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67 Pa. Code § 179.14. Single-trip special hauling book permits for oversize movements.

§ 179.14. Single-trip special hauling book permits for oversize movements.

 (a)  General. Single-trip special hauling book permits shall be subject to applicable conditions, as may be specified in this chapter, including the provisions of § §  179.7 and 179.10 (relating to indemnification, insurance and security; and general conditions), as well as those conditions listed in this section.

 (b)  Nonissuance. Single-trip special hauling book permits may not be issued for:

   (1)  Movements which exceed the legal weight limitations set forth in Chapter 49, Subchapter C of the act (relating to maximum weights of vehicles).

   (2)  Vehicles having a gross weight in excess of their registered gross weight or, if the vehicle is registered to a dealer, the gross vehicle weight rating or gross combination weight rating.

   (3)  Return trips unless requested and specifically indicated on the book permit.

 (c)  Limitations. Movements in excess of 95 feet in length, 168 inches in width or 168 inches in height may not be made under this type of permit, except that a mobile home or modular housing unit having a total 6-inch roof eave overhang as authorized in §  179.11(a) (relating to special vehicle—load restrictions) may be moved under this type of permit.

 (d)  Engineering district. Book permits shall be used only when the move originates or terminates within the engineering district where the book was purchased.

 (e)  Not transferable. Book permits shall be used only by the permittee to which the book is issued; they are not transferable.

 (f)  Time limits. Book permits expire after 5 authorized weekdays have lapsed, as specified on the permit. In addition, each permit in a book of single-trip special hauling permits shall be used only prior to the expiration date on the front cover of the book.

 (g)  Supplements. Supplements will not be issued on single-trip special hauling book permits.

 (h)  Information. Before preparing each permit, the permittee shall furnish the appropriate engineering district permit office, orally, the information required on the permit.

 (i)  Validation. Upon approval of the routing and other pertinent information received, the permit will be validated by giving a code number which shall be inserted in the SPC section of the permit. The district permit office may validate the permit by calling the applicant collect after completing its review of the application.

 (j)  Completion of permit. Permits shall be completely filled in by typewriter or legible printing, in duplicate. Indelible ink shall be used. Incompleteness, alteration or erasures void the permit.

   (1)  To be eligible to receive a refund for a voided permit, persons shall submit a refund request, in writing, including both copies of the voided permit.

   (2)  Requests for refunds shall be postmarked or delivered to the appropriate district permit office on the same day the permit is validated.

 (k)  Original permit. The original permittee copy of the validated book permit shall be carried by the driver of the permitted vehicle. Photocopies or facsimile copies of book permits are not valid.

 (l)  Office copy. The originating office copy of the book permit shall be forwarded to the appropriate district permit office on the same day that the book permit is validated.

 (m)  Suspension of privilege. After providing an opportunity for a hearing to show cause why a suspension should not be imposed for a violation of this section, the Department may impose suspensions upon a person, applicant or permittee, including the employes, agents, officers, contractors, subcontractors, lessees, successors and assigns of the foregoing, according to this subsection, when, by substantial evidence, a violation is found to have occurred. Lack of intent is not a defense to a violation. Two violations of this section within 6 months constitute grounds for suspension for up to 3 months of the privilege of using single-trip special hauling book permits. During a suspension under this section, the permittee is restricted only from operating under authority of a book permit. An application may still be made for permits under §  179.8 (relating to permit application procedure). After a suspension under this section has been served, the applicant may again apply for permits under this section, unless otherwise suspended under § §  179.16 and 179.18 (relating to penalties and enforcement; and sanctions for violations). Suspension of book permit privileges under this section does not relieve the permittee from other penalties that may be imposed under § §  179.16 and 179.18.

 (n)  Expiration date. A book of permits expires 12 months from the date of issuance as indicated on the front cover of the book. Upon expiration, the permittee shall return unused permits in the book to the appropriate engineering district permit office.

 (o)  Return of copies. A book permit will not be issued to a person who has not returned appropriate copies of validated, voided or expired book permits.


   The provisions of this §  179.14 adopted June 4, 1976, effective June 5, 1976, 6 Pa.B. 1287; amended August 5, 1977, effective August 6, 1977, 7 Pa.B. 2192; amended April 25, 1980, effective May 1, 1980, 10 Pa.B. 1686; renumbered May 16, 1981, 11 Pa.B. 1678; amended January 20, 1984, effective March 21, 1984, 14 Pa.B. 224; amended October 11, 1985, effective October 12, 1985, 15 Pa.B. 3654; readopted December 2, 1988, effective December 3, 1988, 18 Pa.B. 5364; amended May 14, 1993, effective August 13, 1993, 23 Pa.B. 2334. Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (175747) to (175748).

Cross References

   This section cited in 67 Pa. Code §  179.1 (relating to definitions); and 67 Pa. Code §  179.8 (relating to permit application procedure).

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