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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 18-1776



Recent Actions during the 2018 Regular Session of the General Assembly

[48 Pa.B. 7204]
[Saturday, November 17, 2018]

 The following is a summary of recent actions of the General Assembly during the 2018 Regular Session:

Date of
Subject Matter
2018 General Acts of Regular Session Enacted—Act 077 through 164
077Oct 2 HB1917PN2815One yearDetectives and Private Police (22 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
078Oct 12HB1346PN2167 90 daysCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Municipalities
(53 Pa.C.S.)—unlawful use of unmanned aircraft and prohibiting local regulation of unmanned aircraft
079Oct 12HB2060 PN3820 180 daysCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Domestic Relations Code (23 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
080Oct 19 SB1090PN1825 30 daysCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Judicial Code
(42 Pa.C.S.)—antihazing, purchase, consumption, possession or transportation of liquor or malt or brewed beverages, safe harbor for violation of section 6308(a) and asset forfeiture
081Oct 19 HB0783 PN4136 60 daysVehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—transfer of ownership of vehicles used for human habitation
082Oct 19 HB1386 PN4070 ImmediatelyPublic School Code of 1949—instructional certificate grade spans and age levels and duties of department
083Oct 19HB1414 PN4134 60 daysVehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
084 Oct 19HB1499PN3688 60 days Real and Personal Property (68 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
085Oct 19HB2297 PN405460 daysMultiple Designations in Multiple Counties—Lance Corporal Michael L. Freeman, Jr., Memorial Highway and Cpl. Carl F. Hynek III Memorial Highway
086 Oct 19 SB0172 PN2024Immediately*Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—speed timing devices, automated speed enforcement systems in active work zones and establishing a pilot program for automated speed enforcement system on designated highway
087Oct 23HB0270 PN4245 ImmediatelyState Lottery Law—medication synchronization, Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly Needs Enhancement Tier, board, medication therapy management and coordination of benefits
088Oct 23HB1539 PN3353 60 daysDomestic Relations Code (23 Pa.C.S.)—standby guardianship, temporary guardianship and release of information in confidential reports
089 Oct 23 HB2133 PN3817 180 daysKinship Caregiver Navigator Program Act—enactment
090Oct 23SB0180PN2048Immediately*Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code (20 Pa.C.S.)—
omnibus amendments
091Oct 24HB0026PN4146 120 daysVehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
092 Oct 24 HB0044 PN0400180 daysDomestic Relations Code (23 Pa.C.S.)—commencement of proceedings
093Oct 24 HB0126PN4072Immediately*Health and Safety (35 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
094Oct 24HB0149 PN4251 60 days Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.)—unlawful use of an audio or video device in court
095Oct 24HB0163 PN4271 180 daysAmusements (4 Pa.C.S.), Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—suspension of operating privileges of licensed drivers
096Oct 24 HB0353 PN3779 1 yearControlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act—professional prescription, administration and dispensing
097Oct 24HB0504 PN329760 daysInsurance Department Act of 1921—self-service storage insurance
098Oct 24HB0544 PN427360 daysLand for Recreation—liability for landowners to recreational users
099Oct 24 HB0099 PN4254 60 days Boroughs and Incorporated Towns (8 Pa.C.S.)—
regulation of contracts
100 Oct 24 HB0645 PN4278Immediately*Tax Reform Code of 1971—excluded transactions, tax credit, grant of tax credit and reporting
101Oct 24 HB0927PN1080 60 daysMunicipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act—municipal implementation of recycling programs
102 Oct 24HB0983 PN274360 daysDomestic Relations Code (23 Pa.C.S)—alimony pendente lite, counsel fees and expenses
103Oct 24 HB1013PN406960 daysInsurance Company Law of 1921—emergency services and quality eye care for insured Pennsylvanians
104 Oct 24 HB1216 PN381960 daysCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Judicial Code
(42 Pa.C.S.)—neglect of animal, offense of attack of guide dog, offense of discrimination on account of guide, signal or service dog or other aid animal and rescue from motor vehicle
105Oct 24HB1228 PN3299 60 daysPublic School Code of 1949—sun protection of students and application of nonprescription sunscreen
106Oct 24HB1233PN4252180 daysMental Health Procedures Act—omnibus amendments
107Oct 24HB1284PN3816ImmediatelyPennsylvania Business One-Stop Shop Act—
108Oct 24HB1294PN2647Immediately*Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—special plates for recipients of Purple Heart, special plates for recipients of Legion of Merit and use and display of illuminated signs
109 Oct 24 HB1511PN4253 90 daysTax Reform Code of 1971—imposition of tax and establishing the Tourism Promotion Fund
110Oct 24HB1822 PN4045120 daysEducation (24 Pa.C.S.)—suicide prevention in institutions of higher education
111 Oct 24 HB1840 PN3802 ImmediatelyWorkers' Compensation Act—schedule of compensation, computation of benefits and physical examination or expert interview
112 Oct 24HB1884 PN4107 60 daysPatient Test Result Information Act—enactment
113Oct 24HB1885 PN425560 daysProbate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code (20 Pa.C.S.)—
requiring or changing amount of bond
114 Oct 24 HB1886 PN264160 daysProbate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code (20 Pa.C.S.)—
provisions concerning powers, duties and liabilities
115Oct 24HB1936PN4275ImmediatelyVehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—restrictions on use of highways and bridges, operation by persons under age sixteen and mufflers and sound controls
116 Oct 24HB1951PN276260 daysCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.)—access of minors to dextromethorphan and imposing a penalty
117 Oct 24HB1958PN4276 180 daysVehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—platooning and highly automated vehicles
118Oct 24HB2049 PN312760 daysAssistance and Service Animal Integrity Act—
119 Oct 24HB2052PN359360 daysPublic School Code of 1949—military parent student support
120Oct 24HB2075PN424960 daysPublic Utilities (66 Pa.C.S.)—valuation of and return on the property of public utility
121Oct 24HB2124 PN427760 daysPublic School Code of 1949—information regarding education loans
122 Oct 24HB2453PN359060 daysCheck Casher Licensing Act—omnibus amendments
123 Oct 24HB2476PN413260 daysCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Prisons and Parole Code (61 Pa.C.S.)—weapons or implements for escape and contraband prohibited
124Oct 24HB2557 PN4247ImmediatelyIntergovernmental Cooperation Authorities Act for Cities of the Third Class—enactment
125Oct 24SB0006 PN2105 60 days Human Services Code—omnibus amendments
126Oct 24SB0031 PN001260 daysTobacco Settlement Act—Spinal Cord Injury Research Program, Spinal Cord Research Advisory Committee, department responsibilities, use of funds and spinal cord injury research program funds
127 Oct 24SB0299PN1849 60 daysPennsylvania Election Code—number of signers required for nomination petitions of candidates at primaries
128Oct 24SB0353PN2088ImmediatelyConveyance—Commonwealth property in multiple counties
129Oct 24SB0403PN1228 60 daysMunicipalities (53 Pa.C.S.)—commission members
130 Oct 24SB0554 PN205460 daysCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Judicial Code
(42 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
131Oct 24SB0627PN0700 ImmediatelyTax Reform Code of 1971—definitions
132Oct 24 SB0676 PN1289ImmediatelyWorkers' Compensation Act—omnibus amendments
133 Oct 24 SB0748 PN2095 ImmediatelyPublic Safety Facilities Act—enactment
134 Oct 24SB0764 PN2049 365 daysBoard of Vehicles Act—omnibus amendments
135Oct 24 SB0771 PN0969 60 daysBoroughs and Incorporated Towns (8 Pa.C.S.) and Cities (11 Pa.C.S.)—completion, filing and publication of auditor's report and financial statement, annual reports, publication, filing report with Department of Community and Economic Development
136Oct 24SB0772 PN0970 60 daysFirst Class Township Code—surcharges, auditors' report and publication of financial statements
137 Oct 24SB0773PN097160 daysIncorporated Towns, Election of Officers—publication of audit report
138Oct 24SB0796PN2106Immediately*Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
139Oct 24 SB0798PN107860 daysCommerce and Trade (12 Pa.C.S.)—establishment and membership
140 Oct 24SB0801 PN101260 daysBoroughs and Incorporated Towns (8 Pa.C.S.) and Cities (11 Pa.C.S.)—regulation of contracts and contracts or purchases not requiring advertising or bidding
141Oct 24SB0802PN101360 daysFirst Class Township Code—general regulations concerning contracts
142Oct 24SB0803PN101460 daysSecond Class Township Code—letting contracts
143Oct 24 SB0804 PN1015 60 daysIncorporated Towns Contracts Regulated—regulation of contracts
144Oct 24SB0888 PN1998180 daysVehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—additional parking regulations
145Oct 24SB0897PN2084ImmediatelyCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Judicial Code
(42 Pa.C.S.)—restitution for injuries to person or property and victim impact statements
146 Oct 24SB0915PN208560 daysJudicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)—victim and witness outreach, eligibility for relief and jurisdiction and proceedings
147 Oct 24SB0916PN2086Immediately*Judicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.) and Law and Justice
(44 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
148Oct 24SB0919PN15496 monthsHousing Authorities Law—powers of authority and relocation
149Oct 24SB0945PN171860 daysVehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—contributions to Veterans' Trust Fund
150 Oct 24 SB0947PN133060 daysBoroughs and Incorporated Towns (8 Pa.C.S.) and Cities (11 Pa.C.S.)—personal property and city property and affairs
151 Oct 24SB0948PN1331 60 daysFirst Class Township Code—suits and property
152 Oct 24SB0949 PN1332 60 daysIncorporated Towns Contracts Regulated—power to convey
153Oct 24SB0961 PN2098 Immediately*Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
154Oct 24SB1005PN202660 daysCounty Code—omnibus amendments
155Oct 24SB1007PN1396 Jan. 1, 2020Municipalities (53 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
156 Oct 24 SB1078PN1560 60 daysPublic Officers (65 Pa.C.S.)—executive sessions
157 Oct 24SB1092 PN1710 60 daysJudicial Code (42 Pa.C.S.)—sentencing for offenses involving domestic violence in presence of minor
158 Oct 24SB1095PN1994ImmediatelyPublic School Code of 1949—Keystone Exams
159Oct 24SB1098PN2107Immediately*Vehicle Code (75 Pa.C.S.)—meeting or overtaking school bus and enforcement of failure to stop for school bus with flashing red lights
160 Oct 24SB1127 PN1827 60 daysCrimes Code (18 Pa.C.S.) and Procurement (62 Pa.C.S.)—omnibus amendments
161 Oct 24SB1156PN2108 60 days Multiple designations in multiple counties
162Oct 24 SB1171 PN2104 60 days Agriculture Code (3 Pa.C.S.) and Environmental Resources (27 Pa.C.S.)—Nutrient Management Advisory Board, establishment of board, powers of board and review of regulations
163Oct 24SB1205 PN1848ImmediatelyInsurance (40 Pa.C.S.)—corporate governance annual disclosure and small company exemption
164Oct 24 SB1209PN1886Immediately*Sexual Assault Testing and Evidence Collection Act—
sexual assault evidence collection program and Pennsylvania State Police report
2018 Vetoes of Regular Session of Bills—Veto 002 through 005
002Oct 19HB2138PN3328Human Services Code—work requirements
003 Oct 24 HB0083 PN2769Capital Facilities Debt Enabling Act—bonds, issue of bonds and notes, maturity and interest
004Oct 24HB2157PN3278 Public School Code of 1949—Commission for Agricultural Education Excellence, utilization of credits and classification of program code
005 Oct 24 SB1172 PN2094 Price Gouging Act—price gouging prohibited and investigation

 * denotes an effective date with exceptions

Effective Dates of Statutes

 The effective dates specified for laws and appropriation acts were contained in the applicable law or appropriation act. Where no date is specified or where the effective date specified is prior to the date of enactment, the effective date is 60 days after final enactment except for statutes making appropriations or affecting budgets of political subdivisions. See 1 Pa.C.S. §§ 1701—1704 (relating to effective date of statutes).

Advance Copies of Statutes

 Section 1106 of 1 Pa.C.S. (relating to prothonotaries to keep files of advance copies of statutes) provides that the prothonotaries of each county shall file advance copies of statutes in their offices for public inspection until the Laws of Pennsylvania are generally available.

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