05/14/09
Pennsylvania Grant Opportunity Posted with
Deadline of July 9, 2009
2009 ELS/KS-09 #14--Financial Guidelines for Regional 06/04/09
2009 ELS/KS-09 #15--Early Learning Network (ELN) 06/04/09
and Child Outcome Reporting in 2009-2010
2009 ELS/KS-09 #16--Professional Development Fee 06/11/09
Procedures for Keys in Quality
2009 ELS/KS-09 #17--2009-2010 STARS Grant 06/11/09
Agreement Documents
2009 ELS/KS-09 #18--2009-2010 Keystone STARS 06/11/09
Worksheets for Centers
2009 ELS/KS-09 #19--2009-2010 Keystone STARS 06/11/09
Worksheets for Group Homes

Nurse Family Partnership

2008 ELS/NFP #01--OCDEL Announcements 01/08/08
2008 ELS/NFP #02--County Needs-Based Budget 01/08/08
Funding for Nurse-Family Partnership Services
2008 ELS/NFP #03--Documentation for Unserved 01/08/08
Clients Requesting Service
2008 ELS/NFP #04--Monthly Administrator Call 09/12/08
2008 ELS/NFP #05--Revised Grantee Reporting 11/17/08

Parent Child Home Program

2008 ELS/NFP #01 OCDEL Communication to 09/12/08
Parent-Child Home Program Grantees
2008 ELS/NFP #02 Revised Grantee Reporting 11/17/08
2009 ELS/NFP #03 Early Head Start Expansion in 04/14/09
Pennsylvania and Information Sessions for PA
Early Learning Organizations on Early Head
Start, ''Early head Start: What's It All About?''
2009 ELS/NFP #04 Ages and States Developmental 05/01/09
Screening Tool Requirements and Guidelines
2009 ELS/NFP #05 Early Head Start Expansion in 05/14/09
Pennsylvania Grant Opportunity Posted with
Deadline of July 9, 2009

Bureau of Subsidized Child Care Service

2005 S-05 #04--Unemployment Compensation Claims 06/28/05
Filed By Relative/Neighbor Providers Announcement
2005 S-05 #06--Policy Changes--CareCheck, Payment 06/28/05
Rates, and Closed Days Announcement
2006 S-06 #02--A Parent's Handbook to Subsidized 03/2806
Child Care Announcement
2006 S-06 #05--Revisions to Relative/Neighbor Provider 06/06/06
Payment Policy
2006 S-06 #08--Child Care Information Services 08/25/06
Parent Survey
2006 S-06 #09--Results from the Child Care Information 08/31/06
Services Performance Standards for Monitoring for
Program Year 2005-2006
2006 S-06 #10--Clarification of the Roles between Child 10/04/06
Care Information Services, the PA Key, Regional Keys,
and Community Engagement Groups
2007 S-07 #01--Child Care Information Services 02/26/07
Grant Announcement
2007 S-07 #05--FY 2007-2008 MCCA 07/31/07
2007 S-07 #06--Linking PA Pre-K Counts and Child 8/31/07
Care Works
2007 S-07 #08--PA Pre-K Counts and Child Care 09/18/07
Works: Enrollment and Release of Information
2007 S-07 #09--Pelican Announcement 11/07/07
2008 S-08 #01--CCIS Grant Renewal for Fiscal Year 02/19/08
2008-09 Announcement
2008 S-08 #02-2008 Market Rate Survey/Subsidy 02/29/08
Provider Rate Collection and Updates Provider
2008 S-08 #04--Short-term Care for Families Receiving 04/14/08
2008 S-08 #05--Federal Criminal History Clearances 06/18/08
for Relative/Neighbor Providers
2008 S-08 #06--Keystone STARS Tiered Reimbursement 07/30/08
2008 S-08 #07--Relative-Neighbor Provider Agreement 08/29/08
2008 S-08 #08--In-Home Care Parent-Caretaker Provider 09/05/08
2009 S-09 #01--CCIS Grant Renewal for FY 09-10 02/27/09
2009 S-09 #02--Market Rate Survey-Subsidy Provider 03/30/09
Rate Collection
2009 S-09 #03--2009 Income Limits and Co-payment 04/03/09
2009 S-09 #04--Fiscal year 2008-09 Recap Submission 06/02/09
2009 S-09 #05--Care Level for Kindergarten Children 06/17/09
Changing from Preschool (PSE) to Young School
Age (YSA)
2009 S-09 #06--CareCheck Payment Policy 06/22/09
2009 S-09 #07--Training Requirement for Relative/ 06/26/09
Neighbor Child Care Providers (Projected)


*  Licensing Indicator System for Child Day Care Centers
*  Licensing Indicator System for Group Day Care Homes


*  00-94-10, Application of Child Day Care Service Regulations 10/21/94
*  00-95-03, Procedures for the Regulation of Child Day Care Facilities 2/13/95
*  00-95-07, Waivers of Child Day Care Service Regulations 7/3/95

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