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The Pennsylvania Code website reflects the Pennsylvania Code changes effective through 54 Pa.B. 1806 (March 30, 2024).

Pennsylvania Code



 PART I. Governor’s Office
    Chapter 1. Agency Operation and Organization   
    Chapter 2. Offices of Administration and the Budget   
    Chapter 3. Civil Defense   
    Chapter 5. Councils and Committees   
    Chapter 6. Additional Councils and Committees   
    Chapter 7. Miscellaneous Provisions   
    Chapter 7a. Additional Miscellaneous Provisions   
    Chapter 8. [Reserved]   
 PART II. Executive Board
  Subpart A. Governmental Organization
    Chapter 9. Governmental Organization   
  Subpart B. Pay Ranges and Occupational Groups
    Chapter 11. Resolutions   
    Chapters 12 to 21. [Reserved]   
  Subpart C. [Reserved]
    Chapter 23. [Reserved]   
    Chapters 24 to 29. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 30. [Reserved]   
    Chapters 31 to 33. [Reserved]   
    Chapters 35 to 38. [Reserved]   
  Subpart D. Executive Board Regulations
    Chapter 39. Entitlements for Commonwealth Employes   
    Chapter 40. Travel and Subsistence   
 PART III. Department of General Services
  Subpart A. Surplus State Property
    Chapter 41. Preliminary Provisions   
    Chapter 43. Transfer of Surplus State Property   
    Chapter 45. Sale of Surplus State Property   
    Chapter 47. Condemnation of Surplus State Property   
  Subpart B. [Reserved]
    Chapter 51. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 53. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 55. [Reserved]   
  Subpart C. Construction and Procurement
   Article I. General
    Chapter 58. Contract Compliance   
    Chapter 60. Responsibility   
   Article II. Construction
    Chapter 61. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 62. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 63. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 64. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 65. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 66. Employment Verification—Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 67. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 67a. Steel Products Procurement—Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 67b. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Universal Restroom Policy—Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 67c. Nursing Mothers Room Construction—Statement of Policy   
   Article III. Procurement
    Chapter 68. Contract Compliance   
    Chapter 69. [Reserved]   
  Subpart D. Automobiles
    Chapter 71. Commonwealth Parking Facilities   
    Chapter 73. Commonwealth Automotive Fleet   
  Subpart E. Publications
    Chapter 81. Processing Subscriptions and Sales of Pennsylvania Code and Related Publications   
    Chapter 83. Book Store Operation   
  Subpart F. Commonwealth Buildings
    Chapter 85. Exercise of First Amendment Rights on Commonwealth Property   
    Chapter 86. Use of the Public Areas of the Capitol Complex—Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 87. Use of the Forum   
    Chapter 89. Bureau of Risk and Insurance Management   
 PART IV. Civil Service Commission
  Subpart A. Rules of the Civil Service Commission
    Chapter 91. General Provisions   
    Chapter 93. Civil Service Commission and Executive Director   
    Chapter 95. Selection of Employees for Entrance To, or Promotion In, the Classified Service   
    Chapter 97. Appointment and Promotion of Employees in the Classified Service   
    Chapter 99. Employees in the Classified Service   
    Chapter 101. Separation of Employees from Classified Service   
    Chapter 103. Prohibitions, Penalties and Enforcement   
    Chapter 105. Notice and Hearings   
  Subpart B. Executive Director of Civil Service
    Chapter 109. Proceedings   
    Chapter 110. Documentary Filings and Reproduction of Records   
 PART V. Emergency Management Agency
    Chapter 111. Emergency Management Agency Lands and Buildings   
    Chapter 112. Natural Disaster Reimbursement Program for PoliticalSubdivisions   
    Chapter 113. Volunteer Fire Company, Ambulance Service and Rescue Squad Assistance   
    Chapter 114. Voluntary Fire Company and Volunteer Ambulance Service Grant Program—Statement of Policy   
    Chapter 115. Compensation Benefits for Accidental Injuries   
    Chapter 116. Radiation Emergency Response Fund   
    Chapter 117. Radiation Transportation Emergency Response Fund   
    Chapter 118. Reductions of Major Water Use in a Commonwealth Drought Emergency Area   
    Chapter 119. Prohibition of Nonessential Water Uses in a Commonwealth Drought Emergency Area   
    Chapter 119a. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 120. Local Water Rationing Plans   
    Chapter 120a. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 120b. Public Safety Emergency Telephone Program   
    Chapter 120c. Training and Certification Standards for 911 Emergency Communications Personnel   
    Chapter 120d. 911 Performance Review and Quality Assurance Standards   
 PART VI. Arbitration of Claims
    Chapter 121. [Reserved]   
 PART VII. Bureau of Land Records
  Subpart A. Processing Applications for Patents
    Chapter 131. General Provisions   
    Chapter 133. Vacant and Unappropriated Land   
    Chapter 135. Unappropriated Land   
  Subpart B. Board of Property
    Chapter 137. Procedures Before the Board of Property   
 PART VIII. Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation
  Subpart A. General Provisions
    Chapter 141. Purpose and General Procedures   
    Chapter 143. Hearings   
  Subpart B. Legislation
    Chapter 151. Fees   
    Chapter 153. Special Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure   
  Subpart C. Commissions
    Chapter 161. Fees   
    Chapter 163. Special Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure   
    Chapter 165. Notaries Public   
  Subpart D. Elections
    Chapter 171. Voting Rights   
    Chapter 172. General Provisions   
    Chapter 173. Fees   
    Chapter 174. Reports of Political Contributions   
    Chapter 175. Special Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure   
    Chapter 176. Registration and Organization of Political Committees    
    Chapter 177. Reports by Candidates, Political Committees and OtherPersons   
    Chapter 178. Activities of State and National Banks, Corporations and Labor Organizations   
    Chapter 179. Lobbyists   
    Chapter 180. Unlawful Contributions   
    Chapter 181. Advertising   
    Chapter 182. [Reserved]   
  Subpart E. Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors
    Chapter 183. Establishment, Implementation and Administration of the Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors   
  Subpart F. Redistricting
    Chapter 191. Alteration of Local Election Districts   
    Chapter 193. Court Ordered Material   
 PART IX. General State Authority [Reserved]
 PART X. State Employees’ Retirement Board
    Chapter 241. Preliminary Provisions   
    Chapter 243. Membership, Credited Service, Classes of Service andEligibility for Benefits   
    Chapter 245. Contributions   
    Chapter 247. Benefits   
    Chapter 249. Administration, Funds, Accounts, General Provisions   
    Chapter 250. Special Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure   
 PART XI. Governor’s Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    Chapter 251. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 252. Goals of the Council   
    Chapter 253. Organizational Structure of the Council   
    Chapter 254. Single County Authorities   
    Chapter 255. Management Information, Research and Evaluation   
    Chapter 256. Fiscal Management   
    Chapter 257. Service Strategy   
    Chapter 258. Allocation of Functions to Other State Agencies   
    Chapter 259. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 260. Criminal Justice Treatment Programs   
    Chapter 261. Drug Enforcement Program   
    Chapter 262. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 263. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 264. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 265. Grievance Procedures   
 PART XII. [Reserved]
    Chapter 301. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 311. [Reserved]   
 PART XIII. Navigation Commission for the Delaware River and Its Navigable Tributaries
    Chapter 401. General Provisions   
    Chapter 402. Administration   
    Chapter 403. [Reserved]   
    Chapter 405. Pilots and Pilotage   
    Chapter 407. Navigation   
    Chapter 409. Wharves and Docks   
 PART XIV. Department of the Auditor General
    Chapter 501. Auditee Reporting Requirements—Statement of Policy   
 PART XV. Office of Administration
  Subpart A. Civil Service Reform—Temporary Regulations
    Chapter 601.  [Reserved]   
    Chapter 601a. General Provisions; Classification System   
    Chapter 602.  [Reserved]   
    Chapter 602a. Appointments and Promotions in the Classified Service   
    Chapter 603.  [Reserved]   
    Chapter 603a. Employees in the Classified Service   
    Chapter 604.  [Reserved]   
    Chapter 604a. Separation of Employees from the Classified Service   
    Chapter 605.  [Reserved]   
    Chapter 605a. Enforcement of Act; Prohibitions and Penalties   
    Chapter 606.  [Reserved]   
    Chapter 606a. Personnel Actions   
    Chapter 607.  [Reserved]   
    Chapter 607a. Practice and Proceedings before the Office of Administration   
 PART XVI. Legislatively Ordered Material
  Subpart A. Department of State
    Chapter 801.  Legislatively Ordered Material Relating to Proposed Constitutional Amendments   

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