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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 19-763



Lottery Product Notice; WebCash

[49 Pa.B. 2581]
[Saturday, May 18, 2019]

 Under the State Lottery Law (72 P.S. §§ 3761-101—3761-314), under Title 4, Amusements (4 Pa.C.S. §§ 501—505), and 61 Pa. Code § 803.11 (relating to powers and duties of the Secretary of Revenue), the Secretary of Revenue hereby provides public notice of a new lottery product, WebCash, by which registered iLottery players can fund their lottery accounts.

 The rules contained herein shall become effective upon publication.

 1. Definitions: The words and terms, when used in this notice, have the meanings under 61 Pa. Code Part V (relating to State Lotteries) and the provisions contained in this notice.

 2. Purpose: This notice authorizes Lottery to sell WebCash to players. WebCash may be used to fund lottery accounts in order to purchase plays, chances or shares of any iLottery game available through the Pennsylvania Lottery's iLottery Web site (hereinafter referred to as the iLottery Web site) or through the Pennsylvania Lottery's Official Mobile Application (hereinafter referred to as the Lottery Mobile App).

 3. Procedures for Purchasing WebCash:

 (a) Players may purchase WebCash for a minimum amount of $10 and a maximum amount of $1,000, per transaction.

 (b) WebCash may only be purchased in whole dollar increments.

 (c) To purchase WebCash at an authorized retailer, a player must verbally request the amount of WebCash desired and remit a dollar amount equal to the amount of WebCash requested (referred to as the ''purchase price'') to the authorized retailer.

 (d) To purchase WebCash at a Pennsylvania Lottery self-service terminal, the player must insert into the self-service terminal a dollar amount equal to the total purchase price, and manually enter the information into the Lottery self-service terminal.

 (e) In return for the purchase price, the player will receive a paper WebCash voucher in the same dollar amount as the purchase price.

 (f) A WebCash purchase may not be canceled or voided once printed by the Lottery terminal, even if printed in error.

 (g) WebCash may be purchased using any payment method approved for use by the Lottery.

 (h) Players may purchase WebCash at any authorized retailer during normal business hours.

 4. Eligibility. In order to redeem a WebCash voucher, a person must meet all of the following requirements:

 (a) A person must become a registered iLottery player by establishing a lottery account with the Lottery through the iLottery Web site, at, or by downloading the Lottery Mobile App.

 (b) A registered iLottery player must be 18 years of age, or older.

 (c) A registered iLottery player must agree to the PA iLottery Terms and Conditions for registration and participation in iLottery.

 (d) A registered iLottery player shall abide by all other requirements of 4 Pa.C.S. §§ 501—505, as well as any regulations promulgated thereunder.

 5. Redemption.

 (a) Registered iLottery players must sign into their lottery accounts to deposit WebCash.

 (b) WebCash vouchers are identified with a unique identification number. Registered iLottery players must enter the unique WebCash voucher identification number on the iLottery Web site or the Lottery Mobile App to redeem and deposit the value of the WebCash voucher into the registered iLottery player's lottery account.

 (c) A WebCash voucher containing a unique identification number shall be the only valid proof of purchase.

 (d) Plays purchased using WebCash deposited into a registered iLottery player's lottery account must occur within the physical boundaries of this Commonwealth.

 6. Purchase and Redemption Restrictions:

 (a) WebCash may not be purchased by any individual under the age of 18.

 (b) WebCash may not be purchased or redeemed by an officer or employee of the Lottery, Lottery professional services contractors or subcontractors who are directly involved in the operation of the Lottery or the provision of iLottery related services, or to a spouse, child, brother, sister or parent residing in the same household of such officer, employee, contractor, or subcontractor.

 (c) The PA iLottery Terms and Conditions apply to the use of a registered iLottery player's account and their use of WebCash. Use of WebCash that is inconsistent with the PA iLottery Terms and Conditions, the Lottery's regulations, and applicable law may result in a registered iLottery player's lottery account being suspended or closed.

 (d) WebCash is a lottery product sold at authorized retailer locations and redeemed through the iLottery Web site or the Lottery Mobile App. Authorized retailers that redeem or attempt to redeem WebCash through a lottery account may have their retailer licenses suspended or revoked if the Lottery determines, in its sole discretion, that the authorized retailer has abused the WebCash lottery product solely to earn a commission on the sale of WebCash, or otherwise engage in activity prohibited by state or federal law, or the Lottery's rules, regulations, policies, guidelines, etc. and the like.

 (e) Players may only redeem a WebCash voucher one time.

 (f) WebCash vouchers may only be redeemed for the full value of the voucher.

 (g) WebCash vouchers may only be redeemed by a registered iLottery player entering the unique identification number in their lottery account through the iLottery Web site or the Lottery Mobile App. WebCash vouchers cannot be redeemed at authorized retailers. WebCash may only be used to purchase lottery products available for purchase through the iLottery Web site at or the Lottery Mobile App.

 (h) WebCash vouchers are not refundable.

 (i) A registered iLottery player may be prohibited from purchasing plays, depositing or withdrawing money from the player's account or otherwise participating in iLottery and iLottery promotions subject to any responsible gambling limits, as set forth in the PA iLottery Terms and Conditions and as selected by the registered iLottery player, including deposit limits, spend limits, time-related limits or iLottery account access limits.

 (j) If a registered iLottery player's deposit limit, self-exclusion, or other responsible gambling tools available through the registered iLottery player's lottery account prevent full redemption of the WebCash purchase, the registered iLottery player must wait to redeem the WebCash voucher.

 (k) During any period of self-exclusion as provided for under 61 Pa. Code § 876.16, no self-excluded registered iLottery player shall redeem WebCash, purchase plays, deposit or withdraw funds from their lottery account or otherwise participate in iLottery and iLottery promotions prior to the conclusion of the self-exclusion period.

 (l) The value of the WebCash voucher shall be equal to the purchase price printed on the WebCash voucher, when deposited into a registered iLottery player's lottery account.

 (m) The Lottery may, in its sole discretion, offer promotional prizes relating to the purchase or redemption of WebCash. The PA iLottery Terms and Conditions shall apply to such promotional prizes and will be available through the iLottery Web site or the Lottery Mobile App.

 7. WebCash Voucher Responsibility:

 (a) A WebCash voucher is a bearer document deemed to be owned by the person holding the voucher.

 (b) The holder of a WebCash voucher has the sole responsibility for checking the accuracy and condition of the data printed on the WebCash voucher.

 (c) The Commonwealth shall not be responsible for a lost or stolen WebCash voucher.

 8. WebCash Voucher Validation and Requirements:

 (a) To be a valid WebCash voucher, the WebCash voucher must have been validly issued. The WebCash voucher data shall have been recorded on the Lottery's Central Computer System, the iLottery system, and the WebCash voucher data shall match the computer records in every respect.

 (b) A WebCash voucher not passing the validation requirements in subsection (a) will be considered invalid. No deposit will be credited to the registered iLottery player's lottery account. The determination of the Secretary in this regard is final.

 9. Retailer Compensation:

 (a) Authorized retailers may be entitled to compensation as determined by the Lottery.

 (b) No authorized retailer or employee of an authorized retailer shall request, demand, or accept gratuities or any compensation other than as provided in subsection (a) in exchange for the performance of duties authorized pursuant to the Lottery retailer's license without the Lottery's prior written authorization.

 10. Retailer Incentive and Marketing Promotion Programs: The Lottery may conduct a separate retailer incentive program for retailers who sell WebCash as authorized by 61 Pa. Code § 875.17 (relating to retailer promotion programs).

 11. Procedures and other information: Additional procedures and information are set forth on the Lottery's publicly accessible web site, iLottery Web site or the Lottery Mobile App.

 12. Termination: The Secretary may announce a termination date, after which WebCash shall no longer be sold or redeemed. The announcement will be disseminated through media used to advertise or promote WebCash or through normal communications methods.

 13. Governing Law:

 (a) By purchasing a WebCash voucher, the purchaser agrees to comply with and abide by the State Lottery Law (72 P.S. §§ 3761-101—3761-314), Title 4, Amusements (4 Pa.C.S. §§ 501—505), this notice, instructions, conditions, final decisions of the Secretary and procedures established by the Secretary for WebCash.

 (b) By registering to participate in iLottery, the registered iLottery player agrees to comply with and abide by federal and state laws, the iLottery regulations, applicable game rules, the PA iLottery Terms and Conditions and final decisions of the Secretary.

 14. Applicability: This notice applies only to the WebCash product as offered by the Lottery.


[Pa.B. Doc. No. 19-763. Filed for public inspection May 17, 2019, 9:00 a.m.]

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