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185.131.    Requirements of finished track; electrical appliances.
185.132.    Approval of architect’s plans and final construction.
185.133.    Wagering on races.
185.134.    Bookmaking.
185.135.    Solicitation of wagers.
185.136.    Conditions of license.
185.137.    Blacksmiths.
185.138.    Policing of premises.
185.139.    Tipster sheets.
185.140.    Supervision of peddlers.
185.141.    Drinking fountains and rest rooms.
185.142.    Inspection of premises.
185.143.    Report or arrival and departure of horses.
185.144.    Watchmen in stable area.
185.145.    Duties of watchmen.
185.146.    Stable enclosures fenced.
185.147.    First aid facilities.
185.148.    Ambulances.
185.149.    Sand spreader and grader.
185.150.    Promotion of admission sales.

§ 185.131.  Requirements of finished track; electrical appliances.

 To conduct a race meeting under a license issued by the Commission, the association shall at all times maintain a finished race track which meets the following requirements of the Commission. The association shall:

   (1)  File with the Commission a certificate of a duly licensed civil engineer or land surveyor that he has measured the said track from wire to wire, 3 feet out from the pole or inside hub rail thereof and certifying in linear feet the result of such measurement.

   (2)  Prior to the commencement of each meeting, file with the Commission a certificate signed by a licensed civil engineer or land surveyor that he has surveyed the turns of the association’s track and finds them to be no less than the requirements prescribed by the Commission.

   (3)  Maintain sufficient and adequate equipment and competent personnel for the purpose of continued maintenance of the race course and plant grounds. Plant grounds shall at all times be maintained in a proper and safe condition.

   (4)  Maintain an electrical wiring system of the quality intended to prevent electrical fires.

   (5)  Prevent the use of electrical appliances or equipment by anyone in circuits located particularly in stable areas where such use does or could overload the circuit.

§ 185.132. Approval of architect’s plans and final construction.

 (a)  Approval by Commission. Construction or renovation of an association’s track plant and all of the facilities thereof shall not be commenced before the Commission shall have approved plans of the architect therefor.

 (b)  Submission of architect’s plans. Each association shall submit one set of architect’s plans to the Commission and one set of plans to an architect or engineer designated by the Commission prior to the commencement of any construction or renovation of its track plant or any of the facilities thereof.

 (c)  Consulting engineer or architect. The Commission shall designate a consulting engineer or architect who shall examine all plans submitted to it by an association and who shall report to the Commission the results of its examination. The fees of such consultant shall be approved by the Commission and paid by the association.

 (d)  Periodic inspections. The consultant shall make periodic examinations of the construction or renovation as directed by the Commission and report its findings to the Commission. Such consultant shall, in advance, prepare and submit to the Commission a schedule of anticipated periodic inspections.

 (e)  Approval of final construction. Before the Commission shall approve any construction or renovation purported to be complete by the association, the Commission shall obtain a report from the consultant who shall advise the Commission whether the construction or renovation has been completed in compliance with the plans submitted and approved.

§ 185.133. Wagering on races.

 No association shall permit wagers to be made on the grounds of said association on any race held outside of the grounds, and no foreign book or gambling device of any kind shall be permitted on said grounds. Any person utilizing in any manner, any device, sign, action or mechanism for the purpose of transmitting or communicating any information with regard to any race from within the track grounds to the outside thereof shall be expelled from the grounds and denied further admission to any association track.

§ 185.134. Bookmaking.

 Anyone guilty of making a handbook on the grounds of any association, shall be expelled from the grounds, and denied further admission thereto, and any owner, driver or other person interested in any horse or horses at said meeting, who shall be guilty of wagering with or through any such handbook, shall be expelled from the grounds or denied admission by order of the judges.

§ 185.135. Solicitation of wagers.

 If any trainer, driver, stable employe or other person solicits wagers from the public by correspondence or other methods, to be made on the horses in any stable, such person or persons so offending shall be ruled off the course or denied admission by order of the Commission or the judges.

§ 185.136. Conditions of license.

 Imposed on each association and other licensees is the duty of enforcing and obeying the rules and regulations imposed by the Commission, the said rules and regulations being a condition under which the licenses are granted. The Commission reserves the right to amend, alter or repeal any rule, regulation or condition herein imposed or to supplement said rules and regulations.

§ 185.137.  Blacksmiths.

 Each association shall provide within its grounds suitable blacksmith shops and a sufficient number of blacksmiths to adequately accommodate the number of horses racing during each racing day.

§ 185.138. Policing of premises.

 The association shall provide a sufficient number of guards and watchmen to maintain order on all parts of the racing enclosure. Each association shall submit to the Commission, for its approval, the entire policing plans of the association together with a list of personnel performing policing duties. The plan and such list shall be kept current by the association and all changes shall be made known to the Commission forthwith. The association shall weekly file with the Commission a report relating to all security activities. Such report shall be executed by the Chief Security Officer, as well as the association.

§ 185.139. Tipster sheets.

 The association shall prohibit the sale or giving away of any tipster sheets within the enclosed admission control area of the plant of the association. Nothing herein contained shall be construed as applicable to any newspapers, periodical, weekly or monthly magazine of general circulation.

§ 185.140. Supervision of peddlers.

 The association shall supervise the practice and methods of so-called merchandise peddlers who may have entry to the track enclosure to solicit among the employes and other licensees engaged at the track, provided, however, that the association shall not, by virtue of this section or otherwise, restrict purchasing or attempt to control or monopolize the proper selling of merchandise to owners, trainers or stable employes. Each so-called merchandise peddler shall be licensed by the Commission. Each licensed peddler shall submit a list of his wares to the presiding judge. A licensed peddler dealing with medicines for horses shall also submit a list of medicines or preparations he intends to sell to the Commission veterinarian for his approval. No sale may be made of any medicine, preparation or other wares prior to approval. No merchandise peddler shall be permitted access to the stable area within three hours of post time.

§ 185.141. Drinking fountains and rest rooms.

 The association shall furnish an adequate number of free drinking water fountains, comfort stations and wash rooms throughout its grounds and buildings for the use of the public.

§ 185.142. Inspection of premises.

 The Commission shall have the right to authorize a person or persons to enter in or upon the stables, rooms or other places within the track enclosure or places where horses are kept, for the purpose of and to inspect and examine the personal effects, or property within such places of every employe, trainer, driver, stable foreman, groom, authorized agent or veterinarian.

§ 185.143. Report of arrival and departure of horses.

 All horses arriving at or leaving a race meeting must be registered at the gate with a gateman or platform attendant. Complete information regarding such arrival or departure is to be obtained. Separate reports must be filed for each owner represented in each shipment. A copy of each arrival or departure report must be delivered to the race secretary of the association each morning before 10 a.m. It shall be the duty of the race secretary to transmit a duplicate copy thereof to the Commission.

§ 185.144. Watchmen in stable area.

 Each association shall, during any race meeting or while horses are stabled upon the grounds, maintain and furnish complete watchman service night and day in and about all stable enclosures and furnish to the Commission each day a complete tabulation list thereof showing name, duty, place stationed and portions of enclosures supervised by such watchmen.

§ 185.145.  Duties of watchmen.

 (a)  Watchmen so employed shall be individually responsible for a particular part of the stable enclosure where they are on duty and they shall immediately investigate and report the presence of anyone during the night or day who may be within said stable enclosure without possessing proper credentials.

 (b)  A letter of instructions to all watchmen shall be addressed to each of them by the association. Such letter shall fully cover their duties and obligation to keep stable enclosures free from unauthorized persons. A copy thereof shall be furnished to the Commission. Each association shall install watchmen clocks at strategic positions which shall disclose the time the watchmen checked thereat.

§ 185.146. Stable enclosures fenced.

 All such stable enclosures must be properly fenced and admission granted only to authorized persons. No smoking or carrying a lighted cigar, cigarette or pipe shall be permitted under the shed.

§ 185.147. First aid facilities.

 Each association shall maintain and furnish adequate first aid facilities including rooms and equipment. Each association shall also make available upon its plant grounds, the services of a physician and registered nurse during all racing hours.

§ 185.148. Ambulances.

 Each association shall maintain and furnish at least one adequate ambulance for the exclusive use of horses and a separate ambulance for the exclusive use of persons upon the plant grounds.

§ 185.149. Sand spreader and grader.

 Each association utilizing a dirt track shall maintain at all times during the racing day, a sand spreader for use in inclement weather and a grader. Such equipment shall be operated by experienced and competent personnel.

§ 185.150. Promotion of admission sales.

 No association may conduct, sponsor or enter any arrangement intended to promote the sale of admission tickets directly or indirectly without first obtaining the consent of the Commission. The purpose of this section is to avoid the use of other than legitimate advertisement procedures.

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