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55 Pa. Code § 501.9. Certification.

§ 501.9. Certification.

 (a)  Determination of benefit levels of application—7 CFR 273.10(a)(1)(ii). A household’s benefit level for the initial month of certification will be based on the day of the month it applies for benefits. Using a 30-day calendar, households will receive benefits prorated from the day of application to the end of the month. A household which applies on the 31st of a month will be treated as though it applied on the 30th of the month. Applications for recertification will be processed in accordance with 7 CFR 273.10(a)(2) (relating to determining household eligibility and benefit levels).

 (b)  Proration of a household’s benefits—7 CFR 273.10(a)(1)(iii)(A) and (C). To determine the amount of the prorated allotment, the CAO will use either the food stamp allotment proration table that is provided to the state agencies or use a 30-day calendar formula as follows: when the date of application for someone applying is on the 31st of a month, the 30th is the date of application. Using the preceding calendar formula in the determination of a prorated allotment, round the product down to the nearest lower whole dollar. If the resultant allotment is less than $10, no issuance will be made for the initial month.

 (c)  Calculating net monthly income: Rounding down and rounding up allotment amounts—7 CFR 273.10(e)(1)(ii)(A). In calculating net monthly income, the county worker will round down in each income and allotment calculation that ends in 1¢ through 49¢ and round up each calculation that ends in 50¢ through 99¢. This rounding procedure will be applied to all calculations including shelter and medical computations.

 (d)  Calculating the household’s monthly allotment—7 CFR 273.10(e)(2)(ii)(A)(1). The monthly allotment of the household will be equal to the Thrifty Food Plan for the size of the household reduced by 30% of the net monthly income of the household. If 30% of the household’s net income ends in cents, the CAO will round the 30% of net income up to the nearest higher dollar.

 (e)  Net income exceeds the level for which benefits are issued—7 CFR 273.10(e)(2)(iii)(A). For eligible households with three or more members which are entitled to no benefits—except those households entitled to no benefits as a result of proration and the provision precluding issuance of less than $10 in an initial month—the CAO will deny the household’s participation on the grounds that its net income exceeds the level for which benefits are issued.

 (f)  Certification period for expedited service households—7 CFR 273.10(f)(4)(i) and (ii) and (g)(1)(i)(B). When a household’s application is approved on an expedited basis without verification, in accordance with 7 CFR 273.2(i) (relating to application processing), and the application indicates the household is eligible in subsequent months, the longest certification period possible will be assigned based on the predictability of the household’s circumstances. Normal certification periods may vary from 3 to 12 months. The initial certification period for expedited service households may be 1 or 2 months.

 (g)  Certification period for monthly reporting household—7 CFR 273.10(f)(8) and 273.21(a)(3). A participant required to submit the monthly reporting form shall be assigned a 12-month certification period, which is to be effective with the initial month of certification. To provide for the timely receipt of benefits, reapplication is required in the 12th month of the certification period by the monthly reporting form due date.

 (h)  Adequate notice period; adverse action—7 CFR 273.13(a)(1). Prior to an action to reduce or terminate a household’s food stamp benefits within the certification period, the CAO will provide the household with timely and adequate notice before the adverse action is taken. The adverse action notice will be sent at least 10 days before the proposed effective date of the action so that the change is effective with the first issuance after the expiration of the advance notice period.

 (i)  Time frame to submit required verifications at recertification—7 CFR 273.14(c)(3). To ensure its rights to uninterrupted benefits, the household will be allowed to submit required verification requested at the interview within 30 calendar days from the date of the CAO’s initial request for the particular verification that is missing. The CAO will ensure that a household which timely reapplies under 7 CFR 273.14(c)(1) (relating to recertification) does not lose its right to uninterrupted benefits for failure to submit requested verification prior to the date the household submits a timely application for recertification, and that the household is adequately informed of this procedure.

 (j)  Opportunity to participate by normal issuance cycle—7 CFR 273.14(a)(2). An eligible household shall be provided an opportunity to participate by the household’s normal issuance cycle in the month following the end of its current certification period. However, the household shall lose its right to uninterrupted benefits for failure to attend an interview scheduled on or after the deadline for timely filing of the application for recertification or failure to submit necessary verification within the time frame established as long as the time frame elapses after the deadline for filing a timely application for recertification. Although a household loses its right to uninterrupted benefits for these failures, the household may not be denied at that time, unless it refused to cooperate or the certification period has lapsed.

 (k)  Households certified under the normal processing time frames—7 CFR 274.2(b)(2). The CAO will issue benefits for the first 2 months of eligibility for applications received after the 15th of the month if the household has completed the application and if all required verification within 30 days of the date of application and has been determined eligible to receive benefits for the initial month of application and the subsequent month.


   The provisions of this §  501.9 adopted January 3, 1992, effective January 4, 1992, 22 Pa.B. 23; amended September 24, 1993, effective September 25, 1993, 23 Pa.B. 4502; amended December 9, 1994, effective December 10, 1994 and apply retroactively to May 14, 1994, 24 Pa.B. 6146. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (184809) to (184811).

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