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PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 22-1384



List of Pesticides Which May be used by Medical Marijuana Growers and Processors

[52 Pa.B. 5820]
[Saturday, September 10, 2022]

 The following pesticide active ingredients can be used legally in the growing and processing of seeds, immature medical marijuana plants, medical marijuana plants or medical marijuana and in accordance with the Pennsylvania Pesticide Control Act of 1973 (3 P.S. §§ 111.21—112). To qualify, products containing the following active ingredients must also be registered in the Commonwealth, and labeled for use in greenhouses on unspecified food crops or unspecified herbs, or both. Commonwealth pesticide registration can be checked at

 The Department of Agriculture (Department) evaluates potential pesticide active ingredients for inclusion on this list on an annual basis. Candidates for addition to this list should be submitted to the Department by June 1st of each calendar year. This list will be reviewed and updated September of each calendar year. Deletions of active ingredients will occur on an as-needed basis. Submissions can be sent to the Department of Agriculture, Attn: Pesticide Registration, 2301 North Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110.

 The Department will utilize the following criteria when evaluating active ingredients for inclusion on the list:

 1) The active ingredient is in at least one United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered pesticide or is exempt under section 25(b) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (7 U.S.C.A. § 136w(b)).

 2) Pesticides containing this ingredient are labeled for unspecified food or herb crops.

 3) The active ingredient is exempt from the requirements of a tolerance on all food crops.

 The Department may also consider other factors, such as pyrolysis data or whether addition of an active ingredient may likely lead to widespread misuse.

 This notice shall become effective immediately upon publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. This publication supersedes all previously published notices related to pesticide active ingredients for use by medical marijuana growers and processors.

List of Pesticide Active Ingredients approved for use by Medical Marijuana Grower/Processors

EPA StatusPesticide TypeCommentsActive Ingredient
25(b)InsecticideCastor Oil
25(b)InsecticideCedarwood Oil
25(b)Fungicide, InsecticideCinnamon Oil
25(b)Fungicide, InsecticideCitric Acid
25(b)Bactericide, FungicideClove
25(b)InsecticideClove Oil
25(b)FungicideCorn Oil
25(b)InsecticideCornmint Oil
25(b)InsecticideCottonseed Oil
25(b)Insect RepellentGarlic Oil
25(b)InsecticideGeranium Oil
25(b)Fungicide, InsecticideLemon Grass Oil
25(b)InsecticidePeppermint Oil
25(b)FungicidePotassium Sorbate
25(b)InsecticideRosemary Oil
25(b)Fungicide, Insecticide, MiticideSesame Oil
25(b)Fungicide, InsecticideSodium Lauryl Sulfate
25(b)InsecticideSoybean Oil
25(b)Fungicide, Insecticide, MiticideThyme Oil
25(b)InsecticideWhite Pepper
Sec 3 ProductsPGR24-Epibrassinolide
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideAzadirachtin
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideBacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideBacillus pumilus strain GHA 180
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideBacillus subtilis QST713 strain
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideBacillus thuringiensis ssp. aizawai
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideBacillus thuringiensis ssp. israelensis
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideBacillus thuringiensis ssp. kurstaki strain EVB-113-19
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideBeauveria bassiana strain ANT-03
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideBeauveria bassiana strain GHA
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideBurkholderia ssp. strain A396
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideCanola Oil
Sec 3 ProductsInsect RepellentCapsicum Oleoresin Extract
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideChromobacterium sub strain PRAA4-1 Cells
Sec 3 ProductsFungicide, InsecticideClarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideCopper Octanoate
Sec 3 ProductsPGRCytokinin (Kinetin)
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideDiatomaceous Earth
Sec 3 ProductsPGRGibberellins (Gibberellic Acid)
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideGliocladium catenulatum strain J1446
Sec 3 ProductsPGRHarpin Alpha Beta
Sec 3 ProductsPGRHomobrassinolide
Sec 3 ProductsAntimicrobial, FungicidePost-harvest application prohibited. Hydrogen Peroxide
Sec 3 ProductsPGRIBA (Indole-3-Butyric Acid)
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideIsaria fumosorosea Apopka strain 97
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticide, PGRKaolin
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideMineral Oil
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideMono- and Dipotassium Salts of Phosphorous Acid
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticideMonopotassium Phosphate
Sec 3 ProductsNematicideMyrothecium verrucaria
Sec 3 ProductsFungicide, InsecticideNeem Oil, Cold Pressed
Sec 3 ProductsAntimicrobial, FungicidePeroxyacetic Acid
Sec 3 ProductsFungicidePotassium Bicarbonate
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticidePotassium Laurate
Sec 3 ProductsFungicide, InsecticidePotassium Salts of Fatty Acids
Sec 3 ProductsFungicidePseudomonas chlororaphis strain AF5009
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticidePyrethrins
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideReynoutria sachalinensis Extract
Sec 3 ProductsMolluscicideSodium Ferric EDTA
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideStreptomyces lydicus WYEC 108
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticide, miticideSucrose Octanoate Esters
Sec 3 ProductsInsecticide, FungicideOnly EPA-registered products are approved for use on medical marijuana. Burning sulfur for pest control is prohibited.Sulfur
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideTrichoderma asperellum strain ICC 012
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideTrichoderma asperellum strain T34
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideTrichoderma gamsii strain ICC080
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideTrichoderma harzianum Rifai strain T-22
Sec 3 ProductsFungicideTrichoderma virens strain G-41


[Pa.B. Doc. No. 22-1384. Filed for public inspection September 9, 2022, 9:00 a.m.]

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